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    Still MovingStill Moving EPLanquidity Records
    London jazz trio, Still Moving, join the dots between experimental electronics and modal moods on this stunning EP for Lanquidity Records! Killer, killer...
    • Still Moving – Sharp Arts
    • Still Moving – Collide/Construct
    • Still Moving – Gift for Mathilda
    • Still Moving – Unstable Memory
    Lee GambleExhaust EPHyperdub
    Part 2 of Lee Gamble's sonic documentary series ‘Flush Real Pharynx’ for Hyperdub. ‘Exhaust’s neon-charms coalesce into an MDMA rush of "imploding...
      Cass & Gianni BrezzoMasala KissGrowing Bin Records
      Lush, warm ambient/drone pieces from German duo Cass. & Gianni Brezzo built on smudged Rhodes piano moods and lysergic guitar tones projected in soft focus...
      • Cass & Gianni Brezzo – Jaybo
      • Cass & Gianni Brezzo – Autoscooter
      • Cass & Gianni Brezzo – Out Of Mind
      • Cass & Gianni Brezzo – Oco Koli
      • Cass & Gianni Brezzo – Helge
      • Cass & Gianni Brezzo – Der Daene
      • Cass & Gianni Brezzo – Interlude
      • Cass & Gianni Brezzo – Paterson
      • Cass & Gianni Brezzo – Umberella
      • Cass & Gianni Brezzo – Imence
      • Cass & Gianni Brezzo – Instabubu
      Boards of CanadaPeel SessionWarp Records
      Boards of Canada's Peel Session from their 21 July 1998 broadcast on BBC Radio 1 for John Peel's radio program. Features significantly different takes...
        SeefeelPeel SessionWarp Records
        A live band session from their Succour album period, including 'Rough For Radio' and 'Phazemaze' which never appeared on any other release.
          Aphex TwinPeel Session 2Warp Records
          Warp Records celebrate their 30th anniversary by reissuing some cult-classic, radio session recordings for the first time. One of only two radio sessions...
            PlaidPeel Session 2Warp Records
            One of several Peel Sessions recorded by Plaid. This one from their 'Rest Proof Clockwork' era features all unique material including live favourite, Elide.
              Flying LotusPresents INFINITY “Infinitum” - Maida Vale SessionWarp Records
              A classic live session from around the breakthrough 'Cosmogramma' album, featuring a full live band including Thundercat, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Ravi...
                BibioWXAXRXP SessionWarp Records
                Warp Records celebrate their 30th anniversary by reissuing some cult-classic, radio session recordings for the first time. Bibio revisits three tracks...
                  Kelly MoranWXAXRXP SessionWarp Records
                  A bespoke session recorded for label's 30th anniversary, WXAXRXP, the only session which is previously un-broadcast.
                    Mount KimbieWXAXRXP SessionWarp Records
                    The expanded live line-up of Mount Kimbie demonstrating how their material has evolved on the road in this bespoke session first broadcast as part of the...
                      • 12" EP£13.99
                        Out of stock
                      Gaijin BluesGaijin Blues IIShapes of Rhythm
                      Polish duo Gaijin Blues return with their second album release for the excellent South London based stable, Shapes of Rhythm. Inspired by Japanese pop...
                      • Gaijin Blues – The Mining Town of Kakariko
                      • Gaijin Blues – Bahamut (The Town Provider)
                      • Gaijin Blues – Puff-Puff
                      • Gaijin Blues – Professor Tatsuro Kensu
                      • Gaijin Blues – Mementos (Prison)
                      • Gaijin Blues – Mako Energy
                      • Gaijin Blues – Leaving Schwarzwelt
                      • Gaijin Blues – Grief, the Aftermath and a Faint Hope
                      • LP£18.99
                        Out of stock
                      WarzouJ'Irais Dormir Chez Mouss / Big BoyMystery Booms
                      Rugged, reinforced dancehall and spacey digi-dub instrumentals from Warzou - second essential releases via Mystery Booms records!
                      • Warzou – J'Irais Dormir Chez Mouss
                      • Warzou – Big Boy
                      • 7"£6.99
                        Out of stock
                      Unknown MobileDaucile MoonPacific Rhythm
                      Lush, deep, immersive ambient passages with haunting, New Age touches - stunning album from No Bad Days affiliate, Unknown Mobile, finding an appropriate...
