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    Pavel DovgalThe AuraProject: Mooncircle
    Pieced together from sounds and samples from all over the globe, 'The Aura' is to charge listeners with harmony and a feeling of connectedness to...
    • Pavel Dovgal – Floating Beams
    • Pavel Dovgal – The Aura (feat. Blu)
    • Pavel Dovgal – Nibiru
    • Pavel Dovgal – Inspiration / Inner Beauty
    • Pavel Dovgal – Euphoria (feat. Starving Yet Full)
    • Pavel Dovgal – Waiting for the Sun
    • Pavel Dovgal – Quency (feat. Mujuice)
    • Pavel Dovgal – The Soul of Mbira
    • Pavel Dovgal – Changes (feat. Graciela Maria)
    • Pavel Dovgal – VHS
    The Karminsky Experience Inc.Beat!The Karminsky Experience Inc.
    The Karminsky Experience is a DJ and recording artist duo consisting of James Munns and Martin Dingle. Munns and Dingle began spinning together in...
      • New LP + Download Code£17.99
        Out of stock
      LetheretteLast Night On The PlanetNinja Tune
      Letherette are back with more signature warmth and distinctive swing, ‘Last Night On The Planet’ is ten tracks deep and runs the gamut from hip hop...
        • LP£13.99
          Out of stock
        • CD£10.99
          Out of stock
        ORMLBDISSUES001Little Beat Different
        Little Beat Different Issues is a new series focused on reissuing music from Eastern European regions previously unavailable on Western markets. The...
        • ORM – Tropic
        • ORM – Jen Dal A Vic A Lip
        • ORM – Karusel
        • ORM – Riviera
        • ORM – Muj Sampion
        • ORM – Peklo
        • ORM – Jen Mesic Vi
        • ORM – Pasky Z Civek Odvijim
        • ORM – Indicke Meditace
        • LP£13.99
          Out of stock
        Jay ChattawayManiac (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Death Waltz Recording Company
        Chilling, minimal electronic score from legendary composer, Jay Chattaway to Bill Lustig's notorious slasher form 1980!
          • New LP (180g)£23.99
            Out of stock
          Night Slugs Allstars: Volume 3VariousNight Slugs
          Third installment of Night Slugs' quality assured 'Allstars' series. Features tracks from all the regulars: L Vis 1990, Bok Bok, Girl Unit, Jam City, Ikonika,...
            • CD£10.99
              Out of stock
            PattenΨ (Psi)Warp Records
            Future-facing UK duo patten return with their third LP & second for Warp, an album of deconstructed club music with multiple strains of pop, post punk...
              Demdike StareWonderlandModern Love
              The new album Wonderland is Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty's first LP as Demdike Stare since 2012's Elemental and arrives a year on after the completion...
              • Demdike Stare – Curzon
              • Demdike Stare – Animal Style
              • Demdike Stare – Hardnoise
              • Demdike Stare – Blue
              • Demdike Stare – FullEdge (eMpTy-40 Mix)
              • Demdike Stare – Sourcer
              • Demdike Stare – Airborne Latency
              • Demdike Stare – Fridge Challenge
              • Demdike Stare – Overstaying
              • 2×LP£19.99
                Out of stock
              • 3×CD£18.99
                Out of stock
              Free UK shipping! Wolfgang Voigt's classic GAS LPs are reissued here in a luxurious 10 LP + 4CD box set with each album presented in a triple...
              • Gas – Zauberberg 1
              • Gas – Zauberberg 2
              • Gas – Zauberberg 3
              • Gas – Zauberberg 4
              • Gas – Zauberberg 5
              • Tubby Hayes LP Boxset (4kg)£129.99
                Out of stock
              Kyle Dixon & Michael SteinStranger Things: Volume OneInvada
              Vinyl now in stock! Official issue of the spellbinding, John Carpenter-inspired, synth-heavy soundtrack to 1980s-set horror series ‘Stranger...
              • Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Stranger Things
              • Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Kids
              • Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Nancy And Barb
              • Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – This Isn't You
              • Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Lay-Z-Boy
              • 2×LP£28.99
                Out of stock
              • CD£10.99
                Out of stock
              DJ ShadowMidnight In A Perfect World (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
              Limited white 12" of DJ Shadow's Midnight In A Perfect World remixed by Hudson Mohawke!
