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    Nu Yorica ! Culture Clash in New York CityExperiments in Latin Music 1970-77Soul Jazz Records
    This is the 20th anniversary expanded edition of one of Soul Jazz Records earliest definitive releases: ‘Nu Yorica : Culture Clash In New York City –...
    • Charlie Palmieri – Las Negritas De Carnaval
    • Cortijo – Gumbo
    • Cachao – La Trompeta Y La Flauta
    • Ricardo Marrero – Babalonia
    • Stone Alliance – Amigos
    • Joe Bataan – Latin Strut
    • Grupo Folklorico – Anabacoa
    • Tempo 70 – El Galleton
    • Eddie Palmieri – Un Dia Bonita
    • Eddie Palmieri – Condiciones Que Existen
    • Cortijo – Carnaval
    • Ocho – Tornado
    • Bobby Vince Paunetto – Little Rico's Theme
    • Joe Bataan – Aftershower Funk
    • Ocho – Mamey Colorao
    • Ricardo Marrero – My Friend
    • Machito Orchestra – Macho
    Venezuela 70 : Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American EarthVenezuelan Experimental Rock In The 1970sSoul Jazz Records
    Soul Jazz Records’ new Venezuela 70 is the first-ever album of its kind to take a look at the groundbreaking experimental rock music made in Venezuela...
    • Vytas Brenner – Araguaney
    • Pablo Schneider – Amor En Llamas
    • Un Dos Tres y Fuera – Machu Picchu
    • Miguel Angel Fuster – Polvo Lunar
    • Angel Rada – Basheeba
    • Fernando Yvosky – Barcos De Papel
    • Un Dos Tres y Fuera – Son De Tambor y San Juan
    • Vytas Brenner – Bang-Going-Gone
    • Aldemaro Romero y Su Onda Nueva – Irene
    • Miguel Angel Fuster – Dame De Comer
    • Un Dos Tres y Fuera – San Juan, Tambor y Fuera
    • Ofrenda Vytas Brenner – Caracas Para Locos
    • Grupo C.I.M. – Joropo No. 1
    • Angel Rada – Panico a Las 5am
    • Apocalipsis – Ayudame a Encontrar Mi Camino
    • Miguel Angel Fuster – La Quema De Judas
    Joe BataanAftershower Funk / FinSoul Jazz Records
    NEW EXCLUSIVE SUPER LTD. edition of 300 copies. Only available EXCLUSIVELY to customers at Soul Jazz Records/Sounds of the Universe. KILLER, KILLER 100%...
    • Joe Bataan – Aftershower Funk
    • Joe Bataan – Fin
    Grupo Oba IluDrums Of Cuba : Afro-Cuban Music From The RootsSoul Jazz Records
    New album of heavyweight Afro-Cuban rhythms recorded in Havana, Cuba by Soul Jazz Records. Comes with extensive sleeve-notes. This album features the...
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Ochosi (Aguere)
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Makuta
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Abakua
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Arara (Variant 1 - Mase)
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Oggun
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Arara (Variant 2 - Soyi)
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Palo
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Arara (Variant 3 - Gervioso)
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Elegua (Latopa)
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Iyesa (Variant 1)
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Iyesa (Variant 2)
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Agayu:Toque (Chango-rumba)
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Guiro
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Oya:Abakua (Tuitui)
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Bembe
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Yuka
    • Grupo Oba Ilu – Chango (Bayuba)
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    Venezuela 70Cosmic Visions of A Latin American Earth: Venezuelan Experimental Rock In The 1970s and Beyond VOLUME TWOSoul Jazz Records
    This is the second collection of music from Venezuela in the 1970s and beyond to be released on Soul Jazz Records. The album once again features innovative...