                      • Unknown Mobile – Medicine Man
                      • Unknown Mobile – Ravers Sojourn
                      • Unknown Mobile – A Windless March Ouest
                      • Unknown Mobile – Simone Can't Swim
                      • Unknown Mobile – Resting In Jupiters Garden
                      • Unknown Mobile – Oenology
                      • Unknown Mobile – Looping Truths And Expectations
                      Kamaal WilliamsDJ Kicks!K7 Records
                      Kamaal Williams curates the hallowed DJ-Kicks mix series featuring four of his own brand new and exclusive tracks and hints at the wide world of influences...
                      • Budgie – Sometimes
                      • Kamaal Williams – Snitches Brew (Live in Atlanta) [EXCLUSIVE]
                      • Karriem Riggins – Summer Madness S.A.
                      • Lord Tusk – Space Invader (Vocal Mix)
                      • Seiji – Buggin' Out
                      • Steve Spacek – Hey There
                      • Max Graef – Speed Metal Jesus
                      • Kaidi Tatham – Two Tens Madam
                      • Freeez – Southern Freeez
                      • Peven Everett – Stuck (Original)
                      • Hard House Banton – Sirens
                      • Diggs Duke – Cause I Love You
                      • Henry Wu – Wivout U [EXCLUSIVE]
                      AmamiGiantBongo Joe
                      Swiss troupe, Amami, drop a wicked blend of dancehall and driving Afrobeat vibes - killer, party-starting release via Bongo Joe!
                      • Amami – Far East
                      • Amami – Ivory
                      • Amami – Fast
                      • Amami – Super Shaggy
                      • Amami – Giant
                      FKA twigsMagdaleneYoung Turks
                      FKA twigs returns with her highly anticipated second album release, 'MAGDALENE'. Dark, spectral pop / R&B experiments featuring a major contributions from...
                        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£16.99
                          Limited red vinyl edition
                          Out of stock
                        • CD£9.99
                          In stockAdd to Bag
                        Elite BeatSelected RhythmsResearch Records
                        Elite Beat is a musical collective from Portland U.S.A., who specialise in a heady mix of DIY dub, heavily influenced by Ethio Jazz, Black Ark psychedelia,...
                        • Elite Beat – Roggish & Unclean
                        • Elite Beat – Go Back to Oly
                        • Elite Beat – Budget Dancehall
                        • Elite Beat – Mellow Fellows
                        • Elite Beat – North Trini
                        • Elite Beat – Powerdance
                        • Elite Beat – Sports Radio
                        • Elite Beat – RLC (Ambient Mix)
                        Ryuichi SakamotoThousand Knives OfWewantsounds
                        Reissue of the ESSENTIAL 80s electronic music album from the legendary Ryuichi Sakamoto! Features the proto-techno madness of 'Thousand Knives' and 'Plastic...
                        • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Thousand Knives
                        • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Plastic Bamboo
                        The HersTough CuntDeath Is Not The End
                        Death Is Not The End offer up a limited reissue of Louis Johnstone's cult cassette release, 'Tough Cunt', as The Hers. Lush drone pieces channeling the...
                        • The Hers – Baby Came out Like Good Gear in the Sun
                        • The Hers – I Took on Petrol so the Church Got Rubbed Out
                        • The Hers – Super 32
                        • The Hers – Elsie Got Tar Sunglasses
                        • The Hers – Earth Household
                        • The Hers – Tony (Edit)
                        • The Hers – 92 Inside an Escort
                        • The Hers – We Are over the Kop
                        • The Hers – Everyone Gets Everything He Wants
                        • The Hers – You Will Not Remove Shit
                        • The Hers – How Night Works on the World
                        • The Hers – Here I Come Again
                        Hector PlimmerNext To NothingAlbert’s Favourites
                        Hector Plimmer returns with his second album for Albert's Favourites. 'Next To Nothing' features guest spots from Ego Ella May, Emma-Jean Thackray, Andrew...
                        • Hector Plimmer – Next To Nothing feat. Ego Ella May and Emma-Jean Thackray
                        • Hector Plimmer – Sonnet 17 feat. Ego Ella May
                        • Hector Plimmer – Still Here
                        • Hector Plimmer – Somebody Else feat. Andrew Ashong
                        • Hector Plimmer – Tape Loop
                        • Hector Plimmer – Stack feat. Pie Eye Collective
                        • Hector Plimmer – Before The Sun feat. Ego Ella May
                        • Hector Plimmer – Step
                        • Hector Plimmer – Joyfulness feat. Alexa Harley
                        • Hector Plimmer – Circle
                        • Hector Plimmer – 2 Minute Switch
                        • Hector Plimmer – Wall Street
                        • Hector Plimmer – Communication Control
                        Delia Derbyshire & Martin HannettThe Synth & Electronic Recording ExchangesOzit Dandelion
                        Forty years since Martin Hannett first used synths and electronic sound effects in production work on Joy Division's UnknownPleasures this album looks...
