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    Walter CarlosSwitched-On Bach II (1974)CBS
    Original = UK Vinyl VG+ /Sleeve VG+ 100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' money-back...
      • Original LP£9.99
        Out of stock
      Arthur RussellThe World Of Arthur RussellSoul Jazz Records
      New fully remastered re-release of Soul Jazz Records’ ‘The World of Arthur Russell’, the seminal collection of Arthur Russell’s essential music...
      • Dinosuar L – Go Bang (Francois K Mix)
      • Lola – Wax The Van
      • Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (Larry Levan Mix)
      • Arthur Russell – Keeping Up
      • Arthur Russell – In The Light Of The Miracle
      • Arthur Russell – A Little Lost
      • Loose Joints – Pop Your Funk
      • Arthur Russell – Lets Go Swimming (Walter Gibbons Mix)
      • Dinosuar L – In The Cornbelt (Larry Levan Mix)
      • Arthur Russell – Treehouse
      • Indian Ocean – Schoolbell/Treehouse (Walter Gibbons Mix)
      Vincent GalloWhenWarp Records
      Original Warp Records - never played deluxe packaging RARE! Original UK pressing Vinyl VG+ /Sleeve VG+100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at...
        • Original LP£150.00
          Out of stock
        WenEphem:eraBig Dada
        Wen hypnotises with the pendulous, crystalline designs of EPHEM:ERA, a sophomore album study on the mercurial warp and weft of modern UK dance music. Like...
        • Wen – SILHOUETTE
        • Wen – GLISTEN
        • Wen – TIME II THINK
        • Wen – RAIN
        • Wen – BLIPS
        • Wen – VOID
        • Wen – CURVE_RELAY
        • Wen – GRIT
        Gatto Fritto - The Sound Of The Love InternationalVarious ArtistsLove International
        Superb compilation by UK producer Gatto Fritto whose selection spans dub, techno, electronic and beyond. Features unobvious yes 100% killer gems from the...
          • 2×LP£19.99
            Out of stock
          • CD£9.99
            Out of stock
          RP BooI'll Tell You What!Planet Mu
          Footwork OG, RP Boo keeps the style mutably rude and forward with I’ll Tell You What!, a début album declaration of dancefloor war arriving nearly 30...
            • 2×LP£20.99
              Out of stock
            Mannheim SteamrollerFresh Aire Interludes (1981)American Gramaphone Records
            Experimental/ambient/electronic stuff Original USA Vinyl LP VG+ /Sleeve VG+ 100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe -...
              • Original LP£10.00
                Out of stock
              DaedelusOf Snowdonia / Something BellsFat Beats
              Sample-heavy electronic experiments from the one and only Daedelus. The Brainfeeder / Ninja Tune records regular is back in a playful mood!
              • Daedelus – Snowed In
              • Daedelus – A Sneaking Suspicion
              • Daedelus – Aim True
              • Daedelus – Taking Wing
              • Daedelus – Shinkansen
              • Daedelus – Scaling Snowdon
              • Daedelus – Telling Meaning
              • Daedelus – Something Bells
              • Daedelus – Dumbfound
              • Daedelus – Pocket Watch Pulse
              • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£19.99
                In stockAdd to Bag
              Mo KoloursInner SymbolsFive Easy Pieces
              Raw, lo-fi electronic soul music from 22a affiliate, Mo Kolours! Layered up from vocal loops, percussion and primitive drum machine sequences before being...
              • Mo Kolours – For Real
              • Mo Kolours – Mental Time Dub
              • Mo Kolours – Right Before My Eyes
              • Mo Kolours – Without Strife
              • Mo Kolours – Fade Away
              • Mo Kolours – Real With You
              • Mo Kolours – Thanks and Praise
              • Mo Kolours – We People
              • Mo Kolours – My Love Medley
              • Mo Kolours – Inner Symbols
              • Mo Kolours – Go To Sleep
              • Mo Kolours – Push It Now
              • Mo Kolours – Sacred Drums
              • LP£14.99
                Out of stock
              Angelo IoakimogluThe Nireus Years (1995​-​1997)Into The Light
              Into the Light continues its journey to unearth and update overlooked Greek music. This time they focus on a smooth, warm, youthful yet intelligent work...