    • Vytas Brenner – Agua Clara
    • Daniel Grau – Dejando Volar El Pensamiento
    • Un Dos Tres Y Fuera – Relafica Negra En Tiempo De Siembra
    • Orchestra Julian – Do It With Class
    • Vytas Brenner – Gavilan
    • Fernando Yvosky – Estoy Viviendo
    • Daniel Grau – Delirio En Fa Menor
    • Vytas Brenner – Mandingo
    • Un Dos Tres Y Fuera – Machu Picchu Dos (El Niño Anciano)
    • Vytas Brenner – La Sabana
    • Johnny Lamas – Noches En Caracas
    • Aldemaro Romero Y Su Onda Nuevo – Moilendo Cafe
    • Vytas Brenner – Morrocoy
    • Daniel Grau – Voy Caminando Feliz
    • Grupo Bota – Solos
    • Vytas Brenner – Tragavenado
    • La Cuarta Calle – Camino A Casa (On My Way Home)
    • Aldemaro Romero Y Su Onda Nuevo – Una Por Una
    • 1. Vytas Brenner – Agua Clara
    • 2. Daniel Grau – Dejando Volar El Pensamiento
    • 3. Un Dos Tres Y Fuera – Relafica Negra En Tiempo De Siembra
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    Santeria: Songs for the OrishasGrupo Oba-IluSoul Jazz Records
    This release shows the authentic music of Cuba's Santeria - which lies at the heart of all Afro-Cuban music and influenced the music and ideas of artists...
    • Santeria: Songs for the Orishas – Eleggua
    • Santeria: Songs for the Orishas – Ogun
    • Santeria: Songs for the Orishas – Ochosi
    • Santeria: Songs for the Orishas – Babalu Aye
    • Santeria: Songs for the Orishas – Obbatala
    • Santeria: Songs for the Orishas – Shango
    • Santeria: Songs for the Orishas – Oya
    • Santeria: Songs for the Orishas – Oshun
    • Santeria: Songs for the Orishas – Yemaya
    • Santeria: Songs for the Orishas – Eleggua (Instrumental)
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    Tumba Francesa: Afro-Cuban Music From The RootsTumba Francesa la Caridad de CubaSoul Jazz Records
    Tumba Francesa la Caridad de Oriente is a 140-year old institution in Cuba.The music of Tumba Francesa is a unique combination of African drums and French...
    • Tumba Francesa – Camaguey
    • Tumba Francesa – Muerive Yo Dila (Mason)
    • Tumba Francesa – Mapua Live (Yuba)
    • Tumba Francesa – Vamos A Dividir (Mason)
    • Tumba Francesa – Tambores 1
    • Tumba Francesa – Ven Mi Morena (Tahona)
    • Tumba Francesa – Muedine Consa (Yuba)
    • Tumba Francesa – Tambores 2
    The Black Caribs Of BelizeGarifuna: Ancestral Travellers Of The CaribbeanSoul Jazz Records
    In 2010, Soul Jazz Records embarked on their latest unique recording project, travelling to the Caribbean as they continue to document musical hot spots...
    • Bato Drum Group – Instrumental (Charikanari)
    • Bato Drum Group – Daraboun Me Yamadi (Combination)
    • Dugu Ensemble – E-e Au Gayu (Dugu)
    • Gilla and the Wageira Le Drummers – Dam Me Tiabin (Charikanari)
    • Bato Drum Group – Instrumental (Gunjel)
    • Uwarani – Lemesi Le Bichugubei
    • Bato Drum Group – Instrumental (Chumba)
    • Dugu Ensemble – Chiba La Barana Wabugurate (Dugu)
    • Gilla and the Wageira Le Drummers – Guribiyua (Paranda)
    • Bato Drum Group – Instrumental (Combination)
    • Uwarani – Liboria Laure (Gunjel)
    • Gilla and the Wageira Le Drummers – Play Jankunu Play (Jankunu / Wanaragua)
    • Bato Drum Group – Charikanari Habinahan Dangrigana (Charikanari)
    • Gilla and the Wageira Le Drummers – Fiura (Paranda)
    • Bato Drum Group – Instrumental (Hunguhungu)
    • Uwarani – Sayuneru (Gunjel)
    • Bato Drum Group – Haduga Ienau (Paranda)
    • 1. Bato Drum Group – Instrumental (Charikanari)
    • 2. Bato Drum Group – Daraboun Me Yamadi (Combination)
    • 3. Dugu Ensemble – E-e Au Gayu (Dugu)
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    OchoNumero Tres
    The third of three albums by Ocho, one of the defining bands of the Latin New York Funk sound. Led by Chico Mendoza, Ocho have been featured heavily in...
