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    Logic SystemVenusWewantsounds
    Classic 'proto-techno' album (featuring the ESSENTIAL cut 'Automatic Collect, Automatic Correct') from 1981 by Logic System aka Hideki Matsutake, the go-to...
    • Logic System – Venus
    • Logic System – Morpheus
    • Logic System – I Love You
    • Logic System – Plan
    • Logic System – Take A Chance
    • Logic System – Automatic Collect, Automatic Correct
    • Logic System – Be Yourself
    • Logic System – Prophet
    • Logic System – Metamorphism
    • Logic System – Equivalent
    Jessy LanzaAll The TimeHyperdub
    Another brilliant album of lush, glowing synth pop / R&B from the brilliant Jessy Lanza. Winning production partnership between Lanza and Jeremy Greenspan...
    • Jessy Lanza – Anyone Around
    • Jessy Lanza – Lick In Heaven
    • Jessy Lanza – Face
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      Limited coloured vinyl version
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    ArcaKiCk iXL Recordings
    Experimental pop/electronic music from Arca featuring Bjork, SOPHIE, Rosalía and Shygirl.
      BibioSleep On The WingWarp Records
      Recorded over the course of a year in Bibio's countryside home studio 'Sleep On The Wing' sees him mixing folk influences with field recordings from his...
      • Bibio – Sleep On The Wing
      • Bibio – A Couple Swim
      • Bibio – Lightspout Hollow
      • Bibio – Oakmoss
      • Bibio – Miss Blennerhassett
      Little DragonNew Me, Same UsNinja Tune
      The Swedish pop troupe's debut for Ninja Tune "is the sound of a band going back to basics and falling back in love with their instruments: drums, bass,...
      • Little Dragon – Hold On
      • Little Dragon – Rush
      • Little Dragon – Another Lover
      • Little Dragon – Kids
      • Little Dragon – Every Rain
      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£17.99
        Limited orange coloured vinyl edition
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      Moses BoydDark MatterExodus Records
      UK jazz drummer Moses Boyd returns with 'Dark Matter', an album that explores the point where electronic music and jazz converge. Incredible stuff, featuring...
      • Moses Boyd – Stranger Than Fiction
      • Moses Boyd – Hard Food Interlude
      • Moses Boyd – B.T.B
      • Moses Boyd – Y.O.Y.O
      • Moses Boyd – Shades Of You (feat. Poppy Ajudha)
      • Moses Boyd – Dancing In The Dark (feat. Obongjayar)
      • Moses Boyd – Only You
      • Moses Boyd – 2 Far Gone (feat. Joe Armon Jones)
      • Moses Boyd – Nommos Descent (feat. Nonku Phiri)
      • Moses Boyd – What Now?
      • 2×LP£20.99
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      • CD£11.99
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      Roger Eno & Brian EnoMixing ColoursDeutsche Grammophon
      Roger and Brian Eno explore the nature of sound in their first ever duo album, 'Mixing Colours'. The album’s eighteen soundscapes invite listeners to...
        • LP£28.99
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        • CD£11.99
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        Trees SpeakOhmsSoul Jazz Records
        First edition sold out! New pressing just landed! This album is hot! ... If you don't have it already now is your chance!------------------------------------------------------------ When...
        • Trees Speak – Soul Sequencer
        • Trees Speak – Nitrous Cross
        • Trees Speak – Shadow Circuit
        • Trees Speak – Blame Shifter
        • Trees Speak – Spirit Duplicator
        • Trees Speak – Nobody Knows
        • Trees Speak – Sadness In Wires
        • Trees Speak – State Of Clear
        • Trees Speak – Sleep Crime
        • Trees Speak – Knowing
        • Trees Speak – Splendid Sun
        • Trees Speak – Ohms
        • Trees Speak – Out Of View
        • Trees Speak – Psychic Wounds
        • Trees Speak – Silicone Emotions
        • Trees Speak – Octave Cycle
        • Trees Speak – Witch Wound
        Angolan producer Nazar lands his album debut via Hyperdub. A unique collection of tough, Kuduro rhythms. Highly recommended!
