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    Inhospitable, experimental grime instrumentals from promising signing, Nazar. Killer EP on Hyperdub!
      Vladimir TarasovAtto IVSähkö Recordings
      Vladimir Tarasov has been an active free jazz figure and multidisciplinary artist since late 60's, first in Soviet Union, Lithuania and later Worldwide....
      • Vladimir Tarasov – Atto IV, Pt. 1
      Chris CarterChris Carter's Chemistry Lessons Volume One.1 CourseworkMute
      From Chris Carter’s first 'Chemistry Lesson' album, the ‘Coursework’ bonus offers a new track, ‘Bongo Glow’, along with remixes of album tracks...
        UltramarineMeditationsLes Disques Du Crépuscule
        Limited CD only addendum release to accompany Ultramarine's fantastic 'Signals Into Space' album. 'Meditations' is two longform pieces cogitative, studious...
          UltramarineSignals Into SpaceLes Disques Du Crépuscule
          Les Disques du Crepuscule presents Signals Into Space, a new studio album by acclaimed, cult electronic duo Ultramarine. 'Signals Into Space' is their...
          • Ultramarine – Elsewhere
          • Ultramarine – Spark From Flint To Clay
          • Ultramarine – Breathing
          • Ultramarine – Arithmetic
          • Ultramarine – If Not Now When?
          • Ultramarine – $10 Heel
          • Ultramarine – Du Sud
          • Ultramarine – Equatorial Calms
          • Ultramarine – Sleight Of Hand
          • Ultramarine – Framework
          • Ultramarine – Cross Reference
          • Ultramarine – Signals Into Space
          Bruno SpoerriRare & Unreleased 1971​-​1998We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records
          WRWTFWW Records release 'Rare & Unreleased 1971-1998', a collection of never-heard and hard-to-find works by Swiss music pioneer and synth super wizard...
          • Bruno Spoerri – Konzert für SIG-Pressluftwerkzeuge
          • Bruno Spoerri – Rollin’
          • Bruno Spoerri – Waves of Montreux
          • Bruno Spoerri – Baustellenmusik
          • Bruno Spoerri – Swisspack
          • Bruno Spoerri – Rhythm’n Bees
          • Bruno Spoerri – Birds of Cochin
          • Bruno Spoerri – Coalburner’s Delight
          • Bruno Spoerri – Printit
          • Bruno Spoerri – Paradise Garden
          • Bruno Spoerri – Stony Broke Night
          DJ Sotofett & Maimouna HaugenC'Est L'AventureHonest Jon's Records
          Unstoppable afro-disco-dub business from the talent they call, DJ Sotofett! Essential release via Honest Jon's!
          • DJ Sotofett & Maimouna Haugen – C'Est L'Aventure (Original Mix)
          • DJ Sotofett & Maimouna Haugen – C'Est L'Aventure (Dubplate Mix)
          DJ SotofettDub OffHonest Jon's Records
          A salvo of three, murderous, steppers dubs from the huge talent they call DJ Sotofett - more killer, killer wares via Honest Jon's
          • DJ Sotofett – Dub Off
          • DJ Sotofett – Dub On
          • DJ Sotofett – Dub On Dub
          Thomas Fehlmann1929 Das Jahr BabylonKompakt
          '1929 - Das Jahr Babylon’ is Thomas Fehlmann’s soundtrack to a documentary about Berlin in 1929, Fehlmann emplys his signatures of crackle, dub and...
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter D (Dark Main)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter M (Driving)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter M (Karenina)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter D (Swing)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter M (Light)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter M (Mellow)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter D (Sparkling)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter M (Charming)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter M (Karenina 2)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter D (Main)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter M (Cosmic)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter D (Strumm)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter M (Reduction)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter D (Dark)
          • Thomas Fehlmann – Chapter M (Cosmic 2)
          • New LP (180g) + Download Code£17.99
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          Daniel BrandtChannelsErased Tapes Records
          The seven-track LP is Brandt’s biggest statement yet, with the album’s thrilling avant-garde framework interweaving chord-driven techno, orchestral...
