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    Les BaxterLes Baxter's African JazzSo Far Out
    Les Baxter is fondly remembered as one of the forefathers of the 1950s exotica sound. 1959's African Jazz is one of his most renowned and...
    • Les Baxter – Congo Train
    • Les Baxter – Elephant Trail
    • Les Baxter – Banana Boy
    • Les Baxter – Safari
    • Les Baxter – Mombasa After Midnight
    • Les Baxter – Rain
    • Les Baxter – Lost City
    • Les Baxter – Walkin' Watusi
    • Les Baxter – Ostrich Hunt
    • Les Baxter – Cairo Bazaar
    • Les Baxter – Jungalero
    • Les Baxter – Balinese Bongos
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    John Keating IncorporatedHits In Hi-Fi 1 (1974)EMI
    Wicked spaced out moog disco cut 'Dreaming'
    • John Keating Incorporated – Dreaming
    • Original LP£9.99
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    Rare Psych Moogs And Brass1969 - 1981: Music From The Sonoton LibraryBuried Treasure
    18 tracks of rare & previously unreleased music from the Sonoton library. Featuring big band grooves, moog synths, pyschedelic funk, dub disco &...
    • Walter Rauxel – Vision Receiver
    • Gerhard Narholz – UFO Invasion
    • Sammy Burdson – Action 1
    • Walt Rockman – Newcomer
    • John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson – Working Break
    • John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson – Moving Along
    • John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson – Powerdrive
    • Sammy Burdson – O'Mane
    • Otto Sieben – 70s Fun Pop A
    • Helmuth Brandenburg – Big Brother Is Watching You
    • Sven Perner – High Tension
    • Gerhard Narholz – Towerstreet 17
    • Otto Sieben – 70s Fun Pop B
    • John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson – Life In The Fast Lane
    • Sammy Burdson – New Design
    • Sammy Burdson – Moog & Brass
    • Hermann Langschwert & Wolfgang Killian – Crime & Glamour
    • Sammy Burdson & John Fiddy – Spaces In Time
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    • LP£14.99
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    Happy MachineStandard Music Library 1970 - 2010Public Information
    Unofficial sequel to the Parry Music compilation from 2012. Public Information again step into the world of library music. 30 selected tracks from UK library...
    • Logo Rhythmic II – Reginald J. Lewis
    • Cathedral of Space – Brian Hodgson
    • Arcadian Valley – Reginald J. Lewis
    • Deserted Starship – Richard Hewson
    • Haley's Largo – John Keating
    • Programmadate – Reginald J. Lewis
    • Sidestreet – John Kongos
    • Happy Machine – Reginald J. Lewis
    • Curve of the Wind – Mike Vickers
    • Eary Feary – George Martin
    • Homing Nucleus – Mike Vickers
    • In the Shadows – Chris McCormack
    • In Safe Hands – Kirk Thompson (No Bass / No Beats)
    • The Craters of Mars – Brian Hodgson
    • Sous Sol – Elliot Ireland, Alessandro Rizzo & Tom Greenwood
    • Flutes – Naim Amor
    • Glass Corridor into Hall of Glass Clocks – John Gregory
    • Take Me Home – Richard Thair
    • Happy Soul – Jim Lawless
    • The Wind from Nowhere – Mike Vickers
    • Banshee – Reginald J. Lewis
    • Headful of Birds – Mike Vickers
    • The Seven Immortals – Kirk Thompson
    • Crystal Forms – Brian Hodgson & Reginald J. Lewis
    • Song of the Wilderness – Brian Hodgson & Reginald J. Lewis
    • In the Beginning – Mike Vickers
    • Mystery Stomp – Marco Pirroni (B)
    • On the Streets – John Kongos
    • Haley's Comet – John Keating
    • Goodnight – Chris Barron
    • 2×LP£18.99
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    Bass, SidMoog EspanaRCA
    Spanish tunes played on Moog synthesizer!
      • Original LP£7.00
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      Arawak Accadde A Golden Pavilion
      1970 Italian Library recording -- swift jazzy and funky sounds ranging between mellow dreamy moods and wicked addictive drum breaks. Arawak is one of a...
      • Arawak – Accadde A Harlem
      • Arawak – Accadde A Bali
      • Arawak – Accadde A Bahia
      • Arawak – Accadde A Belfast
      • LP£21.99
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      BBIIDisco Network Fresh Up
       More killer library funk, Moog disco and vocoder boogie sounds from the Fresh Up camp!     BBII are a mysterious all-star session...
