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    Rasta Emperor Haile Selassie And The RastafariansJah AhkellResearch Associates School Times Publications
    This book is an effort to put the body of ideas concerning Rastafarians in a form, so that those who know very little or nothing at all can obtain a basic...
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    No More HeroesA Complete History Of Punk From 1976-1980Cheery Red Books
    In 1976 music changed forever with the arrival of a self-empowering alternative to the bloated, sterile rock music of the day. From Cardiff to Caithness,...
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    Memphis BoysThe Story Of American StudiosUniversity Press Of Mississippi
    Memphis Boys chronicles the story of the rhythm section at Chips Moman's American Studios from 1964, when the group began working together, until...
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    Miles DavisBy Brian Morton
    • Book (300g)£10.99
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    Joe MansfieldBeat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession (Deluxe Edition)Get On Down
    ** Deluxe edition with slipcase, cassette, download card and 7-inch single. ** Joe Mansfield's 200-page Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession coffee-table...
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    Living SanteriaRituals and Experiences in an Afro-Cuban ReligionMichael Atwood Mason
    In 1992 Smithsonian anthropologist Michael Atwood Mason traveled to Cuba for initiation as a priest into the Santería religion. Since then he has...
    Rosanne CashComposed - A MemoirPenguin
    As moving, disarming, and elusive as one of her classic songs, Composed is Rosanne Cash's testament to the power of art, tradition, and love...
    Bob DylanIn AmericaDoubleday
    Growing up in Greenwich Village in the 1960s Sean Wilentz discovered the music of Bob Dylan as a young teenager. Almost half a century later, now a distinguished...
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    This Place Will Become HomeRefugee Repatriation To EthiopiaCornell University Press
    How do communities grapple with the challenges of reconstruction after conflicts? In one of the first in-depth ethnographic accounts of refugee repatriation...
    CobainBy The Editors Of Rolling StoneHachette Book Group
    Kurt Cobain, a rock legend in his lifetime and immortalised by his death at 27. He was a reluctant spokesman for a generation, and his band, Nirvana, their...
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    Leaf Of AllahKhat and Agricultural Transformation in Harerge, Ethiopia 1875-1991Ohio University Press
    In the late-19th-century, the main cash crop of Harerge, Ethiopia, shifted from coffee and food crops to khat, a quasi-legal psychoactive shrub. This text...
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    Talking HeadsOnce In A Lifetime - The Stories Behind Every SongHal Leonard
    GROOVY USA PAPERBACK BOOK OVER 60% OFF!!!Talking Heads were arguably the most significant band to emerge from the late seventies' New York punk...
    PunkThe Definitive Record Of A RevolutionThunder's Mouth Press
    Recreating the complete story of the punk phenomenon, including where it came from and what it turned into, Punk is a massive and visually stunning record...
    • Book (1.4kg)£19.99 £6.99
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    Hi-De-HoThe Life Of Cab CallowayOxford University Press
    Clad in white tie and tails, dancing and scatting his way through the "Hi-de-ho" chorus of "Minnie the Moocher," Cab Calloway exuded a sly charm...
    • Book (400g)£19.95 £6.99
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    Guitar TownsA Journey to the Crossroads of Rock 'n' Roll Indiana University Press
    When recording was more art than science, regional music centres flourished. From the 1940s to the 1970s, before corporate take-overs quieted their...
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    I Slept With Joey RamoneA Punk Rock Family MemoirSimon And Schuster
    Fast and frenetic in their leather jackets and ripped jeans, the Ramones were hugely influential in the birth of American punk. With his signature sunglasses,...
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    Bruce SpringsteenAnd the Promise of Rock 'n' RollNorton
    Marc Dolan traces the cultural, political and personal forces that shaped the music of Bruce Springsteen. Beyond his constant stylistic adaptations,...
    • Book (800g)£11.99 £6.99
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    This Ain't The Summer Of LoveConflict and Crossover in Heavy Metal and Punk University of California Press
    This lively and entertaining revisionist history of rock music after 1970 reconsiders the roles of two genres, heavy metal and punk. Instead of considering...
