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    Eleventeen EstonAt The WaterGrowing Bin Records
    80s style ambient and post-punk/pop homage from the Australian musician, Eleventeen Eston. Talk Talk fans check!
    • Eleventeen Eston – C In Sympathy
    • Eleventeen Eston – 2 D'Or (Cab Chassis)
    • Eleventeen Eston – East Perth Stories (Closing Title)
    • Eleventeen Eston – The Four Fountains
    • Eleventeen Eston – I Remember
    • Eleventeen Eston – I Float I Am Free
    • Eleventeen Eston – A Squall 1988
    • Eleventeen Eston – Where There Is Rain
    • Eleventeen Eston – Sand Man
    • Eleventeen Eston – Dory On Swan
    Bartosz KruczynskiBaltic Beat IIGrowing Bin Records
    Polish ambient music alchemist, Bartosz Kruczynski, returns with the second addition in his 'Baltic Beat' concept. Warm environmental /ambient music with...
    • Bartosz Kruczynski – Pastoral Sequences
    • Bartosz Kruczynski – In The Garden
    • Bartosz Kruczynski – Petals
    • Bartosz Kruczynski – Voices
    • Bartosz Kruczynski – If You Go Down In The Woods Today
    • Bartosz Kruczynski – The Orchard
    • Bartosz Kruczynski – Along The Sun Drenched Road 1
    • Bartosz Kruczynski – Along The Sun Drenched Road 2
    Eleventeen EstonDelta HorizonGrowing Bin Records
    Vinyl edition of Eleventeen Eston's 80s style post-punk/pop homage that originally appeared on cassette via Not Not Fun in 2014.
    • Eleventeen Eston – The Sling
    • Eleventeen Eston – Broth II
    • Eleventeen Eston – Tonight (Sans Columns)
    • Eleventeen Eston – Delta Horizon (Wedge)
    • Eleventeen Eston – Panulirus Cygnus
    • Eleventeen Eston – It‘s All Again
    • Eleventeen Eston – Shoelace Episode 1 : Hugo‘s Theme
    • Eleventeen Eston – Decisive Winds
    • Eleventeen Eston – Dante‘s Parallel
    • Eleventeen Eston – Interzone Broth
    • Eleventeen Eston – Two Stroke Vertical Climb
    • Eleventeen Eston – Pale Geranium Lake
    • Eleventeen Eston – Fetch Island City
    Steve MooreS/TL.I.E.S.
    Zombi's Steve Moore returns to L.I.E.S. and expands our minds with four tracks of tripped out kosmiche and hippy drum machine music. Ace.
    • Steve Moore – Broken Kills
    • Steve Moore – Future 99
    • Steve Moore – Eigengrau
    • Steve Moore – Future 86
    Jatinder Singh Durhailay & David EdrenTea NotesEkster
    Vinyl issue of a previously cassette-only release of 2018. 'Tea Notes' features the music of atinder Singh Durhailay, a student of the Indian classical...
    • Jatinder Singh Durhailay & David Edren – Oolong
    • Jatinder Singh Durhailay & David Edren – Tulsi
    • Jatinder Singh Durhailay & David Edren – Ceylon
    • Jatinder Singh Durhailay & David Edren – Kava
    • Jatinder Singh Durhailay & David Edren – Shincha
    • Jatinder Singh Durhailay & David Edren – Pu-Ehr
    Toshifumi HinataBroken BeliefMusic From Memory
    Broken Belief’ brings together a selection of stunning ambient / environmental recordings by Japanese multi-instrumentalist Toshfumi Hinata drawn from...
    • Toshifumi Hinata – Sarah's Crime
    • Toshifumi Hinata – Midsummer Night
    • Toshifumi Hinata – 新しい遊牧民 Atarashii Yuhbokumin
    • Toshifumi Hinata – 異国の女たち Ikoku No Onna Tachi
    • Toshifumi Hinata – Pavement
    • Toshifumi Hinata – Colored Air
    • Toshifumi Hinata – 光と水 Hikari To Mizu
    • Toshifumi Hinata – 蜃気楼 Shinkiroh
    • Toshifumi Hinata – Broken Belief
    • Toshifumi Hinata – 小夜花 Sayoka
    • LP£17.99
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    Tom Of EnglandSex Monk BluesL.I.E.S.
