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    Eric Lau, Tall Black Guy, kidkanevil & Mr ThingNothing Leaves The Archive (RSD 16)First Word Records
    2 x 7" - £12.99Record Store Day 2016 release. Eric Lau, Tall Black Guy, Kidkanevil and Mr Thing go wild in John Peel's archive. In their own words...'For...
      JehstReel It In ft. Lee Scott & Strange U (RSD 16)YNR Productions
      7" - £10.99Record Store Day 2016 Release. Jehst teams up with self-styled cult leader Lee Scott and intergalactic rap-hybrid Strange U on his latest single...
        HanzReducerTri Angle
        Debut album from Hanz on Tri Angle. With a penchant for the cinematic, the Georgia-born North Carolina-based producer cuts blasted, abstract beats...
          Jeen Bassa Time Waves EP 22a
          In his dynamic mixes, we've heard Vangelis to Shuggie, and Delia Derbyshire to Sergio Mendes. Now, we hear more of Jeen Bassa's universal and...
          • Jeen Bassa – Culture
          • Jeen Bassa – Hey You
          • Jeen Bassa – Time Waves
          • Jeen Bassa – Burdened Funk
          • Jeen Bassa – Planet Earth
          • Jeen Bassa – Bassacada
          • Jeen Bassa – Not a Fighter
          • Jeen Bassa – Discotheque
          • Jeen Bassa – Today's Yesterday
          • Jeen Bassa – Redefine It All.
          The Art Behind The TapeBy DJ MarsAxiom Blue Corp.
          The first book dedicated to the Mixtape culture, compiling a collection of interviews and artwork compiled by DJ Mars. 
          Dr DreCompton: A Soundtrack by Dr. DreAftermath / Interscope
          New killer album from the maestro, Dr. Dre. After a long hiatus, Dre proves the doubters wrong with this stunning return. The line-up is star-studded and...
          • Dr. Dre – Intro
          • Dr. Dre – Talk About It
          • Dr. Dre – Genocide
          • Dr. Dre – It’s All On Me
          • Dr. Dre – All In A Day’s Work
          • Dr. Dre – Darkside Gone
          • Dr. Dre – Loose Cannons
          • Dr. Dre – Issues
          • Dr. Dre – Deep Water
          • Jon Connor – One Shot One Kill
          • The Game – Just Another Day
          • Dr. Dre – For The Love Of Money
          • Dr. Dre – Satisfiction
          • Dr. Dre – Animals
          • Dr. Dre – Medicine Man
          • Dr. Dre – Talking To My Diary
          Mono/PolyParamatma Hit & Run
          Hit+Run give a vinyl release to the debut Mono/Poly album (originally released in 2010). 'Paramatma', is a mix of dub-step beats, astral soundscapes, Eastern...
          • Mono/Poly – Art 9
          • Mono/Poly – Explosive Puppetry
          • Mono/Poly – False Flag
          • Mono/Poly – Black Box Matrix Death
          • Mono/Poly – Antibodies
          • Mono/Poly – The System Crumbles
          • Mono/Poly – Land Of Love/Star Grab
          • Mono/Poly – Waters Of Duality
          • Mono/Poly – Roots In Earth (Muladhara)
          • Mono/Poly – Lucid Day Dreams
          • Mono/Poly – In The Air (Anahata)
          • Mono/Poly – Spring Crossings
          • Mono/Poly – The Great Awakening
          • Mono/Poly – Analysis (DNA)/Fire Passion
          • Mono/Poly – 1000 Pedaled Lotus (Awakened)
          • Mono/Poly – Fireworks (Sahasrara)
          • Mono/Poly – Lets Take A Trip
          • Mono/Poly – The Minds Eye (Clarity & Vision)
          • Mono/Poly – Vibrations (Vishuddha)
          White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn)Neighborhood Wonderful Stones Throw
          Krondon & Shafiq Husayn collaborate to form White Boiz. The Strong Arm Steady MC and Sa-Ra producer combine their skills for this Stones Throw 14-track...
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Mothership Intro
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Live From The Mothership / Water Ain’t Wet
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Main St.
