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    Night CommunicationNight CommunicationGroovin
    Night Communication was a production team composed by Andrea Gemolotto and Leo Marras, both were very active in the early italo house scene. “Night...
    • Night Communication – Lose Control (Disco Underground Version)
    • Night Communication – Lose Control (In Dub We Trust Mix)
    • Night Communication – Night Clerk
    • Night Communication – Nocturne Seduction
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    RVLRVL 001 EPAxe Traxx
    New to Axe On Wax's 'Axe Traxx' series is a four track release from RVL, who drops some rugged analogue house funk. Limited copies and no repress!
    • RVL – Track 1
    • RVL – Track 2
    • RVL – Track 3
    • RVL – Track 4
    • 12"£10.99
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    Vakum 005VariousVakum Records
    Furious, old school style house homage with Rimbaudian's smudged, Kerri Chandler homage, 'Tonight' being one of the highlights!
    • Cheeky Bed Bugs – Marilips
    • Rimbaudian – Tonight
    • Sagats – Raining Days
    • Christian Kroupa – Jackin for good
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    Walt JAscender (Reissue)Fit Sound
    Reissue of the 'Ascender' EP by Walt J, originally released on Dow Records in 1997. Classic Detroit techno from one of the scene's most underrated...
    • Walt J – Untitled
    • Walt J – Untitled
    • Walt J – Untitled
    • Walt J – Untitled
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    Walt JDivinity (Reissue)Fit Sound
    Reissue of the 'Divinity' EP by Walt J, originally released on Dow Records in 1997. Classic Detroit techno from one of the scene's most underrated...
    • Walt J – Untitled
    • Walt J – Untitled
    • Walt J – Untitled
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    Walt JThe Walt J Project (Reissue)Fit Sound
    Reissue of 'The Walt J Project' EP by Walt J, originally released on Professional Records in 1996. Classic Detroit house and techno from one...
    • Walt J – Love Is On My Side
    • Walt J – Love Is On My Side (Smudge Mix)
    • Walt J – Magic Love
    • Walt J – Starting Over
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    Omar Si696FXHE
    Prolific Detroit don Omar-S starts 2017 with a bang! Four essential house cuts on this 12" - Don't sleep, always limited on his own FXHE imprint! 
    • Omar S – Sink Holes
    • Omar S – Hell On Earth
    • Omar S – Hit It Bubba (I Want My Dadas Rekids)
    • Omar S – Party Marty (Synths by Rolands Boutique)
    • 12"£11.99
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    Seb WildbloodMelodic ToolsSW
    Church's very own Seb Wildblood releases a fresh set of deep and melodic house excursions on an old school Nu Groove / Burrell Bros. / Larry Heard tip! Big...
    • Seb Wildblood – MT01
    • Seb Wildblood – MT02
    • 10"£8.99
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    Max Graef & Glenn AstroThe Yard Work Simulator: RemixesNinja Tune
    Byron The Aquarius (Sound Signature / Wild Oats), Greg Beato (Apron / L.I.E.S.), and IMYRMiND (Money $ex / Tartelet) join Max and Glenn on this 12” of...
    • Max Graef & Glenn Astro – W313D (Max & Glenn's Dub Up)
    • Max Graef & Glenn Astro – China Nr. 04 (Imyrmind Remix)
    • Max Graef & Glenn Astro – Magic Johnson (Byron The Aquarius Live Mix)
    • Max Graef & Glenn Astro – Money Sex Theme (Greg Beato "Sexo No Es Todo" Remix)
    • 12"£7.99
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    Philou Louzolo, Wendel Sield, Mehmet AslanBanoffee Pies World Series 01Banoffee Pies
    VERY LIMITED REPRESS!!Banoffee Pies Records launches its first white label to date, and it's a three-pronged collaboration by new and exciting faces in...
    • Philou Louzolo – Afrofuturism Dance
    • Wendel Sield – History Of Black People
    • MMT – Ton A Ton
    • MMT – Pangae Flute
    • 12"£8.99
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    Brand new label Wulf make a strong debut with the 3rd part in Leatherette's EP series, having released the previous two parts on Alex Nuts Ho-Tep. Part...