    **Upfront promo copies - one per customer** Thomas Bullock (Map Of Africa/Welcome Stranger) eases back into his Tom Of England guise following on from...
    • Tom Of England – In Your Town
    • Tom Of England – Sniffin At The Griffin
    • Tom Of England – Neon Green
    • Tom Of England – Be Me
    • Tom Of England – Song Of The Sex Monk
    • Tom Of England – Suspension
    • LP£13.99
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    Valentina Magaletti & Julian SartoriusSulla PelleMarionette
    Valentina Magaletti (Vanishing Twin) and Julian Sartorius indulge a dialogue of irregular tempos and trance-inducing, ceremonial, percussive cantation...
    • Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius – Sobaka
    • Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius – Sulla Pelle
    • Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius – Tre Port
    • Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius – Micro Tormento
    NiagaraSalmo/São a fonte da sua própria luzAscender
    Niagara are back on their label ASCENDER with this excellent double-header. Sweeping ambient panoramas backed with lo-fi drum machine workout. Ace.
    • Niagara – Salmo
    • Niagara – São a fonte da sua própria luz
    • 12"£8.99
      Transparent vinyl with silkscreen printed sleeve.
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    Lord TuskTell Me feat. TysonOuter Time Inner Space
    The mighty Lord Tusk returns for Outer Time Inner Space with a 7" of lysergic, out-of-body music, built for high-fidelity sound systems. Winner!
    • Lord Tusk – Tell Me feat. Tyson
    • Lord Tusk – Healer
    Electronic Voyages: Early Moog recordings 1964-1969Various ArtistsWaveshaper Media
    A compilation LP of Moog recordings from the 1960s - the first compilation of its kind, 'Electronic Voyages' contains seven scarcely heard and difficult...
    • – Robert Arthur Moog - The Abominatron (1964)
    • – Herbert Deutsch - Jazz Images, A Worksong And Blues (1967)
    • – Joel Chadabe - Blues Mix (1966)
    • – Lothar and the Hand People - Milkweed Love (1968)
    • – Intersystems - Changing Colours (1968)
    • – Ruth White - The Clock (1969)
    • – Max Brand - Triptych (1969)
    • – Paul Earls - Monday Music (1968)
    • 1. Robert Arthur Moog - The Abominatron (1964)
    • 2. Herbert Deutsch - Jazz Images, A Worksong And Blues (1967)
    • 3. Joel Chadabe - Blues Mix (1966)
    • View full info and tracklisting
    James MassiahNatural Born Killers (Ride For Me) (P. O'Grady / Joy O mix)Levels
    **Mixed by P. O'Grady aka Joy O!** South London poet / DJ James Massiah steps forth with his self-produced solo debut released on NTS mainstay Jon Rust’s...
    • James Massiah – Natural Born Killers (Ride For Me) (P. O'Grady / Joy O mix)
    • James Massiah – 144,000
    Satoshi AshikawaStill Way (Wave Notation 2)WRWTFWW Records
    Much needed reissue of Satoshi Ashikawa's 1982, ambient/new age/environmental opus 'Still Way'. Features cover art by Hiroshi Yoshimura and liner notes...
    • Satoshi Ashikawa – Prelude
    • Satoshi Ashikawa – Landscape Of Wheels
    • Satoshi Ashikawa – Still Park - Ensemble
    • Satoshi Ashikawa – Still Park - Piano Solo
    • Satoshi Ashikawa – Still Sky
    • Satoshi Ashikawa – Image Under The Tree
    • LP£27.99
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    • CD£10.99
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    UndefinedThreeZamZam Sounds
    Undefined are a duo Sahara (keys/bass/programming) and Ohkuma (drums) have deep roots in the Japanese dub and reggae scenes (Heavymanners, Soul Dimension)...
    • Undefined – Three
    • Undefined – Three Dub
    Cabaret Voltaire1974-1976Mute
    A selection of experimental material (originally released on a very obscure cassette edition) recorded by the Cabs during their early and informative era.
    • Cabaret Voltaire – The Dada Man
    • Cabaret Voltaire – Ooraseal
    • Cabaret Voltaire – A Sunday Night In Biot
    • Cabaret Voltaire – In Quest Of The Unusual
    • Cabaret Voltaire – Do The Snake
    • Cabaret Voltaire – Fade Crisis
    • Cabaret Voltaire – Doubled Delivery
    • Cabaret Voltaire – Venusian Animals
    • Cabaret Voltaire – The Outer Limits
    • Cabaret Voltaire – She Loved You
    • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£21.99
      Limited, transparent orange coloured vinyl inc. download code
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    HollowayLate Night Excursions EPWarehouse Raves
    Wicked 90s/00s UKG vibes from up and coming producer Holloway via Warehouse Raves label!