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Learn Tho
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Freedom
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – G.U.N. (God Understand Niguhs)
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Mary's Son
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Variety / Oliver’s Stone
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Heartbreak
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Bloomingdales
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Hear Say
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Erotica Exotica
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Suffering Suckatashe (Duel 1)
          • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Going Down (Duel 2)
          Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly Aftermath / Interscope
          KILLER new album from Kendrick Lamar featuring Dre, Snoop, George Clinton and Thundercat! Living up the mad hype on this one. Outkast freakiness, live...
          • Kendrick Lamar – Wesley's Theory
          • Kendrick Lamar – For Free? (Interlude)
          • Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta
          • Kendrick Lamar – Institutionalized
          • Kendrick Lamar – These Walls
          • Kendrick Lamar – U
          J-LiveAll Of The AboveCoup d'État
          Reissue of the understated East Coast hip-hop messenger J-Live's classic album, All Of The Above!
            Slum VillageFan-tas-tic Volume 1 Ne'Astra
            Re-issue of the legendary Detroit collective Slum Village (Baatin, T3, Jay Dee) debut album. 'Fantastic Vol. 1' brings the now beloved raw and rugged...
            • Slum Village – Fantastic
            • Slum Village – Keep It On (This Beat)
            • Slum Village – I Don't Know
            • Slum Village – How We Bullshit
            • Slum Village – Fat Cat Song (feat. Phat Kat)
            • Slum Village – The Look Of Love
            • Slum Village – Estimate
            • Slum Village – Hoc N Pucky
            • Slum Village – Beej N Dem
            • Slum Village – Pregnant
            • Slum Village – Forth & Back
            • Slum Village – Fantastic 2 (Interlude)
            • Slum Village – Fantastic 3 (Interlude)
            • Slum Village – Keep It On
            • Slum Village – 5 Ela (Remix)
            • Slum Village – Give This Nigga
            • Slum Village – Players
            • Slum Village – Look Of Love (Remix)
            • Slum Village – Pregnant (Remix)
            • Slum Village – Things U Do (Remix)
            • Slum Village – Fat Cat (Remix)
            • Slum Village – Fantastic 4 (Interlude)
            • Slum Village – What's Love Got To Do With It (Look Of Love Remix)
            • Slum Village – 2 You 4 You
            Richie RichMy DJ (Pump It Up Some) (Club Mix) ) (1988)Gee Street
            hip-hop 88
            • Richie Rich – My DJ (Pump It Up Some) (Club Mix)
            Paul Nice Drum Library Vol. 12Super Break Records
            The TWELFTH volume in the expansive drum loop series. Mr. Paul Nice is known as of the best world premier breaks diggers - and here's the proof. All just...
            • Paul Nice – sample one
            • Paul Nice – sample two
            • Paul Nice – sample three
            • Paul Nice – sample four
            Dr. Dre2001 (Reissue)Universal
            Absolutely seminal all-time classic hip-hop album! Quite simply - you need this in your collection!
            • Dr. Dre – Lolo (Intro)
            • Dr. Dre – The Watcher
            • Dr. Dre – Fuck You
            • Dr. Dre – Still D.R.E.
            • Dr. Dre – Big Ego's
            • Dr. Dre – Xxplosive
            • Dr. Dre – What's The Difference
            • Dr. Dre – Bar One
            • Dr. Dre – Light Speed
            • Dr. Dre – Forgot About Dre
            • Dr. Dre – The Next Episode
            • Dr. Dre – Let's Get High
            • Dr. Dre – Bitch Niggaz
            • Dr. Dre – The Car Bomb
            • Dr. Dre – Murder Ink.
            • Dr. Dre – Ed-Ucation
            • Dr. Dre – Some L.A. Niggaz
            • Dr. Dre – Pause 4 Porno
            • Dr. Dre – Housewife
            • Dr. Dre – Ackrite
            • Dr. Dre – Bang Bang
            • Dr. Dre – The Message
            • New 2×LP (180 GRAM) + Download Code£21.99
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            Dangerdoom The Mouse And The MaskLex
            Reissue of the hugely successful collaborative album between super producer Danger Mouse and Underground rap legend DOOM in original custom frosted plastic...