          • Daniel Brandt – Flamingo
          • Daniel Brandt – Sailboats III
          • Daniel Brandt – Cherry Dream
          • Daniel Brandt – Daze
          • Daniel Brandt – LTD
          • Daniel Brandt – Channels
          • Daniel Brandt – Twentynine Palms
          RTKal, Fox, Shanique Marie, Equiknoxx & Swing TingJump to the Bar / Rum & Buckfast RiddimSwing Ting
          A bouncy JA-to-UK bashment banger via Swing Ting that features a hefty combination of producers and vocalists from both the Equiknoxx and Swing Ting camps!
          • RTKal, Fox, Shanique Marie, Equiknoxx & Swing Ting – Jump to the Bar
          • Equiknoxx & Swing Ting – Rum & Buckfast Riddim
          Céline GillainBad WomanDrama
          Stunning fusion of experimental, deadpan, pop music, new-wave and techno dynamics from Belgian artist, Céline Gillain! Highly recommended!
          • Céline Gillain – Bad Woman
          • Céline Gillain – Fight Or Flight
          • Céline Gillain – Wealthy Humans
          • Céline Gillain – In The Arena
          • Céline Gillain – You're Magic
          • Céline Gillain – I'm Grateful
          KirkisKirkis 2MODED
          Icy cool experimental pop, new-wave and minimal synth tracks from Kirkis!
          • Kirkis – Victrola the Britian
          • Kirkis – Dead Nightclub
          • Kirkis – Adult Cgi
          • Kirkis – Freak Club
          • Kirkis – Dark room
          • Kirkis – Forever
          • Kirkis – Vicky can't fly
          • Kirkis – Liverpool Clown
          • Kirkis – UR DNA
          • Kirkis – Inside your body
          Gerry FrankeChiroyli KamalakTermina
          Wicked tribal drum traxx from Max Graef affiliate, Gerry Franke!
          • Gerry Franke – Chiroyli Kamalak
          • Gerry Franke – The Key Under The Board
          Richard PinhasChronolyseBureau B
          'Chronolyse', the second classic album from Heldon's, Richard Pinhas, showed us how much of an influence classical music (such as Bach, Scarlatti and Wagner,...
          • Richard Pinhas – Variations I Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
          • Richard Pinhas – Variations II Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
          • Richard Pinhas – Variations III Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
          • Richard Pinhas – Variations IV Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
          • Richard Pinhas – Variations V Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
          • Richard Pinhas – Variations VI Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
          • Richard Pinhas – Variations VII Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
          • Richard Pinhas – Duncan Idaho
          • Richard Pinhas – Paul Atreïdes
          • 1. Variations I Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
          • 2. Variations II Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
          • 3. Variations III Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
          • View full info and tracklisting
          Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt ‎Desert SessionsL.A. Club Resource
          Unexpected collaboration between two of electronic music's most maverick personalities released via Delroy Edwards crucial L.A. Club Resource label. Lo-fi,...
          • Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt ‎ – Audio Track 01
          • Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt ‎ – Audio Track 03
          • Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt ‎ – Audio Track 04
          • Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt ‎ – Audio Track 05
          • Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt ‎ – Audio Track 18
          • Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt ‎ – Audio Track 19
          Richard PinhasEast WestBureau B
          Fourth solo album by French spacerock mastermind Richard Pinhas. 'East West' was his first and only album to be released by a major label (CBS). Some say...