    • Ocho – Hot Pants Road
    • Ocho – Ritmo De Pollos
    Congo Revolution Box SetAfrica Latin, Jazz and Funk: Sounds From The Two Congos (1957-73)Soul Jazz Records
    This unique box-set edition is only available as a one-off pressing seven-inch box set which brings together a stunning five-single/ ten track selection...
    • Rock-A-Mambo – Baila
    • Beguen Band – Yo Me Moera
    • Bantous De La Capitale – Watchiwara
    • African Fiesta – Mambo Hawaienne
    • O.K. Jazz – Sois Sage Amour
    • African Jazz – Merengue Fafa
    • African Fiesta Sukisa – I Got The Feelin'
    • O.K. Jazz – Kiwita Kumunani
    • Ryco Jazz – La Juventud
    • Trio Madjesi & Sosoliso – Matshatsha
    OchoOcho 2Universal Sound
    The second of three albums by Ocho, one of the defining bands of the Latin New York Funk sound. Led by Chico Mendoza, Ocho have been featured heavily in...
    • Ocho – Oye Mi Son Cha Cha Cha
    • Ocho – La Batanga
    Carnival Music Of Eastern CubaConga De Los HoyosSoul Jazz Records
    CONGA DE LOS HOYOS, founded in 1902, is one of the oldest and best-known carnival groups in Santiago, Cuba today. Group members are exclusively from the...
    • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Un Solo Golpe
    • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Apertura
    • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Ahora Si !
    • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Vereda Tropical (Version 1)
    • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – La Invacion / Viene El Cocoye
    • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Hasta Santiago A Pie
    • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Vereda Tropical (Version 2)
    • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Recordando Viejos Tiempos
    Dos SantosManos Ajenas (Touch You Every Day) / How Far Are We From Here?International Anthem Recording Company
    **SOTU exclusive!** In conjunction with Sonorama Discos and Royal Hands records, International Anthem (Makaya McCraven, Irreversible Entanglements) release...
    • Dos Santos – How Far Are We From Here?
    • Dos Santos – Manos Ajenas (Touch You Every Day)
    Joe BataanSalsoulSalsoul
    Classic, essential latin funk album from salsa superstar Joe Bataan - one of the most prominant of the new wave of young 1960s artists to mix latin and...
      • Reissue LP£13.99
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      • CD£12.99
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      Georges-Edouard NouelChodoRebirth On Wax
      Spiritual afro jazz funk with west indies and latin influences by Georges-Edouard Nouel, this jazz pianist from Martinique is better known for his collaboration...
      • Georges-Edouard Nouel – Mazurka
      • Georges-Edouard Nouel – Chandernagor
      • Georges-Edouard Nouel – Solingen
      • Georges-Edouard Nouel – Meci Bon Dié
      • Georges-Edouard Nouel – Cesca
      SapoSapo (1974)Bell Records
      KILLER latin funk rock bomb! Includes the massive Been Had - which was on Soul Jazz's Chicano Power!
      • Sapo – Been Had
      • Sapo – Ritmo Del Corazon (Pt. 1)
      • Sapo – Get It On
      • Sapo – Sapo's Montuno
      The Soul of Spanish HarlemBeautiful Soul Music from the Heart of New York's Spanish HarlemBGP
      Great compilation of soul music recorded by latin musicians in New York in the 1960s! The 1960s saw a new generation of young latin musicians rise to...
      • Ralfi Pagan – Ain't No Big Thing
      • The Terrible Frankie Nieves – True Love
      • Tito Ramos – Heaven
      • Parrish – Your Smile
      • Ronnie Marks – Some Lonely Heart
      • Ralphie & the Latin Lovers – Lonely Has Been My Day
      Nancy AmesLatin Pulse (1963)Epic
      Nancy Ames absoulutely killer latin brazil jazz dance tunes - 'Carcara' and '1-2-3'. BIG Dingwalls classics! 100% essential - rocks any dancefloor.