              • Angelo Ioakimoglu – Easter Theme
              • Angelo Ioakimoglu – Kuwahara Ride
              • Angelo Ioakimoglu – U220sax2
              • Angelo Ioakimoglu – Slide Break
              • Angelo Ioakimoglu – Alonissos
              • Angelo Ioakimoglu – 77 Bus Trip
              • Angelo Ioakimoglu – 550vortex
              • Angelo Ioakimoglu – Matrix4b
              • LP£14.99
                Out of stock
              JazzanovaThe PoolSonar Kollektiv
              Jazzanova's new album is their first in 6 years and welcomes a host of talented collaborators including Jamie Cullum, Ben Westbeech, Pete Josef, Rachel...
                • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£24.99
                  Out of stock
                • CD£10.99
                  Out of stock
                Rex IlusiviiSelected WorksVersatile
                Versatlie return with a superb compilation of 'Selected Works' from Rex Ilusivii, a sound designer also known as Mitar Subotic. He was responsible for...
                • Rex Ilusivii – Ribari - Sekvenca 21
                • Rex Ilusivii – Forced March
                • Rex Ilusivii – Estrie
                • Rex Ilusivii – Facedance
                • Rex Ilusivii – Plavobradi
                • Rex Ilusivii – Veliki Prekor
                • Rex Ilusivii – Nijagara - Spomenici
                • Rex Ilusivii – Fortirer Et Recte
                • Rex Ilusivii – Dream I
                • 2×LP£19.99
                  Out of stock
                EurythmicsWho's That Girl? (1983)RCA
                pic sleeve 12" Original UK 12" Vinyl VG+ /Sleeve VG+100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're...
                  Johnny JewelThemes For TelevisionItalians Do It Better
                  Italians Do It Better release the new album from Johnny Jewel (Glass Candy, Chromatics): a sprawling 21 tracks made up of outtakes from Twin Peaks and...
                    Kate NVДля ForRvng Intl.
                    Moscow is mythologized for its grandeur and gravity but its parable pleasures offer splendor and even absurdity. Over the ten, symmetrical pieces, Kate...
                    • Kate NV – YXO EAR
                    • Kate NV – двA TWO
                    • Kate NV – дуб OAK
                    • Kate NV – как HOW
                    • Kate NV – вас YOU
                    • Kate NV – раз ONE
                    • Kate NV – жук BUG
                    • Kate NV – зря SEE
                    • Kate NV – пес DOG
                    • Kate NV – кто WHO
                    • LP + Download Code£17.99
                      Out of stock
                    The OrbNo Sounds Are Out Of BoundsCooking Vinyl
                    The masters of modern ambient music return with 'No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds', featuring guest spots from the likes of Hollie Cook, Roger Eno, Youth and...
                      • 2×LP£22.99
                        Out of stock
                      • CD£11.99
                        Out of stock
                      David Sylvian & Holger CzukayPlight & Premonition Flux & MutabilityGroenland Records
                      David Sylvian and Holger Czukay’s collaborative ambient albums 'Plight & Premonition and Flux & Mutability' from 1988 and 1989 respectively, are finally...
                      • David Sylvian & Holger Czukay – Plight (The Spiralling Of Winter Ghosts)
                      • David Sylvian & Holger Czukay – Premonition (Giant Empty Iron Vessel)
                      • David Sylvian & Holger Czukay – Flux (A Big, Bright, Colourful World)
                      • David Sylvian & Holger Czukay – Mutability (A New Beginning Is In The Offing)
                      • 2×LP£20.99
                        Out of stock
                      • 2×CD£11.99
                        Out of stock
                      Sudan ArchivesSinkStones Throw
                      Singer, producer and violinist Sudan Archives releases here second EP via Stones Throw. 'Sink' is a unique blend of West African desert blues, syncopated...