    • Letherette – Langsette
    • Letherette – On Video
    • Letherette – Feel All
    • Letherette – Cartoon Haunt
    • Letherette – Maybe
    • Letherette – Suzette
    • 12"£8.99
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    Z LovecraftThe Creator EPNo Bad Days
    Debut release for Rhythm Section and Yam records maestro - Z Lovecraft This five track 12" on the ever blossoming 'No Bad Days' brings dubbed...
    • Z Lovecraft – The Creator
    • Z Lovecraft – 99 Pence Berghain Dub
    • Z Lovecraft – Myriad
    • Z Lovecraft – Sentimental Apathy
    • Z Lovecraft – A Question Of Conciousness
    • 12"£9.99
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    Celestial BeingVapour RisesCelestial Being
    The second vinyl only release from this impeccable label presents various textures of true deep house with 'Vapour Rises’ and the mysterious ‘Beings...
    • Celestial Being – Vapour Rises (First light version)
    • Celestial Being – Vapour Rises (Studio Mix)
    • Celestial Being – Vapour Rises (Winter Vocal Suite)
    • Celestial Being – Beings Beyond Comprehension
    • Celestial Being – Dedication To The Light
    • Celestial Being – Chant of Antara
    • Celestial Being – Bowls Of Light
    Dialogue Vol. 2VariousMonologues
    Skipping house nuggets on Monologues with a plucky selection from the likes of Simbad, G. Markus, Kamal Imani and DIY house legend,...
    • Simbad – Captain
    • Nail – Decisions
    • Kamal Imani – Cosmic Being
    • G. Markus – Moon Face
    • 12"£9.99
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    Hieroglyphic BeingAzimuthal EquidistantMathematics
    Jackin' phaser traxx and minimal bleep workouts from the ever eccentric talent of Hieroglyphic Being!
    • Hieroglyphic Being – Azimuthal Equidistant
    • Hieroglyphic Being – Discotic Compuserve
    • Hieroglyphic Being – How Far Back With Absolute Certainty Can We Go
    • 12"£12.99
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    Delicious Inc.Eau De ChantéFlash Forward
    CLASSIC mid-90s house music reissued! This sassy, voguing house gem from Delicious Inc. moved runways and dancefloors from the likes of Junior Vasquez's...
    • Delicious Inc. – Eau De Chantè (For Men)
    • Delicious Inc. – Eau De Chantè (For Beats)
    • Delicious Inc. – Eau De Chantè (For Woman)
    • Delicious Inc. – Eau De Chantè (For Sex)
    • 12"£12.99
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    OLLada PassengerFit Sound
    FIT SOUND welcomes Moscow's OL to the label with his debut 12", Lada Passenger. Three killer, Detroit-style beatdown tracks for the Theo and KDJ heads!
    • OL – Lada Passenger
    • OL – Study Drum
    • OL – Life Span
    • 12"£12.99
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    University Of LoveVostok 3Flash Forward
    Classic italo-house from '92 reissued!
    • University Of Love – Vostok 3 (Official Anthem)
    • University Of Love – Vostok 3 (Instrumental)
    • University Of Love – Vostok 3 (MBG Deep Trip)
    • 12"£12.99
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    Melchior SultanaHealer EPThree Fingerz Musique
    Melchior Sultana offers up some bumpin' house flavours on the title track, but flip this 12" over for the release highlights! Both 'Story' and 'Time...
    • Melchior Sultana – Healer
    • Melchior Sultana – Story
    • Melchior Sultana – Time Can Tell
    • 12"£9.99
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    Groove CommitteeI Want You To Know (Larry Levan Mixes)Unknown LTD
    Previously unreleased edit / remix of the Nu Groove classic 'I Want You To Know' by Groove Committee aka Victor Simonelli! Limited copies...
    • Groove Committee – I Want You To Know (Larry Levan Mix)
    • Groove Committee – I Want You To Know (Larry Levan Edit)
    • 12"£8.99
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    Baba StiltzKeep It LitThe Trilogy Tapes
    Left-off-centre deep house nuggets from Public Possession / Studio Barnhus artist, Baba Stiltz. Finding a suitable home on The Trilogy Tapes....
