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    Ossie ScottThe Wonderful Sound Of Third World
    w/ Gladstone Anderson, Winston Wright, Willie Lindo, Scully, Carlton Davis, Aston Barrett. Mixed at King Tubby's.
      • Original LP£10.00
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      Country Joe McDonaldThinking Of Woody Guthrie Vanguard
      Recorded up in Nashville with groovy group of sessioners including Norbert Puttnam
        • Original LP£12.00
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        Johnny Mathis Those Were The Days (1968)Columbia
        Nice David Axelrod-esque version of Light My Fire
        • Johnny Mathis – Light My Fire
        • Original LP£12.00
          Out of stock
        The Midlands Roots ExplosionVolume OneReggae Archive Records
        Reggae Archive Records get into the vaults once again and this time conjour up the first installment of 'The Midlands Roots Explosion'. The album collects...
        • Steel Pulse – Kibudu-Mansatta-Abuku
        • Steel Pulse – Mansatta (instrumental)
        • Man From The Hills – Redemption Day
        • Eclipse – Blood Fi Dem
        • Musical Youth – Political
        • Sceptre – Ancestors Calling
        • Benjamin Zephaniah – Unite Handsworth
        • Oneness – Rome
        • Black Symbol – In The Name of Jah
        • Groundation – Fa-Ward
        • Mystic Foundation – Instruments
        • Iganda – Slow Down
        • Capital Letters – I Will Never
        • Carnastoan – Mr Workhard
        • Zephaniah – Free Man
        • CD£11.99
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        • New 2×LP £23.99
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        General CrookWhat Time It Is Down To Earth
        Rare groove funk tune
        • General Crook – What Time It Is (Part I)
        • Original 7"£12.00
          Out of stock
        Harvey SutherlandBermuda / New ParadiseMCDE
        Killer 12" from antipodean house sensation, Harvey Sutherland, who drops two deep, heavy disco / boogie-fied house joints for MCDE! 
        • Harvey Sutherland – Bermuda
        • Harvey Sutherland – New Paradise
        • 12"£8.99
          Out of stock
        Afrikan Sciences Circuitous PAN
        Astral, afro-futurist cosmic electonic music from Eric Douglas Porter aka Afrikan Sciences on PAN! Taking elements of jazz, hip hop and techno re-imagined...
        • Afrikan Sciences – two in the chamber
        • Afrikan Sciences – reddin off
        • Afrikan Sciences – transient authority
        • Afrikan Sciences – evolved in twists
        • CD£9.99
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        • New 2×LP £18.99
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        Analog Players SocietyCoule'Ba VersionsDiscovery
        Coule’Ba gets reworked by Heidelberg’s groove ambassador, Move D, and Razor-N-Tape boss, JKriv. The respective versions blend the Analog Players...
        • Analog Players Society – Coule'Ba (Move D version)
        • Analog Players Society – Coule'Ba (Jkriv version)
        • 12"£9.99
          Out of stock
        Karin KrogDon't Just Sing - An Anthology: 1963 - 1999Light In The Attic
        Light In The Attic compile a selection of 16 tracks showcasing the finest moments from the catalogue of Norwegian Jazz Singer, Karin Krog, spanning the...
        • Karin Krog – As A Wife Has A Cow
        • Karin Krog – Lazy Afternoon
        • Karin Krog – We Could Be Flying (with Steve Kuhn)
        • Karin Krog – Raindrops, Raindrops (with Steve Kuhn)
        • Karin Krog – Blue Eyes (with Dexter Gordon)
        • Karin Krog – Ode To Billy Joe (with Dexter Gordon)
        • Karin Krog – Images In Glass (with John Surman)
        • Karin Krog – Tystnaden
        • Karin Krog – Maiden Voyage
        • Karin Krog – Just Holding On (with John Surman)
        • Karin Krog – Don't Just Sing (with John Surman)
        • Karin Krog – Glissando
        • Karin Krog – Break Of Day In Molde
        • Karin Krog – All I Want (with Steve Kuhn)
        • Karin Krog – Cloud Line Blue (with John Surman)
        • Karin Krog – John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme"
        • CD£13.99
          Out of stock
        • New 2×LP £25.99
          Out of stock
        Pepe BradockImbroglios Part 4Atavisme
        Quirky abstract house forms from french wizard Pepe Bradock. The fourth and final part series of weird and wonderful treats. Pepe Bradock employs...
