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    Mario NascimbenePsycoramaThe Roundtable
    The Roundtable reissue a rare, experimental library music LP; experimental drone music by legendary Milanese composer and conductor, Mario Nascimbene,...
    • Mario Nascimbene – Totalità Violini
    • Mario Nascimbene – Totalità Viole-Celli
    • Mario Nascimbene – Totalità Celli-Bassi
    • Mario Nascimbene – Totalità D'archi
    • Mario Nascimbene – Vento Musicale
    • Mario Nascimbene – Riverbero Di Tam Tam
    • Mario Nascimbene – Situazione Orientale
    • Mario Nascimbene – Attesa Antica
    • Mario Nascimbene – Rievocazione Lontana
    • Mario Nascimbene – Lunare
    • Mario Nascimbene – Pensiero Lontano
    • Mario Nascimbene – Classicheggiante
    • Mario Nascimbene – Tragedia Greca
    • Mario Nascimbene – Angoscia
    • Mario Nascimbene – Percussione Variata
    • Mario Nascimbene – Percussione A Strappate
    • Mario Nascimbene – Percussione Di Bassi
    • Mario Nascimbene – Percussione Di Timpani
    Joy UnlimitedInstrumental ImpressionsSonorama
    Lost classic for collectors of Italian library music; one of the most sought after cult LPs on the tiny Devega label from Milan, produced in 1972. German...
    • Joy Unlimited – Breeding Ground
    • Joy Unlimited – Jigsaw Man
    • Joy Unlimited – Soul Gravy
    • Joy Unlimited – Homunkulus
    • Joy Unlimited – Santo Pueblo
    • Joy Unlimited – Jamara
    • Joy Unlimited – Silverstone
    • Joy Unlimited – Blue Box
    • Joy Unlimited – Parabolica
    • Joy Unlimited – Laguna Seca
    • Joy Unlimited – Herbie
    • Joy Unlimited – Spektrum
    Gianni SafredFuturibile (The Life to Come)Four Flies Records
    Reissue of this amazing 1978 library music album from the great Gianni Safred - spacey, funky, cosmic disco grooves that touch on the high-camp themes...
    • Gianni Safred –  The Life To Come
    • Gianni Safred – Disco Satellite
    • Gianni Safred – Autumn 2001
    • Gianni Safred – Disco Propulsion
    • Gianni Safred – Robot Party
    • Gianni Safred – Last Rain
    • Gianni Safred – Supermind
    • Gianni Safred – Unexplored World
    • Gianni Safred – Electronic Brain
    • Gianni Safred – Jazz Computer
    • Gianni Safred – Future City Traffic
    • Gianni Safred – Machines For Ever
    Jay Richford & Gary StevanFeelings: 45s CollectionDynamite Cuts
    Dynamite Cuts pick key tracks from, acclaimed by many, one of the greatest and rarest library LPs of all time, "Feelings" by Jay Richford & Gary Stevan...
    • Jay Richford & Gary Stevan – Running Fast
    • Jay Richford & Gary Stevan – Fearing Much
    • Jay Richford & Gary Stevan – Feeling Tense
    • Jay Richford & Gary Stevan – Walking in the Dark
    Gruppo SoundDance Power / Walking On AirDualismo Sound
    Two killer jazz-funk cuts lifted from Gruppo Sound's coveted, late 80s Italian library music LP, 'Dreams For Sax'.
    • Gruppo Sound – Dance Power
    • Gruppo Sound – Walking On Air
    Sandro Brugnolini, Alessandro Alessandroni & TeimarAkrilikoCometa Edizioni Musicali
    Rare music From the Cometa music library Vaults, vinyl-only release. 'Akriliko' features unreleased music from the 70's, composed by the legendary, Sandro...
    • Sandro Brugnolini – Akriliko
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Bronmxs
    • Sandro Brugnolini & Teimar – Fluttuanze Junior
    • Sandro Brugnolini & Alessandro Alessandroni – Preallarme
    • Sandro Brugnolini – Speed
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Tormento Ripetitivo
    • Alessandro Alessandroni & Teimar – Romantico Junior
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Turismo Giovane
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Massima Solitudine
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Sereno Junior
    • Sandro Brugnolini & Teimar – Affanno Junior
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Riflessione
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Viaggio Giovane
    • Sandro Brugnolini & Teimar – Serpentina Junior
    Rino de FilippiArte MarzialeCometa Edizioni Musicali
    Recorded in 1973 in Rome - at Piero Umiliani’s, 'Sound Workshop' – this one of the stand-out italian libraries to say the least. The whole...