    • Baba Stiltz – Keep It Lit
    • Baba Stiltz – BB 1-2
    • Baba Stiltz – We Both Know It's The Last Game We Play
    • 12"£10.99
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    Neue GrafikUkiyo EPWolf Music Recordings
    French producer and DJ, Fred Bwelle aka Neue Grafik, has quickly risen as one of the most promising acts to come out of the new French electronic scene. In...
    • Neue Grafik – Jam For Muhammad
    • Neue Grafik – Until Tomorrow
    • Neue Grafik – Witches
    • Neue Grafik – Butter Chicken (DemoCrazy)
    • Neue Grafik – We Need To Talk
    • 12"£8.99
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    BoonlormBoonlorm EditsWilde Calm
    NYC's Boonlorm is back with another batch of brilliantly idiosyncratic edits mixing in a melange of hypnotic, Steve Reich-inspired marimba with the...
    • Boonlorm – Pernetas
    • Boonlorm – Threads
    • Boonlorm – Dance
    • Boonlorm – Marimbas
    • 12"£11.99
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    Boyd JarvisThe Music Got MeRansom Note Records
    Reissue of this classic proto-house gem from Boyd Jarvis originally released in '83. This time, Ransom Note Records reissue it with new mixes...
    • Boyd Jarvis – The Music Got Me (Original '83 Instrumental)
    • Boyd Jarvis – The Music Got Me (Nick The Record & Dan 'Idjut' Tyler's Re-Spanimated Dubb)
    • Boyd Jarvis – The Music Got Me (Bawrut's Bawracid Workout)
    • 1. The Music Got Me (Original '83 Instrumental)
    • 2. The Music Got Me (Nick The Record & Dan 'Idjut' Tyler's Re-Spanimated Dubb)
    • 3. The Music Got Me (Bawrut's Bawracid Workout)
    • View full info and tracklisting
    • 12"£9.99
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    RiohvGreen Room1080P
    Grab-bag 12” EP of electro, IDM, breaks and house from Montreal via Ottawa producer Riohv (aka Braden Thompson), which follows up the similarly map-jumping...
    • Riohv – Redux
    • Riohv – Green Room
    • Riohv – Juice It
    • Riohv – Stingray
    • Riohv – Sun Shadow
    • 12"£7.99
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    Dan KyeJoy, Ease, LightnessRhythm Section International
    Dan Kye aka Australian soul singer - Jordan Rakei drops his debut release on Peckham's Rhythm Section International. This new alias seems to be operating...
    • Dan Kye – Change
    • Dan Kye – Like You Wanna
    • Dan Kye – Tolle
    • Dan Kye – Iigo
    • 12"£9.99
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    Bell Le Roy & Larry LeebaLeaba and Le-Roy's Long MixesProibito
    Detuned tropical house fix from Bell Le Roy & Larry Leeba on Anthony Naples' Proibito label!
    • Larry Leeba – The Family Butter
    • Bell Le Roy – Burnt Ends (Sweet & Spicy mix)
    • Bell Le Roy – 22-04-16 (Warmy Parm mix)
    • 1. Larry Leeba – The Family Butter
    • 2. Bell Le Roy – Burnt Ends (Sweet & Spicy mix)
    • 3. Bell Le Roy – 22-04-16 (Warmy Parm mix)
    • View full info and tracklisting
    • 12"£7.99
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    RobertoLunar Waves EPNo Bad Days
    Release number two on No Bad Days follows the dreamy, celestial techno of the first - Selvy's excellent 'POPS EP'. Canadian producer Roberto...
    • Roberto – In The Galleria
    • Roberto – Celestial Bodies
    • Roberto – Lunar Waves
    • Roberto – When U Come Around
    • 12"£9.99
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    Kinetic ElectronixMusic For BeingsMood Hut
    Warm, chasm-deep house experiments from the Mood Hut camp. Kinetic Electronix (Hashman Deejay, House Of Doors and Neo Image) bringing some...