            • Dangerdoom – El Chupa Nibre
            • Dangerdoom – Sofa King
            • Dangerdoom – The Mask
            • Dangerdoom – Perfect Hair
            • Dangerdoom – Benzie Box
            • Dangerdoom – Old School
            • Dangerdoom – A.T.H.F.
            • Dangerdoom – Basket Case
            • Dangerdoom – No Names
            • Dangerdoom – Crosshairs
            • Dangerdoom – Mince Meat
            • Dangerdoom – Vats Of Urine
            • Dangerdoom – Space Ho's
            • Dangerdoom – Bada Bing
            Slum VillageYesTraffic Entertainment
            Eighth studio album from Slum Village feat. nine, posthumous J Dilla productions.   Yes features performances by original Slum Village...
            • Slum Village – Love Is (feat Bilal)
            • Slum Village – Tear It Down (feat Jon Connor)
            • Slum Village – Bonafide
            • Slum Village – Expressive (feat BJ The Chicago Kid)
            Massive AttackMezzanineVirgin (1998)
            Essential, features guest Horace Andy
              • CD£7.99
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              • 2×LP£24.99
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              DeclaimeSouthside StoryVindig
              Declaime (Dudley Perkins) comments on his Westcoast upbringing with this reflective, new LP 'Southside Story'. Solid production with a guest apprearence...
              • Declaime – Surenos
              • Declaime – The Message (feat. Ms. One)
              • Declaime – Holly
              • Declaime – Samsara
              • Declaime – Fonkinhabitform
              N.W.A. EFIL4ZAGGINPriority Records / Ruthless Records
              Notorious second, and final, album from LA's NWA, minus the presence of Ice Cube. A classic nonetheless. 
              • N.W.A. – Real Niggaz Don't Die
              • N.W.A. – Niggaz 4 Life
              • N.W.A. – Protest
              • New LP (180g) + Download Code£16.99
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              Public EnemyFear Of A Black PlanetDef Jam Recordings
              Public Enemy may have generated more heat than light ultimately, but their bold contentiousness makes this their most incendiary and acidic album. Producers...
                • CD£7.99
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                • New LP (180g) + Download Code£21.99
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                DJ ShadowReconstructed - The Best Of DJ ShadowIsland Records (2012)
                Reconstructed is DJ Shadow's first Best Of collection. It spans the musician's 23-year career, featuring tracks from his five studio albums as well...
                  • 2×LP£23.99
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                  • CD£7.99
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                  Gang Starr Step In The ArenaCooltempo / Chrysalis (1991)
                  This record is quite simply genius. It will transform your opinions of the genre and make a lot of what you will have heard before seem very empty and...
                    Public EnemyYo! Bum Rush The ShowDef Jam Recordings (1987)
                    Produced by Rick Rubin. It's a classic .. This is PE's first and greatest album.
                      • New LP £24.99
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                      • CD£7.99
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                      Wu-Tang ClanEnter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (1993)RCA
                      All-time classic hip-hop from the Wu-Tang Clan!Essential album featuring 'Protect Ya Neck' and 'C.R.E.A.M'!
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – Bring Da Ruckus
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – Shame On A Nigga
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – Clan In Da Front
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang 7th Chamber
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – Can It Be All So Simple
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – Intermission
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing T F' Wit
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – CREAM
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – Method Man
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – Tearz
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber (part II)
                      • Wu-Tang Clan – Conclusion
                      Ghostface Killah36 SeasonsSalvation
                      Brand new material from the one they call Ghostface Killah! Features guest appearences from the likes of Pharoahe Monche, Kool G Rap, The Revelations and...
                      • Ghostface Killah – The Battlefield
                      • Ghostface Killah – Love Don't Live Here No More
                      • Ghostface Killah – Here I Go Again
                      • LP£22.99
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                      • CD£11.99
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                      Hit + Run Presents Road KillRoad Kill Vol. 5Hit+Run
                      The 5th volume in the HIT+RUN Presents "Road Kill" compilation series !! "Road Kill Vol. 5" contains 27 exclusive & unreleased songs from the HIT+RUN...
