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    Big Strick Alpha & Omega featuring Generation Next7 Day Entertainment
    Big Strick is back and this time his brought a mate, the appropriately named Next Generation, a ridiculously talented 16 year old youngster from the "D". "Alpha...
    • Big Strick – Alpha & Omega
    • Big Strick – Origin
    • Big Strick – Bloodline (Produced by Generaton Next, Bassline by Big Strick)
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    Craig HuckabyBlack Music / Child Of The Sun Sound Signature
    Rotating Assembly's Craig Huckaby (and Mike Huckaby's brother) debut solo release on Sound Signature, featuring production by Piranhahead and Theo Parrish...
    • Craig Huckaby – Black Music - Theo Parrish feat Craig Huckaby
    • Craig Huckaby – Child Of The Sun - Pirahnahead feat Craig Huckaby
    • Craig Huckaby – Squirrel (poem only) - Craig Huckaby
    • 1. Black Music - Theo Parrish feat Craig Huckaby
    • 2. Child Of The Sun - Pirahnahead feat Craig Huckaby
    • 3. Squirrel (poem only) - Craig Huckaby
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    Boo Williams Moving Rivers Rsuh Hour
    Veteran Chicago DJ and producer Boo Williams is back. after a long hiatus on Rush Hour! Top draw house music, always with a soulful edge, tight, deep...
    • Boo Williams – moving rivers
    • Boo Williams – peaking point
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    Tom Trago Iris Remixes - Larry Heard / Linkwood / Kink Rush Hour
    Breathing new life into Tom Trago's 2011 Iris album comes this heavy remix package consisting of house dons Larry Heard, KINK and Linkwood!!!!!!!! Larry...
    • Tom Trago – What You Do (feat. Tyree Cooper) - Larry Heard's Fingers Dub Mix
    • Tom Trago – Being With You (Linkwood Remix)
    • Tom Trago – What You Do (feat. Tyree Cooper) - Kink's Vocal Remix
    • Tom Trago –  What You Do (feat. Tyree Cooper) - Kink's Instrumental Remix
    • 1. What You Do (feat. Tyree Cooper) - Larry Heard's Fingers Dub Mix
    • 2. Being With You (Linkwood Remix)
    • 3. What You Do (feat. Tyree Cooper) - Kink's Vocal Remix
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    Nomdico Ganas EPUnderground Resistance
    The Ganas EP is dedicated to Professor Jaime Escalante who passed away on March 30, 2010. The movie "Stand and Deliver" was based on his life. As a math...
    • Nomdico – ganas - feat. keyboards by 038
    • Nomdico – ganas - people unite drum mix by unknown soldier
    • Nomdico – ganas - ur mix
    • Nomdico – in your blood
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    Rick WilhiteRick Wilhite Presents Soul EdgeRush Hour
    Originally coming out in 1996 on Moodymann's KDJ label, Rush Hour have reissued this amazing EP from 3 Chair's member Rick Wilhite, Includes some wicked...
    • Rick Wilhite – Get On Up!! (Theo Parrish's Late Dub)
    • Rick Wilhite – What Do You See (Rick's Unreleased Mix)
    • Rick Wilhite – What Do You See? (Rick's Groove Mix)
    • Rick Wilhite – What Do You See? (Moodymann Mix)
    • 12"£6.99
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    Tevo Howard / Kutmah, Art+Sound 12"Summer RomanceSounds Of The Universe / Soul Jazz Records
    Limited 12” (300 copies worldwide) and ONLY AVAILABLE exclusively from Sounds of the Universe record store and Soul Jazz Records. This unique Art+Sound...
    • Tevo Howard / Kutmah, Art+Sound 12" – Summer Romance
    Omar S S.E.X. The RemixesFXHE
    Omar S drops four mixes of S.E.X. featuring a forward vocal from L'Renee. Aaron 'Fit' Seigel joins O-S in the mix again for this 12", bringing a funk...