      • BBII – Disco Network
      • BBII – Frog funk
      • 7"£5.99
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      Sven LibaekInner Space - The Lost Film Music of Sven LibaekVotary
      LIMITED REPRESS!  Long lost music recorded for obscure Australian surfer films from the sixties and early seventies featuring the cream of the...
      • Sven Libaek – fate of life
      • Sven Libaek – music for eels
      • Sven Libaek – thatcherie
      • Sven Libaek – dessert
      • Sven Libaek – peaceful landscape
      • Sven Libaek – in the wave
      • Sven Libaek – the lost city
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      • LP£24.99
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      A. HobsonFacets (1983)De Wolfe
      Rare De Wolfe library music
        • Original LP£13.00
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        The Guitars Unlimited Plus 7Crazy Rhythm (1961)RCA Victor
        Lots of guitars going crazy rhythmically. Original USA vinyl
          • Original LP£7.99
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          Simon ParkEventDe Wolfe
          Rare Simon Park on De Wolfe
            • Original LP£15.00
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            The Cults Percussion EnsembleThe Cults Percussion EnsembleTrunk
            Privately pressed in Scotland in 1979, this elusive and quite wonderful percussion album is like no other. Played by a group of 11 girls with an average...
            • The Cults Percussion Ensemble – Baia
            • The Cults Percussion Ensemble – My Love She’s But A Lassie Yet
            • The Cults Percussion Ensemble – Percussion Suite (3rd Movement)
            • The Cults Percussion Ensemble – The Little Dancer
            • The Cults Percussion Ensemble – Erlangen Polka
            • The Cults Percussion Ensemble – Dream Angus
            • CD£11.99
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            • LP£14.99
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            Tod DockstaderBoosey & Hawkes Electronic Vol. 1 - Recorded Music For Film, Radio & Television Mordant Music
            Avant-garde synth-based library music recorded in 1979 from Tod Dockstader. The first of two free-spirited nocturnal compositions from American sound-maverick...
            • Tod Dockstader – jigjag
            • Tod Dockstader – i.c. arabian
            • Tod Dockstader – night wolves
            • LP£16.99
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            Tod DockstaderRemixed by Mordant Music & EkoplekzMordant Music
            Two bleak & grainy remixes of 70s music concrete/library music visionary Tod Dockstader!! Battered techno treatment from Mordant Music, with a british...
            • Tod Dockstader – bellstomp / pond dance (Mordant music remix)
            • Tod Dockstader – boingo background (ekoplekz remix)
            Bob Chance It's Broken! Trunk
            Private press cult oddity from Bob Chance on Trunk! Originally recorded and issued by Bob himself in 1980. Centred around the brilliant post-disco 9-minute...
            • Bob Chance – Brown Skinned Girl
            • Bob Chance – Honey Lips
            • Bob Chance – It's Broken!
            • Bob Chance – The Van Man
            • Bob Chance – I See Her
            • Bob Chance – Colors
            • Bob Chance – Jungle Talk
            • CD£5.00
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            Bruton MusicSpring To Life (1984)Bruton Music
            Library album: 'Uplifting, contemporary, orchestral' Featuring music by Nick Ingham, Steve Gray, Keith Roberts and Alex Gould
            • alec gould – city suburbs
            • nick ingham – travelling style 1
            • Original LP£13.99
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            Frano FalsiniCold Nose Spectrum Spools
            Gorgeous proto-ambient, synth experiments from Italian musician and producer, Franco Falsini is better known for his work with his space/prog rock group...
            • Frano Falsini – Cold Nose 2
            • LP£16.99
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            Match Music LibraryTension & Imagination (c.1980)Match Music Library
            Library music, MAT 008 (slightly difft. sleeve - this one is MAT002)
            • Original LP£10.00
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            Suzanne Ciani Lixiviation 1969-1985Finders Keepers
            Amazing, electronic arcade-ian synth explorations from one of a very few, female electronic composers!  A sonic portfolio that boasts commissions...
            • Suzanne Ciani – Paris 1971
            • Suzanne Ciani – Sound Of A Dream Kissing
            • CD£9.99
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            • LP£15.99
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            David Cain / Ronald DuncanThe Seasons (from the BBC Radio Schools Series 'Drama Workshop')Trunk Records
            Released in 1969 by the BBC as part of the Drama Workshop educational project, this rare, strange and most unusual recording has become somewhat of a cult...
