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    Maria Minerva Cabaret Cixous Not Not Fun
    Following on from the brilliant kraut-dub debut by Peaking Lights, Maria Minerva presents 'Cabaret Cixous' on Not Not Fun! 'Cabaret Cixous' has a hallucinogenic,...
    • Maria Minerva – these days
    • Maria Minerva – pirate's tale
    • Maria Minerva – lovecool
    • Maria Minerva – once upon
    • Maria Minerva – laulan paikse kaes
    • Maria Minerva – soo high
    • Maria Minerva – ruff trade
    • CD£12.99
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    • LP£16.99
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    Inga Copeland (of Hype Williams) Inga CopelandWhite
    Hype Williams member, Inga Copeland, goes it a alone on this one - lush 4 track EP.... as 'poppy' as it is 'trippy'. Limited!
    • Inga Copeland (of Hype Williams) – trample
    • Inga Copeland (of Hype Williams) – damaged
    • Inga Copeland (of Hype Williams) – notile
    • Inga Copeland (of Hype Williams) – You gotta respect yrself before i can
    • 12"£6.99
      Out of stock
    Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XXWe're New HereXL
     This is the hugely anticipated Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX re-work album! A year after Gil Scott-Heron's I'm New Here', Jamie XX has reworked, re-imagined,...
    • Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX – home
    • Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX – running
    • Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX – my cloud
    • Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX – the crutch
    • Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX – ny is killing me
    MindfieldFeaturing: The Future Sound Of London, Spacetime Continuum, The Black Dog, Boxcutter & MorePsychoNavigation
    Ambient, dubby and IDM-styled electronica bits on this bumper compilation of past, present and future tracks from Dublin-based Psychonavigation.
    • david morley – equator
    • anodyne – corrosion (bitten by the black dog)
    • boxcutter – diagonal reader VIP
    • CD£12.99
      Out of stock
    New doublepack 7" by artist Dakim for the Los Angeles based Poo-Bah Records. 4 beautiful tracks of instrumental hiphop, with traces of soul music. 500...
    • Dakim – cram
    • Dakim – dew
    • Dakim – ntoo
    • Dakim – type of blue
    • 2×7"£13.99
      Out of stock
    BullionYou Drive Me To PlasticYoung Turks
    Limited etched vinyl 12" with bonus CD from Bullion on Young Turks!!! First introduced to us by One Handed Music, Bullion makes his debut on hot...
    • Bullion – Wrong Door In(tro)
    • Bullion – Slight Jig In The Sky
    • Bullion – Lol Express
    • Bullion – Too Right
    • LP£15.99
      Out of stock
    Baaba Disco Externo Lanquidity
    'Disco Externo' is made of quirky fragmented loops and live instrumentation.
    • Baaba – diamonds, bitch!
    • LP£9.99
      Out of stock
    Shafiq / Om'mas DNA (splice mix) / The Girls A Player - Los Angeles 0/10 All City
    Eleventh and conclusive ten inch of the LA series comes from two thirds of the Sa-Ra Creative Partners Shafiq Husayn and Om’Mas Keith. Working solo...
    • Shafiq / Om'mas – dna - the splice mix
    • Shafiq / Om'mas – the girl is a player
    • Shafiq / Om'mas – instrumental
    • 10"£6.99
      Out of stock
    Old ApparatusZebulon / Hammerhand featuring Mowgli Deep Medi Musik
    Dark, enchanting bass offering from Old Apparatus on Deep Medi Musik. Creating a different dimenson to the conventional dubstep template adding their odd...
    • Old Apparatus – Zebulon
    • Old Apparatus – Hammerhand featuring Mowgli
    • 10"£7.99
      Out of stock
    Bop SinglayerReally Swing Volume 3Really Swing
    Really Swing is pleased to announce the new release of Luca Affatato as Bop Singlayer, Vol.3 deliver a superb combination of unexpected beats and psychedelic...
    • Bop Singlayer – flirt
    • Bop Singlayer – funky rooster
    • Bop Singlayer – ice cream
    • 10"£6.99
      Out of stock
    John StammersIdle I'mWonderfulsound
    top remix for the summer from those superimposer peoples, from his debut album the stand-out track gets the remix treatment but staying true to the vibes.....
    • John Stammers – Idle I'm (Coloured in Remix)
    • John Stammers – Your Good Is As Guess Mine (Kramford Look Remix)
    • 7"£4.99
      Out of stock
    Hype Williams Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol.II EPHyperdub
    Hazy four-track EP from cult, lo-fi, electronic duo Hype Williams make their debut on Kode9's Hyperdub imprint their odd sounding musical narcotics seem...