        • 12"£7.99
          Out of stock
        The Fear RatioRefuge Of A Twisted SoulSkam
        Techno dons Mark Broom & James Ruskin return as The Fear Ratio for full-length 'Refuge Of A Twisted Soul'. The outing is deep and atmospheric...
        • The Fear Ratio – Blood Soldiers
        • The Fear Ratio – Sect
        • The Fear Ratio – Hopper
        • The Fear Ratio – Cam
        • The Fear Ratio – 7 Cycles
        • The Fear Ratio – Blackboard Jungle
        • The Fear Ratio – Ferm
        • The Fear Ratio – GBA
        • The Fear Ratio – Era
        • The Fear Ratio – T15
        • The Fear Ratio – Onefiveoooh
        • CD£11.99
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        • New 2×LP £16.99
          Out of stock
        Matias Aguayo Presents El Rudo Del HouseRound Four Comeme
        House tempo techno tracks from Soul Jazz's very own Matias Aguayo under his El Rudo Del House moniker. Four tracks of warehouse sized music with an...
        • Matias Aguayo Presents El Rudo Del House – Trabzon
        • Matias Aguayo Presents El Rudo Del House – Turbulencia
        • Matias Aguayo Presents El Rudo Del House – Tomada (Mas Rudo)
        • Matias Aguayo Presents El Rudo Del House – Lecciones De Perreo
        • 12"£8.99
          Out of stock
        Joy DivisionCloser (1980)Factory
        An essential masterpiece. Recorded shortly before Ian Curtis' suicide in May 1980 - and ironically turning him into an icon to this day - it features...
          • New LP (180g)£16.99
            Out of stock
          • CD£7.99
            In stockAdd to Bag
          Too Slow To Disco: Volume 2Compiled By DJ Supermarkt / Mellow MafiaHow Do You Are
          City Slang offshoot, How Do You Are? return with the second installment in the 'Too Slow To Disco' series. Carrying on nicely where the last compilation...
          • Daryl Hall & John Oates – Alone Too Long
          • Ben Sidran – Hey Hey Baby
          • Jimmy Gray Hall – Be That Way
          • Eric Kaz – Come With Me
          • LeBlanc & Carr – Stronger Love
          • Dave Raynor – Leave Me Alone Tonight
          • R & J Stone – Keep On Holding Me
          • Larsen-Feiten Band – Who'll Be The Fool Tonight
          • Byrne & Barnes – Never Gonna Stop Lovin' You
          • Paul Davis – Medicine Woman
          • Joe Vitale – Step On You
          • Niteflyte – If You Want It
          • Bruce Hibbard – Never Turnin' Back
          • Streetplayer – Shades Of Winter
          • Michael Omartian – Fat City
          • Michael Nesmith – Capsule (Hello People Of A Hundred Years From Now)
          • CD£8.99
            Out of stock
          • New 2×LP (180 GRAM) + Download Code£18.99
            Out of stock
          RP BooFingers, Bank Pads & Shoe PrintsPlanet Mu
          RP Boo - champion of Chicago's footwork scene - releases his second album, 'Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints', a 14-track opus for Planet Mu. Boo assembles...
          • RP Boo – 1-2D-20'2
          • RP Boo – Bang'n On King Dr.
          • RP Boo – Your Choice
          • RP Boo – Freezaburn
          • RP Boo – Heat From Us
          • RP Boo – Kemosabe
          • CD£10.99
            Out of stock
          • 2×LP£16.99
            Out of stock
          Kanaku Y El TigreQuema Quema QuemaStrut
          Peruvian psychedelic folk collective, Kanaku Y El Tigre surface on Strut with long player 'Quema Quema Quema'. 'Quema Quema Quema' (meaning...
          • Kanaku Y El Tigre – Quema Quema Quema
          • Kanaku Y El Tigre – Nunca Me Perdi
          • Kanaku Y El Tigre – Pulpos
          • Kanaku Y El Tigre – Quien Se Queda Quien Se Va
          • Kanaku Y El Tigre – Si Te Mueres Mañana
          • Kanaku Y El Tigre – Bubucelas
          • Kanaku Y El Tigre – Años
          • Kanaku Y El Tigre – Hacerte Venir
          • Kanaku Y El Tigre – Burn Burn Burn
          • Kanaku Y El Tigre – Fin
          • CD£10.99
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          • LP + CD£14.99
            Out of stock
          Toto La Momposina Y Sus TamboresTamboleroReal World Records
          Toto La Momposina's entire life has been dedicated to representing the music of Colombia's Caribbean coastline. As a singer, dancer and teacher she embodies...
          • Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores – Adios Fulana
          • Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores – El Pescador
          • Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores – Chi Chi Mani
          • Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores – Curura
          • Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores – Gallinacito
          • Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores – La Sombra Negra
          • Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores – Dame La Mano Juancho
          • Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores – La Candela Viva
          • Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores – Dos De Febrero
          • Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores – Malanga
          • Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores – La Acabacion
          • Toto La Momposina Y Sus Tambores – Tambolero
          • CD£10.99
            Out of stock
          Dj Muro / Tropicool BoogieTropicooool Boogie IX11154
          The mixmaster don that is Japan's DJ Muro hits Volume Nine of his Tropicool Boogie series. Pure party vibes with an exotic flavour. As ever, the selection...
          • Dj Muro / Tropicool Boogie – Sample 1
          • Dj Muro / Tropicool Boogie – Sample 2
          • Dj Muro / Tropicool Boogie – Sample 3
          • Dj Muro / Tropicool Boogie – Sample 4
          • Dj Muro / Tropicool Boogie – Sample 5
          • Dj Muro / Tropicool Boogie – Sample 6
          • Dj Muro / Tropicool Boogie – Sample 7
          • Dj Muro / Tropicool Boogie – Sample 8
          • Dj Muro / Tropicool Boogie – Sample 9
          • Dj Muro / Tropicool Boogie – Sample 10
          • CD£8.99
            Out of stock
          Joy DivisionUnknown Pleasures (1979)Factory Records
          Martin Hannett produced debut - awesome! 180gram heavyweight vinyl comes with free download code! Deluxe 2xCD is the re-mastered studio album plus...
          • Joy Division – disorder
          Vinalog & Mr. GRelative / Phoenix G (RSD '15 Edition)Relative / Phoenix G
          Last copy found in basement! Record Store Day 2015 Release. Limited to 300 vinyl copies.
          Frank SinatraWhere Are You?Capitol
          w/ Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra
            • Original LP£8.99
              Out of stock
            DrexciyaBlack Sea / Wavejumper (Aqualung Versions)Clone Aqualung Versions
            Alternate mixes of two seminal Drexciya tracks. A longer version of Black Sea and a different mix for Wavejumper (without the infamous 'skip'). And to...
            • Drexciya – Black Sea (Aqualung Version)
            • Drexciya – Unknown Journey XI
            • Drexciya – Wavejumper (Aqualung Version)
            • 12"£8.99
              Out of stock
            Jonathan Fitoussi Clemens HourriereVersatile
            Lush, minimalist synth experiments from Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourriere! Performed solely on the Buchla 200 (the first ever modular syth dating...
            • Jonathan Fitoussi – Petis pas
            • Jonathan Fitoussi – Solstice winter
            • Jonathan Fitoussi – Drum circle
            • Jonathan Fitoussi – Moonish landscapes
            Bernard FevreCosmos 2043Sound Obsession
            Vintage horror disco business from 1977 by Bernard Fevre a.k.a. the legendary library composer behind Black Devil Disco Club. Lashings of wigged out Moog...
            • Bernard Fevre – Space Team
            • Bernard Fevre – Nº 59018
            • Bernard Fevre – Central Way
            • LP£16.99
              Out of stock
            Bernard FevreThe Strange World of Bernard FevreSound Obsession
            Bernard Fevre's seminal library disco, 'The Strange World of Bernard Fevre' from '77 finally gets a reissue! A full-on pulsating disco-moog fest interspersed...
            • Bernard Fevre – Fantasm
            • Bernard Fevre – Cosmic Rays
            • Bernard Fevre – Impressionnism
            • LP£15.99
              Out of stock
            Severed HeadsBig Saints RewardOptimo Trax
            Optimo Trax issue the classic, late 80s proto-house dubs from Australian industrial music pioneers, Severed Heads!
            • Severed Heads – Greater Reward (Piano Power Edit)
            • Severed Heads – Greater Reward (Dub)
            • Severed Heads – Big Car (Crash Dub)
            • Severed Heads – All Saints Day (Saints Day Dub)
            • 12" EP£9.99
              Out of stock
            Ford Proco Coil Mannequin
            First time on vinyl, Industrial techno from '99! A collaboration between the mexican band Ford Proco and the legendary UK electronic pioneers Peter Christopherson/John...