                        • Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannett – Track
                        • Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannett – Track
                        • Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannett – Track
                        • Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannett – Track
                        • Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannett – Track
                        • Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannett – Track
                        • Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannett – Track
                        • Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannett – Track
                        • Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannett – Track
                        • Delia Derbyshire & Martin Hannett – Track
                        Sudan ArchivesAthenaStones Throw
                        Album debut album from violinist, singer, songwriter and producer, Sudan Archives via Stones Throw! Rootsy R&B vibes with touches of Northeast an West...
                        • Sudan Archives – Confessions
                        • LP£21.99
                          Limited 'bronze + black marble' coloured vinyl, sheet music insert and sticker.
                          In stockAdd to Bag
                        • CD£8.99
                          In stockAdd to Bag
                        Seahawks & WooCelestial RairoadsEmotional Response / Ocean Moon
                        Emotional Response and Ocean Moon bring together a collaboration between two psychedelic types from then and now: Seahawks reworking the music of 80s psychonauts,...
                          Mika VainioOlentoSähkö Recordings
                          Reissue of Mika Vainio's seminal second album from 1996, 'Olento' that, previously to this, only ever existed as a CD release. An absolute masterclass...
                          • Mika Vainio – Oleva
                          • Mika Vainio – Stratostaatti
                          • Mika Vainio – Kunnes
                          • Mika Vainio – Ohipumppu
                          • Mika Vainio – Kaskaat
                          • Mika Vainio – Olento
                          • Mika Vainio – Mugwumb
                          • Mika Vainio – Throb-S
                          • Mika Vainio – Tutkamaa
                          • Mika Vainio – Hallitaajuus
                          • Mika Vainio – Tila
                          • Mika Vainio – Toisaalla
                          • Mika Vainio – Ilta
                          • Mika Vainio – Mennyt
                          Mika Vainio & Joséphine MichelThe Heat EquationTouch
                          Touch issue this fantastic document, presented in a hardback book format, of 69 photos and a portrait of the great Mika Vainio by Joséphine Michel. Inc....
                          • Mika Vainio – Live at Contra Pop, Ramsgate (Live)
                          Arp Frique & Erik "Keysie" RitfeldImprovised Suites For Analog MachinesColorful World
                          Arp Frique and Erik "Keysie" Ritfeld pay tribute, via six experimental pieces, to their favourite synths of the 70s and 80s - DX7, Juno, SH2000, Soliana...
                          • Arp Frique & Erik "Keysie" Ritfeld – SH2000
                          • Arp Frique & Erik "Keysie" Ritfeld – ARP
                          • Arp Frique & Erik "Keysie" Ritfeld – JUNO
                          • Arp Frique & Erik "Keysie" Ritfeld – FARFISA
                          • Arp Frique & Erik "Keysie" Ritfeld – DX7
                          • Arp Frique & Erik "Keysie" Ritfeld – SOLINA
                          ZannStrange Ways / Inside JungleIsle Of Jura Records
                          Reissue of this rare, privately-pressed album from 1990 by German group, Zann, featuring members of cult coldwave group, Konec. Fourth world and Balearic...
                          • Zann – Tatopani
                          • Zann – Caravan
                          • Zann – Song For Lu Wang
                          • Zann – Tibetan Bread
                          • Zann – Kin Hin
                          • Zann – Gaya's Gone
                          • Zann – Sevda Yolu
                          • Zann – Aum
                          Stockhausen: Conversations with the composerby Jonathan CottPicador
                          • Original Book (250g)£18.00
                            Original second-hand paperback in good condition
                            In stockAdd to Bag
                          Lanark ArtefaxCorra LinnNumbers
                          Frenetic electro and IDM pulses from Whities' regualar, Lanark Artefax, now landing on Numbers with this vivid freakout, 'Corra Linn'!
                          • Lanark Artefax – Corra Linn
                          • Lanark Artefax – Moo Orphaned Drift
                          • Lanark Artefax – Ferthenheap
                          Nils FrahmAll EncoresErased Tapes
                          All 3 parts of Nils Frahm's amazing 'Encores' series compiled into one CD. Focusing on an acoustic pallet of sounds with solo piano and harmonium at the...