              • CD£5.00
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              BBC Radiophonic WorkshopBBC Radiophonic MusicBBC
              John Baker and Delia Derbyshire. First compiled in 1968 as an in-house BBC Library LP, this was given a full commercial release in 1970 and was the first...
                • CD£10.99
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                Buffet Car AttendantsThe MMs Bar RecordingTrunk
                Oh that Jonny Trunk, he is a hoot. His latest quirky offering is this unusual but hilarious collection of buffet car announcements recorded over a period...
                • Buffet Car Attendants – sample one
                • Buffet Car Attendants – sample two
                • Buffet Car Attendants – sample three
                • CD£5.00
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                NEW EDITION The Music Library - Graphic Art and SoundBy Jonny TrunkSterling Publishing
                'Library Music', also known as source music and occasionally mood music, was made for people who needed cheap background music for commercials, animations,...
                • Book (900g)£35.00
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                Liquid SunshineEasy Listening From The KPM 1000 Series (1970-76)Vocalion
                Wicked funky, jazzy groovacious fender rhodes, string-laden 70s library music from all the library music kings - Mansfield, Cameron, James Clarke et all! This...
                • Liquid Sunshine – Finding My Feet
                • Liquid Sunshine – Airport People
                • Liquid Sunshine – Clean Air
                • Liquid Sunshine – American Express
                • Liquid Sunshine – Nice Feelings
                • Liquid Sunshine – Sun Goddess
                • CD£9.99
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                Ray MartinFavourite TV Themes Vols 1 & 2Vocalion
                Really strangely groovy and excellent. Its all here! Grandstand, Match of the Day, The Big Match, Horse of the Year (no really!). Ever wondered what...
                • Ray Martin – Ironside
                • Ray Martin – Mission Impossible
                • Ray Martin – Kojak
                • Ray Martin – Nationwide
                • Ray Martin – Match Of The Day
                • Ray Martin – News At Ten
                • Ray Martin – Midweek
                • Ray Martin – Crossroads
                • CD£9.99
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                ChaquitoSpies And Dolls & TV Thrillers (1972)Vocalion
                Killer British versions of 'Call Me Mister Tibbs', 'Shaft' 'Bullit' 'Mission Impossible' and loads more from man like Chaquito (John Gregory) Lovers...
                • Chaquito – They Call Me Mr. Tibbs
                • Chaquito – Bullitt
                • Chaquito – The Anderson Tapes
                • Chaquito – The French Connection
                • Chaquito – A Man Called Ironside
                • Chaquito – Softly Softly
                • Chaquito – Mannix
                • CD£9.99
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                The Bedside Bond & Number One Themes1965-79Vocalion
                Absolutely killer tunes! Library sounds go James Bond in a modal stylee! 'The Bedside Bond' is one of the strangest and most obscure albums to have emerged...
                • The Bedside Bond & Number One Themes – Yes And No
                • The Bedside Bond & Number One Themes – The Silent Silencers
                • The Bedside Bond & Number One Themes – The Hell Raisers
                • The Bedside Bond & Number One Themes – Soul Thing
                • The Bedside Bond & Number One Themes – Afro Disiac
                • The Bedside Bond & Number One Themes – Break A Leg
                • The Bedside Bond & Number One Themes – Fade Out
                • CD£9.99
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                The Hanged ManAlan Tew's Music from The TV Series (1975)Vocalion
                HOLY GRAIL BRITISH FUNKY BREAKBEAT MONSTER! EVERY TRACK A KILLER! 'The Hanged Man' was one of the finest dramas to hit British television screens in the...
                • The Hanged Man – The rub 'contract man'
                • The Hanged Man – helicop 'g.b.h.'
                • The Hanged Man – money runner 'road runner'
                • The Hanged Man – the big one 'the heist'
                • The Hanged Man – surveillance 'the spic'
                • The Hanged Man – the detectives 'hanged man'
                • CD£9.99
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                Super Sounds UnlimitedAmphonic Music (1971-81)Vocalion
                Founded in 1971 by famous British arranger-composer-conductor Syd Dale, Amphonic Music rapidly established itself as one of Britain's premier sources of...
                • Super Sounds Unlimited – Setting The Scene
                • Super Sounds Unlimited – First Flight
                • Super Sounds Unlimited – Poltergeist
                • Super Sounds Unlimited – Soul Searching
                • Super Sounds Unlimited – Dancing On The Strip
                • Super Sounds Unlimited – Sky Cruiser
                • Super Sounds Unlimited – Cross Talk
                • CD£9.99
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                Keith MansfieldNight Bird (1975)Vocalion
                Some of the funkiest, most soulful disco grooves ever committed to vinyl are heard on this Vocalion release, comprising Keith Mansfield’s 1979 Night...