    • Holloway – Ride Dem Tight Kutz
    • Holloway – South
    • Holloway – You & Me
    • Holloway – Last Encounter
    • Holloway – Pressure
    • 12"£8.99
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    Velvet NegroniNeon Brown4AD
    Lush, spectral R&B and haunting soul vibes from 4AD signing, Velvet Negroni!
    • Velvet Negroni – One One
    • Velvet Negroni – Wine Green
    • Velvet Negroni – Kurt Kobain
    • Velvet Negroni – Poster Child
    • Velvet Negroni – Confetti
    • Velvet Negroni – U.DUNNO
    • Velvet Negroni – Choir Boy
    • Velvet Negroni – Scratchers
    • Velvet Negroni – Nester
    • Velvet Negroni – Feel Let
    • Velvet Negroni – Ectodub
    Carter Tutti VoidTriumvirateConspiracy International
    Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti, and Nik Colk Void remerge for a 3rd and final group outing of tripped-out, experimental, electronic noise collage on 'Triumvirate'.
    • Carter Tutti Void – T 3.2
    • Carter Tutti Void – T 3.3
    • Carter Tutti Void – T 3.4
    • Carter Tutti Void – T 3.5
    • Carter Tutti Void – T 3.1
    • Carter Tutti Void – T 3.6
    Four TetAnna PaintingText
    Suprise new 12" from the one and only Kieron Hebden, aka Four Tet! This new EP consists of 3 compositions he created for painter Anna Liber Lewis’ exhibition...
      • 12" EP£8.99
        Out of stock
      Conrad SchnitzlerConditions Of The Gas GiantBureau B
      Bureau B present a reissue of Conrad Schnitzler's Conditions of the Gas Giant album, originally released on cassette in 1988. The Berlin artist first released...
      • Conrad Schnitzler – Condition 3
      • Conrad Schnitzler – Condition 4
      Seb Wildbloodsketches of transitionAll My Thoughts
      New album from DJ, producer and label boss of Church, Coastal Haze and All My Thoughts - Seb Wildblood. Ten track LP traversing various tempos and textures,...
      • Seb Wildblood – sketches
      • Seb Wildblood – twenty eight
      • Seb Wildblood – thought for food ft. mauv
      • Seb Wildblood – small talk
      • Seb Wildblood – bahn
      • Seb Wildblood – amelia ft. mauv
      • Seb Wildblood – one for malcolm
      • Seb Wildblood – muscle memory
      • Seb Wildblood – ghostie ft. Buddy Love
      • Seb Wildblood – of transition
      Joanna BroukThe Space BetweenNumero Group
      Previously issued on three rare cassette only editions, Joanna Brouk’s 1980 sophomore album The Space Between has finally been given spacious LP quarters....
      • Joanna Brouk – The Space Between
      VariousSeitō: In the Beginning, Woman Was the SunAkuphone
      Seitō {青鞜} gathers together a series of Japanese female artists from various electronic and experimental music fields. Like the « Tokyo Flashback...
      • FUJI-YUKI – Blood Moon
      • Kiki Hitomi – Gain And Lose
      • Mikado Koko – Fukagawa Bushi
      • Miki Yui – Radicalv
      • Kakushin Nishihara – Palace Of Deep Water
      • Kuunatic – Dewbow
      • Keiko Higuchi – Okesa Bushi
      Ana Roxanne~~~Leaving Records
      Debut album from Southeast Asian musician, based in Los Angeles - Ana Roxanne. Deep, souful, electronic experiments. One for fans of Julia Holter, Sarah...
        StereolabCobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night (2019 Remastered & Expanded Edition)Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks
        Stereolab's classic 1999 LP, remastered and reissued in this expanded edition.
          • 3×LP£24.99
            Limited clear vinyl edition. Includes a bonus disc of unreleased demos, outtakes and alternate mixes.
            Out of stock
          StereolabDots and Loops (2019 Remastered & Expanded Edition)Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks
          Stereolab's classic 1997 LP, remastered and reissued in this expanded edition.