    • Book (600g)£21.95 £9.99
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    The ProducerJohn Hammond and the Soul of American MusicFsg Books
    Dunstan Prial's biography presents John Hammond's life as a gripping story of music, money, fame, and racial conflict, played out in the nightclubs and...
    • Book (700g)£13.99 £5.00
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    When That Rough God Goes RidingListening To Van MorrisonPublic Affairs Books
    This book is a quest to understand Van Morrisons particular genius through a close look at the most extraordinary and unclassifiable moments in...
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    All Music Guide To CountryThe Experts' Guide To The Best Recordings In Country MusicMiller Freeman Books
    For country music fans everywhere, this is a comprehensive guide to the entire spectrum of the music, from string bands and old-timey country, to new traditionalists,...
    • Book (950g)£13.95 £5.00
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    Relix, The BookThe Grateful Dead ExperienceBackbeat Books
    "Relix: The Book" is the mind-bending compilation of the first 27 years of "Relix" magazine and its evolution as the place for Deadheads to meet. Interviews...
    • Book (1.1kg)£17.99 £7.99
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    By The Time We Got To WoodstockThe Great Rock 'n' Roll Revolution of 1969Backbeat Books
    This was the year that saw the Beatles go supernova while Bob Dylan hightailed it to Nashville. From the Byrds, Phil Ochs, Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix,...
    • Book (600g)£12.99 £4.99
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    A Natural History Of The PianoThe Instrument, the Music, the Musicians - From Mozart to Modern Jazz and Everything in Between Alfred A. Knopf
    Stuart Isacoff pianist, critic and teacher explores the history and evolution of the piano: how its sound provides the basis for emotional expression...
    • Book (850g)£15.00 £7.99
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    The OneThe Life And Music Of James BrownGotham Books
    Import USA Paperback edition bookA tribute to the life and achievements of the "Godfather of Soul", covering his unconventional youth in a segregated...
    • Book (750g)£19.99 £9.99
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    September In The RainThe Life Of Nelson RiddleBillboard Books
    A biography of one of the most respected musical arrangers in the history of American popular music. Nelson Riddle will forever be linked with...
    • Book (700g)£13.99 £7.99
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    Kind Of BlueThe Making Of The Miles Davis MasterpieceDa Capo Press
    A tribute to one of the most popular jazz albums of all time: "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis. Includes transcriptions of the unedited session tapes; in-depth...
    • Book (400g)£12.99 £6.00
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    Stormy WeatherThe Music and Lives of a Century of Jazz Women Limelight Editions
    This book delves into the history of the involvement of women in jazz. It covers how women participated in the music as well as in-depth interviews, and...
    • Book (650g)£11.99 £7.00
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    Rollin' And Tumblin'The Postwar Blues GuitaristsMiller Freeman Books
    This is the most comprehensive and insightful study ever published on the pioneers of electric blues guitar including the great Chicago, Mississippi...
    • Book (800g)£12.99 £7.00
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    Sing My Way Home: Voices of the New American Roots RockBackbeat Books
    Sing My Way Home explores the ascendance of American roots rock and its signature artists, past and present. The book traces the movement's antecedents...
    • Book (600g)£14.99 £6.99
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    So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll StarThe Byrds Day-By-Day 1965-73Jawbone Press
    The Byrds were one of rock's most influential bands. Having virtually invented folk rock they went on to pioneer psychedelia and country rock, and were...
    • Book (1.2kg)£18.95 £6.99
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    White Light/White HeatThe Velvet Underground Day by DayJawbone Press
    By turns fiercely confrontational, literate, primitive and sweetly melodic, The Velvet Underground remain one of the most influential bands in...
    • Book (1.3kg)£18.95 £6.99
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    Bettye LaVetteA Woman Like MeBlue Rider Press
    Import USA Hardback edition 66% OFF! Acclaimed R&B singer Bettye LaVette celebrates her storied career in show business with her stunning memoir, A Woman...