    • Hype Williams – rise up
    • Hype Williams – boss man
    • Hype Williams – Farthing Wood Dub
    • Hype Williams – Badmind
    • 12"£5.99
      Out of stock
    Old ApparatusOld ApparatusDeep Medi Musik
    BACK IN STOCK!! *Limited edition screen-printed sleeve* Not much is known about Deep Medi Musik's new mystery signing Old Apparatus other than a mix...
    • Old Apparatus – ?
    • Old Apparatus – ?
    • 12"£9.99
      Out of stock
    Hype WilliamsFind Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Getting ReelDe Stijl
    Very hotly tipped new album from London based band Hype Williams! Very mysterious album from the very mysterious Hype Williams. 'Find Out What Happens...
    • Hype Williams – Rescue Dawn
    • Hype Williams – Untitled (Andrea Lopez)
    • Hype Williams – Blue Dream
    • Hype Williams – Rescue Dawn 3
    • LP£16.99
      Out of stock
    Invasion Of The Mysteron Killer Sounds in 3-DCompiled by Kevin Martin (The Bug) and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records)Soul Jazz Records
    Kevin Martin (aka The Bug) and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records) have collaborated on a unique project bringing together new, exclusive and in-demand cutting-edge...
    • Steely & Clevie – Street Sweeper
    • Lenky & Sly – Now Thing
    • Roots Manuva – Doogoo Dub
    • Dave Kelly – The Return
    • Harvel 'Gadaffi' Hart – Summer Bounce
    • Federation Sound – Flatlands (Brooklyn Dub Mix)
    • Steven 'Lenky' Marsden – Diwali
    • Matt Shadetek – Yoga Rhythm
    • Stereotyp ft. Alleycat – Modern Times
    • Da Grynch and Tippa Irie – Agony
    • Fresh Ear Productions – Hummer
    • Diplo – Diplo Rhythm
    • Harmonic 313 – Bazooka Riddim
    • Marlon Williams – Pitbull
    • Redlight – MDMA
    • The Bug – Aktion
    • Fat Eyes – Clothes Pin
    • Steven Ventura – Throw Your Hands Up
    • Sly Dunbar and Christopher Birch – Corners Boy
    • David Jahson – King of Kings
    • Fat Eyes – Steel Plate
    • South Rakkas Crew – Red Alert
    • Parara and McCoy – Them Can't Hold Yuh Girl
    • King Tubby – Fat Thing Version
    • World Beat – Goldmine
    • Andre 'Suku' Gray – Sign
    • Henfield and Shadowman – Babatunde
    • Firehouse Crew – No False Hair
    • Computer Paul – World Talk
    • Fat Eyes – Overdose
    • Prince Jazzbo – Great Dub
    • Kickin' Productions – What You Gonna Do
    • Pliers – I'm Your Man Dub
    • Wiz Kidz Team – In My Heart Version
    • Jammys Jam2 James – Peenie Peenie
    • Deluxe 2×CD£12.00
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    • 2×LP Vol.1£18.99
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    • 2×LP Vol.2£18.99
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    • MP3 Release£8.99
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    Finn PetersPurple & YellowMontella
    Finn Peters makes a welcome return back onto spinning plastic with the wonderful Purple and Yellow 10". Following on from his Music Of The Mind concept...
    • Finn Peters – Yellow
    • Finn Peters – Purple
    • 10"£6.99
      Out of stock
    VangelisMask (1985)Polydor
    Experimental electronic sweeping album from 1985.
      • Original LP£8.99
        Out of stock
      Slow Rotor / Eba / Sub TextureSpace DiscoByo-Lo
      Freaky deeky space-disco/house five tracker that influence from Chicago House on Byo-lo Records!
      • slow rotor – space disco (instrumental edit)
      • slow rotor – space disco (dub edit) remixed UV
      • eba – elephungk (parcapella) q
      • 1. slow rotor – space disco (instrumental edit)
      • 2. slow rotor – space disco (dub edit) remixed UV
      • 3. eba – elephungk (parcapella) q
      • View full info and tracklisting
      • 12"£5.99
        Out of stock
      BonjayStumble / CreepinOne Bird Records
      LIMITED EDITION 200 HANDCRAFTED NOTEBOOK RELEASE!!! New single fro, Toronto-based electronic dancehall collective Bonjay on One Bird Records. Unique...