            • 3×LP£24.99
              Limited clear vinyl edition. Includes a bonus disc of unreleased demos, outtakes and alternate mixes.
              Out of stock
            StereolabEmperor Tomato Ketchup (2019 Remastered & Expanded Edition)Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks
            Stereolab's classic 1996 LP, remastered and reissued in this expanded edition.
              • 3×LP£24.99
                Limited clear vinyl edition. Includes a bonus disc of unreleased demos, outtakes and alternate mixes.
                Out of stock
              Sudan ArchivesAthenaStones Throw
              Album debut album from violinist, singer, songwriter and producer, Sudan Archives via Stones Throw! Rootsy R&B vibes with touches of Northeast an West...
                • LP£21.99
                  Limited 'bronze + black marble' coloured vinyl, sheet music insert and sticker.
                  Expected 01 NovPreorder
                • CD£8.99
                  Expected 01 NovPreorder
                FKA twigsMagdaleneYoung Turks
                FKA twigs returns with her highly anticipated second album release, 'MAGDALENE'. Dark, spectral pop / R&B experiments featuring a major contributions from...
                  • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£16.99
                    Limited red vinyl edition
                    Expected 25 OctPreorder
                  • CD£9.99
                    Expected 25 OctPreorder
                  Don SlepianSea Of BlissNumero Group
                  Numero reissue of Don Slepian's 1980 new age, spaced out, electronic masterpiece. Previously only available on cassette.
                  • Don Slepian – Sea Of Bliss
                  • Don Slepian – Awakening
                  Glenn AstroNaturalsTartelet
                  Glenn Astro conquers new territories with Naturals, fusing elements of Balearic and leftfield house with tribal and acid sounds on Tartelet Records. Vibes!
                  • Glenn Astro – Naturals (Unsweetened Mix)
                  • Glenn Astro – Naturals (Dance Mix)
                  • Glenn Astro – Slarutan (Pristine Mix)
                  • Glenn Astro – Slarutan (Water Mix)
                  Thom YorkeNot The News RMX EP (feat. Equiknoxx and Mark Pritchard remixes)XL Recordings
                  Very limited, white label copies of 'Not The News' from his 'Anima' album. Features remixes by Equiknoxx, Mark Pritchard, Clark and Extendo!
                    • 12" EP£12.99
                      One copy per customer!
                      Out of stock
                    Sleepers Poets ScientistsVariousCES Records
                    SLEEPERS POETS SCIENTISTS is the compilation of 9 female Georgian artists. It showcases works by Natalie Beridze's students at the CES (Creative Education...
                    • Anushka Chkheidze – The Old Man And The Sea
                    • sTia – One
                    • Anushka Chkheidze – Only Notes
                    • Anushka Chkheidze – 995
                    • Katie Eristavi – Monument (feat. Dea Bezhuashvili)
                    • Anushka Chkheidze – Sleepers, Walkers, Scientists
                    • Eto Gelashvili – Rivers
                    • Tamta Gwarliani – Thoughts
                    • Ani Zakareishvili – 5 Margarets
                    • N. Chavchavadze – Queen Size
                    • Dea Bezhuashvili – Snow Queen
                    • Tamta Gwarliani – Failed To Open
                    • Natalie Beridze – Girl Galaxy
                    Floating PointsCrushNinja Tune
                    Floating Points releases his second LP, 'Crush' via Ninja Tune. This album realises more club-ready, darker material, inspired by experimenting with the...
                      • LP + Download Code£17.99
                        Limited edition version: 140g black vinyl housed in a glossy sleeve with exclusive cover art, artwork printed inside and out, 4 page A4 booklet featuring a score of album track ‘Birth’. Download code included.
                        Expected 18 OctPreorder
                      • CD£10.99
                        Expected 18 OctPreorder
                      La Torre Ibiza: Volumen TresVarious ArtistsHostel La Torre Recordings
                      Compiled by Pete Gooding and Mark Barrot. Enchanting Ibizan institution La Torrecontinues its compilation series with Volumen Tres, an incredible fifteen...