    • Kinetic Electronix – Dewdroppinn II
    • Kinetic Electronix – New Jack Bubble
    • Kinetic Electronix – Spring Step
    • Kinetic Electronix – Low Moves
    • Kinetic Electronix – Spirals
    • 2×12"£15.99
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    Ross From FriendsYou'll UnderstandDistant Hawaii
    Soft-mutton production, club pumpin' drums and luscious chord samples collide on this immense debut 12" from Ross From Friends on Lobster Theremin...
    • Ross From Friends – Talk To Me You'll Understand
    • Ross From Friends – Gettin' It Done
    • Ross From Friends – Bootman
    • 12"£9.99
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    Unknown ArtistWLSLTD04Wilson
    Another surprise Wilson records release from a label regular who's chosen to remain anonymous. Four killer cuts of darkside house music (Jovonn...
    • Unknown Artist – Untitled
    • Unknown Artist – Untitled
    • Unknown Artist – Untitled
    • Unknown Artist – Untitled
    • 12"£8.99
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    DJ SeinfeldSeason 1 EPLobster Fury
    Lobster Theramin and Meda Fury in cahoots for this massive deep house / techno gem from DJ Seinfeld! 
    • DJ Seinfeld – I'll Always Pick U Up
    • DJ Seinfeld – Feel De Bum Slap
    • DJ Seinfeld – Always I Come Back To That
    • DJ Seinfeld – Jerry
    • DJ Seinfeld – Konets Sveta Minimix
    • 12"£10.99
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    Jesse FutermanMy Favourite Merchant (feat. Byron The Aquarius)Church
    Tasty deep house touches down on Church from Jesse Futerman. Features extra production from Byron The Aquarius plus a remix from Distant Hawaii's Hidden...
    • Jesse Futerman – My Favourite Merchant (feat. Byron The Aquarius)
    • Jesse Futerman – See Me Ride
    • Jesse Futerman – Gem
    • Jesse Futerman – Gem (Hidden Spheres Remix)
    • 12"£9.99
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    Model 500Sound Of Stereo / Off To BattleMetroplex
    Another monstrous Metroplex essential gets reissued! Late 80s electro funk / techno from Juan Atkins as Model 500. Off To Battle seriously laying...
    • Model 500 – Sound Of Stereo (Revamp)
    • Model 500 – Sound Of Stereo (Instrumental)
    • Model 500 – Off To Battle
    • Model 500 – Electric Entourage
    • 12"£9.99
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    Turntables on Ipanema EPVariousWonderwheel
    First up, Brazil's DJ G gives us "Samba Da Terra", a deep, jazzy Brazilian house/samba fusion joint sure to get all the dancers on the floor. Next, the...
    • DJ G – Samba da Terra
    • Simbad – Detroit De Janeiro
    • Nickodemus & Simbad – BerimBOOM
    • Zeb – Space Forest
    • 12"£10.99
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    O'FlynnGlow Worm / Aloha Ice JamO'Flynn
    Following up on a brace of winners on Blip Discs, O'Flynn drops this double-header on his own label. Two tracks of deep, dubbed-out house weirdness...
    • O'Flynn – Glow Worm
    • O'Flynn – Aloha Ice Jam
    • 12"£8.99
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    Louie Vega Starring Anane VegaHeaven Knows (inc. Josh Milan & Louie Vega remixes)Vega Records
    Rousing house music from one half of Masters At Work, Louie Vega. Features a remix from Blaze's Josh Milan. Classy stuff!
    • Louie Vega Starring Anane Vega – Heaven Knows (Vega Yoshisawa Unreleased Mix)
    • Louie Vega Starring Anane Vega – Heaven Knows (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
    • 12"£7.99
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    Dro CareyQueensberry Rules (inc. Mall Grab remix)Soothsayer
    Killer new house wares from Dro Carey (The Trilogy Tapes) backed with a disco-fied remix from Mall Grab! 
    • Dro Carey – Queensberry Rules feat Kucka
    • Dro Carey – Under
    • Dro Carey – Queensberry Rules feat Kucka (Mall Grab Remix)
    • Dro Carey – Queensberry Rules feat Kucka (Cassius Select Remix)
    The Black MadonnaHe Is The Voice I HearWe Still Believe
    Massive disco-house vibe from the immensely talented, The Black Madonna! Limited, single-sided, vinyl only copies folks - act fast!