      • Bonjay – Stumble
      • Bonjay – Creepin
      • Notebook + Digital Download£7.99
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      Bruce HaackFarad: Vocoder Music 1969-1982Stones Throw
      Briliant retrospective of material from pioneering electronic music guru Bruce Haack on Stones Throw records! Up until now, Bruce Haack’s legacy...
      • Bruce Haack – Electric To Me Turn
      • Bruce Haack – Incantation
      • Bruce Haack – National Anthem To The Moon
      • Bruce Haack – Rita
      • Bruce Haack – Man Kind
      • Bruce Haack – Ancient Mariner
      • 2×LP£20.99
        Out of stock
      • CD£10.99
        Out of stock
      Vladislav Delay QuartetVladislav Delay QuartetHonest Jon's
      Debut album from Wire cover-star and Moritz Von Oswald-collaborator Vladislay Delay. Here he joined by Derek Shirley on double bass,  Lucio Capece...
      • Vladislav Delay Quartet – minus degrees, bare feet, tickles
      • Vladislav Delay Quartet – santa teresa
      • CD£11.99
        Out of stock
      Mo KoloursDrum TalkingOne Handed Music
      Percussionist and singer Mo Kolours drops into the One Handed roster like Hawk on a half pipe. A set of deep, spaced out weed shanties with a brilliant...
      • Mo Kolours – intro
      • Mo Kolours – bakiraq
      • Mo Kolours – drum talking
      • Mo Kolours – biddies
      • Mo Kolours – dead of night
      • Mo Kolours – 8 hours
      • Mo Kolours – outro: i'm the drum
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      FatimaFollow You EPEglo
      Deep, warm, soulful new EP from London-based songstress Fatima on Eglo! Produced entirely by Floating Points, 'Follow You eP' really showacases the natural...
      • Fatima – Cinnamon
      • Fatima – Mind
      • Fatima – Innervisions
      • Fatima – Red Light
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      HuessWhat It CostInaudible Answer
      At long last Inaudible Answer is ready to announce their very first physical release: Huess – What It Cost EP. Featuring remixes from Fulgeance and...
      • Huess – Broke
      • Huess – 1-800 Wake Up
      • Huess – Gak ( Fulgeance Remix )
      • 12"£5.99
        Out of stock
      United VibrationsGalaxies Not Ghettos12 Tone
      Inspired by a wealth of different sources, ranging from Drum ‘n’ Bass and Hip-Hop to rock and afro-beat, the band's seismic live shows have...
      • United Vibrations – Yeah
      • United Vibrations – No Space No Time
      • United Vibrations – My Way
      • United Vibrations – Circle
      • United Vibrations – I Know Who I AM
      • 2×LP£18.99
        Out of stock
      • CD£12.99
        Out of stock
      Space RangerWhat About The Magnetic FieldsLovemonk
      Italo influences, lustful synths, suggestive vocals, psychedelic pop, sultry electronic layers, heavy beats and fat bass lines: all these elements are...
      • Space Ranger – Phase Fever
      • Space Ranger – Nightmoves ft. Captn K
      • Space Ranger – Superstring ( Rayko Remix )
      • Space Ranger – Nothing's Wrong ft. Arombar & Pollard Berrier
      • Space Ranger – Shave Me, I'm Famous ( Ajello's Vocal Edit )
      • CD£13.99
        Out of stock
      GilletteI100% Silk
      Debut release from Gillette on 100% Silk! Dark, industrial minimal-synth!
      • Gillette – I
      • Gillette – II
      • Gillette – III
      • 12"£10.99
        Out of stock
      Xander HarrisI Want More Than Just Blood - High Heels Mix100% Silk
      Sleazy sexy horror/cosmic-disco debut from Texas-based producer Xander Harris on 100% Silk. Influenced by 80's synth-pop on this EP, 'I Want More Than...
      • Xander Harris – I Want More Than Just Blood - High Heels Mix
      • Xander Harris – necronomiconjure
      • Xander Harris – martian fever
      • 12"£10.99
        Out of stock
      DelsGobBig Dada
      This is the single from the debut album by Dels. Features production by Kwes (Young Turks) this Big Dada release is not to be missed!
        James PantsJames PantsStones Throw
        NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!! James Pants’ self-titled third album on Stones Throw! Following on from his album 'Seven Seals' and numerous underground...