                      • – Bill Laswell & Jah Wobble - "Alsema" (dub)
                      • – Nu Guinea - "A Voce E Napule"
                      • – Pacific Coliseum - "Mornings At Mades"
                      • – Lambchop - "Up With The People"
                      • – Tamam Shud - "Bali Waters"
                      • – Satoshi & Makoto - "Crepuscule Leger"
                      • – Mac DeMarco - "On The Level"
                      • – Malcolm McLaren - "Obatala"
                      • – Tears For Fears - "Head Over Heels (Sketches From An Island Sunrise Mediation)"
                      • – Trance - "Ambiente"
                      • 2×LP£20.99
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                      • CD£10.99
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                      Neil TollidayMallumoUtopia Records
                      Neil Tolliday aka Nail changes tone with this immersive ambient / drone suite for the excellent Utopia Records. Four 'movements' (due to vinyl limitations,...
                      • Neil Tolliday – I
                      • Neil Tolliday – II
                      • Neil Tolliday – III
                      • Neil Tolliday – IV
                      • 2xLP + Download Code£18.99
                        Inc. a download code for the full hour long versions of each 'movement'.
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                      Gorgeous, deep, sweeping, ambient music from cult experimental musician, Christian Fennesz. Fantastic release from Touch!
                      • Fennesz – In My Room
                      • Fennesz – Rainfall
                      • Fennesz – Agora
                      • Fennesz – We Trigger the Sun
                      • LP£15.99
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                      • CD£13.99
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                      J-WalkMediterranean WindsWonderful Sound
                      J-Walk returns this summer with a new Vinyl LP Mediterranean Winds. A deep set of Vangelis-inspired sounds plunging the listener into waters deep whilst...
                      • J-Walk – Tramontana
                      • J-Walk – Levante
                      • J-Walk – Libeccio
                      • J-Walk – Poniente
                      • J-Walk – Ostro
                      • J-Walk – Scirocco
                      • J-Walk – Le Mistral
                      • J-Walk – II Grecale
                      • J-Walk – War Of The Winds
                      Thom YorkeANIMAXL Recordings
                      Third solo album from Radiohead's Thom Yorke, a companion piece to a Netlfix film made with auteur director Paul Thomas Anderson. Haunting electronic music,...
                        • 2×LP Deluxe vinyl£59.99
                          A beautiful hardback book containing both the lyrics and many strange drawings done in pencil by Stanley Donwood & Dr Tchock.

                          Orange 180 gram double vinyl with an additional 10th track (Ladies & Gentlemen, Thank You for Coming).

                          Printed onto Italian Fedrigoni Special Brown material paper and section sewn, the book is made up with an exposed orange cloth spine and orange gilt edging and finished with Bodonian Binding.

                          Inc. a download card (320k MP3, 16- or 24-bit WAV)
                          In stockAdd to Bag
                        • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£22.99
                          Orange 140 gram double vinyl in a wide-spine single sleeve with an additional 10th track (Ladies & Gentlemen, Thank You for Coming).

                          Inc. a download card (320k MP3, 16- or 24-bit WAV)
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                        • CD£9.99
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                        Edgar ValcárcelComposiciones Electrónicas para los Andes (1967-2006)Buh
                        Edgar Valcárcel is responsible for introducing locally the new languages of the international musical avant-garde, in a meeting with the legacies of Peruvian...
                          UmbertoHelpless SpectatorThrill Jockey
                          Atmospheric, pseudo-soundtrack style music drawing upon the influence of Goblin, John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi etc from the awesome Umberto!
                            DJ Lag & OkzharpSteam Rooms EPHyperdub
                            Durban gqom ambassador DJ Lag and London-based Okzharp combine over four club heavy tracks rooted in their long-term long-distance connection. ‘Steam...
                              Versus IIIVarious ArtistsOn The Corner Records
                              On The Corner continue with their 'Versus' series linking up Khalab with Maghreban; Blood, Wine or Honey against Hieroglyphic Being; Mnanda and Sam Jones...
                              • Dengue Dengue Dengue – Semillero (Nicola Cruz Remix)
                              • James Stewart – Nolias
                              • Blood, Wine or Honey – The Forest Is Expecting You (Hieroglyphic Being Remix)
                              • Mnanda – Pambana / Shouts (Sam Jones Construct)
                              • Khalab – Dense (Maghreban Remix)
                              • Planet Battagon – Lord Battagon's Rhumba Party
                              • Penya feat. Sarathy Korwar – Why So Angry (Live)
                              • 1. Dengue Dengue Dengue – Semillero (Nicola Cruz Remix)
                              • 2. James Stewart – Nolias
                              • 3. Blood, Wine or Honey – The Forest Is Expecting You (Hieroglyphic Being Remix)
                              • View full info and tracklisting
                              Mika VainioArc 1Sähkö Recordings
                              Sähkö Recordings initiates the release of Mika Vainio's archive material. This issue is taken from Vainio's contribution to the 1994 Ambient City Radio...