          Tom Misch & Yussef DayesWhat Kinda MusicBeyond the Groove / Blue Note
          An astonishing collaboration between two artists of very different disciplines, and one of the most unique and seamlessly original projects of its ilk...
          • Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes – What Kinda Music
          • 2×LP (180g)£28.00
            Limited 2xLP 180g version, gatefold sleeve with music book ,
            recycled plastic dust jacket, recycled plectrum!

            Contains three exclusive bonus audio tracks: 'Saddle',
            'Tidal Wave Outro' and 'Seagulls'.
            Out of stock
          • 2×LP (180g)£23.00
            Standard edition
            Out of stock
          • CD£11.00
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          Daniel LopatinUncut GemsWarp Records
          Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, scores the soundtrack to the Safdie brothers’ highly successful feature starring Adam Sandler, 'Uncut Gems'.
          • Daniel Lopatin – The Ballad Of Howie Bling
          • Daniel Lopatin – Pure Elation
          • Daniel Lopatin – Followed
          • Daniel Lopatin – The Bet Hits
          • Daniel Lopatin – High Life
          • Daniel Lopatin – No Vacation
          • Daniel Lopatin – School Play
          • Daniel Lopatin – F**k You Howard
          • Daniel Lopatin – Smoothie
          • Daniel Lopatin – Back To Roslyn
          • 2×LP£21.99
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          • CD£10.99
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          Doon KandaLabyrinthHyperdub
          "Labyrinth features 13 new tracks by producer and visual artist Jesse Kanda aka Doon Kanda, who has collaborated with the likes of Björk, Arca and FKA...
          • Doon Kanda – Polycephaly
          • Doon Kanda – Dio
          • Doon Kanda – Gut
          • Doon Kanda – Enigma
          • Doon Kanda – Wing
          • Doon Kanda – Nastasya
          • Doon Kanda – Pieridae
          • Doon Kanda – Mino
          • Doon Kanda – Search
          • Doon Kanda – Bunny
          • Doon Kanda – Garnet
          • Doon Kanda – Forgive
          • Doon Kanda – Entrance
          The Comet Is ComingThe AfterlifeImpulse!
          Limited edition last copies - from man like Shabaka - don't miss out!
          • The Comet Is Coming – All That Mathers Is The Moments
          • The Comet Is Coming – The Softness Of The Present
          • The Comet Is Coming – The Afterlife
          • The Comet Is Coming – Lifeforce Part I
          • The Comet Is Coming – Lifeforce Part II
          • The Comet Is Coming – The Seven Planetary Heavens
          • 12" EP£20.00
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          • CD£11.99
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          FKA twigsMagdaleneYoung Turks
          FKA twigs returns with her highly anticipated second album release, 'MAGDALENE'. Dark, spectral pop / R&B experiments featuring a major contributions from...
            • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£16.99
              Limited red vinyl edition
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            • CD£8.99
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            Mika Vainio & Joséphine MichelThe Heat EquationTouch
            Touch issue this fantastic document, presented in a hardback book format, of 69 photos and a portrait of the great Mika Vainio by Joséphine Michel. Inc....
            • Mika Vainio – Live at Contra Pop, Ramsgate (Live)
            Patrick CowleyMechanical Fantasy BoxDark Entries
            'Mechanical Fantasy Box' is a collection of 13, previously unreleased songs recorded between 1973-80; a collection of Cowley's work from the years preceding...
            • Patrick Cowley – Out of Body (Intro)
            • Patrick Cowley – Right Here, Right Now
            • Patrick Cowley – Broken Dishes
            • Patrick Cowley – Breakdown
            • Patrick Cowley – Moving Bodies I
            • Patrick Cowley – Grisha's Tune
            • Patrick Cowley – Sensitivity
            • Patrick Cowley – Shrouds
            • Patrick Cowley – Lumberjacks in Heat
            • Patrick Cowley – Mechanical Fantasy Box
            • Patrick Cowley – Thrill of the Hunt
            • Patrick Cowley – Before Original Sin
            • Patrick Cowley – Sea of China
            • 2×LP£25.99
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            • CD£15.99
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            Ernest HoodNeighborhoodsFreedom To Spend
            Ernest Hood’s 'Neighborhoods' album was released some two decades after the Portland, Oregon born and raised musician’s first forays into field recordings....