                          • Nils Frahm – The Roughest Trade
                          • Nils Frahm – Ringing
                          • Nils Frahm – To Thomas
                          • Nils Frahm – The Dane
                          • Nils Frahm – Harmonium In The Well
                          • Nils Frahm – Sweet Little Lies
                          • Nils Frahm – A Walking Embrace
                          • Nils Frahm – Talisman
                          • Nils Frahm – Spells
                          • Nils Frahm – Artificially Intelligent
                          • Nils Frahm – All Armed
                          • Nils Frahm – Amirador
                          Long awaited return of amazing electronic producer Mtendere Mandowa aka Teebs, with a new LP 'Anicca' for Brainfeeder. Stunning, bright and fluid productions...
                            • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£16.99
                              Out of stock
                            KleinLifetimeijn inc.
                            "Klein's offbeat singular vision continues to defy classification, with previous releases for Hyperdub and her self released stuff have allowed only glimpses...
                            • Klein – Lifetime
                            • Klein – Claim It
                            • Klein – Listen and See as They Take
                            • Klein – Silent
                            • Klein – For What Worth (feat. Matana Roberts)
                            • Klein – Enough Is Enough
                            • Klein – We Are Almost There
                            • Klein – Never Will I Disobey
                            • Klein – Honour
                            • Klein – Camelot Is Coming
                            • Klein – 99
                            • Klein – Protect My Blood
                            • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£19.99
                              Limited, clear vinyl edition
                              In stockAdd to Bag
                            Patrick CowleyMechanical Fantasy BoxDark Entries
                            'Mechanical Fantasy Box' is a collection of 13, previously unreleased songs recorded between 1973-80; a collection of Cowley's work from the years preceding...
                            • Patrick Cowley – Out of Body (Intro)
                            • Patrick Cowley – Right Here, Right Now
                            • Patrick Cowley – Broken Dishes
                            • Patrick Cowley – Breakdown
                            • Patrick Cowley – Moving Bodies I
                            • Patrick Cowley – Grisha's Tune
                            • Patrick Cowley – Sensitivity
                            • Patrick Cowley – Shrouds
                            • Patrick Cowley – Lumberjacks in Heat
                            • Patrick Cowley – Mechanical Fantasy Box
                            • Patrick Cowley – Thrill of the Hunt
                            • Patrick Cowley – Before Original Sin
                            • Patrick Cowley – Sea of China
                            • 2×LP£25.99
                              Out of stock
                            • CD£15.99
                              In stockAdd to Bag
                            DeathprodOcculting DiskSmalltown Supersound
                            "Occulting Disk is the first new Deathprod album in 15 years; his attention to detail is next level, and the darkly powerful soundscapes arch and swell...
                            • Deathprod – Disapperance / Reapperance
                            • Deathprod – Occultation 1
                            • Deathprod – Occultation 2
                            • Deathprod – Occultation 3
                            • Deathprod – Occultation 4
                            • Deathprod – Occultation 5
                            • Deathprod – Occultation 6
                            • Deathprod – Occultation 7
                            • Deathprod – Black Transit Of Jupiter’s Third Satelite
                            • Deathprod – Occultation 8
                            KreidlerFloodBureau B
                            Detlef Weinrich (Tolouse Low Trax) and pals as cult Dusseldorf electronic group, Kreidler return with their album 'Flood' via Bureau B. The album plays...
                              • LP£19.99
                                Out of stock
                              Jai PaulBTSTUXL Recordings
                              Previously only available on CDR promo and in limited quantities, the 2011 experimental pop/RnB classic 'BTSTU' gets its required vinyl issue!
                              • Jai Paul – BTSTU (Demo)
                              • Jai Paul – BTSTU (Edit)
                              BattlesJuice B CryptsWarp Records
                              Fourth Warp records album from rainbow-rock group, Battles, who've recruited a host of guests to feature on the release, Shabazz Palaces, tUnE-yArDs and...
                                Primitive, knackered drum machine experiments and bedsit electro vibes from the unstoppable TBZ via the excellent Brew label!
                                • TBZ – Untitled
                                • TBZ – Untitled
                                • TBZ – Untitled
                                • TBZ – Untitled
                                • TBZ – Untitled
                                • TBZ – Untitled
                                • TBZ – Untitled
                                • TBZ – Untitled
                                • TBZ – Untitled
                                Space GarageSpace Garage (12" Version)Periodica Records
                                **One copy per customer!** Expanded 12" reissue of the killer electronic dub 45 by Space Garage! Wicked, spacey On-U Sound vibes plus the 'Venom Mix' that...