                      • KUTMAH – Greeting 
                      • ANGEL'S DUST – Haunted 
                      • ARTI – Machaca 
                      • GONJASUFI – Halen Vangelis 
                      BeyoncéBeyoncéParkwood Entertainment
                      Including the hits "Drunk In Love", "Flawless" and "XO", this album was ranked the best album of the year in 2014 by Billboard.(Audio Only...
                        Homeboy SandmanHallwaysStones Throw
                        Second full-length album from rising US rapper Homeboy Sandman, out on the great Stones Throw records. "It is an ode to the space between where you...
                        • Homeboy Sandman – america
                        • Homeboy Sandman – loads
                        • Homeboy Sandman – activity
                        • 2×LP£19.99
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                        • CD£9.99
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                        Dropping Science Critical Essays On Rap Music and Hip Hop CultureTemple
                        s/hand USA paperback book.
                        • Original Book (500g)£10.00
                          Original secondhand USA paperback in good cond
                          100% Guarantee on this and all Original Books at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' money-back guarantee!​
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                        STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype)My Monday Morning MusicBrick
                        ** Limited Edition White Vinyl ** 'My Monday Morning Music' takes the listener on a journey of beats, melodies and lyrics that range from cinematic...
                        • STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – The Sunrise (feat Tea Leigh)
                        • STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – Zombies (feat Ruste Juxx & Reks)
                        • STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – Bastard (feat Kake Mehrmann & Chris Klaxton of Tan Vampires)
                        • STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – Kill Em All (feat Tea Leigh)
                        • STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – Sid Vicious
                        • STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – Rock Me Pt 3 (feat Fran P & Anonymous)
                        • STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – Conquest/Go-Ho (feat Dua Boakye of Bad Rabbits)
                        • STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – Again
                        • STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – Evryday (feat Chris Klaxton)
                        • STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – PNY BOY The Hustler
                        • STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – Ovrdose
                        • STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – Farewell (feat Jake Mehrmann of Tan Vampire)
                        • STL GLD (Moe Pope & The Arcitype) – GLD
                        • 1. The Sunrise (feat Tea Leigh)
                        • 2. Zombies (feat Ruste Juxx & Reks)
                        • 3. Bastard (feat Kake Mehrmann & Chris Klaxton of Tan Vampires)
                        • View full info and tracklisting
                        Adrian Younge Presents Souls Of Mischief There Is Only Now Linear Labs
                        Legendary hip-hop collective Souls of Mischief and LA composer / producer Adrian Younge collaborate on "There Is Only Now". One for any serious hip-hop...
                        • Adrian Younge Presents Souls Of Mischief – Time Stopped
                        • Adrian Younge Presents Souls Of Mischief – Womack's Lament
                        • Adrian Younge Presents Souls Of Mischief – Another Part Of You
                        • Adrian Younge Presents Souls Of Mischief – All You Got Is Your Word
                        • Adrian Younge Presents Souls Of Mischief – Miriam Got A Mickey
                        • Cassette Tape £9.99
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                        • New LP £17.99
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                        • 2×CD£10.99
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                        • Instrumental LP£17.99
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                        • New LP (Picture Disc)£20.99
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                        • Cassette Tape – Instrumentals £9.99
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                        Tre MissionStigmataBig Dada
                        Billed as the missing link between Wiley and Outkast, Tre Mission is a Canadian rapper doing UK grime -- with special guests including Wiley, JME, Sketpa,...
                        • Tre Mission – Stigmata (ft Thes)
                        • Tre Mission – Real Grind (ft Wiley & Andreena)
                        • Tre Mission – Jessica (ft K-OS)
                        'Nehruviandoom' is Bishop Nehrus debut album. Produced by Metal Fingers and featuring MF Doom vocals on several tracks, it's a compact nine track, 30 minute...