    • Omar S – C.G.P.
    • Omar S – Dick Tease Remix
    • Omar S – A.O.L.
    • Omar S – Mack and Bewick Remix
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    The 2 BearsTake A Look Around RemixesSouthern Fried
    2 Bears remix 12", showcasing treatments from House Of House, Wild Geese, Caze Nova. Pats on backs all round. Pure, shamlessly joyful party music -...
    • The 2 Bears – 2 bears vs house of house remix
    • The 2 Bears – the wild geese swedger remix
    • The 2 Bears – wild geese totally swedged out remix
    • 12"£6.99
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    Mutant Beat DanceLet Me Go Hour House Is Your Rush
    Chicagoians Traxx and Beau Wanzer team up as Mutant Beat Dance to create arguably one of the best 80's Chicago Dance records NOT made in the 80's. The...
    • Mutant Beat Dance – let me go (feat naughty wood)
    • Mutant Beat Dance – rottonfunk
    • 12"£6.99
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    William Kouam Djoko We Are Brothers & Sisters Rush Hour
    Deep late night house grooves from William kouam Djoko on Rush Hour's brilliant Voyage Direct series!  Hi tech soul fans will go nuts for "Enforce"...
    • William Kouam Djoko – enforce
    • William Kouam Djoko – we are your brothers & sisters
    • William Kouam Djoko – we are your brothers & sisters (dub mix)
    • 12"£6.99
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    Nacho Patrol Lineas Angola Kindred Spirits
    Legowelt under his Nacho Patrol, raising the spirits voodoo style with "Lineas Angola"  - a hyper percussive, organ-led afro-delic bomb! On the flip...
    • Nacho Patrol – lineas angola
    • Nacho Patrol –  Lineas Angola (Nozinja's Shangaan Electro 'Sesana' remix)
    • 12"£6.99
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    Spargel TraxVol. 1Don't Be Afraid
    First volume of this under-the-counter, asparagus-related series of very highly recommended house from various established and up & coming producers...
    • herbaceous – love tips
    • spargel-tarzan – sauce hollandaise
    • slazeger's people – basel piss test
    • lily – dollen haze
    • 12"£8.99
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    Afrikan SciencesBossa Nova's Second Pass EPDeepblak
    House afro-futurist Afrikan Sciences delivers a soulful, rhythmic four-track collection for Aybee's constantly boundary-pushing Deepblak imprint.  Sharing...
    • Afrikan Sciences – The Onliest
    • Afrikan Sciences – Hard driving man driven off course
    • Afrikan Sciences – lucjh
    • Afrikan Sciences – boss nova's second pass
    • 12"£7.99
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    DJ Jus-Ed1st Unity Kollabo EPUnderground Quality
    A different class of House music - super deep, gorgeous beats from Conneticut's DJ Jus-Ed & friends, marrying deep Detroit techno and west-coast soulful...
    • jus-Ed & DJ snotinburg – detroit kinship
    • rick felix – insane
    • 12"£7.99
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    DJ Jus-Ed / DJ QuDJ Jus-Ed Vs. DJ Qu EPUnderground Quality
    Purple marbled collabo 12" from the Underground Quality stable. Grimy opening salvo from QU, with far-off crashes of white-noise percussion and flourishes...
    • QU – runwitit
    • jus-ed – jusnotic
    • 12"£8.99
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    DJ Jus-EdGetting Ready EPUnderground Quality
    "Getting Ready" bangs with rough drum programming for the deeper dancefloor, sounding like Omar-S, his one-time mentor, before rejecting any Detroit heritage...
    • DJ Jus-Ed – getting ready
    • DJ Jus-Ed – i'm from conneticut ...bridgeport
    • 12"£7.99
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    MartynHello Darkness Brainfeeder
    BACK IN STOCK! In typical Martyn style he navigates through a plethora of genres, from 2step, driving techno and old rave.   Perfect gritty warehouse...