                              • Mika Vainio – Ambient City 1994 (Part 1)
                              • Mika Vainio – Ambient City 1994 (Part 2)
                              Vera Dvale & PsykovariusAvavSex Tags Amfibia
                              Retro-fitting ambient and drone album from Vera Dvale & Psykovarius on a Klaus Schulze / Innocative Communication tip!
                              • Vera Dvale & Psykovarius – Ava
                              • Vera Dvale & Psykovarius – Avastus
                              • Vera Dvale & Psykovarius – Aed
                              • Vera Dvale & Psykovarius – Leida
                              • Vera Dvale & Psykovarius – Soov
                              • Vera Dvale & Psykovarius – Avav valgus
                              • LP£10.99
                                Out of stock
                              Kambo Super Sound / Don Papa meets DJ SotofettKraaka 7AM / Moss Dub FonkSex Tags Amfibia
                              Wicked, 8-bit dub / steppers from Kambo Super Sound backed with an oddball percussive jam form Don Papa and DJ Sotofett!
                              • Kambo Super Sound – Kraaka 7AM
                              • Don Papa – Moss Dub Fønk
                              • 7"£4.99
                                Out of stock
                              Pomassl aka Seismik KrewSeismik Krew (inc. DJ Sotofett and Alessandro Cortini remixes)Laton
                              An album of DIY style electronic experiments from Pomassl on his own Laton label, bolstered by remixes from DJ Sotofett and Alessandro Cortini!
                              • Pomassl aka Seismik Krew – Skorpio (DJ Sotofett's Flædripp and Jungle Riddimix)
                              • Pomassl aka Seismik Krew – Skorpio (feat. Randy Baracuda x Loog G)
                              • Pomassl aka Seismik Krew – Polarkus
                              • Pomassl aka Seismik Krew – Echo Init (feat. Ell Sonic)
                              • Pomassl aka Seismik Krew – Mechanoreceptor
                              • Pomassl aka Seismik Krew – The Warmth On The Skin Of Infrastructure
                              • Pomassl aka Seismik Krew – Airgun Array
                              • Pomassl aka Seismik Krew – Delta Sparker
                              • Pomassl aka Seismik Krew – Tons Of Overtime
                              • Pomassl aka Seismik Krew – Ingegneria Sismica (Alessandro Cortini Mix)
                              Mr. MitchNot Modular (inc. The Bug remixes)Pressure
                              Monster, crushed 8-bit dancehall instrumental from Mr. Mitch backed with two rude fixes from label head, The Bug!
                              • Mr. Mitch – Not Modular
                              • Mr. Mitch – Not Modular (The Bug 'Straight' Remix)
                              • Mr. Mitch – Not Modular (The Bug ‘Raw’ Remix)
                              • 12"£11.99
                                'Splattered' vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies
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                              Irie MonaLovers ChaliceMystery Booms
                              Heavy dub dreadnoughts from Irie Mona dropping a debut on the Mystery Booms label. Big one for the fans of Low Jack and Equiknoxx - ace!
                              • Irie Mona – Lovers Chalice
                              • Irie Mona – Skuff Island
                              • 7"£6.99
                                Out of stock
                              Yutaka HiroseNova + 4WRWTFWW Records
                              WRWTFWW Records reissue one of the most fascinating Japanese ambient/environmental albums, NOVA + 4 by Yutaka Hirose. This edition includes the album known...
                              • Yutaka Hirose – Nova 新星
                              • Yutaka Hirose – Slow Sky
                              • Yutaka Hirose – In The Afternoon
                              • Yutaka Hirose – Taiko 太古
                              • Yutaka Hirose – Humming The Sea
                              • Yutaka Hirose – Through The Windows
                              • Yutaka Hirose – Out Take 1
                              • Yutaka Hirose – Old Dream Spell
                              • Yutaka Hirose – Light Which Shakes Quietly
                              • Yutaka Hirose – 暑い日
                              • Yutaka Hirose – Shadow Of A Droplet
                              • 2×LP Deluxe vinyl£29.99
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                              • 2×CD£12.99
                                Out of stock