              • DJ Shadow – Midnight In A Perfect World (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
              • 12"£8.99
                Out of stock
              Becker, Stegmann and ZeumerIch Traume So Leise Von DirMusic From Memory
              Music from Memory’s final release of 2016 is an EP of works by a German trio formed in the city of Wuppertal, in the late eighties. A one off and unique...
              • Becker, Stegmann and Zeumer – Mein Tanzlied
              • Becker, Stegmann and Zeumer – Dir
              • Becker, Stegmann and Zeumer – Der Schnupfen
              • Becker, Stegmann and Zeumer – Abends
              • 12"£11.99
                Out of stock
              Night MovesTransdanceDOMESTICA
              The mythical Transdance from UK duo Night Moves is given a much needed official repress by Domestica. Originally released as a limited 12" white label...
              • Night Moves – Transdance (GC1 version)
              • Night Moves – Life Up (demo)
              • 10"£20.99
                Out of stock
              TesselaSorbetPoly Kicks
              London's Tessela is back on his very own Poly Kicks for the label's sixth outing. For a swift bit of context, the imprint has been among our favourites...
              • Tessela – Sorbet
              • Tessela – Diving
              • 12"£8.99
                Out of stock
              Shintaro Sakamoto & VIDEOTAPEMUSICA Night in Bangkok EPEm
              Two Japanese producers, Shintaro Sakamoto & VIDEOTAPEMUSIC collude on this colourful, mediative eastern / new wave trip, evoking the experiences...
              • Shintaro Sakamoto & VIDEOTAPEMUSIC – A Dream in Bangkok (feat. Fuko Nakamura)
              • Shintaro Sakamoto & VIDEOTAPEMUSIC – A Night in Bangkok
              • Shintaro Sakamoto & VIDEOTAPEMUSIC – Disco Bangkok
              • Shintaro Sakamoto & VIDEOTAPEMUSIC – A Dream in Bangkok (Instrumental)
              • 12"£12.99
                Out of stock
              Delroy EdwardsHangin' At The BeachL.A. Club Resource
              Limited, vinyl issue of Delroy Edwards' earlier 2016 mixtape 'Hanging At The Beach'. Thirty beats and skits of lo-fi electronic and techno experiments...
              • Delroy Edwards – H.A.T.B
              • Delroy Edwards – My Promise
              • Delroy Edwards – Nervous Breakdown
              • Delroy Edwards – Looking For A Fight
              • Delroy Edwards – Safe Places Pt. 1
              • Delroy Edwards – Trigger Kids
              • Delroy Edwards – I Love Sloane
              • Delroy Edwards – Wild Animal
              • Delroy Edwards – Bad Behavior
              • Delroy Edwards – Brothers In Arms
              • 2×LP£23.99
                Out of stock
              The ever mysterious EYE project returns with his/her 5th release, arguably their best to date! Deep, skewed, lo-fi pop and electronic soul vibes...Don't...
                Kruder & DorfmeisterThe K&D Sessions™!K7 Records
                Originally released in 1998, this was the second mix album from the Vienna based duo. Packed with bass-heavy, downbeat moods drawing on funk, jazz,...
                  • Reissue LP (180 GRAM)£40.99
                    Out of stock
                  Duke HughCanvasRhythm Section International
                  New addition to the Rhythm Section camp hailing from Amsterdam - Duke Hugh. His debut release 'Canvas'  offers an exciting blend of broken...
                  • Duke Hugh – Butterflies
                  • Duke Hugh – Greenleaf
                  • Duke Hugh – Church In The Wild
                  • Duke Hugh – Home
                  • Duke Hugh – 2005
                  • Duke Hugh – Loft Nights
                  • Duke Hugh – Your Number
                  • Duke Hugh – Believe
                  • Duke Hugh – Canvas
                  • 2×LP£16.99
                    Out of stock
                  Karlheinz StockhausenMomente (1965 Version) (1967)Nonesuch
                  Lot of Water damage sleeve wear at bottom of sleeve. ORIGINAL USA VINYL
                    Wolfgang VoigtApodiktische GewissheitProfan
                    New 12" from Wolfgang Voigt (GAS / Studio 1) taken from an art installation he co produced with Gerhard Mantz in Cologne. Two 10 minute...
