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Eat Cubanby Judy Bastyra
Secondhand hardback funky cookery book
  • Original Book (350g)£8.00
    Out of stock
The Caribbean Pantryby Steven RaichlenArtisan
Hard back groovy secondhand funky cook book - boom
The Complete Caribbean Cookbookby Lalbachan PamelaLansdowne
Large format hardback groovy funky cookery book
  • Original Book (1.7kg)£8.00
    Out of stock
Cooking the Caribbean Wayby Mary SlaterPaul Hamlyn
Groovy funky cookery book. Secondhand paperback
  • Original Book (300g)£7.99
    Out of stock
Latin American cookingby Susan BensusanRound The World Books
Lush ... old-school A4-size hardback secondhand funky cookery book
Ital Food: Eating Rastafarian Styleby Annemarie Troeder
Groovy rasta food. New book.
  • Book (200g)£6.99
    Out of stock
Creative Jamaican Cooking and Menusby Leonard HenryLMH Publishing
Nuff recipesSecondhand ex-library paperback
Caribbean Cookbookby Rita G SpringerEvans Brothers
This is the wicked 'compact' hardback (with dustjacket) version of the perennial Caribbean classic cokkery.. Secondhand hardback original
  • Original Book (400g)£8.00
    Out of stock
Exploring Caribbean Food in BritainFloella BenjaminMantra Publishing
Groovy small hardback secondhand book
Creole Vegetarian Cookeryby Kenneth GardinerGrafton Books
Black bean soup, curried pumpkin .. it's creole, it's vegetarian, it's very groovy.Secondhamd paperback
  • Original Book (300g)£6.99
    Out of stock
100 Mexican Dishesby Grace Teed KentOctopus
Funky cookery book, secondhand hardback. Hmmm
Tasting BrazilRegional Recipes and ReminiscencesMacMillan Publishing
Nice book!  (Secondhand hardback w/dustjacket)
  • Original Book (600g)£10.00
    Out of stock
JerkBarbecue From Jamaica (1990)The Crossing Press
Here's a review! "My husband and I have tried numerous recipies from this cookbook and each one has turned out 100% successful!! Helen has captured the...
  • Original Book (400g)£9.00
    Out of stock
A Taste Of CubaRecipes From The Cuban-American CommunityPlume
Cool avocado salads, enticingly spiced seafood, tropical rum drinks. In this unique cookbook, nearly 200 recipes celebrate the diverse melange of Cuban,...
  • Original Book (400g)£9.00
    Out of stock
Caribbean CookbookBy Rita G. SpringerPan Books
Second-hand paperback
  • Original Book (400g)£8.00
    Out of stock
Jamaican FoodHistory, Biology, CultureUniversity of the West Indies Press
£40 OFF!!!! OVER £20 CHEAPER THAN AMAZON UK Aug 2015!!!! This book is the bomb! 400 page hardback - deluxe SERIOUS study of Jamaican food....
  • Book (1.5kg)£65.00 £25.00
    Out of stock
PrivilegeCooking In The CaribbeanMacMillan Caribbean
Funky cookbook on the Caribbean tip! S/hand hardback book
  • Original Book (650g)£7.99
    Out of stock
Caribbean Cookingby Andre NegreLes Editions Du Pacifique
Very nice recipes, pics and cover! One of our favourite funky cookbooks. s/hand small hardback book
  • Original Book (400g)£8.00
    Out of stock
The Best of Caribbean CookingElizabeth Lambert OrtizAndre Deutsch (1975)
Nice hardback book, 1975 first edition.
The Khalid Aziz Book of Simple Caribbean CookingPepper Press
Nice small s/hand hardback book
Creole CookingThe Taste of Tropical IslandTed Smart
Funky s/hand Caribbean cookbook
  • Original Book (900g)£8.00
    Out of stock
A World Of FoodNigeriaFranklin Watts
Hardback secondhand book. Hmmm ...
Food And Festivals A Flavour Of The CaribbeanWayland Publishers (1998)
Focusing on the Caribbean, this book is part of a series which introduces the food and eating customs of countries around the world through their festivals....
A Little New Orleans CookbookBy Norma MacMillanAppletree Press (1995)
The elegance and exuberance of New Orleans is reflected in this delightful collection of recipes for the Crescent City's traditional dishes. Over the centuries,...
  • Original Book (200g)£6.99
    Out of stock
The Festive Food Of JamaicaBy Tessa HaywardKyle Cathie
"Beautifully illustrated with clear and authentic recipes". Alright! Small hardback secondhand original recipe cook book, Jamdown stylee.
  • Original Book (200g)£7.99
    Out of stock
Food And Festivals A Flavour Of BrazilWayland Publishers
Second-hand hardback ex-library book
  • Original Book (700g)£7.99
    Out of stock
Classic Jamaican CookingBy Caroline SullivanSerif
Believe us, Studio One sounds better if you're eating Ackee & Saltfish. Find out how, right now, right here.