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    James BlakeAssume FormPolydor
    Mercury award winner James Blake returns with his 4th studio album 'Assume Form'. The album features collaborations with Travis Scott, André 3000, Metro...
    • James Blake – Assume Form
    • James Blake – Mile High (feat. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)
    • James Blake – Tell Them (feat. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
    • James Blake – Into The Red
    • James Blake – Barefoot In The Park (feat. ROSALÍA)
    • James Blake – Can’t Believe The Way We Flow
    • James Blake – Are You In Love?
    • James Blake – Where’s The Catch? (feat. André 3000)
    • James Blake – I’ll Come Too
    • James Blake – Power On
    • James Blake – Don’t Miss It
    • James Blake – Lullaby For My Insomniac
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    Holly HerndonPROTO4AD
    Experimental artist Holly Herndon releases her conceptual, A.I.-assisted album, 'PROTO', via 4AD. The album was created in collaboration with Spawn—a...
    • Holly Herndon – Birth
    • Holly Herndon – Alienation
    • Holly Herndon – Canaan (Live Training)
    • Holly Herndon – Eternal
    • Holly Herndon – Crawler
    • Holly Herndon – Extreme Love (with Lily Anna Hayes and Jenna Sutela)
    • Holly Herndon – Frontier
    • Holly Herndon – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
    • Holly Herndon – SWIM
    • Holly Herndon – Evening Shades (Live Training)
    • Holly Herndon – Bridge (with Martine Syms)
    • Holly Herndon – Godmother (with Jlin)
    • Holly Herndon – Last Gasp
    Craig LeonThe Canon: Anthology Of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2Rvng Intl.
    Craig Leon imagines the "extraterrestrial origins of civilization" on 'The Canon: Anthology Of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2', a continuing chronicle...
    • Craig Leon – The Earliest Trace
    • Craig Leon – Standing Crosswise In The Square
    • Craig Leon – The Respondent In Dispute
    • Craig Leon – Four Floods Of The Point
    • Craig Leon – The Twenty Second Step As Well As The Tenth
    • Craig Leon – The Gates Made Plain
    • Craig Leon – Departure
    Igor WakhévitchKshatrya (The Eye Of The Bird)Transversales Disques
    Transversales Disques reelase 'Kshatrya (The Eye Of The Bird)', a never-released-before recording by french avant-garde electronic composer Igor Wakhevitch,...
    • Igor Wakhévitch – Love Song To Ekalavya
    • Igor Wakhévitch – The Golden Night Part 1
    • Igor Wakhévitch – The Golden Night Part 2
    • Igor Wakhévitch – The Silver Horses - Usha The Guardian Of The East
    • Igor Wakhévitch – The Silver Horses - Usha The Guardian Of The East
    • Igor Wakhévitch – The Roarer, The Entity Of Darkness - The Guardian Of The West
    • Igor Wakhévitch – The Ride Of The Makara
    • Igor Wakhévitch – The Workload Of The World
    Charlemagne Palestine & RroseThe Goldennn Meeenn + SheeennEaux
    Charlemagne Palestine's majestic 1976 work The Golden Mean, originally performed by Palestine on two pianos, is revisited here as 'The Goldennn Meeenn...
    • Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose – The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn (Part One)
    • Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose – The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn (Part Tne)
    Tim HeckerAnoyoKranky
    Tim Hecker returns with a companion piece to his 'Konoyo' album. This is boldly barren music, skeletal and sculptural, shaped from wood, wind misty strings....
    • Tim Hecker – That World
    • Tim Hecker – Is But A Simulated Blur
    • Tim Hecker – Step Away From Konoyo
    • Tim Hecker – Into The Void
    • Tim Hecker – Not Alone
    • Tim Hecker – You Never Were
    An Anthology Of Greek Experimental Electronic Music 1966-2017Various ArtistsSub Rosa
    This anthology aspires to map the heterogenous landscape of Greek Experimental Electronic Music in all its contextual, sociopolitical, geographical and...