                • Keith Mansfield – Night Bird
                • Keith Mansfield – Don't Call Collect
                • Keith Mansfield – Thunderfoot
                • CD£9.99
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                The Alan Tew OrchestraThis Is My Scene (1967)Vocalion
                Evocative of the London of that era (1967), complete with the Carnaby Street sign on the sleeve. Tew is ably supported by Big Jim Sullivan and Alan Parker...
                • The Alan Tew Orchestra – These Boots Are Made For Walking
                • The Alan Tew Orchestra – I'm A Believer
                • CD£6.99
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                David GoldBig City Suite (1972-78)Vocalion
                Deep, funk breaks, wah wah-guitar action soundtrack music and big jazz arrangements. This release marks Vocalion’s third compilation of music...
                • David Gold – Big City - Opening (I)
                • David Gold – Rugged City
                • David Gold – City Police
                • David Gold – Four O'Clock Earthquake
                • David Gold – Smokey Joe's Dilemma
                • David Gold – Go Getter
                • David Gold – Sunshine Special
                • David Gold – Brass Bullet
                • David Gold – Theme For A Hunter
                • David Gold – Rock Breaker
                • CD£9.99
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                Time To FlyEasy Listening From The KPM 1000 Series (1970-76)Vocalion
                This compilation comprises twenty-eight tracks from the legendary KPM 1000 Series of library music, recorded during the golden era of 1970-76. Whereas...
                • Time To Fly – The Great Outdoors
                • Time To Fly – Soft Memories
                • CD£9.99
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                Sounds Of The TimesFrom the KPM & Conroy Music Library 1970-77Vocalion
                KILLER! This compilation highlights some of the best music written for the Keith Prowse/Peter Maurice (KPM) and Conroy recorded music libraries during...
                • Keith Mansfield – Soul For Sale
                • Johnny Pearson – Block Buster
                • Alan Hawkshaw – Traffic
                • Keith Mansfield – Tycoon
                • James Clarke – Short Cut
                • David Lindup – Speculation
                • Chris Gunning – Tough Assignment
                • Alan Hawkshaw – Challenger
                • Johnny Pearson – Head In The Clouds
                • CD£9.99
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                James ClarkeGirl On The Beach (1969)Vocalion
                Here the spotlight is on library music legend James Clarke, whose absolutely gorgeous 'Girl on the Beach' album (1969) forms part of this CD. Originally...
                • James Clarke – This Guy's In Love With you
                • James Clarke – Well On The Way
                • James Clarke – Quiet Interlude
                • James Clarke – Sombre Samba
                • James Clarke – The End Of The Day
                • CD£9.99
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                Madeline Bell & The Themes InternationalThe Voice Of Soul & The Sound Of Soul (1976)Vocalion
                Killer super-rare Madeline Bell library release par excellence! Includes the monster rare groove fave "That's What Friends Are For"! (reissued as a 7"...
                • Madeline Bell & The Themes International – Love Is All
                • Madeline Bell & The Themes International – Mr Smooth Man
                • Madeline Bell & The Themes International – Soul Slap
                • Madeline Bell & The Themes International – That's What Friends Are For
                • Madeline Bell & The Themes International – Flying High
                • CD£9.99
                  Out of stock
                Life On EarthMusic from The 1979 BBC TV Series Composed By Edward WilliamsTrunk
                Yet another superlative soundtrack release from Trunk Records! The groundbreaking natural history programme Life On Earth hit TV screens 30 years ago,...
                • Life On Earth – Sample 1
                • Life On Earth – Sample 2
                • Life On Earth – Sample 3
                • Life On Earth – Sample 4
                • CD£9.99
                  Out of stock
                G-SpotsThe Spacey Folk Electro-Horror Sounds Of The Studio G LibraryTrunk
                G-Spots is the first ever retrospective of Studio G, one of the smallest,but finest music libraries to come out of the UK. It was started in London, in...
                • Douglas wood – Icicles
                • Douglas wood – Boy On Space
                • Paul lewis – Waiting For Nina
                • Eric peters – Deformed Theme
                • P willsher/t kelly – Foggy Dock
                • CD£9.99
                  Out of stock