                    • Wolfgang Voigt – Apodiktische Gewissheit (Original Mix)
                    • Wolfgang Voigt – Apodiktische Gewissheit (Arp Mix)
                    • 12"£11.99
                      Out of stock
                    Kane IkinSensory MemoryEchovolt Records
                    Kane Ikin is an experimental musician from Melbourne. Drawing from an isolated upbringing on the south coast of Western Australia, he creates ambient,...
                    • Kane Ikin – Packet Loss
                    • Kane Ikin – Soft Gloss
                    • Kane Ikin – Slowburner
                    • Kane Ikin – Divagate
                    • Kane Ikin – Surrounded
                    • Kane Ikin – VGA Tracer
                    • LP£9.99
                      Out of stock
                    Andrew PeklerTristes TropiquesFaitiche
                    Known for his albums on Senufo Editions, Entr'acte, Dekorder, Kranky and other labels, Andrew Pekler's new work Tristes Tropiques is now released by Jan...
                    • Andrew Pekler – Feeback TT
                    • Andrew Pekler – Mirror Structures
                    • Andrew Pekler – Humidity Index / Khao Sok (Chopped And Screwed)
                    • Andrew Pekler – Cool Symmetries / Ascending Vortices
                    • Andrew Pekler – Bororo
                    • Andrew Pekler – A Savage Topography
                    • Andrew Pekler – Mirror Structures (Mirrored)
                    • Andrew Pekler – Theme From Tristes Tropiques / Avian Modulations / Life In The Canopy
                    • LP£20.99
                      Out of stock
                    Steve SpacekIf U Wan 2 Find Me / Time Is Running OutEglo
                    'If U Wan 2 Find Me' is a celestial slice of vocal footwork/soul, with Spacek offering his own zero gravity take on the chicago sound. Bside 'Time Is Running...
                    • Steve Spacek – If U Wan 2 Find Me
                    • Steve Spacek – Time Is Running Out
                    • 12"£8.99
                      Out of stock
                    Space ArtElectro Scene (Remix)Because Music
                    2x12" Space Art album featuring original tracks and remixes from the likes of Psychemagik, Prins Thomas and more. 
                      • 2×LP£23.99
                        Out of stock
                      RomareLove Songs: Part TwoNinja Tune
                      Archie Fairhurst AKA Romare gets amorous with his second album ‘Love Songs: Part Two’, These ten tracks develop and expand upon the casual brilliance...
                      • Romare – Who To Love?
                      • Romare – All Night
                      • Romare – Je T’aime
                      • Romare – Honey
                      • Romare – Come Close To Me
                      • Romare – Don’t Stop
                      • Romare – Who Loves You?
                      • Romare – L.U.V
                      • Romare – New Love
                      • Romare – My Last Affair
                      • 2×LP£19.99
                        Out of stock
                      • CD£10.99
                        Out of stock
                      Space ArtOn Ne Dira Rien: Best Of All TimesBecause Music
                      The first Best-Of Space Art ever released. This “all time” best-of features 15 essential tracks that gives a comprehensive overview of Space Art’s...
                      • Space Art – L'Obsession d'Archibald
                      • Space Art – Eyes Shade
                      • Space Art – Onyx
                      • Space Art – Nous Savons Tout
                      • Space Art – Love Machine
                      • CD£10.99 £5.00
                        Out of stock
                      Space ArtPlay BackBecause Music
                      Reissue of the classic 3rd album from the electronic french pop crew. This reissue was cut from the 2010 digital remasters and includes a CD.  
                        • LP£21.99
                          Out of stock
                        Space ArtSpace ArtBecause Music
                        Debut 1977 album from the French electronic pop crew - Space Art! Think Jean-Michel Jarre but on a different kind of cosmic journey! This reissue...
                          • LP£21.99
                            Out of stock
                          Space ArtTrip In The Center HeadBecause Music
                          Reissue of the 1977 French pop electronic album 'Trip In The Center Head' from Space Art. Reissue is cut from the 2010 digital remasters and includes a...
                            • LP£21.99
                              Out of stock
                            SaiRS/TOmega Supreme Records
                            Killer lo-fi boogie workout from newcomer SaiR - PPU fans check! 
                            • SaiR – Bloom
                            • SaiR – Moves
                            • SaiR – Over
                            • SaiR – Perception
                            • SaiR – Tank
                            • SaiR – Wonderer
                            • 12" EP£15.99
                              Out of stock
                            SputnikEdits From The Sputnik QuadrantEdits From
                            The second release from the mysterious ‘Edits From’ Series. Tripped out, West African-inspired afro-cosmic rhythms to freak you out. Don't...