    • Anestis Logothetis – Wellenformen (1981)
    • Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga – Intermittent - To Detach Oneself - Unicorn (2011)
    • Panayiotis Kokoras – Sense (2013-14)
    • Christos Michalakos – Frrriction (2012)
    • Free Piece Of Tape – Burning School (2012)
    • Ilan Manouach – Eminent (2017)
    • Anastasis Grivas + Theodoros Zioutos + Nicolas Malevitsis – Nothing Here But The Documentation Of Our First Meeting As A Trio (Excerpt) (2002)
    • ILIOS – Teleregataj Hundoj (2010)
    • Michalis Adamis – Minyrismos (1966)
    • Fani Konstantinidou – Coda (2015)
    • Scizhic InzC – (Miniature Version) (2016)
    • Georgia Spyropoulos – Brut (2009)
    • Panayiotis Velianitis – Pithoigia (1989)
    • Iannis Xenakis – Voyage Absolu Des Unari Vers Andromède (1989)
    • Marinos Koutsomihalis – Sygxysis (2011)
    • 1. Anestis Logothetis – Wellenformen (1981)
    • 2. Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga – Intermittent - To Detach Oneself - Unicorn (2011)
    • 3. Panayiotis Kokoras – Sense (2013-14)
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    Girl UnitSong FeelNight Slugs
    Key Night Slugger, Girl Unit, returns with 'Song Feel' - a neon lit, guided trip into fluorescent R&B realms featuring guest spots from the likes of Kelela...
    • Girl Unit – WYWD ft. Kelela
    • Girl Unit – Stuck ft. Taliwhoah
    • Girl Unit – Sucker Free ft. Ms. Boogie
    • Girl Unit – Head
    • Girl Unit – Pull Up ft. Thast
    • Girl Unit – Evidence ft. Rush Davis
    • Girl Unit – B.A.C.K
    • Girl Unit – 24 Hours ft. Brook Baili
    • Girl Unit – Roll
    • Girl Unit – Pure Gold
    • Girl Unit – WYWD ft. Kelela (Remix)
    Floating PointsLate Night Tales: Floating PointsLate Night Tales
    Floating Points’ personal collection of global soul, ambient, jazz and folk treasures form the latest in the revered Late Night Tales series.
    • Sarah Davachi – Untitled, live in Portland (Excerpt) [Exclusive track]
    • Carlos Walker – Via Láctea
    • The Rationals – Glowin’
    • William S. Fischer – Chains
    • Max Roach – Equipoise
    • Abu Talib (Bobby Wright) – Blood Of An American
    • Sweet & Innocent – Express Your Love
    • Robert Vanderbilt & The Foundation of Souls – A Message Especially From God
    • The Defaulters – Gentle Man
    • Alain Bellaïche – Sun Blues
    • Alain Bellaïche – Sea Fluorescent
    • Kara-Lis Coverdale – Moments In Love (Excerpt)
    • Azimuth – The Tunnel
    • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Milk (Excerpt)
    • Toshimaru Nakamura – Nimb#59 [Exclusive track]
    • Floating Points – The Sweet Time Suite, Part I - Opening (Exclusive Kenny Wheeler cover version)
    • Lauren Laverne – Ah! Why, Because The Dazzling Sun (Exclusive spoken word piece)
    • 1. Sarah Davachi – Untitled, live in Portland (Excerpt) [Exclusive track]
    • 2. Carlos Walker – Via Láctea
    • 3. The Rationals – Glowin’
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    LafawndahAncestor BoyConcordia
    Egyptian-Iranian artist, Lafawndah releases her debut album ‘Ancestor Boy’ on her Concordia imprint. The album sees her exploring more “unchartered...
    • Lafawndah – Uniform
    • Lafawndah – Daddy
    • Lafawndah – Parallel
    • Lafawndah – Ancestor Boy
    • Lafawndah – Storm Chaser
    • Lafawndah – Vous Et Nous feat. Bonnie Banane
    • Lafawndah – Waterwork
    • Lafawndah – Substancia
    • Lafawndah – Joseph
    • Lafawndah – Oasis
    • Lafawndah – Tourist
    • Lafawndah – I'm An Island
    • Lafawndah – Blueprint
    Ibibio Sound MachineDoko MienMerge Records
    Ibibio Sound Machine are back with 'Doko Mien' an album that melds African and electronic elements with the sound of golden era of West African funk, disco,...
    • Ibibio Sound Machine – I Need You To Be Sweet Like Sugar (Nnge Nte Suka)
    • Ibibio Sound Machine – Wanna Come Down
    • Ibibio Sound Machine – Tell Me (Doko Mien)
    • Ibibio Sound Machine – I Know That You're Thinking About Me
    • Ibibio Sound Machine – I Will Run
    • Ibibio Sound Machine – Just Go Forward (Ka I So)
    • Ibibio Sound Machine – She Work Very Hard
    • Ibibio Sound Machine – Nyak Miek
    • Ibibio Sound Machine – Kuka
    • Ibibio Sound Machine – Guess We Found A Way
    Laurel HaloDJ Kicks!K7 Records
    The 68th edition of the DJ-Kicks mix series is another landmark one, with experimental producer Laurel Halo taking the reins. The American’s adventurous...