    • The Black Madonna – He Is The Voice I Hear
    • 12"£10.99
      Out of stock
    DJ Nature & Damon LamarSHBK003Shubaka
    Killer beatdown house vibe from the excellent DJ Nature backed with the mid tempo bounce of Damon Lamar's 'One Last Thang'. Ace.
    • DJ Nature – Flip
    • Damon Lamar – One Last Thang
    • 12"£8.99
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    Jayda GSixth Spirit Of The Bay1080p
    1080p release an EP of aqua-marine house grooves from Canadian producer Jayda G!
    • Jayda G – Fathom Five
    • Jayda G – Cascabel
    • Jayda G – Heaven Could Be Lately
    • Jayda G – Listen Closely
    • 12"£7.99
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    DJ BoringWinona EPE-Beamz
    Monster release from E-Beamz with two monster, lo-fi deep house gems from DJ Boring (with the future classic, 'Winona') and one from Miagma....
    • DJ Boring – Winona
    • Miagma – You
    • 12"£8.99
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    Mike Parker10inch03REPITCH Recordings
    Two stone cold nailers from the mighty Mike Parker on the esteemed REPITCH - Limited availability, do not miss! 
    • Mike Parker – Through Cylinders
    • Mike Parker – Ketos Troias
    Robert ArmaniFourty Nine EPChiwax
    Tough, jackin' new release from Chicago's house music legend, Mr. Robert Armani on CHIWAX!  
    • Robert Armani – Bacardi
    • Robert Armani – Fourty Nine
    • Robert Armani – Give You All My Love
    • Robert Armani – Track2
    • 12"£10.99
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    Rick WadePeople Of EarthPeople of Earth
    Rick Wade delivers 3 excellent tracks for People of Earth’s sixth release. Escapism is warm, distorted & moody. Dark strings, chords & a thick...
    • Rick Wade – Escapism
    • Rick Wade – Stand Alone
    • Rick Wade – Understand
    LerosaSubcoutureIdle Hands
    Bristols Idle Hands drop their first release of 2017! The 'Subcouture' EP sees the esteemed producer Lerosa operating at the intersection...
    • Lerosa – Maryelen
    • Lerosa – Line Bass
    • Lerosa – Scruffy
    • Lerosa – Subcouture
    • 12"£8.99
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    Banoffee Pies Black Label 02.1VariousBanoffee Pies
    Banoffee Pies Black Label Series 02.1 lands exploring more deep minimal bumpers for the floor. BPBL02.1 offers another Unknown sample heavy edit, an insert...
    • – Voodoo Way (edit)
    • Jase – Dont Try To Sleep
    • Crump – JHE
    • Pablo Marco – Breaksito
    • 12"£8.99
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    Earth PeopleDance (Repress)Cabaret
    Absolute all time classic, disco infused house jams from Earth People! No collection is complete without this 1990, Chic sampling anthem. 
    • Earth People – Dance
    • Earth People – Dance (dub)
    • Earth People – Dance (beats)
    • 12"£8.99
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    Dancefloor Sweets Vol. 1VariousWotNot Music
    WotNot Music music releases an EP of skewed house music sluggers from the likes of K15 (Eglo, Wild Oats), Money $ex affiliate , IMYRMiND and...
    • IMYRMiND – Orange Skin Food
    • Glenn Kelly – Parma
    • K15 – Returning Is Impossible
    • SexRulesEverything – Dress To Undress
    • 12"£8.99
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    The Face of DrumsDo U Like The Way It FeelsMathematics
    STEVE POINDEXTER and JAMAL MOSS return as THE FACES OF DRUMS banging those classic GHERKIN style vibes and deep chaotic sound motions with a twist of off-kilter...
    • The Face of Drums – Hunger, Passion & Pain Pt.1
    • The Face of Drums – Pain, Passion & Hunger Pt.2
    • The Face of Drums – Passion, Pain & Hunger Pt.3