          • Richard Pinhas – Houston 69: The Crash Landing (Part 1)
          • Richard Pinhas – Sense Of Doubt
          • Richard Pinhas – Kyoto Number 3
          • Richard Pinhas – La Ville Sans Nom
          • Richard Pinhas – Ruitor
          • Richard Pinhas – West Side
          • Richard Pinhas – Beautiful May
          • Richard Pinhas – The Whale Dance
          • Richard Pinhas – Houston 69 (Part 2)
          Jim WilsonGod's ChorusTrunk Records
          God’s Chorus’ is a hauntingly beautiful recording of crickets, slowed down until they resemble a "choir of angels". The hour-long piece was made for...
          • Jim Wilson – A
          • Jim Wilson – B
          Lovely JonMean StreetsNot On Label
          **NB this is an audio mix on CD, not a VHS tape or DVD. CDs are housed in original VHS tape boxes or DVD cases** Culled from newly discovered notes and...
            Alec CheerNight Kaleidoscope (Original Soundtrack)Trunk Records
            'Night Kaleidoscope’ is Alec Cheer’s classic-sounding synth score for a low-budget psychedelic vampire horror directed by Grant McPhee and shot in...
            • Alec Cheer – Title
            • Alec Cheer – Morning
            • Alec Cheer – Visions
            • Alec Cheer – Shadows
            • Alec Cheer – The Night Belongs To Us
            • Alec Cheer – Confusion
            • Alec Cheer – Kickstart
            • Alec Cheer – Hunters
            • Alec Cheer – Protective Spell
            • Alec Cheer – Evil Ways
            • Alec Cheer – Safe
            Carola BaerThe Story Of ValerieConcentric Circles
            Beautiful, personal and emotionally resonant drum computer mantras in the key of Dead Can Dance, The Cocteau Twins and classic 4AD. Issued via an apparent...
            • Carola Baer – Maker Of Me
            • Carola Baer – Golden Boy
            • Carola Baer – Save Me
            • Carola Baer – We Already Feel
            • Carola Baer – Springtime
            • Carola Baer – Doors Talk
            • Carola Baer – Solemn Cattle
            • Carola Baer – Nothing Left To Say
            • Carola Baer – See The Lights Again
            • Carola Baer – Dreams
            • Carola Baer – On Top Of The Mountain
            James HoldenA Cambodian Spring OSTBorder Community
            Originally written to accompany the critically-acclaimed documentary 'A Cambodian Spring', the fourteen tracks of 4th world drones, ethno-trance - a superb...
              • LP + Download Code£21.99
                Expected 25 JanPreorder
              ReckonwrongWhities 018Whities
              More skewed and spaced out 'pop' experiments from this Amsterdam-based artist, Reckonwrong!
              • Reckonwrong – Paris Is Melting
              • Reckonwrong – 14 Days
              • Reckonwrong – Half a Pill
              • Reckonwrong – I'm a Spoon
              Planet BattagonBattagon Symphony EPOn The Corner Records
              Following in the extra terrestrial sounds and cosmic mythology of Sun Ra, Planet Battagon bring their "droid jazz" to On The Corner Records. Their 'Battagon...
              • Planet Battagon – Salacians Of Trans-Neptunia
              • Planet Battagon – Who's Out On Quaoar?
              • Planet Battagon – Moon Of Dysnomia
              Etnik SentetikSelected Works 1995-2006Müstesna Records
              Müstesna first release focuses on a selection of tracks recorded between 1995-2006 by Etnik Sentetik, the infamous electro synth-pop band from Istanbul....
              • Etnik Sentetik – Requiem (Bassy Version)
              • Etnik Sentetik – The Omen
              • Etnik Sentetik – Dasystem (Clean Version)
              • Etnik Sentetik – Vatican Radio
              • Etnik Sentetik – Sensizim (303 Version)
              • Etnik Sentetik – Acieed (Alpha Version)
              • Etnik Sentetik – War (Beta Version)
              • Etnik Sentetik – Dasystem (Part 2)
              Wolf EyesFuck The Old MiamiImportant Records
              Recorded live May 3, 2003. Side B is a playable etching: "Flip it over for a needle-destroying playable b-side etching hand carved by Wolf Eyes into the...
