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    UnlovedDevils AngelsHeavenly
    Unloved is made up of vocalist and songwriter Jade Vincent, her partner the producer/composer Keefus Ciancia, and DJ/ producer/composer David Holmes.This...
    • Unloved – Devils Angels (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
    • Unloved – Devils Angels (Liminanas Remix)
    • Unloved – Love Lost (Nathan Miclay's Pulsating March Remix)
    • Unloved – Lee (Andy Votel & Jane Weaver Remix)
    • 1. Devils Angels (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
    • 2. Devils Angels (Liminanas Remix)
    • 3. Love Lost (Nathan Miclay's Pulsating March Remix)
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    Tala ValaTala ValaTV White Label
    Multi Instrumentalist's Ben Locket and John Roffe-Ridgard aka Tala Vala drop their much anticipated debut album (after last years very limited 12") of...
    • Tala Vala – Tzompantli
    • Tala Vala – Mastertron
    • Tala Vala – Anhedonia
    • Tala Vala – Thera
    • Tala Vala – Matutine
    • Tala Vala – C.H.P.P.B.
    • Tala Vala – Albedo
    • Tala Vala – Sarha
    Blundetto / Ken BootheHave A Little FaithHeavenly Sweetness
    The first single from Blundetto’s forthcoming album sees the French producer collaborate with a true great of Jamaican music, the legendary reggae vocalist...
    • Blundetto / Ken Boothe – Have A Little Faith
    • Blundetto / Ken Boothe – Have A Little Faith (Version)
    Raf RundellStop Lying1965 Records
    When we last saw Raf Rundell he was stood in a clearing, dressed in a shaman’s robes with a modern day magik staff raised above his head. Looking like...
    • Raf Rundell – Every Morning
    • Raf Rundell – Kinder Nature
    • Raf Rundell – Ric Flair
    • Raf Rundell – Accept & Proceed
    The ShacksThis Strange EffectBig Crown Records
    The A side “This Strange Effect” is an updated take on the Ray Davies penned classic from 1965 while the B Side “Hands In Your Pockets” finds The...
    • The Shacks – This Strange Effect
    • The Shacks – Hands In Your Pocket
    RodiniaEx AnimaNow-Again Records
    Killer kosmiche / krautrock vibe keeping in line with Cluster, Harmonia, Neu!, Popul Vuh and right up to date with the likes of Cherrystones....
    • Rodinia – Non Ex Orbis, Ex Anima (intro)
    • Rodinia – Bürgerpark
    • Rodinia – Overtones Of Ling
    • Rodinia – Dark Echoes
    • Rodinia – Neusi
    • Rodinia – Makifamba
    • Rodinia – Dork Times
    • Rodinia – Drohne Zurück!
    PedroOne Kind Of LoveMusique Plastique
    Peter Mekwunye, having moved to the United States from Nigeria, self-released One Kind of Love as a small run cassette in 1993 under the moniker Pedro....
      ZooeyThe DriftersWonderfulsound
      Debut album from London based French duo ZOOEY (Matthieu Beck and Marie Merlet) that takes the listener on a trip between idleness and electronic daydream. Recorded...
      • Zooey – Realise Realise
      • Zooey – Time To Get Alone
      • Zooey – One Last Drink
      Sarah Williams WhiteHumFirst Word
      Debut single from Sarah Williams White on First Word. Eerie psychedelic soul business. Includes a remix from her real life brother, Paul White (Golden...
      • Sarah Williams White – Hum
      • Sarah Williams White – Hum (Paul White Remix)
      William BasinskiThe Disintegration Loops Volume IVTemporary Residence
      The fourth volume of a landmark modern composition from 2002/2003 by American avant-garde composer Basinsky. Iconic, stunning and massively important.
      • William Basinski – sample
      Incorporating the squiggles and squelches of vintage analogue synthesizers and breaks and beats J-Walk is back with an album of lo-fi vibes reminiscent...
      • J-Walk – Fuzzy Dunlop
      • J-Walk – Thinking Back
      • J-Walk – Vespucci
      • J-Walk – World Inaction
      • J-Walk – We're Not Alone
      • J-Walk – Yesterday's Crowd
      Group Rhoda 12th House Not Not Fun
      Reaching out to the darkest corners of the club, the second Not Not Fun album by San Franscisco native Maria Barenbaum's Group Rhoda project following...
      • Group Rhoda – day ruiner
      • Group Rhoda – disappearing ground
      • Group Rhoda – coral castle
      • Group Rhoda – space race
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      Lakes Of Grass And GoldStrands Of Grass Immune
      VERY LIMITED STOCK FROM RECORD STORE DAY 2013...1st come first served!!
        LiberezSane Men SurroundAlter
        Throwing savagely EQ percussion, guitar, violin and electronics into abstraction, Southend-on-Sea’s Liberez delivers a second album of nine...
        • Liberez – A Warning
        • Liberez – Nema Te Part 2
        • Liberez – What's Mine Is Mine
        MoonrakerM_TypeGreat Circles
        Supreme noise-based Philli-tronics & techno on the lesser known Great Circles label. Metasplice related gear. Bizarre sci-fi stuff & well recommended....
        • Moonraker – Moonrise
        • Moonraker – Described Circles / Amaranth Haze
        • Moonraker – Lost In A Creater
        • Moonraker – Spark Joint
        • Moonraker – Plutonium On The Low
        Forma Off / On Spectrum Spools
        The second LP from the Brooklyn cosmic synth trio of Mark Dwinell, Sophie Lam, and George Bennett, OFF/ON's universe is darker, its terrain more enigmatic...
        • Forma – FORMA313
        • Forma – FORMA278
        • Forma – FORMA306C
        Tod DockstaderRemixed by Mordant Music & EkoplekzMordant Music
        Two bleak & grainy remixes of 70s music concrete/library music visionary Tod Dockstader!! Battered techno treatment from Mordant Music, with a british...
        • Tod Dockstader – bellstomp / pond dance (Mordant music remix)
        • Tod Dockstader – boingo background (ekoplekz remix)
        Thought BroadcastEmergency StairwayEditions Mego
        Carefully mastered from cassette tapes these menancing grainy industrial dub tracks were constructed by Ravi Binnings aka Thought Broadcast. Dank, paranoid,...
        • Thought Broadcast – Conflict Dub
        • Thought Broadcast – Orgone Theater
        • Thought Broadcast – 03.18.2012
        • Thought Broadcast – Breaking Test
        MountaineerThe Real McQueenLeng
        The second LP release on Leng Records is the fourth from German band Mountaineer. Joining Leng label mates such as Cantoma (Phil Mison), Ray Mang, Idjut...
        • Mountaineer – Always Coming Home
        • Mountaineer – The Real McQueen
        • Mountaineer – Come Alena
        • Mountaineer – Circlemakers
        • Mountaineer – Gush It Gosie
        • Mountaineer – White ( I'm Clouds )
        • Mountaineer – Always Coming Home ( Theme )
        • Mountaineer – Golden Chalk
        • Mountaineer – Limbo
        • Mountaineer – Blown Away
        • Mountaineer – When We Love Life
        • Mountaineer – Always Coming Home ( Reprise )
        Toro Y MoiUnderneath The PineCarpark
        Following up his debut 'Causers Of This', is the hugely anticipated album from 23 Year-old Chaz Bundick aka Toro Y Moi on Carpark! Drawing on influences...
        • Toro Y Moi – intro/chi chi
        • Toro Y Moi – new beat
        • Toro Y Moi – go with you
        • Toro Y Moi – divina
        • Toro Y Moi – got blinded
        • Toro Y Moi – still sound