                      • Sudan Archives – Nont For Sale
                      • 12" EP£7.99
                        Out of stock
                      Robert LippokApplied AutonomyRaster Music
                      To Rococco Rot's Robert Lippok returns with another anticipated solo effort, exploring electronic minimalism to its farthest reaches. Housed in a gatefold...
                      • Robert Lippok – Scene 1
                      • Robert Lippok – Applied Autonomy
                      • Robert Lippok – Varieties Of Impact
                      • Robert Lippok – Scene 2
                      • Robert Lippok – Scene 3
                      • Robert Lippok – Drawing From Memory
                      • Robert Lippok – Practice
                      • Robert Lippok – All Objects Are Moving
                      • Robert Lippok – Psychic Waveforms
                      • Robert Lippok – Scene 4
                      • Robert Lippok – Samtal
                      Aleister CrowleyOriginal Wax RecordingsFantome Phonographique
                      Reissue of some of the only known recordings from the infamous occultist, mystic, magician, poet, novelist, sexual deviant, and all-around misfit, Aleister...
                      • Aleister Crowley – Introduction
                      • Aleister Crowley – The Call Of The First Aethyr (Enochian)
                      • Aleister Crowley – The Call Of The First Aethyr (English)
                      • Aleister Crowley – The Call Of The Second Aethyr (Enochian)
                      • Aleister Crowley – The Call Of The Second Aethyr (English)
                      • LP£21.99
                        Out of stock
                      Steve LeggetBathhouseFirecracker Recordings
                      Steve Leggett pays tribute to one of the last functioning civil saunas in the UK, Newcastle’s Turkish Baths, with an immersive suite of cello, electronics...
                      • Steve Legget – Siga-Siga
                      • Steve Legget – Forte
                      • Steve Legget – Low
                      • Steve Legget – Still
                      • Steve Legget – Swivel
                      • Steve Legget – Bathouse
                      • Steve Legget – Golden
                      • Steve Legget – River
                      • Steve Legget – November
                      • Steve Legget –  Lakka
                      • 2×LP£20.99
                        Out of stock
                      Havana Cultura: ¡Súbelo, Cuba!Various ArtistsBrownswood
                      Gilles Peterson and Will LV take a trip back to Cuba to highlight an extended network of like-minded, forward-thinking musicians driving Cuba’s current...
                      • – Enciéndelo ft. DJ Jigüe & Yissy García
                      • – Compañeros tropicales ft. DJ Jigüe
                      • – Bomba ft. El Individuo
                      • – Diáspora ft. Negro WadPro
                      • – Ciclo de la vida ft. Luz de Cuba & Kamerum
                      • – Traketeo ft. Luz de Cuba
                      • LP£19.99
                        Out of stock
                      Deeply experimental and meditative dub techno experiments from Manchester based producer Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze. Separated from both its reputation...
                      • Muslimgauze – Thimble Cups Of Urdu
                      • Muslimgauze – Maroon Of Gaza
                      • Muslimgauze – Harem Of Dogs
                      • Muslimgauze – Thimble Cups Of Urdu
                      • Muslimgauze – Blood Of Salah Jadallah
                      • Muslimgauze – Stars Of Golan Heights
                      • LP£26.99
                        Out of stock
                      Leon VynehallNothing Is StillNinja Tune
                      Debut album from DJ and producer Leon Vynehall! A concept album, an imagined soundtrack to his grandparents' journey from the UK to New York City—and...
                        • LP£18.99
                          Out of stock
                        X-AlteraX-AlteraGhostly International
                        A fresh debut from one of the most vital electronic producers of the last 20 years, Tadd Mullinix (Dabrye, JTC, Charles Manier) aka X-ALTERA, who looks...