    • Laurel Halo – Public Art
    • Parris – Puro Rosaceae
    • Rrose – Cricoid Pressure
    • Machinewoman – Just Made Some Jazz Music
    • FIT Siegel – Pennyrut
    • Siete Catorce – Canto
    • Ikonika – Bodied
    • Panda Lassow – Lachowa
    • Nick León – Pelican Dub
    • Stefan Ringer – Lust
    • Laurel Halo – Sweetie (DJ-Kicks)
    • Group A – Ketabali
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    Rian TreanorATAXIAPlanet Mu
    Angular, experimental and asymmetrical club tracks from Arcola / The Death Of Rave's, Rian Treanor, making his anticipated album debut for Planet Mu.
      William BasinskiOn Time Out of TimeTemporary Residence
      Basinski takes recordings made with the Interferometers of LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) at MIT and turns them into two immersive,...
      • William Basinski – On Time Out Of Time
      • William Basinski – 4(E+D)4(ER=EPR)
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      Angel-HoDeath Becomes HerHyperdub
      Angel-Ho is known as one of the founders of Non Worldwide, alongside Chino Amobi and Nkisi. Highly regarded as a DJ and electronic music producer, on ‘Death...
      • Angel-Ho – Business
      • Angel-Ho – Drama
      • Angel-Ho – Like A Girl (feat. K Rizz)
      • Angel-Ho – Jacomina
      • Angel-Ho – Muse To You
      • Angel-Ho – Good Friday Daddy (feat. Queezy)
      • Angel-Ho – Cupido
      • Angel-Ho – Live
      • Angel-Ho – Destify
      • Angel-Ho – Pose
      • Angel-Ho – Bussy
      • Angel-Ho – Baby Tee (feat. K-$)
      • Angel-Ho – Like That
      • Angel-Ho – Parachute
      HejiraThread Of GoldLima Limo
      London-based trio Hejira announce their second LP Thread of Gold, released through their own Lima Limo Records. 'Thread of Gold' tells the story of vocalist,...
      • Hejira – Save it for Another
      • Hejira – Joyful Mind
      • Hejira – Ribs
      • Hejira – Lima Limo
      • Hejira – Empire
      • Hejira – A Taxi Man
      • Hejira – Seven
      • Hejira – You
      • Hejira – Thread of Gold
      BonoboFabric presents: BonoboFabric
      Ushering in an exciting new era for the label, nightclub and mix series, Bonobo opens the ‘Fabric Presents’ that promises to "introduce a more open...
      • Bonobo – Flicker [Unreleased]
      • Bonobo – Boston Common
      • Poté – Jacquot (Waters of Praslin)
      • Alex Kassian – Hidden Tropics
      • Âme – Nia
      • Durante – Maia [Unreleased]
      • Dark Sky & Afriquoi – Cold Harbour
      • Bonobo – Ibrik
      • Olsen – Femenine
      • O’Flynn – TKOTN
      • 2xLP + Download Code£21.99
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      • CD£10.99
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      Pye Corner AudioHollow EarthGhost Box
      Vaporous, hauntological sonics from the excellent Pye Corner Audio, landing a third album for Ghost Box! Klaus Shulze, Tangerine Dream, Conrad Schnitzler...
      • Pye Corner Audio – Hollow Earth
      • Pye Corner Audio – Descent
      • Pye Corner Audio – Prismatic Gateway
      • Pye Corner Audio – Claustrophobe
      • Pye Corner Audio – Mindshaft
      • Pye Corner Audio – Core Sample
      • Pye Corner Audio – Imprisoned Splendour
      • Pye Corner Audio – The Seventh Labyrinth
      • Pye Corner Audio – Subterranean Lakes
      • Pye Corner Audio – Dancing Shadows
      • Pye Corner Audio – Quad Tape Substrate
      • Pye Corner Audio – Buried Memories
      • Pye Corner Audio – Deeper Dreaming
      • Pye Corner Audio – The Hidden City
      • Pye Corner Audio – Surfacing
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      Andrew WasylykThe ParalianAthens Of The North
      Andrew Wasylyk is the alias of Scottish writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Andrew Mitchell. In 2018, Andrew was extended a residency invite from...