                Elsa HewittBecoming Real Trilogy Compilation IERH
                Key Brownswood / Future Bubbler, Elsa Hewitt releases 'The Becoming Real Trilogy Compilation 1', comprised of 13 tracks from Elsa Hewitt’s three cassette...
                • Elsa Hewitt – Catvision
                • Elsa Hewitt – Healing Hands
                • Elsa Hewitt – After Party
                • Elsa Hewitt – I Wish I Wasn't Hungover
                • Elsa Hewitt – Birthday Roof Party
                • Elsa Hewitt – Breathing SpaceX
                • Elsa Hewitt – One Day Old Today
                • Elsa Hewitt – Become Real
                • Elsa Hewitt – Snowmilk
                • Elsa Hewitt – Intangible Beauty
                • Elsa Hewitt – Tantrum
                • Elsa Hewitt – Novemberz
                • Elsa Hewitt – Things To Say
                VesselQueen of Golden DogsTri Angle
                Bristol-based producer, Vessel switches direction from the more dubwise electronic production his name has become synonymous with for an album that realises...
                  AmorSinking Into A MiracleNight School
                  Amor are a Glasgow-based dance outfit. Their eclectic line-up bleeds eclecticism into their music, however. The band consist of avant-garde musician Richard...
                  • Amor – Phantoms Of The Sun
                  • Amor – Glimpses Across Thunder
                  • Amor – Full Fathom Future
                  • Amor – Heaven Among The Days
                  • Amor – Truth Of Lufe
                  The HigherThe CoreXL Recordings
                  Future-facing, old school indebted breakbeat experiments from The Higher via XL in an old school company sleeve! Sounding like 2 Bad Mice meet Demdike...
                  • The Higher – The Core
                  • The Higher – Stick 3
                  • The Higher – Submarine '99
                  • The Higher – Submarine '95
                  Mkwaju EnsembleMKWAJUWe Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records
                  Having previously reissued Mkwaju Ensemble's inspired 1981 debut 'Ki-Motion', WRWTFWW turns its attention to their equally impressive follow-up from the...
                  • Mkwaju Ensemble – Mkwaju
                  • Mkwaju Ensemble – Shak Shak
                  • Mkwaju Ensemble – Lemore
                  • Mkwaju Ensemble – Tira-Rin
                  • Mkwaju Ensemble – Pulse In The Mind
                  • Mkwaju Ensemble – Flash-Back
                  • LP£20.99
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                  • CD£10.99
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                  CoilA Thousand Lights In A Darkened RoomDais Records
                  Dias reissue Coil's sought after 1996 album, 'A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room'. Recorded during the Winter of 1995/96, Black Light District reflects...
                  • Coil – Unprepared Piano
                  • Coil – Red Skeletons
                  • Coil – Die Wölfe Kommen Zurück
                  • Coil – Refusal Of Leave To Land
                  • Coil – Stoned Circular I
                  • Coil – Stoned Circular II
                  • Coil – Green Water
                  • Coil – Cold Dream Of An Earth Star
                  • Coil – Blue Rats
                  • Coil – Scratches And Dust
                  • Coil – London's Lost Rivers
                  • Coil – Chalice
                  Brian EnoAmbient 4: On Land - Half Speed MasterUMC / Virgin EMI
                  2018 version - 'half-speed' remaster at Abbey Road Studios. Originally released in 1982, 'On Land' is Eno's most mature, perfect ambient work. Combining...
                    Brainfeeder XVarious ArtistsBrainfeeder
                    Brainfeeder celebrates their 10 year Anniversary with a 36 track compilation highlighting the past, present and future of the iconic label. Featuring unreleased...
                      • 4×LP Box (1.8kg)£44.99
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                      • 2×CD£13.99
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                      Brian EnoDiscreet Music - Half Speed MasterUMC / Virgin EMI
                      2018 version - 'half-speed' remaster at Abbey Road Studios. Ambient music ground zero; first released in Britain in 1975 on Eno's own Obscure Records...