      • Nancy Ames – 1-2-3
      • Nancy Ames – carcara
      Tito PuenteTito Puente and His Concert OrchestraFania
      Amazingly good album from the king of latin percussion, Tito Puente! If you only own one Tito Puente album you should make sure it's this one! A non-stop...
      • Tito Puente – El Ray Del Timbal
      • Tito Puente – Mambo Diablo
      • Tito Puente – Last Tango in Paris
      • Tito Puente – Ritual Fire Dance
      • Tito Puente – 110th St and 5th Avenue
      • Tito Puente – Black Brothers
      • Tito Puente – Preparate Para Banarte
      • Tito Puente – Picadillo
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      Sabu Martinez Jazz EspagnoleAlegre
      Essential latin jazz album featuring the classic track "The Oracle" and loads of killer tunes
      • Sabu Martinez – The Oracle
      Ray BarrettoTogetherFania
      Monster Nuyorican 60s funk-bugalu-latin jazz classic. Check the audio!
      • Ray Barretto – together
      CandidoBeautiful (1970)Blue Note
      Seriously funky album by Cuban jazz percussionist Candido Camero recorded in 1970 for Blue Note. Check the audio! Candido Camero - conga,...
      • Candido – I'm On My Way
      CortijoCortijo Y Su Maquina Del Tiempo - And His Time MachineCoco
      AMAZING experimental Latin Jazz LP! This is an essential purchase for lovers of leftfield 1970s jazz with a latin groove! Very highly recommended!
        Demon FuzzAfreaka!Janus
        Mellow latin-rock from a British group a bit like Mandingo
          • LP (180 gram)£19.99
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          • Reissue LP£13.99
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          Hugo HerediaMananita PamperaJazz Room Records
          Jazz Room Records reissue this highly sought after, latin-jazz fusion gem from 1970 - Hugo Heredia's Afro-cuban masterpiece, 'Mananita Pampera'!
          • Hugo Heredia – Mananita Pampera
          • Hugo Heredia – El Beto
          • Hugo Heredia – Have You Met Miss
          • Hugo Heredia – El Beto II
          • Hugo Heredia – Tunita
          • Hugo Heredia – Carmen Pequena
          • Hugo Heredia – Al Bebbe Guia
          Grupo MagnéticoPositivoAthens Of The North
          Debut album from hard-hitting, latin super-group, Grupo Magnético. Formed from backgrounds in funk, soul and united by a love of Eddie Palmieri, Tito...
          • Grupo Magnético – Vulcano V El Gato (Medley)
          • Grupo Magnético – Papa Was a Rolling Stone
          • Grupo Magnético – Papa Fue
          • Grupo Magnético – Te Lo Digo Yo
          • Grupo Magnético – Vampiras
          • Grupo Magnético – Hermanos Latinos
          • Grupo Magnético – Bailalo Y Maevelo
          • Grupo Magnético – The Sun from Above
          • Grupo Magnético – Enciendelo
          • Grupo Magnético – Somas Latinos
          Johnny ColonBoogaloo BluesCotique
          Classic 60's New York boogaloo album that includes monster tracks like "Boogaloo Blues" and "Jumpy"! Boogaloo was the fusion of Cuban son with pop,...
          • Johnny Colon – Boogaloo Blues
          • Johnny Colon – Jumpy
          • Johnny Colon – Descarga
          • Johnny Colon – Canallon
          Bronx River ParkwaySan SebastianTruth & Soul
          Now available on LP! Truth & Soul, in conjunction with Candela Records present the first full-length from New York's premier latin-soul band, Bronx...
            • LP£10.99
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            Vytas BrennerBang Going Gone/GanadoPalacio
            KILLER Original unplayed latin 45 direct from Venezuela
            • Vytas Brenner – Bang Going Gone
            • Original 7"£35.00
              Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+
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            Cal TjaderSoul Sauce (1964)Verve
            Seminal Latin Jazz album including the seminal "Soul Sauce" (Guacha Guara), "Tanya", "Afro-Blue" and loads more. Essential!
