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    Electri_CityThe Dusseldorf School of Electronic MusicOmnibus Press
    WICKED BOOK - NEARLY 50% OFF!!!Just like Memphis and Rock'n'Roll, Dusseldorf is regarded as the Mecca for electronic music. The capital of North Rhine-Westphalia...
    • Book (800g)£18.99 £10.00
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    All Gates OpenThe Story of CanFaber & Faber
    "All Gates Open" presents the definitive story of arguably the most influential and revered avant-garde band of the late twentieth century: CAN.
    Future DaysKrautrock and the Building of Modern Germany Faber & Faber
    West Germany, following the Second World War, was a country in shock: estranged from its recent history, and adrift from the rest of Europe. But this disorientating...
    • Book (400g)£12.99
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    Kraftwerk PublikationOmnibus Press
    Kraftwerk: Publikation is a new and major biography of the first-ever all-electronic pop group and one of the most influential bands in popular music history....
    • Book (600g)£19.95
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    Krautrock : Cosmic Rock And It's LegacyBy Erik Davis, Michael Faber, David KeenanBlack Dog Publishing
    Killer new book on German Rock and electronic music (Krautrock!). Easy to read and informative. Excellent introduction for those who want to know more....
    • Book (1.3kg)£19.95
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    KraftwerkMusic Non-StopContinuum Publishing
    When they were creating and releasing their most influential albums in the mid to late 1970s, Kraftwerk were far from the musical mainstream - and yet...
    • Book (400g)£14.99
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    KraftwerkMan, Machine And MusicSAF Publishing
    Biography of the robots by Pascal Bussy
    • Book (300g)£8.99
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