                        • X-Altera – Compound Extraprotus
                        • X-Altera – Check Out The Bass
                        • X-Altera – Pasco Richey Tiger
                        • X-Altera – Parallel Rites (Kepler-452b)
                        • X-Altera – In My Life
                        • X-Altera – Impossible
                        • X-Altera – Holotyd Neo-Optika
                        • X-Altera – Shoreline (Can’t Understand)
                        • X-Altera – Entry
                        • X-Altera – Passivity Fields
                        JapanGentlemen Take PolaroidsUMC
                        A double 45 RPM half-speed mastered vinyl edition of Japan's fourth album Gentlemen Take Polaroids (from 1980). It features the single "Gentlemen Take...
                          Synth SistersEuphoriaEM
                          Osaka-based duo, Synth Sisters produce vivid, droning synth experiments reminiscent of early Oneohtrix Point Never!
                          • Synth Sisters – w/o/n/d/e/r/f/u/l
                          • Synth Sisters – Labyrinth
                          • Synth Sisters – Euphoria
                          • Synth Sisters – She Sang
                          • Synth Sisters – Different Story
                          • Synth Sisters – Until the World Breaks Up
                          • Synth Sisters – Time Is Flowing There
                          • Synth Sisters – I Am Here
                          Jun Arasaki and Nine SheepKajyadhi Fu Bushi (inc. Visible Cloaks remix)EM Records
                          'Kajyadhi Fu Bushi' is a traditional Ryukyu minyo (Okinawa folk song), a joyous celebratory classic which is usually sung at weddings, with lyrics describing...
                          • Jun Arasaki and Nine Sheep – Kajyadhi Fu Bushi
                          • Jun Arasaki and Nine Sheep – Kajyadhi Fu Bushi (Visible Cloaks Remix)
                          • 7"£11.99
                            Out of stock
                          VolcovFrom The Archive Vol. 2BBE
                          Neroli record founder Volcov returns with the second volume of compilation series ‘From The Archive’ on BBE Music. Volcov’s musical roots are once...
                            • 2×LP£21.99
                              Out of stock
                            • CD£13.99
                              In stockAdd to Bag
                            The Diabolical LibertiesLove GrowsThe Diabolical Liberties
                            Further adventures in the cracks between footwork, jazz, dissonance, dub, poetry and jazz. Strictly limited 7” - hand-stamped and hand-numbered - edition...
                            • The Diabolical Liberties – Love Grows
                            • The Diabolical Liberties – Warehouse
                            • 7"£9.99
                              Out of stock
                            Mika VainioLydspor One & Two (Blue TB7 Series)Moog Recordings Library
                            Pioneering synthesiser manufacturers, Moog launch their 'Moog Recordings Library' with an album of experimental material from the late, great Mika Vainio!
                            • Mika Vainio – Lydspor (Part 1)
                            • Mika Vainio – Lydspor (Part 2)
                            • LP£16.99
                              Out of stock
                            • CD£11.99
                              Out of stock
                            serpentwithfeetsoilSecretly Canadian
                            **Limited yellow vinyl version** Debut album from avant-garde vocalist and performance artist, serpentwithfeet. ‘soil’ is a "return to the sensibilities...
                            • serpentwithfeet – whisper
                            • serpentwithfeet – messy
                            • serpentwithfeet – wrong tree
                            • serpentwithfeet – fragrant
                            • serpentwithfeet – mourning song
                            • serpentwithfeet – cherubim
                            • serpentwithfeet – seedless
                            • serpentwithfeet – invoice
                            • serpentwithfeet – waft
                            • serpentwithfeet – slow syrup
                            • serpentwithfeet – bless ur heart
                            • LP + Download Code£18.99
                              Out of stock
                            Hieroglyphic BeingThe Replicant Dream Sequence (Blue PA14 Series)Moog Recordings Library
                            Pioneering synthesiser manufacturers, Moog launch their 'Moog Recordings Library' with an album of experimental material from Hieroglyphic Being!