                        Brian EnoMusic For Films - Half Speed MasterUMC / Virgin EMI
                        2018 version - 'half-speed' remaster at Abbey Road Studios. Originally released in 1978, 'Music For Films' is a compilation of material recorded over...
                        • Brian Eno – Aragon
                        • Brian Eno – From The Same Hill
                        • Brian Eno – Inland Sea
                        • Brian Eno – Two Rapid Formations
                        • Brian Eno – Slow Water
                        • Brian Eno – Sparrowfall ( 1 )
                        • Brian Eno – Sparrowfall ( 2 )
                        • Brian Eno – Sparrowfall ( 3 )
                        • Brian Eno – Quartz
                        Michele MercureBeside HerselfRVNG
                        Michele Mercure sound is a porous electronic art that overlaps ambient, abstract, and industrial sensibilities. Beside Herself, is an anthology of Mercure’s...
                        • Michele Mercure – A Little Piece
                        • Michele Mercure – Ghosts Before Breakfast
                        • Michele Mercure – Dreamplay 2
                        • Michele Mercure – Beside Myself
                        • Michele Mercure – Liberation Day
                        • Michele Mercure – The Sky Is Falling
                        • Michele Mercure – Beginning
                        • Michele Mercure – No More Law In Gotham City
                        • Michele Mercure – Time Piece
                        • Michele Mercure – A Void Dance
                        • 2×LP£25.99
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                        • CD£11.99
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                        SarmacjaTutejsiAstigmatic Records
                        Polish imprint Astigmatic Records continue to push musical boundaries, for the better, with another smashing release, this time on a dub-techno tip! Polish...
                        • Sarmacja – Centrum pogranicza
                        • Sarmacja – Ziemia łapie oddech
                        • Sarmacja – Polska
                        I-LP-ONAanetEditions Mego
                        Ilpo Väisänen returns to Editions Mego under the guise of I-LP-ON. Reduced, fidgeting, techno experiments that pay homage to his late, great creatice...
                        • I-LP-ON – SYRJÄYTYVÄ
                        • I-LP-ON – RAAVITTUA KROKODILIÄ
                        • I-LP-ON – TURUN SATTUMA
                        • I-LP-ON – MUISTOISSA 1, 2, 3
                        • I-LP-ON – POBLE DUB
                        • I-LP-ON – ALUSSA
                        • I-LP-ON – SEATTLE 1
                        • I-LP-ON – SAN FRANCISCO KESKUSTELU
                        • I-LP-ON – PIMEYDEN VASARA
                        • I-LP-ON – JYVÄT
                        • I-LP-ON – SEATTLE 2, ASEMA
                        • I-LP-ON – MELANKOLIA
                        • I-LP-ON – LOPUSSA
                        • I-LP-ON – MANAT
                        DroidsStar PeaceDroids
                        Seminal French Space Synth From Droids - The 70s Daft Punk! The Droids beamed down to planet Earth in the year 1978. The brainchild of Yves Hayet, they...
                        • Droids – (do you have) the force part 1
                        • Droids – interspace
                        • Droids – be happy part 1
                        • Original LP£40.00
                          Vinyl condition: NM-Sleeve condition: VG+Original Venezuelan LP Vinyl. Thick sleeve, unplayed original, small creasing bottom right, bottom spine small part split
                          100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
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                        Smalltown Supersound 25: The Movement of Free Spirit (Mixed by Prins Thomas)Various ArtistsSmalltown Supersound
                        LP mixed Tracklist: Side AEcho Troopers - Fred Astaire Session (intro)Deathprod - Orgone DonorYoshimi & Mats Gustafsson - Soundless Cries With Their Arms...
                        The Radiophonic WorkshopPossum (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Room 13
                        Original soundtrack to British horror film, 'Possum' by the pioneering UK electronic research lab responsible for the music of Doctor Who and Quatermass!
