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    Prins ThomasDj Sotofett Presents King-Phat's-Mix-Choons Of Prins Thomas' BobleteknoFull Pupp
    Nordic titans Full Pupp and Sex Tags Mania join forces. Sex Tags DJ Sotofett goes to work on Prins Thomas' balearic chugger "Bobletekno", teasing out...
    • Prins Thomas – Bobletekno (DJ Sotofett’s Ride-On-411-Disco-Mix)
    • Prins Thomas – Bobletekno (DJ Sotofett’s 411-Disco-Dub)
    • Prins Thomas – Bobletekno (DJ Sotofett’s New Age Mix)
    • 1. Bobletekno (DJ Sotofett’s Ride-On-411-Disco-Mix)
    • 2. Bobletekno (DJ Sotofett’s 411-Disco-Dub)
    • 3. Bobletekno (DJ Sotofett’s New Age Mix)
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    Todd Terry Sound Design Freeze
    CLASSIC TODD TERRY! NYC house essential! BIG
    • Todd Terry – searchin'
    • Todd Terry – razen theme
    • Todd Terry – funky brass (uk rmx)
    • Todd Terry – i need ya (remix)
    • 12"£9.99
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    Metro Area Straight A's Environ
    Long-out-of-print Metro Area classics! Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani’s Metro Area project laid new ground in 1999 when the first pink and green...
    • Metro Area – Atmosphrique
    • Metro Area – The art of hot
    • Metro Area – Caught up
    • Metro Area – Miura
    • 2×12"£22.99
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    Dream House Volume 1.3 Blind Jacks Journey
    *repress* Another beauty from the Blind Jacks Journey camp. Gorgeous deep house with crossing acid paths. Shout it from the rooftops this damn good. 
    • Gnork – W.1.3
    • Mr. Fiel – Awakening Of The Nature
    • Ratcatcher – Marsupial Dreams
    • Acasual – Spring Theory
    • 12"£7.99
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    Tevo Howard Move (Chicago House mixes)Beautiful Granville
    Ultra limited raw chicago house remixes of Tevo Howard's 'Move' released on Hour House Is Your Rush (Rush Hour sub label). 
    • Tevo Howard – Chicago House Mix
    • Tevo Howard – Chicago Slick Mix
    • Tevo Howard – Kate Simko Remix
    • Tevo Howard – Pop House Mix
    • 12"£8.99
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    Unknown Artist R-Zone 02R-Zone
    R-Zone is a new label launched by Global Darkness. Artist is kept unknown (although we heard its legowelt oops) in order to give full attention to the...
    • Unknown Artist – Rosa Luxembourg
    • Unknown Artist – Hair Down
    Moon B Sussegad Peoples Potential Unlimited
    Following on from a single for Brixton's Going Good imprint, the eagerly anticipated live versions of Moon B's debut release on Peoples Potential Unlimited...
    • Moon B – oof
    • Moon B – sussegad
    • Moon B – popular
    • 12"£11.99
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    Jay Weed Tunnel - Huerco S Remix 2084
    Following singles on Oneman's 502 and Sinden's Grizzly imprint Jay Weed delivers hefty bass roller on 2084 imprint. Tightly coiled, lo-fi deep house remix...
    • Jay Weed – tunnel
    • Jay Weed – Tunnel (Huerco S. Remix)
    Alejandro Paz Inside Job Comeme
    Boshy bass-heavy house on Matias Agayo's Comeme - well known as a haven for the talented outsider. Jackin', tough Chi-town-style house with bone-dry kicks,...
    • Alejandro Paz – lavapies
    • Alejandro Paz – the bubble
    • Alejandro Paz – different but the same
    • Alejandro Paz – inside job
    • 12"£7.99
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    The Greg Foat GroupRemix E.P - Vakula / Linkwood / Cherrystones / Francis DosooJazzman
    Greg Foat's excellent album, remixed by Linkwood, Cherrystones, Vakula & Francis Dosoo. Exciting!
    • The Greg Foat Group – girl and robot with flowers (part V)
    • The Greg Foat Group – have spacesuit will travel (Linkwood Remix)
    • The Greg Foat Group – clear skies select stick (vakula remix)
    • The Greg Foat Group – for a breath i tarry (francis dosoo remix)
    • The Greg Foat Group – girl and robot with flowers (part IV) (Cherrystones Remix)
    • 12"£6.99
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    HelixClub Constructions Vol. 4Night Slugs
    More tough club material from the Night Slugs series dedicated to hardness, percussion, sweat, saturation, smoke and darkness - this time Helix provides...
