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    Jay Richford & Gary StevanFeelings: 45s CollectionDynamite Cuts
    Dynamite Cuts pick key tracks from, acclaimed by many, one of the greatest and rarest library LPs of all time, "Feelings" by Jay Richford & Gary Stevan...
    • Jay Richford & Gary Stevan – Running Fast
    • Jay Richford & Gary Stevan – Fearing Much
    • Jay Richford & Gary Stevan – Feeling Tense
    • Jay Richford & Gary Stevan – Walking in the Dark
    • 2×7"£17.99
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    Schifters45s CollectionDynamic Cuts
    A limited edition 2x7” release from the sought-after, library label Freesound. Schfiters is the work of two legendary, European library musicians Jackie...
    • Schifters – Rieka
    • Schifters – O Seven
    • Schifters – Old Timmy
    • Schifters – Gost
    Philopsis45s CollectionDynamic Cuts
    A limited edition 7” release from sought-after library label, Freesound. Heavy, electronic funk fusion from cult composer, Jackie Giordano! Features...
    • Philopsis – Steel Mongoes
    • Philopsis – Magolia
    • Philopsis – Screw On
    • Philopsis – Fluid Man
    Ugo Busoni & Gerardo IacoucciRullio / ViolenzaFour Flies
    The ULTIMATE Italian library breakbeat experience! Synths, electronic effects, and proto-hip hop beats of 'Rullio' by Ugo Busoni, from the mega-rare, Valvole...
    • Ugo Busoni – Rullio
    • Gerardo Iacoucci – Violenza
    • 7"£14.99
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    The Karminsky Experience Inc.See InsideThe Karminsky Experience Inc.
    The Karminsky Experience Inc. are back with a super limited transmission of retro-futurist bossa and sci-fi themed easy listening!
    • The Karminsky Experience Inc. – Beat!
    • 7"£8.99
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    Emma De AngelisEmma De AngelisFinders Keepers Records
    Oddball psychedelic rock and drum heavy funk 7" on Finder Keepers from Emma De Angelis - know as one of the most enigmatic figures in 1970's Italian Library...
    • Emma De Angelis – Forgiveness
    • Emma De Angelis – Trip
    • Emma De Angelis – Plankton
    • 7"£6.99
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    Rhythm SnipersStanding RockMocambo
    Promotional vinyl 45 to support the library album THE BREAK DOWN from the vaults of Warner/Chappell Production Music . The Rhythm Snipers recreate the...
    • Rhythm Snipers – Standing Rock
    • Rhythm Snipers – B-Boy Champions Medley
    • 7"£6.99
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    BBIIDisco Network Fresh Up
     More killer library funk, Moog disco and vocoder boogie sounds from the Fresh Up camp!     BBII are a mysterious all-star session...
    • BBII – Disco Network
    • BBII – Frog funk
    • 7"£5.99
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