    Forget About TodayBob Dylan's Genius for (Re)invention, Shunning the Naysayers, and Creating a Personal RevolutionPerigee
    Forget About Today shows a side of Bob Dylan that most people - from fans to skeptics - have never seen. Rather than another gossipy account of his...
    Bob DylanBy Greil Marcus - Writings 1968-2010PublicAffairs Books
    Beginning in Berkeley in 1968, and ending with a piece on Dylan's show at the University of Minnesota on election night 2008, in between are moments of...
    • Book (650g)£11.99 £6.00
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    Lost HighwayJourneys And Arrivals Of American MusiciansBack Bay Books
    This masterful exploration of American roots music--country, rockabilly, and the blues--spotlights the artists who created a distinctly American sound,...
    • Book (500g)£11.99 £4.99
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    You Never Give Me Your MoneyThe Beatles After The BreakupIt Books
    When Paul McCartney told the world in 1970 that he had no plans to work with the Beatles again, it was widely viewed as a cultural tragedy by the media...
    • Book (450g)£9.99 £6.99
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    Up All Night A Closer Look at Club Drugs and Rave CultureBy Cynthia Knowles
    Get on one - with science and stuff innit
    • Book (200g)£14.99
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    Olodumare - God In Yoruba BeliefBy E. Bolaji IdowuWazobia
    New edition of classy 1962 text about God in Yoruba Belief
    • Book (500g)£18.99
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    Spanish Harlem's Musical Legacy 1930-80By Silvio H. Alvava
    A collection of photographs of the Latino musicians from 1930 - 1980's primarily in El Barrio, NY but features several from Los Angeles, CA and other parts...
    • Book (350g)£16.99
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    Latin Jazz - The Perfect CombinationBy Raul HernandezChronicle Book
    In association with the Smithsonian Institution's series of major exhibitions on jazz music, "Latin Jazz" traces the music's roots and routes, from the...
    • Book (800g)£12.99
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    From Rainforest to Cane Field In CubaAn Environmental History since 1492 Reinaldo Funes Monzote (2008)
    This is the story of Cuba's forests.In this award-winning environmental history of Cuba since the age of Columbus, Reinaldo Funes Monzote emphasizes the...
    East Harlem - Images of America Christopher BellArcadia
    Excellent photographic-based book on East Harlem. RECOMMENDED USA paperback
    The John Coltrane ReferenceEdited by Lewis PorterRoutledge
    Few jazz musicians have had the lasting influence or attracted as much scholarly study as John Coltrane. Yet, despite dozens of books, hundreds of articles,...
    • Book (2kg)£39.99
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    Coltrane On ColtraneThe John Coltrane InterviewsChicago Review Press
    John Coltrane created a new sound and his life, thoughts and words have been just as inspiring as his music. This book collects those words for the first...
    • Book (600g)£19.95
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    Blow Your Head (A Diplo Zine)Volume 1: DancehallPicture Box
    Introduction by Diplo. Photographs by Shane McCauley. In this debut volume, Jamaica's vibrant dancehall scene, the duo traveled through Trenchtown, ...
    • Book (300g)£14.99 £6.99
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    The Legend Of Sugar Minott & Youth PromotionBy Beth Lesser
    From the same people who brought you the "small axe" books comes this wicked tribute to Sugar Minott and the history of his youth promotion label/studio/yard....
    • Book (250g)£11.99
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    Jazz & Blues Musicians Of South CarolinaInterviews with Jabbo, Dizzy, Drink, and OthersUniversity Of South Carolina Press
    This book offers an oral history of musical genres from the Palmetto state musicians who helped define the sounds. From Jabbo Smith, Dizzy Gillespie,...
    • Book (750g)£26.95 £7.99
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    Stan GetzNobody Else But MeBackbeat Books
    Stan Getz's mellifluous sound on the tenor saxophone made him a famous and much-loved performer. His musical career ranged from big bands and small...
    • Book (500g)£13.99 £9.99
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