    • Rino de Filippi – Introduttività
    • Rino de Filippi – Bulli Orientaleggianti
    • Rino de Filippi – Preghiera Nel Tempio
    • Rino de Filippi – Judoisti In Allenamento
    • Rino de Filippi – Sospensivo
    • Rino de Filippi – Velocità
    • Rino de Filippi – Effetto Flauto
    • Rino de Filippi – Antiche Mura
    • Rino de Filippi – Start.....Via
    • Rino de Filippi – Religiosità Orientale
    • Rino de Filippi – Sommossa
    • Rino de Filippi – Nebulosità
    • Rino de Filippi – Bimbi Orientali
    Luigi Pasquale Zito & Vittorio NadalinDinamica OssessivaCometa Edizioni Musicali
    Previously unreleased funk/beat library album from maestros, Luigi Pasquale Zito and Vittorio Nadalin!
    • Luigi Pasquale Zito & Vittorio Nadalin – Dinamica Ossessiva
    • Luigi Pasquale Zito & Vittorio Nadalin – Inseguimento Sul Bosforo
    • Luigi Pasquale Zito & Vittorio Nadalin – Aggressione
    • Luigi Pasquale Zito & Vittorio Nadalin – Sonno Agitato
    • Luigi Pasquale Zito & Vittorio Nadalin – Theme For Two
    • Luigi Pasquale Zito & Vittorio Nadalin – Piazza
    • Luigi Pasquale Zito & Vittorio Nadalin – Neutral
    • Luigi Pasquale Zito & Vittorio Nadalin – Bounce Palace
    • Luigi Pasquale Zito & Vittorio Nadalin – L.S.D.
    • Luigi Pasquale Zito & Vittorio Nadalin – Ostinato Aggressivo
    Schifters45s CollectionDynamic Cuts
    A limited edition 2x7” release from the sought-after, library label Freesound. Schfiters is the work of two legendary, European library musicians Jackie...
    • Schifters – Rieka
    • Schifters – O Seven
    • Schifters – Old Timmy
    • Schifters – Gost
    Philopsis45s CollectionDynamic Cuts
    A limited edition 7” release from sought-after library label, Freesound. Heavy, electronic funk fusion from cult composer, Jackie Giordano! Features...
    • Philopsis – Steel Mongoes
    • Philopsis – Magolia
    • Philopsis – Screw On
    • Philopsis – Fluid Man
    Alan Parker & Alan HawkshawBlack PearlMusic De Wolfe
    From 1973, revered music library, De Wolfe reissue their sought-after 'Black Pearl' album. A collection of orchestral funk cues epitomising some of the...
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – Next Stop, L.A.
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – Miraculous Dream
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – Collect
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – Tryst
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – Sunny Monday
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – Oh! Militia
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – The Vamp
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – Night Of The Garter
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – Choctaw
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – Melody And Lace
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – Black Pearl
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – Blue Shadow
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – Monochrome
    • Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw – No Return
    John CameronJazzrockBe With Records
    An enormously influential and heavy KPM set of timeless, killer breaks from 1972 by the mighty John Cameron!
      Alan HawkshawThe Road ForwardBe With Records
      Be With continue their KPM reissue program with a heavyweight vinyl issue of Alan Hawkshaw's sought after 'greensleeve' album, 'The Road Forward'!
        Alessandro AlessandroniPrisma SonoroThe Roundtable
        Alongside Morricone, Alessandro Alessandroni is, undoubtedly, one of the central figures of 60s and 70s Italian film music. The Roundtable reissue one...
        • Alessandro Alessandroni – Galleria Di Immagini
        • Alessandro Alessandroni – Personale
        • Alessandro Alessandroni – Congetture Melodiche
        • Alessandro Alessandroni – Aspetti Musicali
        • Alessandro Alessandroni – Breve Dialettica
        • Alessandro Alessandroni – Punti Di Vista
        • Alessandro Alessandroni – Vocali Sul Pentagramma
        • Alessandro Alessandroni – Evocazioni D'amore
        • Alessandro Alessandroni – Dialoghi D'amore
        Yan TreggerTo The Land Of No ReturnWah Wah Records / Supersonic Sounds
        Best known to collectors for his 70's library efforts (Freezing Point, The Pop World Of Yann Tregger, Schifters, Catchy, Ducks & Drakes) on such cult labels...