                            • Sputnik – Sun King
                            • Sputnik – Mumakata
                            • 12"£9.99
                              Out of stock
                            Adrian YoungeThe Electronique Void: Black NoiseLinear Labs
                            Forward-thinking producer, Adrian Younge returns with his most experimental work to date! 'The Electronique Void: Black Noise' draws from the radiophonics...
                            • Adrian Younge – Black Noise (Interlude)
                            • Adrian Younge – The Night
                            • Adrian Younge – Fly Away
                            • Adrian Younge – Systems
                            • Adrian Younge – The Concept Of Love
                            • Adrian Younge – Voltage Controlled Orgasms
                            • Adrian Younge – Linguistics
                            • Adrian Younge – Black Noise
                            • Adrian Younge – Patterns
                            • Adrian Younge – Suicidal Love
                            • LP£21.99
                              Out of stock
                            • Instrumental LP£17.99
                              Out of stock
                            • CD£11.99
                              Out of stock
                            Suns Of ArqaAcid TablaEmotional Rescue
                            Suns Of Arqa are back on Emotional Rescue with a new single that finds them building on their illustrious career fusing Indian classical approaches with...
                            • Suns Of Arqa – Acid Tabla
                            • Suns Of Arqa – Acid Tabla (Adrian Sherwood Mix)
                            • Suns Of Arqa – Asian Rebel
                            • Suns Of Arqa – Asian Rebel (Hyphen Collective Dub)
                            • 12"£8.99
                              Out of stock
                            Cultural AmnesiaEnormous SavagesAnna Logue Records
                            A selection of tracks recorded 1981-1983, three of them previously unreleased. Think early Cabaret Voltaire and Bauhaus with goth-like vocals, synths and...
                            • Cultural Amnesia – Kingdom Come
                            • Cultural Amnesia – Materialistic Man
                            • Cultural Amnesia – Repetition For This World
                            • Cultural Amnesia – Sacrebleu
                            • LP£20.99
                              Out of stock
                            Youngsta, CimmSplit Minds / RedshiftTempa
                            Part of the Rinse.Fm associated label since its formation, Youngsta returns to Tempa with new production partner Cimm. ‘Split Minds’ works from...
                            • Youngsta, Cimm – Split Minds
                            • Youngsta, Cimm – Redshift
                            • 12"£8.99
                              Out of stock
                            VariousVisionsMystic & Quantum
                            Spanish label Mystic & Quantum commissioned each artist on this compilation to interpret through music the concept of a lonely, lost astronaut. This...
                              • LP£18.99
                                Out of stock
                              Pentagram Home VideoWho's Out There?Death Waltz Originals
                              Who's Out There / Chi C'e' La? (1986)Ambient darkwave soundtrack from the film. There are many rumours about the production of 'Who's Out There'...
                              • Pentagram Home Video – Vision 1 / The Coast
                              • Pentagram Home Video – Opening Titles
                              • Pentagram Home Video – Reel 2 / "Who's Out There?"
                              • Pentagram Home Video – Vision 2 / The Beginning
                              • New LP (180g)£19.99
                                Out of stock
                              TomitaA Tomita Sampler (1982)RCA Red Seal
                              "Special DJ copy for programming". Original USA vinyl
                                • Original LP£15.00
                                  Out of stock
                                Massive AttackProtectionWild Bunch Records
                                Second album from Bristolian outfit - Massive Attack...bare bullets! 
                                  • LP£16.99
                                    Out of stock
                                  Andrew WeatherallConsolamentumRotters Golf Club
                                  'Consolamentum' is a compilation of exclusive remixes from the likes of Red Axes, Justin Robertson, Timothy J Fairplay, Scott...
                                  • Andrew Weatherall – We Count The Stars (Unloved Remix)
                                  • Andrew Weatherall – Frankfurt Advice (Heretic Remix
                                  • Andrew Weatherall – Disappear (Duncan Gray Remix)
                                  • Andrew Weatherall – The Confidence Man (The Emperor Machine Dub)
                                  • Andrew Weatherall – The Confidence Man (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s Remix)
                                  • Andrew Weatherall – Frankfurt Advice (Red Axes Remix)
                                  • Andrew Weatherall – Thirteenth Night (Timothy J Fairplay Remix)
                                  • Andrew Weatherall – Ghosts Again (Scott Fraser's Ghosts In The Piano Mix)
                                  • 2xLP + Download Code£21.99
                                    Out of stock
                                  Rod ModellMediterraneaechospace [air]
                                  A nebulous ambient trip to the outer-reaches steered by Deepchord's Rod Model. Fans of GAS, Monolake, Chain Reaction etc. check!