              • LP£28.99
                Expected 11 Oct
              • CD£13.99
                Expected 11 OctPreorder
              Bedouin SoundclashMassMr Bongo
              Nearly a decade since their last record, Jay Malinowski and Eon Sinclair better known as duo Bedouin Soundclash, return with their fifth studio album ‘MASS’....
              • Bedouin Soundclash – Salt Water
              • Bedouin Soundclash – Born Into Bad Times
              • Bedouin Soundclash – Clock Work
              • Bedouin Soundclash – When We’re Gone
              • Bedouin Soundclash – Holy
              • Bedouin Soundclash – They Gutted This City
              • Bedouin Soundclash – Drive
              • Bedouin Soundclash – St Jude Of The Floors
              • Bedouin Soundclash – All Tomorrows
              • Bedouin Soundclash – Inversion Weather
              • Bedouin Soundclash – Full Bloom
              • Bedouin Soundclash – Better Days
              • Bedouin Soundclash – Edges Of The Night
              • Bedouin Soundclash – Just Like You
              Telefon Tel AvivDreams Are Not EnoughGhostly International
              The return of "storied Southern Gothic electronic entity", Telefon Tel Aviv. A poignant, musical tale expressing themes of loss (in 2009, TTV co-founding...
                • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£20.99
                  Limited edition 'clear & gold splatter' vinyl. Includes download card
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                • CD£11.99
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                Velvet NegroniNeon Brown4AD
                Lush, spectral R&B and haunting soul vibes from 4AD signing, Velvet Negroni!
                • Velvet Negroni – One One
                • Velvet Negroni – Wine Green
                • Velvet Negroni – Kurt Kobain
                • Velvet Negroni – Poster Child
                • Velvet Negroni – Confetti
                • Velvet Negroni – U.DUNNO
                • Velvet Negroni – Choir Boy
                • Velvet Negroni – Scratchers
                • Velvet Negroni – Nester
                • Velvet Negroni – Feel Let
                • Velvet Negroni – Ectodub
                VariousSeitō: In the Beginning, Woman Was the SunAkuphone
                Seitō {青鞜} gathers together a series of Japanese female artists from various electronic and experimental music fields. Like the « Tokyo Flashback...
                • FUJI-YUKI – Blood Moon
                • Kiki Hitomi – Gain And Lose
                • Mikado Koko – Fukagawa Bushi
                • Miki Yui – Radicalv
                • Kakushin Nishihara – Palace Of Deep Water
                • Kuunatic – Dewbow
                • Keiko Higuchi – Okesa Bushi
                Tenesha the WordsmithPeacocks & Other Savage BeastsOn The Corner Records
                **Produced by Khalab!** Tenesha the Wordsmith (who came to the fore via Khalab's On The Corner release ‘Black Noise 2084’) has delivered a hard-cutting,...
                • Tenesha the Wordsmith – Dangerous Women
                • Tenesha the Wordsmith – Why White Folks Can't Call Me Nigga
                • Tenesha the Wordsmith – Bastard
                • Tenesha the Wordsmith – The Collection
                • Tenesha the Wordsmith – Corny Ass Poem
                • Tenesha the Wordsmith – Madea
                • Tenesha the Wordsmith – Peacocks & Other Savage Beasts
                • Tenesha the Wordsmith – Again
                • Tenesha the Wordsmith – Dream So Loud
                The Hi FiresReturn To VegaWonderful Sound
                The musics on the album are diverse there’s strains of the 90’s Bristol scene with songs Honest Lies, Beautiful and Heart in my Mouth which all feature...