            • Ford Proco – Expansión Naranja
            • Ford Proco – Ecuación De Las Estrellas
            3 Winans Brothers feat. The Clark SistersDance (Louie Vega Remixes)Vega Records
            Louie Vega reworks two soulful house nuggets from the 3 Winans Brothers featuring the legendary, The Clark Sisters! 
            • 3 Winans Brothers feat. The Clark Sisters – Dance (Louie Vega Latin Soul Version)
            • 3 Winans Brothers feat. The Clark Sisters – Dance (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix)
            • 12"£7.99
              Out of stock
            Ethiopian Soul And Groove - Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 1VariousHeavenly Sweetness
            Brilliant compilation of rare Ethiopian music from the 1970s! Has Mulatu Astake left you hungry for more? Then this is the record for you! Nine brilliant...
            • Wallias Band – Muziqawi Silt
            • Samuel Belay – Aynotchesh Yerefu
            • Mahmoud Ahmed – Kulun
            • Asselefetch Ashine and Getenesh Kebrey – Amiak Abet Abet
            • New LP (180g)£16.99
              Out of stock
            More Ethiopian Soul and GrooveEthiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 3Heavenly Sweetness
            A few years ago the world discovered a unique sound coming from the distant Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. The emotional blow was only matched by the...
            • Girma Beyene – Ene negn bay manesh
            • Seyoum Gebreyes and Wallias Band – Metch ene terf feleghu
            • Hirut Beqele – Ewnetegna feqer
            • Samuel Belay – Qeresh endewaza
            • Girma Beyene – Yebeqagnal
            • Mahmod Ahmed – Lomiwen Teqebeletch
            • Muluqen Mellesse – Djemeregne
            • Asselefetch Ashine and Getenesh Kebret – Metche new
            • Getatchew Mekurya – Gedamay
            • 1. Girma Beyene – Ene negn bay manesh
            • 2. Seyoum Gebreyes and Wallias Band – Metch ene terf feleghu
            • 3. Hirut Beqele – Ewnetegna feqer
            • View full info and tracklisting
            • New LP £12.99
              Out of stock
            Brian ReitzellHannibalMondo
            Featuring 20 cues from the first two seasons of the hit television show, (10 from each) curated by the composer himself. This compilation is essential...
              • 2×LP (180g)£33.99
                Out of stock
              Jay ChattawayManiac Cop 2 - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackMondo
              Mondo release Jay Chattaway's chilling, pulsing score to 'Maniac Cop 2' on vinyl for the first time - 25 years on from the initail release of this horror...
                The Whole TruthParty DownWhole Truth Records
                For the third Whole Truth EP, the nameless producer is joined by LA vocal duo Lucid Paradise, comprised of Ishtar and E. Da Boss (the latter is best known...
                • The Whole Truth – Party Down (feat. Lucid Paradise)
                • The Whole Truth – Memories of Love
                • The Whole Truth – Keep On
                • The Whole Truth – Who's Taking All the Love? (feat. Lucid Paradise)
                • 12"£8.99
                  Out of stock
                Peru BoomPeru Boom: Bass, Bleeps & Bumps From Peru's Electronic UndergroundTiger's Milk
                This bass heavy and potent collection features the key Peruvian producers and DJs that have helped build Lima’s reputation as ‘jewel in the...
                • Animal Chuki – Luto
                • Deltatron – Ego Trip
                • Dengue Dengue Dengue – Como Bailar Cumbia
                • Pirana Sound System – Naranja Limones
                • CD£10.99
                  Out of stock
                • 2×LP£17.99
                  Out of stock
                Forest Terry Satellite-LoveOcean of Tears
                The new spaced-out sister label from Athens Of The North! Freaky psychedelic sex funk rarity reissued! 
                • Forest Terry – Satellite-Love
                • Forest Terry – Branch-In-Out
                • 7"£8.99
                  Out of stock
                Howard ShoreScanners / The Brood - Original Motion Picture SoundtracksMondo
                Mondo release a special “two cover” LP for director David Cronenberg’s classic mind and body-bender films Scanners and The Brood...
                  • New LP (180g)£29.99
                    Out of stock
                  Kramford Look TelepathsWonderful Sound
                  Daniel Wood and Pierre Duplan return with another wonderful album under The Kramford Look moniker. We could imagine Jonny Trunk or Andy Votel releasing...