                                  • Rod Modell – Mediterranea
                                  • CD£14.99
                                    Out of stock
                                  EchospacePlays Michael Mantra: Sea Shell Cityechospace [air]
                                  Immersive, ambient / dub techno tribute to the late, new-age artist Michael Mantra by Rod Modell's excellent, Echospace!
                                  • Echospace – Morning / Afternoon / Night
                                  • CD£13.99
                                    Out of stock
                                  Steve ReichInformation, Transmission, Modulation And NoiseModern Silence
                                  During an interview recorded at the KPFA Radio Steve Reich and John Gibson introduced an East Coast performance of Steve Reich masterpiece “Four...
                                  • Steve Reich – Four Organs Live In NYC November 1969 (performed By Steve Reich, Steve Chambers, Art Murphy, Philip Glass On Electric Organs And Jon Gibson On Maracas)
                                  • Steve Reich – Drumming (performed By Percussionists From Ghana, Recorded By Steve Reich)
                                  • Steve Reich – Music In Similar Notion By Philip Glass, Live In NYC November 1969 (performed By Steve Chambers And Philip Glass On Electric Organs, Jon Gibson And Richard Landry On Soprano Sax, Steve Reich On Electric Harpsichord)
                                  • 1. Four Organs Live In NYC November 1969 (performed By Steve Reich, Steve Chambers, Art Murphy, Philip Glass On Electric Organs And Jon Gibson On Maracas)
                                  • 2. Drumming (performed By Percussionists From Ghana, Recorded By Steve Reich)
                                  • 3. Music In Similar Notion By Philip Glass, Live In NYC November 1969 (performed By Steve Chambers And Philip Glass On Electric Organs, Jon Gibson And Richard Landry On Soprano Sax, Steve Reich On Electric Harpsichord)
                                  • View full info and tracklisting
                                  • LP£24.99
                                    Out of stock
                                  Brixton based vocalist and producer Gaika drops his debut LP on Warp. His sound draws influences from hip hop, soul and dancehall gaining him comparisons...
                                    • LP£16.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    Joey AndersonThe VaseAvenue 66
                                    Ethereal, minimal and  ambient house with   dreamy chords  and crystalline synthesizer melodies - another  winner  from  ...
                                    • Joey Anderson – If One Cares, They Act Different
                                    • Joey Anderson – Peace There
                                    • Joey Anderson – The Vase
                                    • 12"£11.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    Mark BarrottRemixes From An IslandInternational Feel
                                    Label boss, Mark Barrott picks some of the choice tracks from his excellent 'Sketches From An Island 2' album an gets dreamy, Balearic production from...
                                    • Mark Barrott – Brunch With Suki (CFCF Mix)
                                    • Mark Barrott – Over At Dieters Place (Luis Delgado Mix)
                                    • Mark Barrott – The Mysterious Island Of Dr Nimm (Nu Guinea's Aquarium Mix)
                                    • Mark Barrott – Der Stern, Der Nie Vergeht (Domenique Dumont Mix)
                                    • 1. Brunch With Suki (CFCF Mix)
                                    • 2. Over At Dieters Place (Luis Delgado Mix)
                                    • 3. The Mysterious Island Of Dr Nimm (Nu Guinea's Aquarium Mix)
                                    • View full info and tracklisting
                                    • 12"£12.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    Steve HauschildtStrandsKranky
                                    Graceful compositions flow throughout, Steve Hauschildt’s fourth album release for Kranky following his 'Where AlI's Fled' full length from late...
                                    • Steve Hauschildt – Horizon Of Appearances
                                    • Steve Hauschildt – Same River Twice
                                    • Steve Hauschildt – A False Seeming
                                    • Steve Hauschildt – Ketracel
                                    • Steve Hauschildt – Time We have
                                    • Steve Hauschildt – Strands
                                    • Steve Hauschildt – Transience Of Hearthly Joys
                                    • Steve Hauschildt – Die In Fascination
                                    • LP£16.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    • CD£14.99
                                      Out of stock