    • Martyn – hello darkness
    • Martyn – bauplan - l-vis 1990 & bok bok remix
    • 12"£5.99
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    DJ Jus-EdLimited Vinyl 33 1/3Underground Quality
    2010 white-label repress of one of Jus-Ed's deepest 12"s, originally released in 2005. Two typically deep, soulful, and jazzy cuts in the shape of the...
    • DJ Jus-Ed – fly away
    • DJ Jus-Ed – nutz groove
    • 12"£7.99
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    DJ Jus-EdMinimal Soul EPUnderground Quality
    Solid 2007 12" of eccentric, roughly-sketched deep house minimalism. 4 raw tracks coming highly recommended!
    • DJ Jus-Ed – Minimal pain
    • DJ Jus-Ed – tekno minimal
    • 12"£6.99
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    DJ Jus-Ed ft. June AprilNo More Pain / Pain (Love And Distance Mix by Anton Zap)Underground Quality
    Nice 10" of hard-hitting yet soulful US house vocalled by June April, backed with a deep & melodic remix from Russian producer Anton Zap.
    • DJ Jus-Ed ft. June April – no more pain
    • DJ Jus-Ed ft. June April – pain - love & distance mix by anton zap
    • 10"£8.99
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    DJ Jus-EdSweetness / For Give Me SonUnderground Quality
    TOUGH A-side of rough-cut drum-machine funk and idiosyncratic synth-lines, developing into a blissful, harmonious floor-filler! Jus-Ed cracks out the...
    • DJ Jus-Ed – sweetness
    • DJ Jus-Ed – for give me son
    • 12"£6.99
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    Seth Yender Bring Me Joy EP Berretta Music
    Detroit-inspired tough sci-fi techno from Motor City's Seth Yender. Deep and concentrated with a euphoric female sample as a guiding light. Heavy.
    • Seth Yender – Bring Me Joy
    • Seth Yender – Bring Me Joy (Reference Remix)
    • Seth Yender – Over the Bridge
    • 12"£8.99
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    Gene Hunt May The Funk Be With You / Theo Parrish RemixRush Hour
    Gene Hunt takes the classic warehouse theme and turns it into an almost anthemic, synth laden Chicago jack release. Theo gets UGLY on the flip with a super...
    • Gene Hunt – May The Funk Be With You
    • Gene Hunt – May The Funk Be With You - theo parrish remix
    • 12"£9.99
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    Slowburn The Hustle Austere
    Sophisctaed deep and raw house from Ireland's Slowburn! "The Hustle" is ace - sounding like a 'lost' Prescription classic, a tough and groovy, “Broken...
    • Slowburn – do it
    • Slowburn – from another angle
    • Slowburn – broken document
    • 12"£6.99
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    Tom Trago Use Me Again / Carl Craig Remix Rush Hour
    We loving Tom Trago's "Use Me", centred around a big disco loop with euphoric Philly strings and a tough beat. Carl Craig turns up an epic remix on the...
    • Tom Trago – Use me Again (orginal mix)
    • Tom Trago – Use me Again (Carl Craig Rework )
    • 12"£6.99
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    Dekmantel Anniversary SeriesPart Three: Hundred20/HuneeDekmantel
    Great third instalment of this killer five-part series celebrating five years of Amsterdam's Dekmantel label. The A-side sees Motor City Drum Ensemble...
    • hundred20 – minke whale congregation
    • hunee – the lowest animal
    • 12"£6.99
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    Future Times Present UnknownUnknownFuture Times
    Future Times is pleased to present a track that has been a big part of DJ sets by Swimmers, Max, and the rest of the crew for a couple years now. This...
    • Future Times Present Unknown – unknown
    • 12"£8.99
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    NSNT PRJCTLaygo My Faygowild oats
    BACK IN STOCK!!! NSNT stands for "New School N1994 Techno" and is a brand new project from Kyle Hall and the hotly tipped young Detroit Techno producer...