      • Andrew Wasylyk – Trough the Field Beyond the Trees Lies the Ocean
      • Andrew Wasylyk – Greendrive #2
      • Andrew Wasylyk – Journey to Inchcape
      • Andrew Wasylyk – Welter in the Haar
      • Andrew Wasylyk – Dreamt the Breakers Spill
      • Andrew Wasylyk – Flight of the Cormorant
      • Andrew Wasylyk – Westway Nocturne
      • Andrew Wasylyk – Mariner's Hymn
      • Andrew Wasylyk – Adrift Below a Constellation
      • Andrew Wasylyk – Unsurfacing
      Leafcutter JohnYes! Come Parade With UsBorder Communuity
      Experimental electronic musician, Leafcutter John drops his latest album on James Holden's Border Community label. 'Yes! Come Parade With Us' is an album...
        The Comet Is ComingTrust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep MysteryImpulse!
        Futurist jazz voyagers (lead by Shabaka Hutchings) The Comet Is Coming release their anticipated 2nd album via Impulse! A propulsive, kaleidoscopic trip...
        • The Comet Is Coming – Summon The Fire
        Nils FrahmThe BellsErased Tapes
        Released in 2009 on erased tapes, this album came about after Peter Broderick invited Nils Frahm to record a new album of piano improvisations. Perhaps...
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          ManaSeven Steps BehindHyperdub
          After Daniele Mana's 2017’s debut EP for Hyperdub, ‘Creature’, which was a taut, evocative suite of beatless, almost neo-classical electronics, on...
            The Chemical BrothersNo GeographyVirgin EMI Records
            Following on from the critical and commercial success of their Grammy nominated 2015 album, Born In The Echoes, the band’s 6th consecutive UK number...
              Richard PinhasChronolyseBureau B
              'Chronolyse', the second classic album from Heldon's, Richard Pinhas, showed us how much of an influence classical music (such as Bach, Scarlatti and Wagner,...
              • Richard Pinhas – Variations I Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
              • Richard Pinhas – Variations II Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
              • Richard Pinhas – Variations III Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
              • Richard Pinhas – Variations IV Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
              • Richard Pinhas – Variations V Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
              • Richard Pinhas – Variations VI Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
              • Richard Pinhas – Variations VII Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
              • Richard Pinhas – Duncan Idaho
              • Richard Pinhas – Paul Atreïdes
              • 1. Variations I Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
              • 2. Variations II Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
              • 3. Variations III Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
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              Mkwaju EnsembleMKWAJUWe Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records
              Having previously reissued Mkwaju Ensemble's inspired 1981 debut 'Ki-Motion', WRWTFWW turns its attention to their equally impressive follow-up from the...
              • Mkwaju Ensemble – Mkwaju
              • Mkwaju Ensemble – Shak Shak
              • Mkwaju Ensemble – Lemore
              • Mkwaju Ensemble – Tira-Rin
              • Mkwaju Ensemble – Pulse In The Mind
              • Mkwaju Ensemble – Flash-Back
              Brainfeeder XVarious ArtistsBrainfeeder
              Brainfeeder celebrates their 10 year Anniversary with a 36 track compilation highlighting the past, present and future of the iconic label. Featuring unreleased...
                • 4×LP Box (1.8kg)£44.99
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                • 2×CD£13.99
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                The Radiophonic WorkshopPossum (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Room 13
                Original soundtrack to British horror film, 'Possum' by the pioneering UK electronic research lab responsible for the music of Doctor Who and Quatermass!
                  Space Is The PlaiceVarious ArtistsPussyfoot
                  Pussyfoot is back with one stonking big compilation album. ‘Space Is The Plaice’ is a 28-track aquatic space opera which fits neatly onto triple vinyl...
                    Julia HolterAviaryDomino Records
                    'Aviary' is an epic journey through what Julia Holter describes as “the cacophony of the mind in a melting world” and it’s the Los Angeles composer’s...
                    • Julia Holter – Turn The Light On
                    • Julia Holter – Whether
                    • Julia Holter – Chaitius
                    • Julia Holter – Voce Simul
                    • Julia Holter – Everyday Is An Emergency
                    • Julia Holter – Another Dream
                    • Julia Holter – I Shall Love 2
                    • Julia Holter – Underneath The Moon
                    • 2xLP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£24.99
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                    Neneh CherryBroken PoliticsSmalltown Supersound
                    Neneh Cherry’s fifth solo album, Broken Politics (produced by Four Tet), continues to expand her ever-widening sonic palette, crafting truly singular...