            • Cal Tjader – Soul Sauce
            • Cal Tjader – Tanya
            • Original LP£40.00
              Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VGOriginal = Original USA Vinyl, sleeve has name written on back and some damage at bottom back.
              100% Guarantee on all Original Vinyl
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            Insolito UniVersoLa Candela del RioOlindo
            Olindo Records release the album debut from Paris based quartet, Insólito UniVerso! The group meld the sound of psychedelic folk and traditional Latin...
            • Insolito UniVerso – Transmutada
            • Insolito UniVerso – Vuelve
            • Insolito UniVerso – Machurucuto
            • Insolito UniVerso – Pájaro
            • Insolito UniVerso – Lloviendo en Guatire
            • Insolito UniVerso – Yo soy mi río
            • Insolito UniVerso – El vuelo del Gabán
            • Insolito UniVerso – Tonada del guante
            Strictly Britxotica! Palais Pop And Locarno LatinVarious ArtistsTrunk Records
            Another superb adventure in the Britxotica! series, looking into rare and amazing exotic British recordings. For this exciting instalment, Trunk focuses...
            • – The Cha Cha Cha Course Intro
            • Joe Loss – Mambo In Old Lisbon
            • Edmundo Ros – In Ain't Necessarily So
            • Johnston Brothers – Papa Loves Mambo
            • Tony Scott – Cha Cha Pop Pop
            • Tony Crombie – Rock Cha Cha
            • Stanley Black – Petite Fleur
            • The John Warren Orchestra – Dream Talk
            • Martinas And His Music – Cha Cha Charlie
            • – The Tango Lesson Intro
            Harlem River DriveIdle HandsSoul Brother Records
            Eddie and Charlie Palmieri's group Harlem River Drive with the legendary Pretty Purdie on drums! Latin fuelled jazz funk fusion at it's finest! 
            • Harlem River Drive – Idle Hands
            • Harlem River Drive – Seeds Of Life
            NubiaThe Time Is RightAthens Of The North
            Chicano soul / disco floater cut from George Rivera's master tapes and reissued by the good people at Athens Of The North! Limited to 500 copies...
            • Nubia – The Time Is Right
            • Nubia – Feelin' Funky
            Monguito SantamariaHey Sister (1969)Fania
            Wicked Latin Funk Soul Boogaloo album, loads of killer tracks.
            • Monguito Santamaria – hey sister
            • Monguito Santamaria – groove-time
            • Monguito Santamaria – chango
            Los Sobrinos Del JuezHarina de MaizMatasuna Records
            Reissue of two rare latin funk tunes from US band, Los Sobrinos Del Juez. Originally released on their 1974 album - first time on a 45 for both cuts!
            • Los Sobrinos Del Juez – Harina de Maiz
            • Los Sobrinos Del Juez – Corned Beef Hash
            The Latin BrothersDos Caminos / DudandoDiscos Fuentes
            Deep and heavy roots salsa tune from The Latin Brothers Mint rare unplayed ORIGINAL Discos Fuentes in Discos Fuentes house bag, (clean Miami, USA pressing,...
            • The Latin Brothers – Dos Caminos
            • Original 7"£25.00
              Vinyl condition: NM-Sleeve condition: VG+100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
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            Vytas BrennerAraguaney/FrailejonPalacio
            KILLER! Tropical Cosmic nirvana! Rare original unplayed Venezuelan 45 from Vytas Brenner
            • Vytas Brenner – Araguaney
            Dos SantosLogosInternational Anthem Recording Company
            Another hot record coming straight out of Chicago courtesy of the good people at International Anthem. Anyone who copped a copy of the Dos Santos 7" earlier...
            • Dos Santos – Acábame
            • Dos Santos – Córdva
            • Dos Santos – Return Y Regreso
            • Dos Santos – Logos
            • Dos Santos – Caminante
            • Dos Santos – Purísima
            • Dos Santos – Manos Ajenas (Touch You Every Day)
            • Dos Santos – How Far Are We From Here?
            • Dos Santos – Coda
            • Dos Santos – Sole Party
            • Dos Santos – (You Are) My Revolution
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            Daymé ArocenaCubafoniaBrownswood
            Daymé Arocena returns to Gilles Peterson's Brownswood label to deliver her second album; rooting her compositions in Cuba’s classic rhythms,...