                • The Hi Fires – Je Veux Te Transe-Mettre
                • The Hi Fires – The Sea And The Sun
                • The Hi Fires – Honest Lies
                • The Hi Fires – Sentinel
                • The Hi Fires – La-Bas
                • The Hi Fires – Beautiful
                • The Hi Fires – 96 Tons
                • The Hi Fires – Heart In My Mouth
                • The Hi Fires – C'est Pour Qu'un Jour
                • The Hi Fires – Dead Ballerina
                • The Hi Fires – Reprise
                Thom YorkeANIMAXL Recordings
                Third solo album from Radiohead's Thom Yorke, a companion piece to a Netlfix film made with auteur director Paul Thomas Anderson. Haunting electronic music,...
                  • 2×LP Deluxe vinyl£59.99
                    A beautiful hardback book containing both the lyrics and many strange drawings done in pencil by Stanley Donwood & Dr Tchock.

                    Orange 180 gram double vinyl with an additional 10th track (Ladies & Gentlemen, Thank You for Coming).

                    Printed onto Italian Fedrigoni Special Brown material paper and section sewn, the book is made up with an exposed orange cloth spine and orange gilt edging and finished with Bodonian Binding.

                    Inc. a download card (320k MP3, 16- or 24-bit WAV)
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                  • CD£9.99
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                  Brian EnoApollo (Atmospheres & Soundtracks)With Daniel Lanois & Roger EnoUMC
                  A remastered and extended edition of Brian Eno's iconic 1983 album, 'Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks"
                    • 2×CD£11.99
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                    • 2×LP£25.99
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                    Childish GambinoCampGlassnote
                    Debut studio album by Childish Gambino. Released by Glassnote Records on November 15, 2011.
                      Renegades Of JazzNeverthelessAgogo Records
                      Tight, Fela-esque horns, big clubby drums with chunky guitars holding it all together, this record is constantly engaging and is at times reminiscent of...
                        • 2xLP + Download Code£21.99
                          Out of stock
                        • CD£14.99
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                        Flying LotusFlamagraWarp Records
                        Flying Lotus' sideways boom bap is back! 'Flamagra' features collaborations with Anderson Paak, Little Dragon, David Lynch and more!
                        • Flying Lotus – Black Balloons Reprise
                        James BlakeAssume FormPolydor
                        Mercury award winner James Blake returns with his 4th studio album 'Assume Form'. The album features collaborations with Travis Scott, André 3000, Metro...
                        • James Blake – Assume Form
                        • James Blake – Mile High (feat. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)
                        • James Blake – Tell Them (feat. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
                        • James Blake – Into The Red
                        • James Blake – Barefoot In The Park (feat. ROSALÍA)
                        • James Blake – Can’t Believe The Way We Flow
                        • James Blake – Are You In Love?
                        • James Blake – Where’s The Catch? (feat. André 3000)
                        • James Blake – I’ll Come Too
                        • James Blake – Power On
                        • James Blake – Don’t Miss It
                        • James Blake – Lullaby For My Insomniac
                        • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£25.99
                          Limited green vinyl edition
                          Out of stock
                        • CD£11.99
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                        Holly HerndonPROTO4AD
                        Experimental artist Holly Herndon releases her conceptual, A.I.-assisted album, 'PROTO', via 4AD. The album was created in collaboration with Spawn—a...
                        • Holly Herndon – Birth
                        • Holly Herndon – Alienation
                        • Holly Herndon – Canaan (Live Training)
                        • Holly Herndon – Eternal
                        • Holly Herndon – Crawler
                        • Holly Herndon – Extreme Love (with Lily Anna Hayes and Jenna Sutela)
                        • Holly Herndon – Frontier
                        • Holly Herndon – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
                        • Holly Herndon – SWIM
                        • Holly Herndon – Evening Shades (Live Training)
                        • Holly Herndon – Bridge (with Martine Syms)
                        • Holly Herndon – Godmother (with Jlin)
                        • Holly Herndon – Last Gasp
                        Charlemagne Palestine & RroseThe Goldennn Meeenn + SheeennEaux
                        Charlemagne Palestine's majestic 1976 work The Golden Mean, originally performed by Palestine on two pianos, is revisited here as 'The Goldennn Meeenn...