    • Helix – Whoosh Ice Dispencer
    • Helix – Track Titled 1
    • Helix – Linn Jam (w/ synth)
    • Helix – Damnson
    • 12"£6.99
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    MGUNIf You're Reading This EP Don't Be Afraid
    On a roll with a series of killer releases on The Trilogy Tapes and Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats imprint, Detroit's MGUN returns to Don’t Be Afraid...
    • MGUN – Hand Over Fifth
    • MGUN – Proxy
    • MGUN – Funnel Vision
    • MGUN – Jijijijij$ijijijiji
    • MGUN – Tritan
    • MGUN – Bean Chirp
    • 12"£9.99
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    Electric Street OrchestraThe Natives EPDirt Tech Reck
    Limited press Hip-Hop, Electro and Acid, produced by Jeedo with help from Detroit's Mad Mike Banks and DJ Skurge (both of Underground Resistance).
    • Electric Street Orchestra – The Natives
    • Electric Street Orchestra – Serpents
    • 12"£11.99
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    Dj Jus Ed Vs Anton ZapAnton Zap EPUnderground Quality
    Analogue detroit styledhouse music from Jus Ed and Moscow's Anton Zap. 4 tracks, check!!
      • 12"£11.99
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      Aquarian Foundation Silent Teaching Going Good
      Following on from the S.O.T.U fast-seller by Moon B, the second release from hot Brixton-based label Going Good comes courtesy of Vancover's Aquarian Foundation! A...
      • Aquarian Foundation – Mystery Track
      • Aquarian Foundation – Caravan Of Dreams
      • Aquarian Foundation – Hardtalk
      • Aquarian Foundation – Fountain
      • Aquarian Foundation – Dream Of The Red Chamber
      • 12"£9.99
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      Marcellus PittmanErase The PainFIT
      “Erase The Pain,” is a mutated acid banger carefully arranged to be absolutely devastating when in the right hands. Twisted bass lines and...
      • Marcellus Pittman – Erase The Pain
      • 12"£9.99
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      Marcos CabralFalse Memories (Long Mixes)L.I.E.S
      Twisted experimental techno! Extended tracks from NYC's Marcos Cabral forthcoming album for L.I.E.S.   By far the darkest, more troubled-sounding...
      • Marcos Cabral – Solid Nature
      • Marcos Cabral – Broken Clocks (long mix)
      • Marcos Cabral – Failing Liver (long mix)
      R-ZoneR-Zone 01R-Zone
      R-Zone is a new label launched by Global Darkness. Who is involved isn't exactly a secret, those who feel so inclined can piece the information together...
      • R-Zone – Houz Nation
      • R-Zone – Rattler
      • R-Zone – Smile Little Zoe
      AppleblimFluorescentApple Pips
      “Fluorescent” represents the ‘Blim tapping into the pure pleasure hit of sun-kissed house music whilst bolstering the more immediate...
      • Appleblim – Fluorescent
      • Appleblim – Past Present Future
      • 12"£7.99
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      Boner MKopKopKop EPPennyroyal
      Finnish producer Boner M presents three mangled tape assaults pumped full of attitude and spontaneity.
      • Boner M – KopKopKop
      • Boner M – Poke
      • Boner M – Fakmii
      • 12"£7.99
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      SpatialSpatial EPWNCL Recordings
      YES WNCL! Spatial firmly shaking off any box that may have placed on him to rattle us with four rude weighty garage/house bangers. Outrageously good -...
      • Spatial – Set Apart
      • Spatial – Lost
      • Spatial – Right Now
      • Spatial – Syn Cop
      • 12"£8.99
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      Huerco S Apheleia's Theme Future Times
      Hot from excursions on Opal Tapes, Proibito, and Boomkat Editions, Huerco graces Max D's Future Times label with three lo-fi dope house jams!  The...
      • Huerco S – Apheleia's Theme
      • Huerco S – Ausschachtung
      • Huerco S – Cercy
      • 12"£9.99
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      Andras Fox ft Oscar S ThornEmbassy Cafe Dopeness Galore
      Romantic deep house - warm retro/futuristic music with a strong Larry Heard/early 90's house influence. For fans of Dream 2 Science, KDJ etc - check it! 
      • Andras Fox ft Oscar S Thorn – Romance
      • Andras Fox ft Oscar S Thorn – Running Late
      • Andras Fox ft Oscar S Thorn – Waiting...
      • Andras Fox ft Oscar S Thorn – Slow Dope
      • 12"£7.99
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      Moire Rolx Rush Hour
      Moire, follows up his 12" last year on Actress' Werkdisc imprint with this strong house/techno 3 tracker for Rush Hour. "Don't Get it", a deeply grooving,...
      • Moire – Don't Get It
      • Moire – Rolx
      • Moire – Real Special
      • 12"£6.99
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      Pearson Sound Starburst EP Hessle Audio
      Minimalist bass shenanigans from the Hessle camp! After finding a kitten named lola in an abandoned Rimowa suitcase, Pearson Sound (aka David Kennedy)...