                            • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 1
                            • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 2
                            • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 3
                            • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 4
                            • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 5
                            • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 6
                            • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 7
                            • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 8
                            • LP£16.99
                              In stockAdd to Bag
                            • CD£11.99
                              Out of stock
                            Bulawayo Kwela / David TapfumaBulawayo Harare EPNyami Nyami
                            An ode to the music of Zimbabwe past and future, representing the country’s two major cities - Bulawayo and Harare. The rootsy original tracks from Bulawayo...
                            • Bulawayo Kwela – Mysterious Africa (Danalogue dub)
                            • Bulawayo Kwela – Nomalanga
                            • David Tapfuma – Magamba (Original)
                            • David Tapfuma – Magamba (Esa's Zimtronic Direct mix)
                            Blood Wine or HoneyFear & CelebrationDO RIGHT! MUSIC
                            Highly anticipated debut LP from Hong Kong based electronic outfit Blood Wine or Honey. Together this trio band combine vocals, sax, synths, bass, cello,...
                            • Blood Wine or Honey – Fear & Celebration
                            • Blood Wine or Honey – The Undying Overrated
                            • Blood Wine or Honey – Loosefoot
                            • Blood Wine or Honey – Orwellian Woman
                            • Blood Wine or Honey – Anxious Party People
                            • Blood Wine or Honey – The Forest Is Expecting You
                            • Blood Wine or Honey – Peak Helium IV
                            • Blood Wine or Honey – The Young Ones
                            • LP£20.99
                              Out of stock
                            • CD£11.99
                              Out of stock
                            Oliver CoatesShelley’s on Zenn-LaRVNG
                            For 'Shelley’s on Zenn-La,' Oliver Coates designs a complex of bending truths and reverse walkways to vernal states. Open ears can peer down hidden aux...
                              • LP£19.99
                                Expected 07 Sep
                              • CD£12.99
                                Expected 07 SepPreorder
                              The Space LadyOn The Street Of DreamsBongo Joe
                              The Space Lady began her outsider artistry on the streets of Boston in the late 70s, then San Francisco ten years later, playing versions of contemporary...
                              • The Space Lady – Street Of Dreams
                              • The Space Lady – I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
                              • The Space Lady – Be Thankful For What You Got
                              • The Space Lady – Across The Universe
                              Ras GMy Kinda BluesGhetto Sci-Fi Music
                              New LP from hip hop, electronic producer Ras G. My Kinda Blues is a proper sonic follow up to the Baker's Dozen from the artist who has previously had...
                              • Ras G – Track 1
                              • Ras G – Track 2
                              • Ras G – Track 3
                              • Ras G – Track 4
                              • Ras G – Track 5
                              • Ras G – Track 6
                              • Ras G – Track 7
                              • Ras G – Track 8
                              • Ras G – Track 9
                              • Ras G – Track 10
                              Wang ChungPoints On The Curve (1983)Geffen Records
                              Time to Wang Chung in the Dance Hall Days everybodyOriginal = Original UK Vinyl VG+ /Sleeve VG 100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds...
                                • Original LP£7.99
                                  Out of stock
                                Michal Turtle feat. HoveMiddle Of The Road Less TravelledLight Of Other Days
                                New material from Michal Turtle! First released since the amazing reissues put out by Music From Memory. The three tracks on this EP were written and produced...
                                • Michal Turtle feat. Hove – Greatness In The Catapult
                                • Michal Turtle feat. Hove – Horses And Hippos
                                • Michal Turtle feat. Hove – Agallo (Real)
                                Nils FrahmEncores 1Erased Tapes
                                'Encores 1' is five track 12" EP previously only available as an exclusive, limited release via Rough Trade. It was recorded in Nils Frahm's studio at...
                                  • 12" EP£13.99
                                    Out of stock
                                  Vicktor TaiwòJoy Comes In SpiritInnovative Leisure
                                  Debut album from soulful singer songwriter Vicktor Taiwò. The record deviates between electronic soul, hip hop and pop with a wide breadth of experimentation....
