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    NozinjaNozinja LodgeWarp
    Mastermind behind South Africa's Shangaan Electro, drops his album debut for Warp - expect some vivid, 180 bpm madness for your party! 
    • Nozinja – Nwa Baloyi
    • Nozinja – Mitshetsho We Zindaba
    • Nozinja – Baby Do U Feel Me
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    Jam CityDream A GardenNight Slugs
    Jam City releases his second long-player for Night Slugs and flips the stark, cold futuristic vision of grime heard on 'Classical Curves' for this album...
    • Jam City – The Garden Thrives
    • Jam City – A Walk Down Chapel
    • Jam City – Unhappy
    • LP£17.99
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    • CD£10.99
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    Greg BelsonFrom Darkness Comes Light Dublab / Future Roots Inc
    Long time vinyl veteran and music archivist Greg Belson presents “From Darkness Comes Light” – a brand new mix for dublab's Future Roots...
    • Greg Belson – Sample 1
    • Greg Belson – Sample 2
    • Greg Belson – Sample 3
    Lutto LentoFTD001FTD
    Wicked, curious mix of sample-heavy styles on this inaugral release for FTD records! 
    • Lutto Lento – I Remember I Was Dreaming
    • Lutto Lento – Sirena
    • Lutto Lento – Gipsi Sam
    • Lutto Lento – Prima Porta
    • Lutto Lento – The Boat Can Leave Now
    The Heliocentrics & Melvin Van PeeblesThe Last TransmissionNow Again
    Killer collaboration between Malcolm Catto and Jake Ferguson’s Heliocentrics and filmmaker/songwriter/author Melvin Van Peebles 2CD - with an instrumentlals...
    • The Heliocentrics & Melvin Van Peebles – Prologue
    • The Heliocentrics & Melvin Van Peebles – Big Bang Reincarnation
    • The Heliocentrics & Melvin Van Peebles – Searching For Signs Of Life
    • The Heliocentrics & Melvin Van Peebles – Blue Mist
    • New 2×LP £22.99
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    • 2×CD£15.99
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    Mono/PolyGolden SkiesBrainfeeder
    Making his album debut for Brainfeeder, Mono/Poly drops his most ambitious production and body of work to date. Self-desctribed as "electronic-classical-alchemy...
    • Mono/Poly – Winds Of Change
    • Mono/Poly – Ra Rise
    • Mono/Poly – Golden Gate
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    • LP£15.99
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    Throwing Shade Mystic Places / Lights Ominira
    Throwing Shade debuts on Kassem Mosse's Ominira imprint. Londoner, NTS host, and ethniomusicalogist, Throwing Shade showcases her "irdescent digital...
    • Throwing Shade – Mystic Places
    • Throwing Shade – Lights
    The Asphodells Remixed Rotters Golf Club
    Long since the go-to-guy for a killer remix Andy Weatherall calls on his friends to remix his debut project with Tim Fairplay -  The Asphodells, "Ruled...
    • The Asphodells – Another Lonely City (Group Rhoda Remix)**CD ONLY**
    • The Asphodells – We Are The Axis (Daniel Avery Remix)**CD ONLY**
    • The Asphodells – Another Lonely City (Daniele Baldelli and DJ Rocca Remix)
    • The Asphodells – Beglammered (Richard Sen Remix)
    • CD£10.99
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    • 2×LP£19.99
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    Maria MinervaWill Happiness Find Me?Not Not Fun
    Continuing with her own brand of codeine-drugged disco and hallucinogenic electronic-pop, Estonian ex-pat Maria Minerva returns with her new album "Will...
    • Maria Minerva – the sound
    • Maria Minerva – heart like a microphone
    • Maria Minerva – alone in amsterdam
    • CD£11.99
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    • LP£13.99
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    Creep Days - Drop The Lime / Soul Clap / John Roberts Remixes Young Turks
    Charged up remix from Drop The Lime, dropping a UFK rolling beat, brash sythns and lashings of sub bass under Romy's sensual vocal. Soul Clap slow the...