      • Pearson Sound – Lola
      • Pearson Sound – Power Drumsss
      • Pearson Sound – Starburst
      • 12"£6.99
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      Asan Welcome Home Supper Man Borneo
      A heavyweight psych mix of head-swirling and raw house power from London's Asan! 
      • Asan – Welcome Home Supper Man
      • Asan – Metomorphic
      • Asan – Leafing The Door Open
      • Asan – Cows On The Moon
      • 12"£8.99
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      Terekke YYYYYYYYYY (2016 Remastered Edition)L.I.E.S
      Dubbed-out deep house hypnotism from Terekke on Long Island Electrical Systems. Sweaty basement house subtle morphing chords, heavy tape hiss and raw attitude. 
      • Terekke – Bank 3
      • Terekke – Piano
      • Terekke – Amaze
      • 12"£9.99
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      Itinerant DubsItinerant Magic Itinerant Dubs
      New label/artist London-berlin undercover duo, Itinerant Dubs!  Merciless low-end, dub heav, rugged, broken techno-ish business referencing Actress,...
      • Itinerant Dubs – Itinerant Magic
      • Itinerant Dubs – Jack The Dub
      • Itinerant Dubs – Monkey
      Our Own Organization The Inner Circle E.PMemories On Wax
      Our Own Organnization are Detroit's Jose Rico & Andres Ordonez aka Specter.  Four machine made raw acid and minimalistic, spacey house tracks...
      • Our Own Organization – empty Wallet
      • Our Own Organization – We Live This Life
      • Our Own Organization – USS Cygnus
      • Our Own Organization – Crawlspace
      Spargel TraxVol. 4Don't Be Afraid
      Fourth Volume of this under-the-counter, asparagus related series of very highly recommended house from various established and up & coming producers,...
        • 12"£9.99
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        Bruk Boogie Kru Orixia (BBK vs Margareth Menezes Remix)Broadcite
        Ready for summer!! BBK and Broadcite Music present a Brazilian flavoured mash-up featuring vocalist Margareth Menezes. Inspired by the vibe of Brazil...
        • Bruk Boogie Kru – Orixia (BBK vs Margareth Menezes Remix)
        Robert ArmaniArrowChiwax Classic Edition
        Simply brilliant 1997 EP from Robert Armani - one of Dance Mania's greatest producers. Pumping, elastic house music that knows when to go deep.
        • Robert Armani – arrow
        • Robert Armani – carrpoison mind
        • Robert Armani – galaxies
        • Robert Armani – action
        • 12"£9.99
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        JuneDon't Be Seen With Me EPJune
        BACK IN STOCK! June runs with the Deep House format - taking in acid, synth-pop and Ron Hardy's Music Box influences. Really strong three tracks!
        • June – face this (deep house mix)
        • June – don't be seen with me
        • June – space exotica
        • 12"£6.99
          Out of stock
        JuneGolden EraJune
        New bit from one to watch! Lovely set of tracks drawing on the sort of european dance tunes that found favour with Ron Hardy and influenced the waves...
        • June – your electronic arms
        • June – windom
        • June – imminent fall
        • June – power plant
        • June – optimal control
        • 12"£6.99
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        ErikaHexagon Cloud - Marcellus Pittman RemixInterdimensional Transmissions
        Nice remix from Detroit's golden boy Marcellus Pittman, taking a track from Erika's debut and making it darker, deeper and a bit more evil.
        • Erika – Tow Ride (Marcellus Pittman Remix)
        • Erika – North Hex (Orphx Mix)
        • Erika – Cellular Meltdown (BMG Club Edit)
        • 12"£7.99
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        Levon Vincent Man Or MistressNovel Sound
        RED VINYL 2013 REPRESS!! Following on from the rough dubby-techno beast 'Double Jointed Sex Freak' released over a year ago, Levon Vincent has re-surfaced...
        • Levon Vincent – Man Or Mistress
        • Levon Vincent – Making Headway
        • Levon Vincent – No Regrets
        • 12"£8.99
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        Raybone JonesRight Of PassageMoods & Grooves
        Killer Detroit stuff from one of the Motor City's overlooked house producers.
        • Raybone Jones – Kendal's Journey
        • Raybone Jones – Ronnie's Affair
        • Raybone Jones – Call it What U Want
        • 12"£9.99
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        Black Light SmokeRough CutsScissor & Thread
        BACK IN STOCK! Loving this! Black Light Smoke (aka Jordan Lieb), with a killer fusion of rough Chicago rhythm tracks with lush samples, odd synths,...
