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    Angel WitchAngel WitchBack On Black
    Reissue of this CLASSIC album debut from NWOBHM legends, Angel Witch. Originally released in 1980 and features the iconic artwork from English Romantic...
      Animals As LeadersAnimals As LeadersProsthetic Records
      Reissue of the classic debut album from progressive metal/djent band, Animals As Leaders. Originally released in 2011.
        • 2×LP£28.99
          Limited 'Coke bottle clear & clear w/aqua blue' coloured vinyl edition
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        BathoryBathoryBlack Mark Production
        Reissue of the classic debut by metal legend, Bathory! Originally released in 1984, this self-titled debut has often been cited as "the first black metal"...
          BathoryBlood Fire DeathBlack Mark Production
          Reissue of the fourth CLASSIC (and possible best!) album from extreme metal group, Bathory! Although very much a black metal album, 'Blood Fire Death'...
            BathoryUnder The Sign Of The Black MarkBlack Mark Production
            Reissue of Bathory's third, highly influential, classic black metal album 'Under The Sign Of The Black Mark' from 1987. Immensely significant upon the...
              Blood IncantationHidden History Of The Human RaceCentury Media
              Denver, Colorado’s cosmic death metal band Blood Incantation release the successor to one of the most talked about death metal debuts in recent years;...
                • LP£19.99
                  Gatefold sleeve, A2 poster, CD, 20-page LP booklet and lyric sheet.
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                Bolt ThrowerIn Battle There Is No Law!Back On Black
                Reissue of the '88 debut, death metal/grindcore classic from UK act, Bolt Thrower!
                  DismemberLike An Everflowing Stream (Expanded Reissue)Back On Black
                  Reissue of one of the greatest Swedish death metal albums! Originally released in 1991 'Like An Everflowing Stream' has the classic 'Sunlight Studios'...
                    • 2×LP£18.99
                      Gatefold sleeve and features 4 bonus tracks
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                    EarthFull Upon Her Burning LipsSargent House
                    Minimal, droning doom rock / metal from the pioneers of the genre, Earth!
                    • Earth – Datura's Crimson Veils
                    • Earth – Exaltation Of Larks
                    • Earth – Cats On The Briar
                    • Earth – The Colour Of Poison
                    • Earth – Descending Belladonna
                    • Earth – She Rides An Air Of Malevolence
                    • Earth – Maiden's Catafalque
                    • Earth – An Unnatural Carousel
                    • Earth – The Mandrake's Hymn
                    • Earth – A Wretched Country Of Dusk
                    • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£27.99
                      Limited edition 'crimson and black galaxy' vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Inc. download code
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                    CLASSIC album from Justin Broadrick and co.! Oringally released in 1989 explored the use of drum machines which gave the band their more 'industrial' sound....
                      HellraisersA Complete Visual History of Heavy Metal MayhemRace Point Publishing
                      HARD AND HEAVY USA IMPORT HARDBACK. £13 OFF - that's more than 50% OFF RETAIL PRICETake a journey through the history of metal music from its earliest...
                      ImmolationClose To A World BelowMetal Blade Records
                      180g vinyl reissue of the NY death metal legends' fourth classic album, originally released in 2000.
                        Jobcentre Rejects Vol. 2 - Ultra Rare NWOBHM 1980-1985Various ArtistsOn The Dole Records
                        **Vol. 2 in this superb series!** An essential collection of rare and hard to find 'New Wave Of British Heavy Metal' singles originally released in England...
                          • LP£22.99
                            Limited blue vinyl edition of 300 copies. Gatefold sleeve.
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                          Judas PriestStained ClassColumbia
                          Reissue of the fourth classic album by Judas Priest, gaining notoriety for its dark lyrics and themes, leading to the infamous 'reversed lyrics'...
                            Judas PriestUnleashed in the East (Live in Japan)Columbia
                            Reissue of the classic 'Unleashed in the East', Judas Priest's first live album, recorded live in Tokyo, during their 'Hell Bent...
                              MayhemDaemonCentury Media
                              Sixth studio album from infamous, Norwegian, second-wave, black metal legends, Mayhem!
                                • LP£19.99
                                  Gatefold sleeve inc. booklet
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                                MayhemDe Mysteriis Dom SathanasBack On Black
                                Reissue of the Norwegian band Mayhem's album debut from 1994. Widely considered to be the greatest of all the 'second wave' black metal albums. The legendary...