                        • Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose – The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn (Part One)
                        • Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose – The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn (Part Tne)
                        Girl UnitSong FeelNight Slugs
                        Key Night Slugger, Girl Unit, returns with 'Song Feel' - a neon lit, guided trip into fluorescent R&B realms featuring guest spots from the likes of Kelela...
                        • Girl Unit – WYWD ft. Kelela
                        • Girl Unit – Stuck ft. Taliwhoah
                        • Girl Unit – Sucker Free ft. Ms. Boogie
                        • Girl Unit – Head
                        • Girl Unit – Pull Up ft. Thast
                        • Girl Unit – Evidence ft. Rush Davis
                        • Girl Unit – B.A.C.K
                        • Girl Unit – 24 Hours ft. Brook Baili
                        • Girl Unit – Roll
                        • Girl Unit – Pure Gold
                        • Girl Unit – WYWD ft. Kelela (Remix)
                        Floating PointsLate Night Tales: Floating PointsLate Night Tales
                        Floating Points’ personal collection of global soul, ambient, jazz and folk treasures form the latest in the revered Late Night Tales series.
                        • Sarah Davachi – Untitled, live in Portland (Excerpt) [Exclusive track]
                        • Carlos Walker – Via Láctea
                        • The Rationals – Glowin’
                        • William S. Fischer – Chains
                        • Max Roach – Equipoise
                        • Abu Talib (Bobby Wright) – Blood Of An American
                        • Sweet & Innocent – Express Your Love
                        • Robert Vanderbilt & The Foundation of Souls – A Message Especially From God
                        • The Defaulters – Gentle Man
                        • Alain Bellaïche – Sun Blues
                        • Alain Bellaïche – Sea Fluorescent
                        • Kara-Lis Coverdale – Moments In Love (Excerpt)
                        • Azimuth – The Tunnel
                        • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Milk (Excerpt)
                        • Toshimaru Nakamura – Nimb#59 [Exclusive track]
                        • Floating Points – The Sweet Time Suite, Part I - Opening (Exclusive Kenny Wheeler cover version)
                        • Lauren Laverne – Ah! Why, Because The Dazzling Sun (Exclusive spoken word piece)
                        • 1. Sarah Davachi – Untitled, live in Portland (Excerpt) [Exclusive track]
                        • 2. Carlos Walker – Via Láctea
                        • 3. The Rationals – Glowin’
                        • View full info and tracklisting
                        • 2xLP + Download Code£21.99
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                        • CD£10.99
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                        Rian TreanorATAXIAPlanet Mu
                        Angular, experimental and asymmetrical club tracks from Arcola / The Death Of Rave's, Rian Treanor, making his anticipated album debut for Planet Mu.
                          The Cinematic OrchestraTo BelieveNinja Tune
                          The Cinematic Orchestra about to drop their anticipated new album 'To Believe', the first new studio LP from the group in twelve years! Features contributions...
                            • 2xLP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£24.99
                              Deluxe Edition 2LP: 180g clear vinyl and 180g white vinyl housed in roughboard sleeve with black foil detail and glossy printed inners. Artwork and design by The Designers Republic. Download code included.
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                            • 2xLP + Download Code£21.99
                              Standard 2LP: 180g black vinyl housed in roughboard sleeve with glossy printed inner sleeves. Artwork and design by The Designers Republic. Download code included.
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                            • CD£10.99
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                            Daniel ThorneLines Of SightErased Tapes
                            Invigorating and powerful debut solo album 'Lines of Sight' by Australian-born, Liverpool-based composer, saxophonist and founder of Immix Ensemble, Daniel...