        • James Pants – beta
        • James Pants – every night i dream
        • James Pants – strange girl
        • James Pants – incantation
        • James Pants – those girls
        • CD£9.99
          Out of stock
        • LP£13.99
          Out of stock
        Ground Is LavaGround Is LavaFriends Of Friends
        *Red vinyl and bonus 7"* The next to step up from The Weddit Collective (that bred Shlohmo) is Norweigan Ground Is Lava. On his debut LP  Ground...
        • Ground Is Lava – Pregaming The Rapture
        • Ground Is Lava – Panorama Ft Weary
        • Ground Is Lava – Grass Day
        • Ground Is Lava – Young Lava
        • Ground Is Lava – Final Impasse
        • Ground Is Lava – .One For Her 7"A. Animal (Young Montana? Remix) 7"
        • LP + 7"£19.99
          Out of stock
        Jamie Woon / Hudson Mowake / DebruitLady LuckPolydor
        Following this his amazing 'Night Air' 12" earlier this year, sweet-voiced neo-soul futurist Jamie Woon returns with two fresh joints on Polydor. Skewed...
        • Jamie Woon / Hudson Mowake / Debruit – Lady Luck
        • Jamie Woon / Hudson Mowake / Debruit – royce wood jr retwix
        • Jamie Woon / Hudson Mowake / Debruit – hudson mohawke's schmink wolf re-fix
        • Jamie Woon / Hudson Mowake / Debruit – debruit's suave remix
        • 12"£5.49
          Out of stock
        James PantsClouds Over The PacificStones Throw
        Excellent, weird new 4-track 7" from James Pants, channelling Brazillian, pan-asian and psych elements through an impressively heavy fog of fx into something...
        • James Pants – clouds over the pacific ft. Lucrecia Dalt
        • James Pants – sitting on the couch, turning to stone
        • James Pants – the way she looks tonight
        • 7"£6.99
          Out of stock
        MountaineerThe Real McQueenLeng
        The second LP release on Leng Records is the fourth from German band Mountaineer. Joining Leng label mates such as Cantoma (Phil Mison), Ray Mang, Idjut...
        • Mountaineer – Always Coming Home
        • Mountaineer – The Real McQueen
        • Mountaineer – Come Alena
        • Mountaineer – Circlemakers
        • Mountaineer – Gush It Gosie
        • Mountaineer – White ( I'm Clouds )
        • Mountaineer – Always Coming Home ( Theme )
        • Mountaineer – Golden Chalk
        • Mountaineer – Limbo
        • Mountaineer – Blown Away
        • Mountaineer – When We Love Life
        • Mountaineer – Always Coming Home ( Reprise )
        Panda Bear / ActressSurfer's Hymn (Actress Mix)Kompakt
        Following a slew of limited 7" inch releases, this is the final installment from the series and it's very limited. 'Surfers Hymn' eases the mind like...
        • Panda Bear / Actress – Surfer's Hymn
        • Panda Bear / Actress – Surfer's Hymn (Actress Mix)
        • 7"£4.99
          Out of stock
        Om UnitThe TimpsCivil Music
        Following on from his Joker remix, 7" releases on instrmental beats label All City – not to mention a slew of remixes – Om Unit joins the Civil...
        • Om Unit – the timps
        • Om Unit – prawn cocktail
        • Om Unit – the timps (alternative version)
        • Om Unit – prawn cocktail (salva remix)
        • Om Unit – the timps (hrdvision remix)
        • 12"£7.99
          Out of stock
        Exile / Free The RobotsLos Angeles 10/10All City
        The 10th of 10! Heavyweights Exile and Free The Robots throw up the last tracks in this who's who of L.A. Beat Kings...TIP! Exile provides eastern inspired...
        • Exile – Distopian Utopia
        • Exile – PCP Laced Beedies
        • Exile – Love for Sell / Bots have feelings
        • Exile – Dawn of the Nothing
        • Free the robots – Young And Yet Too Old
        • Free the robots – Destroy
        • Free the robots – With The Drum
        • 10"£6.99
          Out of stock
        DibiaseMachines Hate MeAlpha Pup
        LA stalwart Dibiase throws down his Alpha Pup debut! Dibiase takes us on a neon journey through diabolical boom-bap cracks, 8-bit fantasies, and half remembered...
        • Dibiase – eternia
        • Dibiase – phantom power
        • Dibiase – dirty lungz
        • Dibiase – atombreakin
        • Dibiase – skullcrack
        • LP£10.99
          Out of stock
        Nicolas JaarSpace Is Only NoiseCircus Company
        Chilean-born New Yorker Nicolas Jaar follows up a string of releases on Brooklyn label Wolf + Lamb with his debut album 'Space Is Only Noise' on Circus...