                                  • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£16.99
                                    Purple vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve
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                                  MayhemDeathcrushBack On Black
                                  Classic Norwegian black metal from Mayhem which features, most notably, an intro piece (Silvester Anfang) from German electronic composer Conrad Schnitzler!...
                                    MegadethRust In PeaceCapitol Records
                                    CLASSIC thrash album and, arguably, the best from Dave Mustaine et al. Originally released in 1990 and features the band's greatest line-up of Nick Menza...
                                      MegadethPeace Sells... But Who's Buying?Capitol Records
                                      Speed/thrash metal classic from Dave Mustaine et al. Originally released in 1986.
                                        MetallicaThe $5.98 E.P. - Garage Days Re-Revisited (2018 Remastered Edition)Blackened Recordings
                                        Reissue of the classic 1987 'The $5.98 EP' (sadly retailing at a little more than the original price) showcasing some of the music that influenced the...
                                          MetallicaMaster Of Puppets (2017 Remastered Edition)Blackened Recordings
                                          **2017 remastered edition!** Classic Bay Area thrash! Third essential album from Metallica feat. greats such as 'Battery', Welcome Home (Sanitarium)',...
                                            MetallicaRide The Lightning (2016 Remastered Edition)Blackened Recordings
                                            **Remastered for the first time!** Arguably the greatest thrash metal album of all time from the Bay Area legends. Features classics, 'For Whom The...
                                              MetallicaKill 'Em All (2016 Remastered Edition)Blackened Recordings
                                              **Remastered for the first time!**  The album that started it all for the Bay Area thrash legends! Features classics 'Seek And Destroy', 'Whiplash',...
                                                Morbid AngelCovenantEarache
                                                Third classic album from Floridian death metal progenitors, Morbid Angel! Their breakthrough album from 1993 'Covenant' saw the band achieve relationships...
                                                  Nirvana 2002Recordings 89-91Relapse Records
                                                  Relapse records has compiled the definitive recordings of Nirvana 2002, one of the more obscure Swedish death metal bands that emerged during the style's...
                                                    PossessedBeyond The GatesCentury Media
                                                    Century Media reissue this CLASSIC, second album from Bay Area death metal progenitors, Possessed! Originally released in 1986 on the LEGENDARY, Combat...
                                                      • LP (180 gram)£19.99
                                                        inc. insert
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                                                      Power TripNightmare LogicSouthern Lord
                                                      Killer hardcore/thrash crossover album from US band Power Trip featuring members of The Impalers, Innumerable Forms, Mammoth Grinder and Eternal Champion....
                                                        Quiet RiotCondition CriticalPasha
                                                          • Original LP£10.00
                                                            Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VGOriginal USA vinyl
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                                                          Raspberry BulbsBefore The Age Of MirrorsRelapse Records
                                                          Featuring members of black metal band Bone Awl and ex-members of defunct NJ powerviolence/hardcore legends, Rorschach. First album for Relapse following...
                                                          • Raspberry Bulbs – Spitting From On High
                                                          • Raspberry Bulbs – They're After Me
                                                          • Raspberry Bulbs – Interlude I
                                                          • Raspberry Bulbs – Missing Teeth
                                                          • Raspberry Bulbs – Doggerel
                                                          SepulturaQuadraNuclear Blast
                                                          Strong album release from Brazilian thrash/death/groove metal heroes (at this point three albums in without the Cavalera brothers).
                                                            SteppenwolfSteppenwolf 7 (1970)Probe
                                                            Hard and heavy
                                                              • Original LP£20.00
                                                                Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VGOriginal USA vinyl . gatefold sleeve, some ageing to sleeve
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                                                              Reissue of the classic 1998 debut album by Norwegian black metal artist, Taake.
                                                                TestamentSouls Of BlackMusic On Vinyl
                                                                Classic thrash metal, originally released in 1990. Pressed on red vinyl.
                                                                  Trap ThemDarker HandcraftProsthetic Records
                                                                  Reissue of the third, classic, 2011 album by US metalcore band and Trap Them with production wizardry by Kurt Ballou of Converge. Brutal!
                                                                    VenomBlack Metal (Expanded Reissue)Back On Black
                                                                    CLASSIC album from UK metal band, Venom! Originally released in 1982, 'Black Metal' is widely considered the very genesis of extreme metal music and, of...
                                                                      • 2×LP£18.99
                                                                        Includes a second LP of bonus material comprised mostly of recordings from the Radio One sessions.
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