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    Punk House : Interiors in AnarchyBy Thurston Moore and Abby BanksAbrams
    The 'punkhouse' may come in any number of forms. Perhaps the most common type is one in which a large number of like-minded people cram into a space meant...
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    Graffiti KingsNew York City Mass Transit Art Of The 1970'sAbrams
    Graffiti Kings is the definitive book on New York’s subway graffiti movement, an unprecedented creative explosion that occurred across the five boroughs...
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    Hip Hop FilesPhotographs 1979-1984From Here To Fame
    Seminal hip-hop photography book! Martha Cooper (whose pics have also graced a number of Soul Jazz Records releases) was a photo-journalist living in...
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    Rastafari? Rasta For YouRastafarianism ExplainedAthena Press
    Kelleyana Junique blows the smoke away from the questions many people have in their minds about Rastafarians (Rastas) and their life in Jamaica. What do...
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    Dub In BabylonUnderstanding The Evolution And Significance Of DubEquinox
    A cultural and musical history of dub from its early days in Jamaica to the decline of post-punk in early-1980s Britain. This book also looks at dub...
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    The Small Axe Guide To Reggae 68-70By Ray HurfordMuzik Tree
    Record information - j.a. recorded 45's not issued in u.k. from 1968-70 = 114,  j.a. & u.k. recorded 45's issued in u.k. from 1968-70 = 4873. This...
    • Book (250g)£9.99
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    The Small Axe Guide To DubJim DooleyMuzik Tree
    The aim of this book is to provide a good sampling rather than an exhaustive look at dub. A wicked read for anybody looking for further information on...
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    Re-Make/Re-ModelBecoming Roxy MusicDa Capo Press
    In 1972 an English rock band released its first album to instant critical acclaim: Roxy Music. Here was a group that looked as though it came not only...
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    Up Close:Elvis PresleyPuffin Books
    Elvis Presley made a sound so different it ushered in a new kind of music: rock and roll. He was able to combine gospel, honky-tonk, country and rhythm...
    • Book (200g)£9.99 £3.00
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    Live At The MasqueNightmare In Punk AlleyGingko Press
    Killer punk photos at a bargain price!!! ‘The Masque’ was Brendan Mullen’s grimy basement club in late 70’s Los Angeles where...
    • Book (1.8kg)£35.00 £10.00
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    Bob Marley And The WailersThe Definitive DiscographyRounder Books
    Amazing Bob Marley And The Wailers discography at an amazing price!!! For the first time ever, all the recordings made by Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer and...
    • Book (650g)£12.99
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    Hot BurritosThe True Story Of The Flying Burrito BrothersJawbone Press
    Country-rock renegades, outlaws, desperados in sequined Nudie suits on the lam from the commercial music machine with a dream to pull rock music back from...
    • Book (800g)£14.95 £3.99
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    Highlife Music In West AfricaBy Sonny OtiMalthouse Press
    A posthumous publication, the book is an excursion into the origins and development of Highlife music in West Africa. Although highlife music belongs to...
    • Book (300g)£24.99
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    The BreaksStylin' And Profilin' 1982-1990powerHouse Books
    In the fall of 1982, celebrated photographer of the British music scene Janette Beckman moved to New York City, where she found hip hop on the edge of...
    • Book (900g)£20.99
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    Sound Clash (2004)Jamaican Dancehall Culture At LargePalgrave Macmillan
    Megawattage sound systems have blasted the electronically enhanced riddims and tongue twisting lyrics of Jamaica's dancehall DJs across the globe. This...
    • Book (450g)£32.95
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    NEW EDITION The Music Library - Graphic Art and SoundBy Jonny TrunkSterling Publishing
    'Library Music', also known as source music and occasionally mood music, was made for people who needed cheap background music for commercials, animations,...
    • Book (900g)£35.00
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    Hold On To Your DreamsArthur Russell And The Downtown Music Scene, 1973-1992Duke University Press
    If you are in anyway interested in Arthur Russell then you have to buy this book! 400-odd pages of seriously researched stuff - this is Arthur Russell's...