    • Creep – Days - Drop The Lime
    • Creep – Days - Soul Clap
    • Creep – Days - John Roberts
    Joanna BroukThe Space BetweenNumero Group
    Previously issued on three rare cassette only editions, Joanna Brouk’s 1980 sophomore album The Space Between has finally been given spacious LP quarters....
    • Joanna Brouk – The Space Between
    J-WalkMediterranean WindsWonderful Sound
    J-Walk returns this summer with a new Vinyl LP Mediterranean Winds. A deep set of Vangelis-inspired sounds plunging the listener into waters deep whilst...
    • J-Walk – Tramontana
    • J-Walk – Levante
    • J-Walk – Libeccio
    • J-Walk – Poniente
    • J-Walk – Ostro
    • J-Walk – Scirocco
    • J-Walk – Le Mistral
    • J-Walk – II Grecale
    • J-Walk – War Of The Winds
    Gorgeous, deep, sweeping, ambient music from cult experimental musician, Christian Fennesz. Fantastic release from Touch!
    • Fennesz – In My Room
    • Fennesz – Rainfall
    • Fennesz – Agora
    • Fennesz – We Trigger the Sun
    DJ Lag & OkzharpSteam Rooms EPHyperdub
    Durban gqom ambassador DJ Lag and London-based Okzharp combine over four club heavy tracks rooted in their long-term long-distance connection. ‘Steam...
      Yutaka HiroseNova + 4WRWTFWW Records
      WRWTFWW Records reissue one of the most fascinating Japanese ambient/environmental albums, NOVA + 4 by Yutaka Hirose. This edition includes the album known...
      • Yutaka Hirose – Nova 新星
      • Yutaka Hirose – Slow Sky
      • Yutaka Hirose – In The Afternoon
      • Yutaka Hirose – Taiko 太古
      • Yutaka Hirose – Humming The Sea
      • Yutaka Hirose – Through The Windows
      • Yutaka Hirose – Out Take 1
      • Yutaka Hirose – Old Dream Spell
      • Yutaka Hirose – Light Which Shakes Quietly
      • Yutaka Hirose – 暑い日
      • Yutaka Hirose – Shadow Of A Droplet
      • 2×LP Deluxe vinyl£29.99
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      • 2×CD£12.99
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      BonoboLinkedNinja Tune
      Surprise drop from Ninja Tune mainstay, Bonobo who channels the vibe of Four Tet and James Holden on this tidy, club-friendly release, 'Linked'.
      • Bonobo – Linked
      • 12"£8.99
        Limited, one-sided 12" release pressed on 140g vinyl.
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      Brandt Brauer FrickEchoBecause Music
      Fifth studio album from electronic trio Brandt Brauer Frick. Dance-floor orientated electronic experiments for Because Music.
        Matias AguayoSupport Alien InvasionCrammed Discs
        Matias Aguayo takes another surprise step in his musical course with the excellent, 'Support Alien Invasion' album. Nine tracks (of which are mostly instrumental)...
        • Matias Aguayo – The Fold
        • Matias Aguayo – We Have Seen Another World
        • Matias Aguayo – 2019
        • Matias Aguayo – Support Alien Invasion
        • Matias Aguayo – Insurgentes
        • Matias Aguayo – Laisse-moi Parler
        • Matias Aguayo – Between The Risings
        • Matias Aguayo – Pikin
        • Matias Aguayo – Spread This Number
        Rupert ClervauxAfter MasterpiecesWhities
        Whities step out of the club into more experimental realms with an album of promising sounding, concept material from debutante, Rupert Clervaux. Highly...
        • Rupert Clervaux – In Shadowlands of Like and Likeness
        • Rupert Clervaux – Make Nature Speak
        • Rupert Clervaux – L'amore che Muove il Sole
        Benjamin LewLe Personnage Principal Est Un Peuple IsoléSTROOM
        A collection of experimental music from Belgian musician, Benjamin Lew. Composed in the early 80s, these wistful electronic pieces feature some collaborative...