                                    • 2×LP£20.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    • CD£11.99 £4.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    19911991 (Expanded Edition)No More Dreams
                                    No More Dreams reissue 1991's self-titled hypnogogic / vapourwave classic from 2012 on 2xLP with extra tracks and remixes!
                                    • 1991 – Reborn Ice Horn
                                    • 1991 – Fabric of Space
                                    • 1991 – Open to the Dark
                                    • 1991 – Tangerine Lidl
                                    • 1991 – Distortion of Time
                                    • 1991 – Domination Translates Directly into Efficiency
                                    • 1991 – Where Do I Hide from Myself
                                    • 1991 – Inside You
                                    • 1991 – Calm Onyx
                                    • 1991 – 95 and Beyond
                                    • 1991 – Reborn Ice Horn (Ond Ton's Reborn in 1991 Remix)
                                    • 1991 – Inside You (IVVVO Remix)
                                    • 2×LP£21.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    Oneohtrix Point NeverAge OfWarp
                                    Electronic fruturism in the able hands of Oneohtrix Point Never featuring contributions from the likes of Prurient, Anohni, Kelsey Lu, James Blake and...
                                    • Oneohtrix Point Never – Age Of
                                    • Oneohtrix Point Never – Babylon
                                    • Oneohtrix Point Never – Manifold
                                    • Oneohtrix Point Never – The Station
                                    • Oneohtrix Point Never – Toys 2
                                    • Oneohtrix Point Never – Black Snow
                                    • Oneohtrix Point Never –
                                    • Oneohtrix Point Never – Warning
                                    • Oneohtrix Point Never – We'll Take It
                                    • Oneohtrix Point Never – Same
                                    • Oneohtrix Point Never – RayCats
                                    • Oneohtrix Point Never – Still Stuff That Doesn't Happen
                                    • Oneohtrix Point Never – Last Known Image of a Song
                                    • LP + Download Code£19.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    • CD£11.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    Tourist KidCrude TracerMelody As Truth
                                    Debut release on Melody As Truth for electronic, Melbourne based producer Tourist Kid. Serene glassy ambience and drone experiments.
                                    • Tourist Kid – Example
                                    • Tourist Kid – Discourse II
                                    • Tourist Kid – Learn
                                    • Tourist Kid – Variegare
                                    • Tourist Kid – Know
                                    • Tourist Kid – UV Bleacher Tangent
                                    • Tourist Kid – Bacterial
                                    • Tourist Kid – Petrol
                                    Kuniyuki TakahashiEarly Tape Works (1986-1993) Vol. 2Music From Memory
                                    The music of Japanese producer and DJ, Kuniyuki Takahashi, comes into focus on this Music From Memory compilation. A selection of tracks gathered from...
                                    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Island
                                    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Your Home
                                    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Asia
                                    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Echoes Of The Past
                                    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Ai Iro
                                    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Sakura No Mizu
                                    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Imagination
                                    Wu-LuN​.​A​.​I​.​S.Not On Label
                                    **SOTU EXCLUSIVE!** South London based producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Wu-Lu returns with his second EP ’N.A.I.S.' (Not As It Seems)....
                                    • Wu-Lu – Jaybo
                                    • Wu-Lu – Habesha
                                    • Cassette Tape £7.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    VangelisBeaubourg (1981)RCA International
                                    Beaubourg is entirely synthesizer-based and highly experimental. Deep stuff (difft cover)
                                      • Original LP£8.99
                                        Out of stock
                                      Lord TuskCommuniqué EPMIC
                                      Sci-fi electro, hits and stabs of new jack swing and FM boogie from Apron / Levels records affiliate, Lord Tusk! Pulsating body music evokes the astral...
                                      • Lord Tusk – Shyne Eyed Gal
                                      • Lord Tusk – Champion Lovers
                                      • Lord Tusk – Beyond Limitation
                                      • Lord Tusk – Don't Be Shy
                                      • Lord Tusk – Elevation
                                      • 12" EP£9.99
                                        Out of stock