    • NSNT PRJCT – X1 Tr4mps
    • NSNT PRJCT – X2 (We Invented Dis)
    • NSNT PRJCT – X-1.0 Tr4mps
    • NSNT PRJCT – X4 Recog
    • 12"£8.99
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    The Russell Brothers The Party Scene Portrait
    Limited reissue of ‘The Party Scene’, a stone-cold electro funk classic 12” from 1983. The only release ever by the mega-talented Russell...
    • The Russell Brothers – the party scene
    • The Russell Brothers – the party scene (instrumental)
    • 12"£7.99
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    J Greenspan Crown Princess / Guu Jialong
    The third offering from Daphni's Jialong imprint following on from Daphni's brilliant african re-edits and Emerald remixes.  J Greenspan takes the...
    • J Greenspan – Crown Princess
    • J Greenspan – Guu
    • 12"£6.99
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    SemtekBells don't be afraid
    BACK IN STOCK! Semtek combines elements of his many musical influences, with the skills he has carefully honed over time. The EP kicks off with the deep...
    • Semtek – bells
    • Semtek – tower
    • Semtek – bells (mr g's no bells remix)
    Semtek Idiotland / Joshlikesthis Don't Be Afraid
    Don’t Be Afraid presents its second release, and the second from Semtek. Replacing Idiotland (original) as a vinyl only special, ‘JoshLikesThis’...
    • Semtek – Idiotland
    • Semtek – Idiotland (Mr. Beatnick Remix)
    • Semtek – Idiotland (KWs Her Light Hazel Eyes Remix)
    Semteklotos eatersdon't be afraid
    BACK IN STOCK! For his third release on Don’t Be Afraid Semtek brings a rolling acid house vibe with remixes from Neville Watson, Justin Harris...
    • Semtek – Lotos Eaters
    • Semtek – Key (Isa GTs Bara Remix)
    • 12"£6.99
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    Shai / Cultured PearlsThe Place Where You Belong / Mother Earth (Todd Terry's Thunder Mix)Slow To Speak
    f*?king sick 12" - we are loving S2Speak's CORE series more and more and more - love times love baby *fist pump*.
    • shai – the place where you belong
    • cultured pearls – mother earth (todd terry thunder mix)
    • 12"£10.99
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    MMM / Old Apparatus Meets Tshetsha Boys / Meets Shangaan Electro Honest Jon's
    MMM and Old Apparatus head up the latest Shangaan remix 12" from Honest Jon's! Murderous discofied house wizardry from MMM, keeping the original marimba...
    • MMM – Meets Tstetsha Boys
    • Old Apparatus – Meets Shangaan Electro
    • 12"£6.99
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    Omar S 998 FXHE
    Lowdown, filthy Detroit killers from Omar S! "Income Tax Refund Dance" - O.A.S rocks his signature motorik beats, but moving to an deeper, eerie rhythm...
    • Omar S – income tax refund dance
    • Omar S – the white castle song
    • Omar S – untitled (produced by Patrick Sjeren)
    • Omar S – B.3c 273
    • 12"£10.99
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    AybeeAstral Metronome EPDeepblak
    Spiritual, inward-looking house dug up from the bottom of deepness by Aybee, Underground Quality star and Deepblak boss. The two track A-side mines...
    • Aybee – no friction
    • Aybee – ether
    • Aybee – kommands
    • 12"£7.99
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    GreminoLet's JackFade To Mind
    Seriously unique styles on Kingdom's Night Slugs-affiliated 'Fade To Mind' imprint, courtesy of Finnish producer Gremino. 'Lush' is killer sort-of jungle;...
    • Gremino – Lush
    • Gremino – Let's Jack
    • Gremino – faerie tales
    • 12"£7.99
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    Emeralds / Daphni Does It Look Like I'm Heart - Daphni RemixesJialong
    Following Daphni's (Caribou) super-fast selling debut release on Jialong, he returns with this killer remix Editions Mego's Emeralds. Two intergalatic,...