                                • Space Garage – Extended Venom Mix
                                • Space Garage – Space Garage
                                • Space Garage – Eclipse Version
                                • 12"£13.99
                                  Out of stock
                                Floating PointsCrushNinja Tune
                                Floating Points releases his third LP, 'Crush' via Ninja Tune. This album realises more club-ready, darker material, inspired by experimenting with the...
                                • Floating Points – LesAlpx
                                • LP + Download Code£17.99
                                  Limited edition version: 140g black vinyl housed in a glossy sleeve with exclusive cover art, artwork printed inside and out, 4 page A4 booklet featuring a score of album track ‘Birth’. Download code included.
                                  Out of stock
                                • CD£10.99
                                  In stockAdd to Bag
                                The Comet Is ComingDeath To The PlanetLeaf
                                Reissue of the sought-after EP, 'Death To The Planet' from cult jazz psychonauts, The Comet Is Coming!
                                • The Comet Is Coming – Start Running
                                • The Comet Is Coming – Final Eclipse (Full Version)
                                • The Comet Is Coming – March Of The Rising Sun
                                • The Comet Is Coming – Ascension
                                • 12" EP£10.99
                                  Out of stock
                                The Comet Is ComingProphecyLeaf
                                Reissue of the sought-after EP, 'Prophecy' from cult jazz psychonauts, The Comet Is Coming!
                                • The Comet Is Coming – Neon Baby
                                • The Comet Is Coming – Star Exploding In Slow Motion
                                • The Comet Is Coming – Do The Milky Way
                                • The Comet Is Coming – Cosmic Serpent
                                • The Comet Is Coming – Final Days Of The Apocalypse
                                ShorelightsBioluminescenceAstral Industries
                                Dubby, gaseous soundscape and soft-noise from Rod Modell and Walter Wasacz under their Shorelights. Fans of Wolfgang Voigt's GAS project need this!
                                • Shorelights – Side A
                                • Shorelights – Side B
                                • LP£16.99
                                  Out of stock
                                Acid ArabJdidCrammed Discs
                                With their intoxicating blend of sharp Western electronic music and Eastern sounds and vocals, the Parisian crew Acid Arab return with 'Jdid' an album...
                                • Acid Arab – Staifia
                                • Acid Arab – Electrique Yarghol
                                • Acid Arab – Nassibi
                                • Acid Arab – Club DZ
                                • Acid Arab – Rimitti Dor
                                • Acid Arab – Rajel
                                • Acid Arab – Soulan
                                • Acid Arab – Was Was
                                • Acid Arab – Ejma
                                • Acid Arab – Ras El Ain
                                • Acid Arab – Malek Ya Zahri
                                Complete WalkthruScrollsNumbers
                                Numbers release this album of skewed, hyperactive techno and electronic music experiments from US producer, Complete Walkthru.
                                • Complete Walkthru – Rn Atm Icymi
                                • Complete Walkthru – Lean In
                                • Complete Walkthru – Honey Moon
                                • Complete Walkthru – Leaving Church Early
                                • Complete Walkthru – Believe I Can Do This
                                • Complete Walkthru – Getting Ridiculous
                                • Complete Walkthru – NYC
                                • Complete Walkthru – Just Like We Like It
                                • Complete Walkthru – Family By '22
                                • Complete Walkthru – Cardio
                                • Complete Walkthru – Linking Book
                                Oneohtrix Point NeverKCRW SessionWarp Records
                                OPN’s Myriad Ensemble show their capabilities in re-interpreting studio material in these four tracks picked from a KCRW session recorded. Features ADR,...
                                  The SeshenDive / 4AMTru Thoughts
                                  San Francisco Bay Area-based sixpiece, The Seshen, return with this 45 for Tru Thoughts. Ardent electronic soul vibes!
                                  • The Seshen – Dive
                                  • The Seshen – 4AM
                                  KrikorCéfran Riddims 001Homemade Soundsystem
                                  Krikor drops the toughtest of dancehall riddims for Brothers From Different Mothers offshoot, Homemade Soundsystem - the deadliest of platters for the...
                                  • Krikor – Gun Clash Riddim
                                  • Krikor – It's (Not) House Riddim
                                  • 7"£7.99
                                    Out of stock
                                  Destiny71zEP1: FoodprogramvoltageEglo Records
                                  Debut release from Australiain artist Destiny71z, the first part in a trilogy of EPs specialising in the more experimental sides of house, techno, electro...
                                  • Destiny71z – Sofabeta
                                  • Destiny71z – Destiny71z
                                  • Destiny71z – Foodprogramvoltage
                                  • Destiny71z – Sinescannerz