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Design MuseumFifty Typefaces That Changed the WorldOctopus Books
UK HARDBACK BOOK Over 50% Off original priceIn this witty and insightful book John L Waters explores 50 of the most influential typefaces and...
  • Book (400g)£12.99 £6.00
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Enjoy The ExperienceHomemade Records 1958-1992Sinecure
BACK IN STOCK!!!! HURRY!Enjoy the Experience is the largest collection of American private press vinyl ever amassed and presented, featuring...
  • Book (1.9kg)£39.99
    Out of stock
Punk 45: The Singles Cover Art of Punk 1976-80Edited by Jon Savage and Stuart BakerSoul Jazz Books
Back in print!!!Soul Jazz Records’ massive deluxe 400-page Punk 45s cover art book edited and compiled by Jon Savage (author of the seminal book on punk,...
Cover Art By: New Music GraphicsLaurence King
Groovy CD design book Cover Art By: is packed with more than 400 examples of sleeve art. As well as CD and album covers, the insides of CD booklets...
  • Book (1.3kg)£24.95 £6.99
    Out of stock
Disco: An Encyclopedic guide to the cover art of disco Presented by Disco Patrick and Patrick Vogt Soul Jazz Books
OUT NOW! New 400-page 12"x12" deluxe heavyweight book on Soul Jazz Records/Books. Foreword by Tom Moulton and Nicky Siano (The Gallery). Presented...
Reasons to be CheerfulThe Life and Work of Barney BubblesAdelita
REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL celebrates the graphic design genius of Barney Bubbles, whose work links the underground optimism of the 60s to the sardonic and...
  • Book (1.4kg)£24.99
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Street Art and the War on Terror: How the World's Best Graffiti Artists Said No to the Iraq WarXavier A. Tapies Korero Books
Cool political graffitti hardback book. Bringing together a stunning array of antiwar, anti-Bush, and anti-Blair graffiti from the United...
  • Book (1kg)£24.99 £8.99
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Best of Disc Art By Charlotte RiversRotoVision
Groovy CD design book. Hardback.
  • Book (1.3kg)£6.99
    Out of stock
Lord of Mess: My Head Is a Visual TownshipBy JayboGestalten Verlag
Very funky South African graffiti/design/photography book with free CD Lord of Mess My Head is a Visual Township Jaybo has strongly influenced the development...
  • Book (1.2kg)£7.50
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Reggae 45 SoundsystemThe Label Art of Reggae Singles, A Visual History of Jamaican Reggae 1959-79Soul Jazz Books
Reggae Soundsystem 45! is a new stunning deluxe 500 page flexibound book that features over 1000  full size record label 45 rpm single designs that...
Reggae SoundsystemOriginal Reggae Album Cover ArtSoul Jazz Books
Reggae Soundsystem! is a new deluxe 200 page hard-back 12”x12” book featuring hundreds of stunning full size record cover designs that span...
Fucked Up + PhotocopiedThe Instant Art of the Punk Rock MovementGingko Press
Raw, brazen and totally intense, Fucked Up + Photocopied is a collection of frenetic flyers produced for the American punk scene between 1977 and 1985....
  • Book (1.5kg)£29.99
    Out of stock
Che: A Graphic BiographyBy Spain Rodriguez Verso
A graphic biography of the most iconic revolutionary figure of the twentieth century. Since his death in 1967, Ernesto “Che” Guevara has become...
  • Book (450g)£8.00
    Out of stock
Voguing: Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-92Photographs by Chantal Regnault, Introduction by Tim LawrenceSoul Jazz Books
Currently out of print!Our new deluxe 200 page deluxe 24x30cm flexibound book, Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-92, features...
  • Book (1.3kg)£20.00
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Cover Art of Studio One RecordsDeluxe Hardback 12x12" 200 page BookSoul Jazz Books
Available for limited period at special discount price! 100% Absolutely essential! Super-deluxe 12x12" hardback 200 page plus, hundreds of classic Studio...
Bossa Nova and the Rise of Brazilian Music in the 1960sBOOK Edited by Gilles Peterson and Stuart BakerSoul Jazz Books
Currently out of print!This is the first ever collection of bossa nova record cover artwork, featuring stunning modernist and revolutionary designs that...
    Funk & Soul CoversOver 500 Covers Plus Interviews And DJs' Top-10 ListsTaschen
    Killer compact deluxe heavyweight book with 100s of wicked funk and soul covers, comes with lots of text, interviews and top 10 lists etc.
    • Book (1.4kg)£12.99
      Out of stock
    Factory RecordsThe Complete Graphic AlbumThames & Hudson
    Between 1978 and 1992, Factory was one of the most important record labels in Britain. It launched the careers of Joy Division, New Order and the Happy...
    New York Noise BookArt and Music from the New York Underground 1978-88Soul Jazz Books
    SORRY, OUT OF PRINT!For anyone in the slightest bit interested in New York's vibrant art and music scenes in the 1980s, this is an essential book...