                            • Daniel Thorne – From Inside, Looking Out
                            • Daniel Thorne – From The Other Side Of The World
                            • Daniel Thorne – From The Heavens
                            • Daniel Thorne – Pyriscence
                            • Daniel Thorne – Threnody For A Burning Buildin
                            • Daniel Thorne – Fear Of Floating
                            • LP + Download Code£16.99
                              Out of stock
                            • CD£12.99
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                            Angel-HoDeath Becomes HerHyperdub
                            Angel-Ho is known as one of the founders of Non Worldwide, alongside Chino Amobi and Nkisi. Highly regarded as a DJ and electronic music producer, on ‘Death...
                            • Angel-Ho – Business
                            • Angel-Ho – Drama
                            • Angel-Ho – Like A Girl (feat. K Rizz)
                            • Angel-Ho – Jacomina
                            • Angel-Ho – Muse To You
                            • Angel-Ho – Good Friday Daddy (feat. Queezy)
                            • Angel-Ho – Cupido
                            • Angel-Ho – Live
                            • Angel-Ho – Destify
                            • Angel-Ho – Pose
                            • Angel-Ho – Bussy
                            • Angel-Ho – Baby Tee (feat. K-$)
                            • Angel-Ho – Like That
                            • Angel-Ho – Parachute
                            HejiraThread Of GoldLima Limo
                            London-based trio Hejira announce their second LP Thread of Gold, released through their own Lima Limo Records. 'Thread of Gold' tells the story of vocalist,...
                            • Hejira – Save it for Another
                            • Hejira – Joyful Mind
                            • Hejira – Ribs
                            • Hejira – Lima Limo
                            • Hejira – Empire
                            • Hejira – A Taxi Man
                            • Hejira – Seven
                            • Hejira – You
                            • Hejira – Thread of Gold
                            BonoboFabric presents: BonoboFabric
                            Ushering in an exciting new era for the label, nightclub and mix series, Bonobo opens the ‘Fabric Presents’ that promises to "introduce a more open...
                            • Bonobo – Flicker [Unreleased]
                            • Bonobo – Boston Common
                            • Poté – Jacquot (Waters of Praslin)
                            • Alex Kassian – Hidden Tropics
                            • Âme – Nia
                            • Durante – Maia [Unreleased]
                            • Dark Sky & Afriquoi – Cold Harbour
                            • Bonobo – Ibrik
                            • Olsen – Femenine
                            • O’Flynn – TKOTN
                            • 2xLP + Download Code£21.99
                              Out of stock
                            • CD£10.99
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                            Mark RonsonLate Night FeelingsRCA
                            Late Night Feelings is the fifth studio album by British producer Mark Ronson.. long awaited, its time to get your dancing shoes out!
                              Leafcutter JohnYes! Come Parade With UsBorder Communuity
                              Experimental electronic musician, Leafcutter John drops his latest album on James Holden's Border Community label. 'Yes! Come Parade With Us' is an album...
                                The Chemical BrothersNo GeographyVirgin EMI Records
                                Following on from the critical and commercial success of their Grammy nominated 2015 album, Born In The Echoes, the band’s 6th consecutive UK number...
                                  Richard PinhasChronolyseBureau B
                                  'Chronolyse', the second classic album from Heldon's, Richard Pinhas, showed us how much of an influence classical music (such as Bach, Scarlatti and Wagner,...
                                  • Richard Pinhas – Variations I Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
                                  • Richard Pinhas – Variations II Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
                                  • Richard Pinhas – Variations III Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
                                  • Richard Pinhas – Variations IV Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
                                  • Richard Pinhas – Variations V Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
                                  • Richard Pinhas – Variations VI Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
                                  • Richard Pinhas – Variations VII Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
                                  • Richard Pinhas – Duncan Idaho
                                  • Richard Pinhas – Paul Atreïdes
                                  • 1. Variations I Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
                                  • 2. Variations II Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
                                  • 3. Variations III Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
                                  • View full info and tracklisting
                                  • LP£18.99
                                    Out of stock
                                  • CD£11.99
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                                  The Radiophonic WorkshopPossum (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Room 13
                                  Original soundtrack to British horror film, 'Possum' by the pioneering UK electronic research lab responsible for the music of Doctor Who and Quatermass!