        • Benjamin Lew – Profondeurs Des Eaux Des Laques
        • Benjamin Lew – Moments
        • Benjamin Lew – Le Personnage Principal Est Un Peuple Isolé
        • Benjamin Lew – Face A Ce Qui Se Dérobe
        • Benjamin Lew – Qu’il Fasse Nuit
        • Benjamin Lew – The Wheel
        • Benjamin Lew – Little Birds Sit On Your Shoulder
        • Benjamin Lew – Etendue
        • Benjamin Lew – Ces Personnages
        • Benjamin Lew – Joyeux Regrets Imprécis
        • Benjamin Lew – Hommes Assis Devant Un Mur Chaulé
        • Benjamin Lew – La Magnifique Alcoolique
        AkisAkis Remixed (inc. Tolouse Low Trax remix)Into The Light
        Into The Light refocus on the work of cult, experimental / ambient music composer, Akis with an EP of remixes from the likes of Tolouse Low Trax, Bartosz...
        • Akis – Into The Light (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
        • Akis – Ecological Awareness (Benoit B Remix)
        • Akis – Ecological Awareness (K100 Signal Remix)
        • Akis – Christmas (Bartosz Kruczyński Remix)
        Holly HerndonPROTO4AD
        Experimental artist Holly Herndon releases her conceptual, A.I.-assisted album, 'PROTO', via 4AD. The album was created in collaboration with Spawn—a...
        • Holly Herndon – Birth
        • Holly Herndon – Alienation
        • Holly Herndon – Canaan (Live Training)
        • Holly Herndon – Eternal
        • Holly Herndon – Crawler
        • Holly Herndon – Extreme Love (with Lily Anna Hayes and Jenna Sutela)
        • Holly Herndon – Frontier
        • Holly Herndon – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
        • Holly Herndon – SWIM
        • Holly Herndon – Evening Shades (Live Training)
        • Holly Herndon – Bridge (with Martine Syms)
        • Holly Herndon – Godmother (with Jlin)
        • Holly Herndon – Last Gasp
        Charlemagne Palestine & RroseThe Goldennn Meeenn + SheeennEaux
        Charlemagne Palestine's majestic 1976 work The Golden Mean, originally performed by Palestine on two pianos, is revisited here as 'The Goldennn Meeenn...
        • Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose – The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn (Part One)
        • Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose – The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn (Part Tne)
        O Yuki ConjugateInsect-Talk (feat. Tolouse Low Trax remix)Utter
        Utter issue a rare, alternate version of 'Insect-Talk' by legendary post-industrial / ambient group O Yuki Conjugate - accompanied with a version from...
        • O Yuki Conjugate – Insect-Talk (Dry)
        • O Yuki Conjugate – Insect-Talk (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
        • O Yuki Conjugate – Insect-Talk (Howes Reduction)
        • O Yuki Conjugate – Insect-Talk (O Yuki Conjugate 2018 Remix)
        Girl UnitSong FeelNight Slugs
        Key Night Slugger, Girl Unit, returns with 'Song Feel' - a neon lit, guided trip into fluorescent R&B realms featuring guest spots from the likes of Kelela...
        • Girl Unit – WYWD ft. Kelela
        • Girl Unit – Stuck ft. Taliwhoah
        • Girl Unit – Sucker Free ft. Ms. Boogie
        • Girl Unit – Head
        • Girl Unit – Pull Up ft. Thast
        • Girl Unit – Evidence ft. Rush Davis
        • Girl Unit – B.A.C.K
        • Girl Unit – 24 Hours ft. Brook Baili
        • Girl Unit – Roll
        • Girl Unit – Pure Gold
        • Girl Unit – WYWD ft. Kelela (Remix)
        Matthew Herbert’s Great Britain and Gibraltar European Union Membership Referendum Big BandThe State Between UsAccidental
        Experimental musician, Matthew Herbert mixes art and politics on his latest album via how own Accidental label!
          KreidlerMosaik 2014 (10th Anniversary Edition)Italic
          Kreidler celebrate the 10th anniversary of their groundbreaking 2009 album, Mosaik 2014, with this remastered edition. Minimal, tribal, inventive and idiosyncratic;...