                    • Neneh Cherry – Fallen Leaves
                    • Neneh Cherry – Kong
                    • Neneh Cherry – Poem Daddy (Interlude)
                    • Neneh Cherry – Synchronised Devotion
                    • Neneh Cherry – Deep Vein Thrombosis
                    • Neneh Cherry – Faster Than The Truth
                    • Neneh Cherry – Natural Skin Deep
                    • Neneh Cherry – Shot Gun Shack
                    • Neneh Cherry – Black Monday
                    • Neneh Cherry – Cheap Breakfast Special (Interlude)
                    • Neneh Cherry – Slow Release
                    • Neneh Cherry – Soldier
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                    • CD£9.99
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                    Factory FloorA Soundtrack For A FilmHeart Of Data
                    The music is taken from a project originally commissioned by London’s Science Museum to live score Fritz Lang’s 1927 cinematic landmark, Metropolis...
                    • Factory Floor – Metropolis
                    • Factory Floor – Beneath
                    • Factory Floor – Run
                    • Factory Floor – Father Part 1
                    • Factory Floor – Identity Switch
                    • Factory Floor – Circuit Senses Part 1
                    • Factory Floor – Circuit Senses Part 2
                    • Factory Floor – Babel
                    • Factory Floor – Cave
                    • Factory Floor – Wonder
                    • 4×LP Box Set £49.99
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                    • 2×CD£14.99
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                    Caoilfhionn RoseAwakenGondwana Records
                    Caoilfhionn (pronounced Keelin) Rose is a singer, songwriter and producer from Manchester. This, her debut album is co-produced by Gondwana Records boss...
                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Awaken
                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Unravelled
                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Under the Night Sky
                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Shadow of Your Smile
                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Long Way Round
                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Look at You Now
                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Standstill
                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Being Human
                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – A New Day
                    • Caoilfhionn Rose – Wild Anemones
                    Moses BoydDisplaced DiasporaExodus
                    Solo album debut from London jazz, drumming sensation, Moses Boyd. Moses has been at the forefront of the UK jazz revival, working with some of the biggest...
                    • Moses Boyd – Rush Hour/Elegua (feat. Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua)
                    • Moses Boyd – Frontline (feat. Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua)
                    • Moses Boyd – Rye Lane Shuffle
                    • Moses Boyd – Drum Dance
                    • Moses Boyd – Axis Blue
                    • Moses Boyd – City Nocturne (feat. Zara McFarlane)
                    • Moses Boyd – Waiting on the Night Bus (feat. Terri Walker & Louis VI)
                    • Moses Boyd – Marooned In S.E.6 (feat. Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua)
                    • Moses Boyd – Ancestors (feat. Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua)
                    William Basinski + Lawrence EnglishSelva OscuraTemporary Residence
                    Collaborative album from legendary sound artist, William Basinski and Room40's, Lawrence English. Two extended, nebulous, drone pieces that evolve in a...
                    • William Basinski + Lawrence English – Mono No Aware
                    • William Basinski + Lawrence English – Selva Oscura
                    FatimaAnd Yet It's All LoveEglo
                    Fatima returns with 'And Yet It's All Love' following up on 2014's excellent 'Yellow Memories' LP! Beautiful contemporary soul music with production appearances...
                    • Fatima – Only
                    • Fatima – May I
                    • Fatima – Dang
                    • Fatima – Westside
                    • Fatima – Attention Span Of A Cookie
                    • Fatima – I See Faces In Everything
                    • Fatima – Take It All (feat. Roc Marciano)
                    • Fatima – Somebody Else
                    • Fatima – Caught In A Lie
                    • Fatima – Waltz
                    • Fatima – So Rite
                    • Fatima – Movie
                    • Fatima – Note To Self
                    • Fatima – And Yet It's All Love
                    • 2×LP£24.99
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                    • CD£9.99
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                    Matthew DearBlack CityGhostly International
                    Matthew Dear is back on Ghostly with his third album of skewed, curdled and experimental electronic pop traxx!
                    • Matthew Dear – Honey
                    • Matthew Dear – I Can't Feel
                    • Matthew Dear – Little People (Black City)
                    • Matthew Dear – Slowdance
                    • Matthew Dear – Soil To Seed
                    • Matthew Dear – You Put A Smell On Me
                    • Matthew Dear – Shortwave
                    • Matthew Dear – Monkey
                    • Matthew Dear – More Surgery
                    • Matthew Dear – Gem
                    Phil FranceCircleGondwana Records
                    UK based composer, bassist and producer Phil France drops his second LP on Matthew Halsall's Gondwana Records. France is best know as one half of the mighty,...