    John Coltrane And The Jazz Revolution Of The 1960'sBy Frank KofskyPathfinder
    Originally published in 1971 as 'Black Nationalism And The Revolution In Music', and dedicated to both John Coltrane and Malcolm X, this expanded and revised...
    • Book (600g)£24.99
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    The Last PartyStudio 54, Disco & The Culture Of The NightItBooks
    Anthony Haden-Guest's 'I was there' study of Studio 54 - the music, the stars, the drugs. Essential. Hardback original is secondhand  (without...
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    ReggaetonA Selection Of EssaysDuke University Press
    A hybrid of reggae and rap, reggaeton is a music with Spanish-language lyrics and Latin-Caribbean aesthetics that has taken Latin America, the United States,...
    • Book (700g)£16.99
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    So WhatThe Life Of Miles Davis by John SzwedSimon & Schuster
    Musical genius, visionary artist, enigma - more than ten years after his death, Miles Davis still looms large as a cultural icon. In this biography ...
    • Book (500g)£12.99
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    Monument EternalThe Music Of Alice ColtraneWesleyan
    Alice Coltrane was a composer, improviser, guru, and widow of John Coltrane. Over the course of her musical life, she synthesized a wide range of musical...
    • Book (250g)£17.99
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    John ColtraneHis LIfe And MusicUniversity Of Michigan Press
    This is a definitive assessment of the life and work of jazz musician John Coltrane, based on new interviews with his colleagues and never-before-published...
    Bande a partNew York Underground 60's 70's 80'sGingko Press
    Comprehensive expose of the New York Underground in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Bande a part is a collection of photographs taken by those who were the eyes...
    • Book (1.2kg)£25.00
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    Krautrock : Cosmic Rock And It's LegacyBy Erik Davis, Michael Faber, David KeenanBlack Dog Publishing
    Killer new book on German Rock and electronic music (Krautrock!). Easy to read and informative. Excellent introduction for those who want to know more....
    • Book (1.3kg)£19.95
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    Hard BopJazz & Black Music 1955 - 1965Oxford University Press
    Devoted to the history of this jazz movement, the study combines a narrative of the evolution of hard bop - from its beginnings as an amalgam of bebop...
    • Book (350g)£13.99
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    6th & 7th Book Of Moses, And The Magical Uses Of The P6th & 7th Book Of Moses, And The Magical Uses Of The PsalmsLushena Books
    It is unknown when these magical books were written, but we know they were translated from the ancient Hebrew.
    • Book (250g)£8.99
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    Crosby, Stills and NashThe BiographyDa Capo Press
    This is a new edition of the definitive biography of Crosby, Stills and Nash, fully updated with more than 300 photographs. Crosby, Stills and Nash created...
    • Book (750g)£12.99
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    Graffiti BrasilWith over 300 colour illustrationsThames And Hudson
    Here is a report from the trenches on the most exciting and original graffiti scene to emerge in the past decade. From extraordinary creative extremes...
    • Book (600g)£9.95
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    The Man Who Recorded The WorldA Biography Of Alan Lomax by John SzwedWilliam Heinemann Ltd
    Writer, musicologist, archivist, singer, DJ, filmmaker, record, radio and TV producer, Alan Lomax was a man of many parts. Without him the history of popular...
    • Book (750g)£14.99
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    KraftwerkMusic Non-StopContinuum Publishing
    When they were creating and releasing their most influential albums in the mid to late 1970s, Kraftwerk were far from the musical mainstream - and yet...
    • Book (400g)£14.99
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    People Funny BoyThe Genius Of Lee Scratch PerryOmnibus Press
    Arguably the most influential force in Jamaican music, Lee Perry brought Bob Marley to international stardom and has since collaborated with artists such...
    • Book (500g)£12.95
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    Black Music In The Harlem RenaissanceA Collection Of EssaysUniversity Of Tennessee Press
    By the mid-1920s, the Harlem Renaissance was underway. As an effort to secure economic, social and cultural equality with white citizens, the Renaissance...
    • Book (350g)£19.99
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    Carriacou String Band SerenadePerforming Identity In The Eastern CaribbeanWesleyan University Press
    Every year, on a weekend before Christmas, the small Caribbean island of Carriacou, Grenada, holds its annual Parang Festival, featuring concerts, performances...