          • Kreidler – Mosaik
          • Kreidler – Zero
          • Kreidler – Maruader
          • Kreidler – Brass Cannon
          • Kreidler – Luminous Procuress
          • Kreidler – High Witchita
          • Kreidler – European Grey
          • Kreidler – Impressions D'Afrique
          • LP£27.99
            Limited white vinyl edition
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          Wire Recorded Pieces: Precocious Noise & Early Electronica Pt. 2Various ArtistsSound Miracle Recordings
          Superb primer into the the fascinating world of primal electronics, early noise experiments and sound design, industrial, avant-garde and tape-music. Focuses...
          • Johanna M Beyer – Music Of The Spheres
          • Bengt Hambraeus – Doppelrohr II
          • Remi Gassmanny – Incontri Di Fasce Sonore
          • Vladimir Ussachevsky – Curtain Music
          • Halim El-Dabh – Reverberation
          • Halim El-Dabh – Wire Recorded Piece
          • Pierre Henry – Apres La Mort
          • Else Marie Pade – Lyd & Lys
          • Herbert Eimert – Klang Studie II
          • The Blue Men – Glob Waterfall
          • Gyorgy Ligeti – Piece Electronique #3
          • Giselher Klebe – Interferenzen
          • Velimir Khlebnikov – Radio Busushchego
          HejiraThread Of GoldLima Limo
          London-based trio Hejira announce their second LP Thread of Gold, released through their own Lima Limo Records. 'Thread of Gold' tells the story of vocalist,...
          • Hejira – Save it for Another
          • Hejira – Joyful Mind
          • Hejira – Ribs
          • Hejira – Lima Limo
          • Hejira – Empire
          • Hejira – A Taxi Man
          • Hejira – Seven
          • Hejira – You
          • Hejira – Thread of Gold
          SPELLINGMazy FlySacred Bones
          Experimental R&B from SPELLING. Haunting, spectral and otherworldly, 'Mazy Fly' draws from an undiscovered pool of influences leaving a thoroughly original...
          • SPELLING – Red
          • SPELLING – Haunted Water
          • SPELLING – Hard to Please
          • SPELLING – Golden Numbers
          • SPELLING – Melted Wings
          • SPELLING – Under the Sun
          • SPELLING – Real Fun
          • SPELLING – Hard to Please (Reprise)
          • SPELLING – After Life
          • SPELLING – Dirty Desert Dreams
          • SPELLING – Secret Thread
          • SPELLING – Falling Asleep
          • LP£20.99
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          • CD£12.99
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          Yan TreggerTo The Land Of No ReturnWah Wah Records / Supersonic Sounds
          Best known to collectors for his 70's library efforts (Freezing Point, The Pop World Of Yann Tregger, Schifters, Catchy, Ducks & Drakes) on such cult labels...
          • Yan Tregger – Starting Tone
          • Yan Tregger – Departure
          • Yan Tregger – Caught
          • Yan Tregger – Insects World
          • Yan Tregger – Underground Cathedral
          • Yan Tregger – Airshaft N°1
          • Yan Tregger – Metal Kit
          • Yan Tregger – Escaping
          • Yan Tregger – Steam Land
          • Yan Tregger – Hooter
          • Yan Tregger – Shelters
          • Yan Tregger – Nature Death
          • Yan Tregger – Crystal Mind
          • Yan Tregger – Airshaft N°2
          Paul DeMarinisSongs Without ThroatsBlack Truffle
          Paul DeMarinis has been a key figure in the history of electronic music since the 1970s. Collaborator with the likes of Robert Ashley, David Behrman, and...
          • Paul DeMarinis – If God Were Alive (& He Is) You Could Reach Him By Telephone
          • Paul DeMarinis – R4T
          • Paul DeMarinis – Et Tu, Klaatu
          • Paul DeMarinis – Eenie Meenie Chillie Beenie
          • Paul DeMarinis – Novena
          James HoldenA Cambodian Spring OSTBorder Community
          Originally written to accompany the critically-acclaimed documentary 'A Cambodian Spring', the fourteen tracks of 4th world drones, ethno-trance - a superb...