                                    Julia HolterAviaryDomino Records
                                    'Aviary' is an epic journey through what Julia Holter describes as “the cacophony of the mind in a melting world” and it’s the Los Angeles composer’s...
                                    • Julia Holter – Turn The Light On
                                    • Julia Holter – Whether
                                    • Julia Holter – Chaitius
                                    • Julia Holter – Voce Simul
                                    • Julia Holter – Everyday Is An Emergency
                                    • Julia Holter – Another Dream
                                    • Julia Holter – I Shall Love 2
                                    • Julia Holter – Underneath The Moon
                                    • 2xLP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£24.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    • 2×CD£10.99
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                                    Caoilfhionn RoseAwakenGondwana Records
                                    Caoilfhionn (pronounced Keelin) Rose is a singer, songwriter and producer from Manchester. This, her debut album is co-produced by Gondwana Records boss...
                                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Awaken
                                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Unravelled
                                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Under the Night Sky
                                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Shadow of Your Smile
                                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Long Way Round
                                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Look at You Now
                                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Standstill
                                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Being Human
                                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – A New Day
                                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Wild Anemones
                                    Moses BoydDisplaced DiasporaExodus
                                    Solo album debut from London jazz, drumming sensation, Moses Boyd. Moses has been at the forefront of the UK jazz revival, working with some of the biggest...
                                    • Moses Boyd – Rush Hour/Elegua (feat. Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua)
                                    • Moses Boyd – Frontline (feat. Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua)
                                    • Moses Boyd – Rye Lane Shuffle
                                    • Moses Boyd – Drum Dance
                                    • Moses Boyd – Axis Blue
                                    • Moses Boyd – City Nocturne (feat. Zara McFarlane)
                                    • Moses Boyd – Waiting on the Night Bus (feat. Terri Walker & Louis VI)
                                    • Moses Boyd – Marooned In S.E.6 (feat. Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua)
                                    • Moses Boyd – Ancestors (feat. Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua)
                                    FatimaAnd Yet It's All LoveEglo
                                    Fatima returns with 'And Yet It's All Love' following up on 2014's excellent 'Yellow Memories' LP! Beautiful contemporary soul music with production appearances...
                                    • Fatima – Only
                                    • Fatima – May I
                                    • Fatima – Dang
                                    • Fatima – Westside
                                    • Fatima – Attention Span Of A Cookie
                                    • Fatima – I See Faces In Everything
                                    • Fatima – Take It All (feat. Roc Marciano)
                                    • Fatima – Somebody Else
                                    • Fatima – Caught In A Lie
                                    • Fatima – Waltz
                                    • Fatima – So Rite
                                    • Fatima – Movie
                                    • Fatima – Note To Self
                                    • Fatima – And Yet It's All Love
                                    • 2×LP£24.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    • CD£9.99
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                                    Matthew DearBlack CityGhostly International
                                    Matthew Dear is back on Ghostly with his third album of skewed, curdled and experimental electronic pop traxx!
                                    • Matthew Dear – Honey
                                    • Matthew Dear – I Can't Feel
                                    • Matthew Dear – Little People (Black City)
                                    • Matthew Dear – Slowdance
                                    • Matthew Dear – Soil To Seed
                                    • Matthew Dear – You Put A Smell On Me
                                    • Matthew Dear – Shortwave
                                    • Matthew Dear – Monkey
                                    • Matthew Dear – More Surgery
                                    • Matthew Dear – Gem
                                    Phil FranceCircleGondwana Records
                                    UK based composer, bassist and producer Phil France drops his second LP on Matthew Halsall's Gondwana Records. France is best know as one half of the mighty,...
                                    • Phil France – Circle
                                    • Phil France – Bells
                                    • Phil France – River
                                    • Phil France – Prophet
                                    • Phil France – Mr Jackal
                                    • Phil France – The First Thing That You Say
                                    • Phil France – Cathedrals
                                    • Phil France – The Breaks
                                    • Phil France – Circle (Reprise)
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