                  • Kramford Look – The Telepath
                  • Kramford Look – Simple Design
                  • Kramford Look – Belly Dance
                  • Kramford Look – Astronaut In Exile
                  • CD£6.99
                    Out of stock
                  • LP£13.99
                    Out of stock
                  Yoshinori HayashiThe End of the EdgeGoing Good
                  Heavily inspired by the deepest strains of Techno, Exotica, Fourth world rhythms, Ambient, Jazz & cosmic sounds, 'The End Of The Edge' is a skillfully...
                  • Yoshinori Hayashi – Geckos
                  • Yoshinori Hayashi – Madam Moo
                  • Yoshinori Hayashi – A Castle
                  • Yoshinori Hayashi – Carcass Of Tags
                  • 12"£8.99
                    Out of stock
                  Amara Toure 1973-1980 Analog Africa
                  ** Limited Edition Vinyl LP ** Enigmatic, Guinéan singer, Amara Touré finally gets a well deserved compilation showcasing all...
                  • Amara Toure – N'Niyo
                  • Amara Toure – Temedy
                  • Amara Toure – Lamento Cubano
                  • Amara Toure – Cuando Llegare
                  • Amara Toure – Fatou
                  • Amara Toure – N'ga Digne M'be
                  • Amara Toure – Salamouti
                  • Amara Toure – Afalago
                  • Amara Toure – Tela
                  • Amara Toure – Africa
                  • New 2×LP £21.99
                    Out of stock
                  • CD£12.99
                    Out of stock
                  Hauschka 2.11.14City Slang
                  Experimental composer Hauschka performs avant-garde piano sounds over two twenty minute captivating improvised pieces that were played live in Japan. 
                  • Hauschka – Part 1 (22:07 Min)
                  • Hauschka – Part 2 (20:58 Min)
                  • LP£13.99
                    Out of stock
                  Balearic Balearic Balearic
                  Modern day lush Balearic sounds captured over thirteen radiant Ibiza-kissed tracks. From the mesmerising ambient sounds of Johnny Nash and Art Wilson,...
                  • Joan Bibiloni – Pinzells
                  • Jonny Nash – Phantom Actors
                  • ART Wilson – Rebecca’s Theme (Water)
                  • Lisbon Kid – Sunburst (Alternative Version)
                  • 2×LP£19.99
                    Out of stock
                  • CD£10.99
                    Out of stock
                  Domenique Dumont Comme CaAntinote
                  Comme Ça is the Parisian label's sixth record of 2015, following efforts from Geena, Iueke, DK, Paki & Visnadi and Inoue Shirabe. This one falls...
                  • Domenique Dumont – Comme Ça
                  • Domenique Dumont – L'Esprit de l'Escalier
                  • Domenique Dumont – La Basse et les Shakers
                  • Domenique Dumont – La Bataille de Neige
                  • Domenique Dumont – Un Jour Avec Yussef
                  • Domenique Dumont – Le Château de Corail
                  • 12"£9.99
                    Out of stock
                  Royal Jesters English Oldies Numero Group
                  Twenty-eight homespun stunners from the Alamo City’s scrappiest souleros. The Royal Jesters were the kings of San Antonio’s cross-cultural...
                  • Royal Jesters – I Won’t Find Love Again
                  • Royal Jesters – Take Me For A Little While
                  • Royal Jesters – I’m So Sorry
                  • Royal Jesters – What’cha Gonna Do ‘Bout It
                  • Royal Jesters – We Go Together
                  • CD£13.99
                    Out of stock
                  • 2×LP£19.99
                    Out of stock
                  The Room BelowHomemade Waves EPDon't Be Afraid
                  London-based artist The Room Below follows 2014's DBA debut with a mixture of classic and experimental / outsider house sounds.
                  • The Room Below – trusty
                  • The Room Below – rainy friday
                  • The Room Below – mad energy
                  • The Room Below – freedom
                  Tommy McCookSidewalk DoctorEarth Sound
                  Killer early roots "Sidewalk Doctor" rhythm from 1970 recorded at Treasure Isle by Tommy McCook with I Roy's insanely catchy DJ version, then Phyllis Dillon's...
                  • Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Stupid Doctor
                  • I Roy – Sidewalk Killer
                  • Phyills Dillon – Woman Ghetto
                  • Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Sidewalk Doctor
                  • 10"£8.99
                    Out of stock