          • James Holden – Srey Pov's Theme
          • James Holden – Monk's Theme, Pt. I
          • James Holden – Downturn Medley
          • James Holden – Solidarity Theme (Villagers)
          • James Holden – Monk's Theme, Pt. II
          • James Holden – The Villagers
          • James Holden – Disintegration Drone I
          • James Holden – Solidarity Theme (Release)
          • James Holden – Monk's Theme, Pt. III (Exit)
          • James Holden – Reprise
          • James Holden – Disintegration Drone II (Torn Cone)
          • James Holden – Disintegration Drone III (Death Rattle)
          • James Holden – Self-Playing Schmaltz
          • James Holden – Srey Pov's Theme (End Credits)
          UNKLEPsyence FictionMo Wax / UMC
          Reissue of the classic 1998 debut on Mo Wax from James Lavelle and crew!
            Alec CheerNight Kaleidoscope (Original Soundtrack)Trunk Records
            'Night Kaleidoscope’ is Alec Cheer’s classic-sounding synth score for a low-budget psychedelic vampire horror directed by Grant McPhee and shot in...
            • Alec Cheer – Title
            • Alec Cheer – Morning
            • Alec Cheer – Visions
            • Alec Cheer – Shadows
            • Alec Cheer – The Night Belongs To Us
            • Alec Cheer – Confusion
            • Alec Cheer – Kickstart
            • Alec Cheer – Hunters
            • Alec Cheer – Protective Spell
            • Alec Cheer – Evil Ways
            • Alec Cheer – Safe
            Richard PinhasEast WestBureau B
            Fourth solo album by French spacerock mastermind Richard Pinhas. 'East West' was his first and only album to be released by a major label (CBS). Some say...
            • Richard Pinhas – Houston 69: The Crash Landing (Part 1)
            • Richard Pinhas – Sense Of Doubt
            • Richard Pinhas – Kyoto Number 3
            • Richard Pinhas – La Ville Sans Nom
            • Richard Pinhas – Ruitor
            • Richard Pinhas – West Side
            • Richard Pinhas – Beautiful May
            • Richard Pinhas – The Whale Dance
            • Richard Pinhas – Houston 69 (Part 2)
            • LP£18.99
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            • CD£11.99
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            Gerry FrankeChiroyli KamalakTermina
            Wicked tribal drum traxx from Max Graef affiliate, Gerry Franke!
            • Gerry Franke – Chiroyli Kamalak
            • Gerry Franke – The Key Under The Board
            I-LP-ONAanetEditions Mego
            Ilpo Väisänen returns to Editions Mego under the guise of I-LP-ON. Reduced, fidgeting, techno experiments that pay homage to his late, great creatice...
            • I-LP-ON – SYRJÄYTYVÄ
            • I-LP-ON – TURUN SATTUMA
            • I-LP-ON – MUISTOISSA 1, 2, 3
            • I-LP-ON – POBLE DUB
            • I-LP-ON – ALUSSA
            • I-LP-ON – SEATTLE 1
            • I-LP-ON – PIMEYDEN VASARA
            • I-LP-ON – JYVÄT
            • I-LP-ON – SEATTLE 2, ASEMA
            • I-LP-ON – MELANKOLIA
            • I-LP-ON – LOPUSSA
            • I-LP-ON – MANAT
            François BayleElectrucs!Transversales Disques
            'Electrucs!’ is a previously unpublished LP of works by former INA-GRM chief François Bayle, recorded 1974-1995, and now finally issued on the 60th...
            • François Bayle – Sophistication
            • François Bayle – Train Noir
            • François Bayle – Voltage Stomp
            • François Bayle – Crepuscule
            • François Bayle – Quadrille
            • François Bayle – Arpegiatto
            • François Bayle – Melodie Zebre
            • François Bayle – Saccades
            • François Bayle – La Chose
            • François Bayle – Ennemi Intime
            • François Bayle – Rosace 1
            • François Bayle – Rosace 2
            • François Bayle – Rosace 3
            • François Bayle – Rosace 4
            • François Bayle – Rosace 5
            • François Bayle – Foliphonie
            • François Bayle – Marpege
            Switched-On EugeneVarious ArtistsNumero
            "Switched-On Eugene documents the Eugene Electronic Music Collective and some of the many synthed-out figures in and around Oregon’s iconic hippie stronghold...
