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The Caribbean Pantryby Steven RaichlenArtisan
Hard back groovy secondhand funky cook book - boom
Creative Jamaican Cooking and Menusby Leonard HenryLMH Publishing
Nuff recipesSecondhand ex-library paperback
100 Mexican Dishesby Grace Teed KentOctopus
Funky cookery book, secondhand hardback. Hmmm
The Best of Caribbean CookingElizabeth Lambert OrtizAndre Deutsch (1975)
Nice hardback book, 1975 first edition.
The Khalid Aziz Book of Simple Caribbean CookingPepper Press
Nice small s/hand hardback book
A World Of FoodNigeriaFranklin Watts
Hardback secondhand book. Hmmm ...
Food And Festivals A Flavour Of The CaribbeanWayland Publishers (1998)
Focusing on the Caribbean, this book is part of a series which introduces the food and eating customs of countries around the world through their festivals....
Classic Jamaican CookingBy Caroline SullivanSerif
Believe us, Studio One sounds better if you're eating Ackee & Saltfish. Find out how, right now, right here.