                        • NehruvianDOOM – First Day Of Class
                        • NehruvianDOOM – Om
                        • NehruvianDOOM – Mean The Most
                        • NehruvianDOOM – So Alone
                        • NehruvianDOOM – Darkness (HBU)
                        • NehruvianDOOM – Coming For You
                        • NehruvianDOOM – Caskets
                        • NehruvianDOOM – Great Things
                        • NehruvianDOOM – Disastrous
                        MF DOOMSpecial Herbs Volumes 5 & 6Nature Sounds
                        Double vinyl plus limited 7" edition of the 5th and 6th volumes in the mighty, super-heavyweight instrumental Special Herbs series.
                        • MF DOOM – Pennyroyal
                        • MF DOOM – Lavenar Buds
                        • MF DOOM – White Willow Bark
                        • MF DOOM – Bergamot Wild
                        • MF DOOM – Orange Blossoms
                        Incorporating the squiggles and squelches of vintage analogue synthesizers and breaks and beats J-Walk is back with an album of lo-fi vibes reminiscent...
                        • J-Walk – Fuzzy Dunlop
                        • J-Walk – Thinking Back
                        • J-Walk – Vespucci
                        • J-Walk – World Inaction
                        • J-Walk – We're Not Alone
                        • J-Walk – Yesterday's Crowd
                        Madlib Pinata Beats (Instrumentals) Madlib Invazion
                        Untouchable beat maker Madlib provides an addition of raw instrumentals via his own Madlib Invazion imprint of tracks from his Freddie Gibbs LP collaboration...
                        • Madlib – Scarface
                        • Madlib – Deeper
                        • Madlib – High
                        • Madlib – Harold's
                        • 2×LP£23.99
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                        • CD£13.99
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                        People Under The Stairs 12 Step Program Piecelock
                        **Limited edition 2xLP 165gsm transulent gatefold vinyl and 24page illustrated booklet** Los Angeles veteran left-field hip-hop group People Under The...
                        • People Under The Stairs – Roundabouts
                        • People Under The Stairs – STE. For Reefer
                        • People Under The Stairs – 1 Up Til Sun Up
                        • 2×LP£18.99
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                        • CD£10.99
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                        Seven Davis Jr The Lost Tapes Vol 1Izwid
                        **Limited copies of this early release from Seven Davis Jr on Kutmah's Izwid imprint. Handprinted chipboard jacket by HIT+RUN, Los Angeles**  Groovy...
                        • Seven Davis Jr – I Don't Give a Fuck
                        • Seven Davis Jr – Feel High
                        • Seven Davis Jr – Words
                        • Seven Davis Jr – Shady Mofos
                        Souls of Mischief'93 Til InfinityTraffic
                        All-time classic Hip Hop album everyone should have! There are very few albums across any genre that stand the test of time better than 93 ‘Til Infinity,...
                        • Souls of Mischief – let em know
                        • Souls of Mischief – 93 till infinity
                        Pharrell WilliamsG I R LColumbia
                        Pharell turns up the charm on this, his fourth solo album. Features the HUGE hit single 'Happy'! 
                          Nas Illmatic Sony / Get Down
                          C-l-a-s-s-i-c hip-hop album from '94! Nas' debut and not many people would argue - it is his best! Every tune is a hit, but just to remind you of the gems...
                          • Nas – N.Y. State Of Mind
                          • Nas – The World Is Yours
                          CybotronEnter Craft Recordings
                          Long over-due reissue of this seminal techno album from 1983 by foundation Detroit techno visionaries Rik Davis and Juan Atkins! Heavily influenced...
                          • Cybotron – Cosmic Cars
                          • Cybotron – Clear (Jose Animal Diaz Remix)
                          • Cybotron – Techno City (Instrumental)
                          Mamiko MottoMamiko Motto Presents AmadaAll City Dublin
                          All City presents 'Amada'; 13 exclusive tracks (plus one bonus in the form of a 7 inch flexi disc) from a selection of a mix of interesting underground...
                          • Obey City – Take It Back
                          • Young Mind – Jennifer
                          • Bobby – Tame the Shrew