            • David Stout – The Seven Rays
            • Phyllyp Vernacular – The Clinging
            • Peter Kardas – Other Playgrounds
            • Kim Carter – Energy
            • Nathan Griffith – Great Moves
            • Joel Horowitz – Finale From "A Walk Down Serenity Lane
            • Michael Chocholak – Skomorokhi
            • Derryl Parsons – Floating Landscape (Including Chase Scene)
            • Scott Blair – Dance Pacific
            • 2×LP£29.99
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            • CD£14.99
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            William Basinski + Lawrence EnglishSelva OscuraTemporary Residence
            Collaborative album from legendary sound artist, William Basinski and Room40's, Lawrence English. Two extended, nebulous, drone pieces that evolve in a...
            • William Basinski + Lawrence English – Mono No Aware
            • William Basinski + Lawrence English – Selva Oscura
            The ProdigyThe Official Story - Electronic PunksIndependent Music Press
            THE PRODIGY have sold 25 million records and single-handedly reinvented the crossover between dance and rock music, with legendary songs such as 'Firestarter',...
            Sharron Kraus & Belbury PolyOther Voices 10Ghost Box
            Folk singer Sharron adds a haunting vocal to this psych-pop collaboration for Ghost Box’s Other Voices series. Belbury Poly remix on the flip-side.
            • Sharron Kraus & Belbury Poly – Something Out Of Nothing (Original Version)
            • Sharron Kraus & Belbury Poly – Something Out Of Nothing (Belbury Poly Mix)
            Domenique DumontMiniatures De Auto RhythmAntinote
            Domenique Dumont captures some lo-fi, lysergic, electronic funk instrumentals on his second LP outing for Antinote. PPU and Legowelt fans check!
            • Domenique Dumont – Le Debut De La Fin
            • Domenique Dumont – Quasi Quasi
            • Domenique Dumont – Faux Savage
            • Domenique Dumont – Ono Mambo Haiku
            • Domenique Dumont – Quand
            • Domenique Dumont – Sans Cesse, Mon Cheri
            • Domenique Dumont – Message Of The Diving Bird
            • Domenique Dumont – Le Soleil Dans Le Monde
            Bruce HaackPreservation TapesTelephone Explosion Records
            Archival material from the electronic music pioneer, Bruce Haack who brought us classics such as the legendary 'The Electric Lucifer' from 1970!
            • Bruce Haack – When Mothers Of Salem
            • Bruce Haack – Little Things
            • Bruce Haack – Untitled 1
            • Bruce Haack – Untitled 2
            • Bruce Haack – Untitled 3
            • Bruce Haack – Party Machine (Original Version)
            • Bruce Haack – Untitled 4
            • Bruce Haack – Jesus Loves Me
            • Bruce Haack – Untitled 5
            • Bruce Haack – God Be With You
            Phil FranceCircleGondwana Records
            UK based composer, bassist and producer Phil France drops his second LP on Matthew Halsall's Gondwana Records. France is best know as one half of the mighty,...
            • Phil France – Circle
            • Phil France – Bells
            • Phil France – River
            • Phil France – Prophet
            • Phil France – Mr Jackal
            • Phil France – The First Thing That You Say
            • Phil France – Cathedrals
            • Phil France – The Breaks
            • Phil France – Circle (Reprise)
            • LP£18.99
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            • CD£11.99
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            Debut solo album, originally released in 1973, from Greek electronics wizard Vangelis together with former Aphrodite's Child band members.
              Lorenzo SenniThe Shape Of RemixXxes To Come (inc. DJ Stingray remix)Warp
              Italian electronic artist and sound composer Lorenzo Senni releases a two track remix 12” for his essential trance-indebted classic ‘XAllegroX’,...
              • Lorenzo Senni – XAllegroX (DJ Stingray’s Molto Allegro Mix)
              OkzharpCloser ApartHyperdub
              'Closer Apart' is the debut album by UK/South African duo Okzharp and Manthe Ribane. On Closer Apart, Okzharp and vocalist-artist-dancer and album co-producer...
                PariahHere From Where We AreHoundstooth
                ‘Here From Where We Are’, Pariah’s first release in six years, marks a natural progression in his sound across nine interconnected pieces. Electronic...
                  • LP£16.99
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                  • CD£10.99
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