    Griots And GriottesA Comprehensive Guide To West Africa's GriotsIndiana University Press
    Alex Haley's "Roots" introduced griots to the world outside of West Africa and generated an enormous amount of interest in their profession. "Griots and...
    • Book (650g)£24.99
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    IntonationsA Social History Of Music And Nation In AngolaOhio University Press
    Intonations tells the story of how Angola's urban residents in the late colonial period (roughly 1945-74) used music to talk back to their colonial oppressors...
    • Book (450g)£29.50
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    Black Rhythms Of PeruReviving African Musical Heritage In The Black PacificWesleyan University Press
    In the late 1950s to 1970s, an Afro-Peruvian revival brought the forgotten music and dances of Peru's African musical heritage to Lima's theatrical stages....
    Wildman Of RhythmThe Life And Music Of Benny MoreUniversity Press Of Florida
    Benny More (1919-1963) was one of the giants at the centre of the golden age of Cuban music. Arguably the greatest singer ever to come from the island,...
    • Book (500g)£17.99
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    Rumba RulesThe Politics Of Dance Music In Mobutu's ZaireDuke University Press
    Mobutu Sese Seko, who ruled Zaire (now the Democratic Republic Congo) from 1965 until 1997, was fond of saying "happy are those who sing and dance," and...
    The Small Axe DeejaysBy Ray Hurford & Joakim KalcidsMuzik Tree
    The small axe guide to albums by deejays with over 400 reviews of albums by more than 200 deejays plus photos of some of these legendary artists. Essential...
    • Book (250g)£9.99
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    Touching From A DistanceIan Curtis And Joy DivisionFaber And Faber
    Written by Ian Curtis's ex-wife (Deborah), this is one of the best books about Ian Curtis, Joy Division, Factory and Manchester. In "Touching from a Distance"...
    Nick DrakeThe BiographyBloomsbury
    A biography of the British singer songwriter who died aged twenty six, having made three seminal albums, all now recognised as classics.
    • Book (250g)£8.99
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    Up-tightThe Velvet Underground StoryOmnibus Press
    The best-selling definitive history of The Velvet Underground. Widely acclaimed as one of the greatest rock books ever published, it first appeared in...
    • Book (450g)£9.95
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    Say It One Time For The BrokenheartedCountry Soul In The American SouthBloomsbury
    In the American South, blacks and whites have been influencing each other's music for generations, from the hymns of the 18th century to the soul music...
    • Book (300g)£12.99
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    R. Crumb's Heroes Of Blues, Jazz & CountryIncludes Bonus 21-Track CD!Abrams
    For over three decades R. Crumb has shocked, entertained, titillated and challenged the imaginations (and the inhibitions) of comics fans the world over....
    • Book (600g)£10.95
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    Wonderland AvenueTales Of Glamour And ExcessAbacus
    At the age of thirteen, Danny Sugerman- the already wayward product of Beverley Hills wealth and privilege- went to his first Doors concert. He never looked...
    • Book (400g)£10.99
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    Boy's OwnThe Complete Fanzines,
    The Boy's Own crew were having so much fun that in six years they only managed to loose off 12 issues. But these 440 pages depict acid house culture –...
      African Rhythm and African SensibilityBy John Miller ChernoffUniversity Of Chicago Press
      "Four stars. One of the few books I know of that talks of the political, social, and spiritual meanings of music. I was moved. It was so nice I read it...
      • Book (400g)£21.99
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      Dancing WisdomEmbodied Knowledge In Haitian Vodou, Cuban Yoruba and Bahian CandombleUniversity Of Illinois Press
      Haiti, Cuba and Bahia in Brazil each mantain African-derived religious systems, albeit in the new world, that rely heavily on dance behaviour. Combining...
      Caribbean CurrentsFrom Rumba To ReggaeTemple University Press
      "Caribbean Currents" presents an engaging panorama of the rich and diverse musics of the Caribbean region. This expanded and updated edition of the award-winning...
      • Book (450g)£22.99
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