    • Emeralds / Daphni – Does It Look Like I'm Heart - Daphni Mix 1
    • Emeralds / Daphni – Does It Look Like I'm Heart - Daphni Mix 2
    • 12"£6.99
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    Jose Rico / Mike HuckabyDownbeat 03Downbeat
     Jose Rico heads up the third Downbeat release, his two tracks ("Restructure again" and "About it") are obsessive, direct and forceful and define...
    • Jose Rico / Mike Huckaby – Restructure Again
    • Jose Rico / Mike Huckaby – About it
    • Jose Rico / Mike Huckaby – Mathematics From The Jazz Republic
    • 12"£6.99
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    Anthony 'Shake' ShakirLevitate VeniceMorphine
    ESSENTIAL 2008 masterpiece from Shake, probably his finest record this side of the '90s - available again for a v v short period of time.
    • Anthony 'Shake' Shakir – levitate
    • Anthony 'Shake' Shakir – indagoo
    • Anthony 'Shake' Shakir – space probes
    • Anthony 'Shake' Shakir – it erased me
    • 12"£6.99
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    Vakula feat DicesSHEVC005 Shevchenko
    Vakula heads up the fifth Shevcenko (subsidiary of Firecracker) following on from Linkwood's impressive release. Three more deep dubbed-out tracks from...
    • Vakula feat Dices – Asuwant
    • Vakula feat Dices – Asuwant (A Blyad)
    • 12"£8.99
      Out of stock
    Story 06 Story 06 Story
    The mysterious Story label returns with another chapter, a since the last and the story-steller still remains anonymous but as always he certainly doesnt...
    • Story 06 – unity again
    • Story 06 – diva dub
    • Story 06 – no rush
    • 12"£7.99
      Out of stock
    Svengalisghost Mind Control L.I.E.S
    Sitting in the grey area where early house music and primitive industrial electronics meet is Svengalisghost on L.I.E.S. Menacing basslines, erractic high-frequency...
    • Svengalisghost – Deep Into Memory
    • Svengalisghost – Mars Out Of Range
    • Svengalisghost – Marathon
    • 12"£8.99
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    Lando KalTMRW EPStillcold
    More heat on Stillcold, courtesy of Lazer Sword's Lando Kal. 'TMRW' channels 90s east-coast piano-house, adding garage-influenced shuffle and bass pressure,...
    • Lando Kal – tmrw
    • Lando Kal – no newjack
    Friendly Fires Hurting - Carl Craig C2 edit Planet E
    Shiny, bright-eyed remix from the ever-brilliant Carl Craig of indie pop band Friendly Fires!Catchy hooks with backing from the Harlem Gospel Choir. Epic...
    • Friendly Fires – hurting - c2 runway edit
    • Friendly Fires – hurting - c2 runway edit instrumental
    • 12"£8.99
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    Sev Dah Divide Et Impera Naked Index
    Deep, floating, atmospheric Techno on Naked Index!
    • Sev Dah – Earliest Forms Of Automation
    • Sev Dah – Normative
    • 12"£7.99
      Out of stock
    TR One Drum Dance - John Heckle and Juju & Jordash Remixes!Apartment (one)
    BACK IN STOCK!!! Mathematics John Heckle and Juju & Jordash Remixes! Apartment Records 2nd release comes from Irelands analogue-obsessed soul assassins,...
    • TR One – drum dance
    • TR One – john heckle's jack dance
    • 12"£8.99
      Out of stock
    Theo ParrishThe Baby Steps EPSound Signiture
    BACK IN STOCK!! LONG OVERDUE REPRESS Includes the awesome Walking Thru the Sky, plus a different version of Lake Shore Drive than the one on KDJ, and...
    • Theo Parrish – Walking Thru The Sky
    • Theo Parrish – Lake Shore Drive
    • Theo Parrish – Early Byrd
    • 12"£12.99
      Out of stock