        • Yan Tregger – Starting Tone
        • Yan Tregger – Departure
        • Yan Tregger – Caught
        • Yan Tregger – Insects World
        • Yan Tregger – Underground Cathedral
        • Yan Tregger – Airshaft N°1
        • Yan Tregger – Metal Kit
        • Yan Tregger – Escaping
        • Yan Tregger – Steam Land
        • Yan Tregger – Hooter
        • Yan Tregger – Shelters
        • Yan Tregger – Nature Death
        • Yan Tregger – Crystal Mind
        • Yan Tregger – Airshaft N°2
        The Cavendish OrchestraRecorded Music For Film, Radio And Television (1978)Boosey & Hawkes
        Library music
          • Original LP£10.00
            Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original UK vinyl
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          Moodsetters: From the Amphonic & Soundstage LibraryVarious ArtistsBuried Treasure
          You like library music & lush, orchestral funk? With some pastoral radiophonics on the side? A dash of late 70s jazz fusion & early 80s electronica? Tribal...
          • Jim Lawless – Tribal Warfare
          • Albert Alan Owen – Bleeps & Impulses
          • Alan Parker – Border Incident
          • Paddy Kingsland – January's Child
          Keith MansfieldBig Business / Wind Of ChangeBe With Records
          2018 reissue – remastered from original tapes, with replica artwork, 180g vinyl.The two sides of 1973’s Big Business / Wind of Change are mainly the...
            Hot WaxVariousBe With Records
            2018 reissue – remastered from original tapes, with replica artwork, 180g vinyl. Hot Wax is an assured KPM masterclass from a dream team line-up of...
              James ClarkeMystery MovieBe With Records
              Be With reissue James Clarke’s Mystery Movie, originally released in 1974. Mystery Movie is best known for the slick drum breaks underpinning the top-notch...
                Francis CoppietersPiano ViberationsBe With Records
                2018 reissue – remastered from original tapes, with replica artwork, 180g vinyl. Piano Viberations is small group jazz featuring piano and vibes with...
                  Alan HawkshawSynthesizer And PercussionBe With Records
                  Released in the same year as Synthesis over on KPM, 1974’s Synthesizer and Percussion is its essential companion piece. This record features the many...
                    Alan Parker & Madeline BellThe Voice Of SoulBe With Records
                    Veteran library musician Alan Parker recorded with session vocalist Madeline Bell for his Themes International Music label and the result was 1976’s...
                    • Alan Parker – Love Is All
                    • Alan Parker – Mr. Smooth Man
                    • Les Hurdle – You've Got What It Takes
                    • Alan Parker – You're A Winner
                    • Alan Parker – Your Smile
                    • Mike Moran – Time Goes By
                    • Alan Parker – Move And Shake Your Body
                    • Mike Moran – Love Doctor
                    • Alan Parker – Soul Slap
                    • Alan Parker – Crumpet
                    • Alan Parker – That's What Friends Are For
                    • Alan Parker – Flying High
                    Keith Mansfield & John CameronVoices In HarmonyBe With Records
                    2018 reissue – remastered from original tapes, with replica artwork, 180g vinyl.Voices In Harmony was originally released in 1973 as a selection of contemporary...
                      Alan HawkshawFull CircleBe With Records
                      Their NEW album, in full, iconic KPM cover is a return to the laidback jazz-funk that helped Alan and Brian demonstrate their library chops. The album...
                        John KeatingConducts The Electronic Philharmonic Orchestra (1974)EMI
                        Electronic meets classical conducted by British composer John KeatingOriginal = Original UK Vinyl VG+ /Sleeve VG+ 100% Guarantee on this and all Original...
                          Greg BelsonThe Colour of DesireOrigin Peoples
                          Library / OST mixtape vibes from Los Angeles’ most revered gospel music knowledges, Greg Belson - limited copies available!
                            John Baker & The BBC Radiophonic WorkshopThe Vendetta TapesBuried Treasure
                            A brand new compilation of material by John Baker from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop! Baker ranks as one of the world’s most influential electronic...
                            • John Baker & The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – The Sugar Man (cue 2)
                            • John Baker & The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – The Sugar Man (cue 3)
                            • John Baker & The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – The Sugar Man (cue 5)
                            • John Baker & The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – The Sugar Man (cue 7)
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                            Tod DockstaderRemixed by Mordant Music & EkoplekzMordant Music
                            Two bleak & grainy remixes of 70s music concrete/library music visionary Tod Dockstader!! Battered techno treatment from Mordant Music, with a british...
                            • Tod Dockstader – bellstomp / pond dance (Mordant music remix)
                            • Tod Dockstader – boingo background (ekoplekz remix)
                            NEW EDITION The Music Library - Graphic Art and SoundBy Jonny TrunkSterling Publishing
                            'Library Music', also known as source music and occasionally mood music, was made for people who needed cheap background music for commercials, animations,...