        • Black Light Smoke – that's my yes
        • Black Light Smoke – rough cuts
        • Black Light Smoke – dreams
        • 12"£11.99
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        Levon Vincent These GamesNovel Sound
        WHITE VINYL 2013 REPRESS!! Levon Vincent's 2008 game changer, finally repressed! Some of the best techno this side of the millenium. Slimmer tracklisting...
        • Levon Vincent – these games
        • 12"£8.99
          Out of stock
        Dark SkyIn Brackets EPMister Saturday Night
        Wistful house from Dark Sky, on NYC's finest Mister Saturday Night! Hints of Dark Sky's garage influences, lively rhythms from the UK underground, and...
        • Dark Sky – in brackets
        • Dark Sky – 5AM
        • Dark Sky – voices
        • Dark Sky – rare bloom
        • 12"£9.99
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        DJ Qu ft. Pevin EverettThe Way / LiquidStrength Music Recordings
        Jus-Ed associate and consummate deep house producer teams up with Peven Everett for two very deep and nicely uplifting vocal tracks, with killer drumwork...
        • DJ Qu ft. Pevin Everett – the Way
        • DJ Qu ft. Pevin Everett – the way pt. II
        • DJ Qu ft. Pevin Everett – liquid
        • DJ Qu ft. Pevin Everett – liquid beats
        • 12"£9.99
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        Laurel HaloBehind The Green DoorHyperdub
        After a stunning couple of releases for Hyperdub last year, Laurel Halo returns to the more minimal, clubby, beat-driven sound that characterised 2011's...
        • Laurel Halo – Throw
        • Laurel Halo – UHFFO
        • Laurel Halo – NOYFB
        • Laurel Halo – Six mission
        • 12"£5.99
          Out of stock
        Trevor Deep JrDoright! HPTY
        Somewhere between Detroit deepness, classic Chicago house and the moody soundscapes of Helsinki, Trevor Deep Jr comes across with true love for analog...
        • Trevor Deep Jr – Do Right!
        • Trevor Deep Jr – Keep It Raw
        • Trevor Deep Jr – Othaway
        • Trevor Deep Jr – Our Love
        • 12"£7.99
          Out of stock
        Rick Wilhite Freedom School DJ Series Volume 1Freedom School
        Rick wilhite follows the likes of IG Culture, Kaidi Tatham, and Mark De Clive Lowe with this killer release on Freedom School. African chanting house,...
        • Rick Wilhite – Tribute & Respect
        • Rick Wilhite – Techno Dust
        • Rick Wilhite – Kinky
        • 12"£8.99
          Out of stock
        Kirk Degiorgio Presents Sambatek - The Remixes Far Out
        As a prelude to the upcoming release of legendary technoist Kirk Degiorgio's 'Sambatek' project, Remixes from 3 Chairs Detroit don Rick Wilhite, fresh...
        • Kirk Degiorgio – Babilonia (Rick Wilhite Remix
        • Kirk Degiorgio – Babilonia (Rick Wilhite Dub)
        • Kirk Degiorgio – Borel (NX-1 Remix)
        • Kirk Degiorgio – Morro Da Formiga (Spatial Remix)
        • 12"£9.99
          Out of stock
        Blawan His He She & She Hinge Finger
        Limited repress! 4-track of badass deranged horror-techno on Joy Orbison and Will Bankhead's Hinge Finger imprint. 
        • Blawan – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage
        • Blawan – His Daughters
        • Blawan – His Money
        • Blawan – And Both His Sons
        • 12"£9.99
          Out of stock
        Theo Parrish & Tony Allen Day Like This / Feel LovedWildheart
        Wildheart Recordings is Theo Parrish’s new London-based label. "Day Like This" and "Feel Loved" are the first fruits of legendary Detroit producer...
        • Theo Parrish & Tony Allen – Day Like This
        • Theo Parrish & Tony Allen – Feel Loved
        • 12"£8.99
          Out of stock
        TesselaHackney ParrotPoly Kicks
        Tough breakbeats with shifty vocal samples and a plunging bassline - innovative and dancefloor ready hardcore in a Millie & Andrea style. Great.
        • Tessela – Hackney Parrot
        • Tessela – Helter Skelter
        • 12"£7.99
          Out of stock
        XosarThe CallingRush Hour
        Beautifully rich & organic house jams based on live recordings by LIES / Rush Hour / Legowelt associated artist Xosar. Classic chicago-style drums...
        • Xosar – the calling
        • Xosar – rays of babylon
        • 12"£6.99
          Out of stock
        LHASThe HevaloPush To Shove
        Limited reissue (just 500 copies repressed) - 1996 debut from the UK's Larry Heard Appreciation Society.  Quality deep house classic!
        • LHAS – The Hevalo
        • LHAS – What, Why, When
        • LHAS – LHAS Pt. 1
        • LHAS – The Way
        • 12"£8.99
          Out of stock