                          KitaroTenku (1986)Geffen Records
                          Jap new ageOriginal = Original USA Vinyl VG+ /Sleeve VG+ 100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy...
                            • Original LP£9.99
                              Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
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                            Space Is The PlaiceVarious ArtistsPussyfoot
                            Pussyfoot is back with one stonking big compilation album. ‘Space Is The Plaice’ is a 28-track aquatic space opera which fits neatly onto triple vinyl...
                              François BayleElectrucs!Transversales Disques
                              'Electrucs!’ is a previously unpublished LP of works by former INA-GRM chief François Bayle, recorded 1974-1995, and now finally issued on the 60th...
                              • François Bayle – Sophistication
                              • François Bayle – Train Noir
                              • François Bayle – Voltage Stomp
                              • François Bayle – Crepuscule
                              • François Bayle – Quadrille
                              • François Bayle – Arpegiatto
                              • François Bayle – Melodie Zebre
                              • François Bayle – Saccades
                              • François Bayle – La Chose
                              • François Bayle – Ennemi Intime
                              • François Bayle – Rosace 1
                              • François Bayle – Rosace 2
                              • François Bayle – Rosace 3
                              • François Bayle – Rosace 4
                              • François Bayle – Rosace 5
                              • François Bayle – Foliphonie
                              • François Bayle – Marpege
                              Glenn AstroC.I.W.Tartelet Records
                              Money $ex Records co-founder Glenn Astro drops this KILLER, idiosyncratic electronic jazz / techno EP for Tartelet Records! Topped off with a wild cover...
                              • Glenn Astro – Crack Is Wack
                              • Glenn Astro – Der Langweiler
                              • Glenn Astro – Der Maschine
                              • Glenn Astro – Boring Times On Beleuse Five
                              Alva Noto + Ryuichi SakamotoGlassNoton
                              'Glass' is a recording of an inspired live improvisation by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto, a forty-five minute performance at the Glass House venue, in...
                              • Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto – Glass
                              • 2×LP£23.99
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                              • CD£16.99
                                Out of stock
                              Switched-On EugeneVarious ArtistsNumero
                              "Switched-On Eugene documents the Eugene Electronic Music Collective and some of the many synthed-out figures in and around Oregon’s iconic hippie stronghold...
                              • David Stout – The Seven Rays
                              • Phyllyp Vernacular – The Clinging
                              • Peter Kardas – Other Playgrounds
                              • Kim Carter – Energy
                              • Nathan Griffith – Great Moves
                              • Joel Horowitz – Finale From "A Walk Down Serenity Lane
                              • Michael Chocholak – Skomorokhi
                              • Derryl Parsons – Floating Landscape (Including Chase Scene)
                              • Scott Blair – Dance Pacific
                              • 2×LP£29.99
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                              • CD£14.99
                                Out of stock
                              Andy RantzenBlue Hour Vol IIKen Oath Records
                              Awesome kosmiche transmissions from Andy Rantzen! Freaked out, mid-tempo rhythms and experiments from the Severed Heads affiliate on Ken Oath!
                              • Andy Rantzen – Lifting The Veil
                              • Andy Rantzen – Cosmic Vibrations
                              • Andy Rantzen – Bedtime For Boo Boo
                              • Andy Rantzen – Move It
                              • Andy Rantzen – Magic Lantern
                              • Andy Rantzen – Dub Generator
                              AdmiralCash On The LineWandering Eye
                              Creamy rhodes piano licks, cosmic lunar drones and warbled space-funk on this new one from Admiral via Panoram's excellent Wandering Eye imprint! Glenn...
                              • Admiral – Pearl Diver
                              • Admiral – Halfraw Meat
                              • Admiral – Lonely Palms Couch Party
                              • Admiral – Magic Mentor
                              • Admiral – Soho Girl
                              • Admiral – You Left Me Empty