            • Daymé Arocena – Eleggua
            • Daymé Arocena – La Rumba Me Llamo Yo
            • Daymé Arocena – Lo Que Fue
            • Daymé Arocena – Maybe Tomorrow
            • Daymé Arocena – Negra Caridad
            • Daymé Arocena – Mambo Na’ M à
            • Daymé Arocena – Cómo
            • Daymé Arocena – Ángel
            • Daymé Arocena –  It’s Not Gonna Be Forever
            • Daymé Arocena – Valentine
            SantanaSantana III (1971)CBS
            Definitive latin rock epic with so many good tunes it hurts! From heavyweight dancer's like "Jungle Strut" and Carlos's killer version of Tito Puente's...
            • Santana – Batuka
            • Santana – Jungle Strut
            • Santana – Para Los Rumberos
            • 2×LP (180g)£24.99
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            • Original LP£9.99
              Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VGSleeve gatefold has wear
              100% Guaranteed Original Vinyl
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            • CD£9.99
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            Daymé ArocenaOne TakesBrownswood
            Singer, composer, arranger, choir director and band leader, Daymé Arocena is a skilful, charismatic presence in Cuban music. Her new 6 track EP on...
              SantanaCaravanserai (1972)CBS
              Seminal latin rock often heard at 5 am in Ibiza as the sun rises. Balaeric classic!
              • Santana – Just In Time To See The Sun
              • Santana – Stone Flower
              Joe Cuba SextetEl Alma Del Barrio: The Soul Of Spanish Harlem (1964)Tico Records
              1964 latin boogaloo album par excellence from conga player and bandleader Joe Cuba.
                Julian Y Su ComboNoche De FiestaVampi Soul
                'Noche de fiesta' (1975) was the first album that Julian Angulo and his combo recorded for Colombia's INS label. With arrangements and piano by Alfredo...
                  Sabor y ControlDispara YaNames You Can Trust
                  Peru's stalwart salseros Sabor y Control return to Names You Can Trust and the 45 format with a brand new pair of signature compositions from band leader...
                  • Sabor y Control – Dispara Ya
                  • Sabor y Control – Territorio y Honor
                  Raul MarreroEsa Mujercita (1979)Mericana Records
                  Rare unplayed ORIGINAL USA latin 45. Latin/disco charanga crossover from Raul Marrero released on Mericana Records (the precursor to Salsoul)
                  • Raul Marrero – Esa Mujercita
                  Willie ColónWanted By FBI / The Big Break - La Gran FugaGet On Down / Fania
                  Re-issue of Colon's sixth release on the Fania label, from 1970. A classic example of the great duo Willie Colon and singer Hector Lavoe.
                  • Willie Colón – Ghana' E
                  • Willie Colón – Pa' Colombia
                  • Willie Colón – No Cambiare
                  • Willie Colón – Sigue Feliz
                  • Willie Colón – Barrunto
                  • Willie Colón – Abuelita
                  • Willie Colón – Panameña
                  • Willie Colón – Cancion Para Mi Suegra
                  Hugo FattorusoHugo Fattoruso Y Barrio OpaFar Out
                  London based Brazilian specialists Far Out Recordings venture further out to Uruguay to record a new album with fusion legend Hugo Fattoruso. After a twenty-year...
                  • Hugo Fattoruso – La Del Cheche
                  • Hugo Fattoruso – Antes/Goldenwing
                  • Hugo Fattoruso – Candombe Beat Funk
                  • Hugo Fattoruso – Trenes De Tokyo
                  • Hugo Fattoruso – Llamada Insolita
                  • Hugo Fattoruso – Candombe Alto
                  • Hugo Fattoruso – El Romance Del Sordo
                  • Hugo Fattoruso – Batjias
                  Celia CruzSugar Sugar/ FallucoTico Records
                  Rare Venezuelan press Tico original unplayed Latin 45 (minor label wear, price sticker on label)
                  • Celia Cruz – Sugar Sugar (Azucar Azucar)