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    James BlakeAssume FormPolydor
    Mercury award winner James Blake returns with his 4th studio album 'Assume Form'. The album features collaborations with Travis Scott, André 3000, Metro...
    • James Blake – Assume Form
    • James Blake – Mile High (feat. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)
    • James Blake – Tell Them (feat. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
    • James Blake – Into The Red
    • James Blake – Barefoot In The Park (feat. ROSALÍA)
    • James Blake – Can’t Believe The Way We Flow
    • James Blake – Are You In Love?
    • James Blake – Where’s The Catch? (feat. André 3000)
    • James Blake – I’ll Come Too
    • James Blake – Power On
    • James Blake – Don’t Miss It
    • James Blake – Lullaby For My Insomniac
    • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£25.99
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    • CD£11.99
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    Davy KehoeThe PilotWah Wah Wino
    Another oddball gem from Davy Kehoe via the unstoppable Wah Wah Wino crew! Quirky. eccentric, out-there, electronic / no-wave rhythms! Essential!
    • Davy Kehoe – The Pilot (Part 1)
    • Davy Kehoe – The Pilot (Part 2)
    Pépé BradockWhat a Mess!Atavisme
    Pepe Bradock is back with his first album since 1998's classic, 'Synthèse' - consisting of one track split across two sides with no track-listing. This...
      Marcus AnbessaMarch Of The FalashaZamZam Sounds
      New ZamZam 70..Just in.Imagine African Headcharge on Jah Tubbys, or a rootsman groundation resuscitating ancient machines in the crumbling ruins of a near-future...
      • Marcus Anbessa – March Of The Falasha
      • Marcus Anbessa – Creator
      Igor WakhévitchKshatrya (The Eye Of The Bird)Transversales Disques
      Transversales Disques reelase 'Kshatrya (The Eye Of The Bird)', a never-released-before recording by french avant-garde electronic composer Igor Wakhevitch,...
      • Igor Wakhévitch – Love Song To Ekalavya
      • Igor Wakhévitch – The Golden Night Part 1
      • Igor Wakhévitch – The Golden Night Part 2
      • Igor Wakhévitch – The Silver Horses - Usha The Guardian Of The East
      • Igor Wakhévitch – The Silver Horses - Usha The Guardian Of The East
      • Igor Wakhévitch – The Roarer, The Entity Of Darkness - The Guardian Of The West
      • Igor Wakhévitch – The Ride Of The Makara
      • Igor Wakhévitch – The Workload Of The World
      Ruf DugRuf Dug presents The CommitteeRhythm Section International
      Wicked street soul vibes from Ruf Dug with additional production and vocals from the likes of Z Lovecraft, FYI Chris Natalie Wildgoose, Sienna Mustafa...
      • Ruf Dug – Down 2 It feat. Watson
      • Ruf Dug – Fell from Stars feat. Sienna & Nadina Mustafa
      • Ruf Dug – All U Got 2 Do feat. Bradley Zero
      • Ruf Dug – Sunrise feat. Natalie Wildgoose
      • Ruf Dug – Sunrise (Mali-I Dub)
      Yu SuRoll With The PunchesSecond Circle
      Experimental synth and tropical dub tracks from the excellent Yu Su on Music From Memory offshoot, Second Circle!
      • Yu Su – Little Birds, Moonbath
      • Yu Su – Tipu's Tiger
      • Yu Su – Of Yesterday (Instrumental)
      • Yu Su – The Ultimate Which Manages The World
      • Yu Su – Words Without Sound
      AkisAkis Remixed (inc. Tolouse Low Trax remix)Into The Light
      Into The Light refocus on the work of cult, experimental / ambient music composer, Akis with an EP of remixes from the likes of Tolouse Low Trax, Bartosz...
      • Akis – Into The Light (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
      • Akis – Ecological Awareness (Benoit B Remix)
      • Akis – Ecological Awareness (K100 Signal Remix)
      • Akis – Christmas (Bartosz Kruczyński Remix)
      Holly HerndonPROTO4AD
      Experimental artist Holly Herndon releases her conceptual, A.I.-assisted album, 'PROTO', via 4AD. The album was created in collaboration with Spawn—a...
      • Holly Herndon – Birth
      • Holly Herndon – Alienation
      • Holly Herndon – Canaan (Live Training)
      • Holly Herndon – Eternal
      • Holly Herndon – Crawler
      • Holly Herndon – Extreme Love (with Lily Anna Hayes and Jenna Sutela)
      • Holly Herndon – Frontier
      • Holly Herndon – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
      • Holly Herndon – SWIM
      • Holly Herndon – Evening Shades (Live Training)
      • Holly Herndon – Bridge (with Martine Syms)
      • Holly Herndon – Godmother (with Jlin)
      • Holly Herndon – Last Gasp
      D-Operation DropBroncoZamZam Sounds
      Just in..ZamZam 71 is the welcome return of D-Operation Drop, the multi-man crew from Cesena, Italy with a well-earned rep that continues to grow. Everything...
      • D-Operation Drop – Bronco
      • D-Operation Drop – Coldset
      Charlemagne Palestine & RroseThe Goldennn Meeenn + SheeennEaux
      Charlemagne Palestine's majestic 1976 work The Golden Mean, originally performed by Palestine on two pianos, is revisited here as 'The Goldennn Meeenn...
      • Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose – The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn (Part One)
      • Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose – The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn (Part Tne)
      Spaciousness: Music Without HorizonsVarious ArtistsLo Recordings
      Ace ambient / new age / fourth world music compilation via Lo! Featuring Abul Mogard, Matthew David, Private Agenda, Cathy Luca, MJ Lallo, Jon Tye & Ulrich...
      • Abul Mogard – Flecks of Endless Spaces
      • Matthew David’s Mindflight – Ode To Flora
      • Private Agenda – Ultramarine
      • Cathy Lucas – Chatterscope
      • MJ Lallo – Birth Of A Star Child
      • Jon Tye & Ulrich Schnauss – Orange Cascade
      • Blackwater – Woodstock
      CaribouMelody Day (inc. Four Tet remix)City Slang
      Repress of the Caribou Melody Day 45 with the CLASSIC Four Tet remix!
        TerritroySkulls & PlantsDekmantel
        A 2x12" release of of experimental, spacious techno and cold, industrial ambience from Greek duo, Territroy. RIYL Helena Hauff, Vatican Shadow etc. Ace!
        • Territroy – Delirium Vivens
        • Territroy – Wax Smiles
        • Territroy – Non Sayers
        • Territroy – Sleeping Fury
        • Territroy – Instar
        • Territroy – Upside Down Sinner
        • Territroy – I Meant You, Not You
        • Territroy – Their Menads
        • Territroy – Bold Like A New Sun (feat. Olympia)
        • Territroy – Prosopagnosia
        Diggin' In The Carts (feat. Kode9 remixes)Various ArtistsHyperdub
        Companion EP to ‘Diggin In The Carts’, a compilation put together by Nick Dwyer and Kode9 of pioneering and rare Japanese video game music from the...
        • – Mister Diviner (The Mahjong Touhaiden) (Kode9 Remix)
        • – Bad Data (Dezaemo) (Kode9 Remix)
        • – Temple (Actraiser) (Kode9 Remix)
        • – An-Un [Ominous Clouds] (Xak II) (Kode9 Remix)
        BBC Radiophonic WorkshopThe Radiophonic WorkshopSilva Screen
        After the release of BBC Radiophonic Music (1971), and Fourth Dimension (1973), this was the third album to be produced by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop,...
          • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£19.99
            Limited blue vinyl - numbered edition of 500
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          BBC Radiophonic WorkshopBBC Radiophonic MusicSilva Screen
          Featuring remastered early electronic works of John Baker, David Cain and Delia Derbyshire! Widely regarded as a major influence on the development of...
            • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£19.99
              Limited grey vinyl edition.
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            Craig LeonThe Canon: Anthology Of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2Rvng Intl.
            Craig Leon imagines the "extraterrestrial origins of civilization" on 'The Canon: Anthology Of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2', a continuing chronicle...
            • Craig Leon – The Earliest Trace
            • Craig Leon – Standing Crosswise In The Square
            • Craig Leon – The Respondent In Dispute
            • Craig Leon – Four Floods Of The Point
            • Craig Leon – The Twenty Second Step As Well As The Tenth
            • Craig Leon – The Gates Made Plain
            • Craig Leon – Departure
            UnlovedDevils AngelsHeavenly
            Unloved is made up of vocalist and songwriter Jade Vincent, her partner the producer/composer Keefus Ciancia, and DJ/ producer/composer David Holmes.This...
            • Unloved – Devils Angels (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
            • Unloved – Devils Angels (Liminanas Remix)
            • Unloved – Love Lost (Nathan Miclay's Pulsating March Remix)
            • Unloved – Lee (Andy Votel & Jane Weaver Remix)
            • 1. Devils Angels (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
            • 2. Devils Angels (Liminanas Remix)
            • 3. Love Lost (Nathan Miclay's Pulsating March Remix)
            • View full info and tracklisting
            StereolabTransient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements (Expanded Edition)Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks
            Expanded reissue of Stereolab's 1993 album, 'Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements'. Includes demos and alternate takes.
            • Stereolab – Tone Burst
            • Stereolab – Our Trinitone Blast
            • Stereolab – Pack Yr Romantic Mind
            • Stereolab – I'm Going Out Of My Way
            • Stereolab – Golden Ball
            • Stereolab – Pause
            • Stereolab – Jenny Ondioline
            • Stereolab – Analogue Rock
            • Stereolab – Crest
            • Stereolab – Lock-Groove Lullaby
            • 3×LP£24.99
              Limited edition coloured vinyl + download code
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            Coil's Stephen Thrower composes these haunting, gaseous electronic mood pieces alongside David Knight (of cult UK post punk band Five Or Six) as UnicaZürn.
            • UnicaZürn – For the Dark Planets
            • UnicaZürn – Into Burning Labyrinths (Fuse-Fire-Seed)
            • UnicaZürn – Stems of Shadowmind
            • UnicaZürn – A Gulp of Moss a Breath of Stone
            • UnicaZürn – Frozen Scars and Laudanum
            Thomas LeerSaving, Drum (inc. Bullion remixes)Emotional Rescue
            Emotional Rescue dip into the work of Scottish new-wave / synth pop artist, Thomas Leer, focusing on two early 80s, DIY releases 'Saving Grace' and 'Tight...
            • Thomas Leer – Saving Grace
            • Thomas Leer – Saving Grace (Bullion Redux)
            • Thomas Leer – Tight As A Drum
            • Thomas Leer – Tight As A Drum (Bullion Redux)