        • Nicolas Jaar – colomb
        • Nicolas Jaar – keep me there
        • Nicolas Jaar – problems with the sun
        • Nicolas Jaar – space is only noise if you can see
        • LP£13.99
          Out of stock
        Johann JohannssonViroulegu ForsetarTouch
        Reissue of Johann Johnannson second album for Touch!  Virthulegu forsetar' contains one hour-long piece for 11 brass players, percussion, electronics,...
        • Johann Johannsson – part 1
        • Johann Johannsson – part 2
        • 2×LP£16.99
          Out of stock
        Creep (With Romy XX)Days - Deadboy & Azari III MixesYoung Turks
        Creep are Brooklyn based producers/DJ's Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard! *Limited edition of 250 for the UK. 12” picture disc*. Featuring guest...
        • Creep (With Romy XX) – intro/ days (original)
        • Creep (With Romy XX) – days - deadboy remix
        • Creep (With Romy XX) – days - azari & III remix
        • 12"£11.99
          Out of stock
        Toro Y MoiUnderneath The PineCarpark
        Following up his debut 'Causers Of This', is the hugely anticipated album from 23 Year-old Chaz Bundick aka Toro Y Moi on Carpark! Drawing on influences...
        • Toro Y Moi – intro/chi chi
        • Toro Y Moi – new beat
        • Toro Y Moi – go with you
        • Toro Y Moi – divina
        • Toro Y Moi – got blinded
        • Toro Y Moi – still sound
        James BlakeKlavierwerkeR&S Records
        BACK IN STOCK!!!! The Klavierwerke EP features the first glimpse of Blakes vocal, albeit cut, pitched and intricately woven into four tracks that offer...
        • James Blake – Klavierwerke
        • James Blake – Tell Her Safe
        • James Blake – I Only Know (What I know Now)
        • James Blake – Don't You Think I Do
        • 12"£7.99
          Out of stock
        DimliteMy Human Years Acedia ShredsNow Again
        This is the stunning follow-up to Dimlite's Prismic Tops!  This collection of work finds the Swiss producer creating wide-eyed and progressive music...
        • Dimlite – Kitty-Cradle-Fog
        • Dimlite – Gone-O-Tron
        • Dimlite – Metal-Snake-Rider
        • Dimlite – Loins
        • 10"£13.99
          Out of stock
        Dominick MartinShine A LightSignature
        This is Dominick Martin aka Calibre first 'non D'n'B album'.  After ten years of writing D'n'B Dominick has  created a downtempo cinematic electronic...
          • CD£10.99
            Out of stock
          The SonarphonicSuper BreakerPeoples Potential Unlimited
          Southern Florida, 1984. The Sonarphonic sound was pioneered by James McCauley aka Maggotron/DXJ/Basstech. Originally produced for Bound Sound records in...
          • The Sonarphonic – Super Breaker
          • 7"£7.99
            Out of stock
          1000 Names / Slow Hand Motem / Beem / PixelordTropical Heat Volume 2Myor
          Volume 2 in Myor's Tropical Heat compilation series offers another 6 tunes by some of the best contemporary Skweee & Beats producers around. Canada's...
          • Slow Hand Motëm – Boom Respekt Boom
          • Beem – Automan
          • s.y.z – spirits and demons
          Brownswood Bubblers FourBrownswood Recordings
          Another inspiring assortment of delightfully obscure ditties and underground heaters.
          • Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So Maybe No
          • Souleance – Mañana
          • yU – Fine
          • El Michels Affair – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
          • Lisa Papineau – Rene Thomas
          • CD£9.99
            Out of stock
          BACK IN STOCK!!! Brilliant album of Moodymann-meets-Sutekh-style grainy, super-deep disco house! Layers of Sherard Ingram-esque digital distortion...
          • Actress – Doggin'
          • Actress – Ivy May Gilpin
          • Actress – I Can't Forgive You
          • Actress – Crushed
          • Actress – Redit 124
          • Actress – Mincin
          • Actress – Green Gal
          • CD£11.99
            Out of stock
          Nils FrahmWintermusikErased Tapes
          Appropriately named, Nils Frahm's 2009 classic 'Wintermusik' perfectly evokes a seasonal feeling with brittle piano melody wrapped in icy, orchestral sweeps.
          • Nils Frahm – Ambre
          • Nils Frahm – Nue
          • Nils Frahm – Tristana
          • LP + Download Code£13.99
            Out of stock
          • CD£10.99
            Out of stock