                    • Phil France – Circle
                    • Phil France – Bells
                    • Phil France – River
                    • Phil France – Prophet
                    • Phil France – Mr Jackal
                    • Phil France – The First Thing That You Say
                    • Phil France – Cathedrals
                    • Phil France – The Breaks
                    • Phil France – Circle (Reprise)
                    • LP£18.99
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                    • CD£11.99
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                    Elsa HewittBecoming Real TrilogyMicro Spiral X ERH
                    **Upfront SOTU exclusive** Micro Spiral and ERH collect the three limited cassette releases from 'Future Bubbler', Elsa Hewitt (note forthcoming material...
                    • Elsa Hewitt – Golden Moment
                    • Elsa Hewitt – Breathing SpaceX
                    • Elsa Hewitt – Somewhere Else
                    The NecksBodyReR Megacorp
                    The cult jazz / minimalist trio from Australia return with a singular, inprovised piece entitled 'Body'. Performed on piano / keyboards, double-bass and...
                    • The Necks – Body
                    Mount KimbieDJ-Kicks!K7 Records
                    Mount Kimbie take the reigns of the DJ-kicks series with a 23 track mix that includes tracks from Severed Heads, Oliver Coates, The Abstract Eye and a...
                      PariahHere From Where We AreHoundstooth
                      ‘Here From Where We Are’, Pariah’s first release in six years, marks a natural progression in his sound across nine interconnected pieces. Electronic...
                        • LP£16.99
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                        • CD£10.99
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                        Arthur RussellThe World Of Arthur RussellSoul Jazz Records
                        New fully remastered re-release of Soul Jazz Records’ ‘The World of Arthur Russell’, the seminal collection of Arthur Russell’s essential music...
                        • Dinosuar L – Go Bang (Francois K Mix)
                        • Lola – Wax The Van
                        • Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (Larry Levan Mix)
                        • Arthur Russell – Keeping Up
                        • Arthur Russell – In The Light Of The Miracle
                        • Arthur Russell – A Little Lost
                        • Loose Joints – Pop Your Funk
                        • Arthur Russell – Lets Go Swimming (Walter Gibbons Mix)
                        • Dinosuar L – In The Cornbelt (Larry Levan Mix)
                        • Arthur Russell – Treehouse
                        • Indian Ocean – Schoolbell/Treehouse (Walter Gibbons Mix)
                        Oliver CoatesShelley’s on Zenn-LaRVNG
                        For 'Shelley’s on Zenn-La,' Oliver Coates designs a complex of bending truths and reverse walkways to vernal states. Open ears can peer down hidden aux...
                          • LP£19.99
                            Expected 07 Sep
                          • CD£12.99
                            Expected 07 SepPreorder
                          Vicktor TaiwòJoy Comes In SpiritInnovative Leisure
                          Debut album from soulful singer songwriter Vicktor Taiwò. The record deviates between electronic soul, hip hop and pop with a wide breadth of experimentation....
                            • 2×LP£20.99
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                            • CD£11.99 £4.99
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                            Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 14Future Sounds Of Jazz
                            The latest instalment of the iconic future sounds of jazz series compiled by Benjamin Fröhlich and Tom Bioly, the founders and masterminds behind Permanent...
                            • Basil Hardhaus – Breezin
                            • JTC – Gallup
                            • The Abstract Eye – I Feel It In My Forehead
                            • Tee Mango – Into The Wild
                            • Marvin Horsch – Pace
                            • Matt O'Brien – Flourish
                            • Aubrey – Dot 3 (Russ Gabriel Remix)
                            • Marcellus Pittman – A Mix
                            • Herzel – Devoid
                            • David Goldberg – Part Bells (Benjamin Frohlich Remix)
                            • Claude Rodap – Hiwa
                            • Jose Padilla – Lollipop (I:Cube Casiotone Reprise Mix)
                            • Jex Opolis – Mt. Belzoni
                            • 4×LP£25.99
                              Expected 31 Aug
                            • 2×CD£17.99
                              Expected 31 AugPreorder
                            KhalabBlack Noise 2084On The Corner Records
                            Serious Afro-electronics from the excellent Khalab, - bass, jazz and field recordings on this twisted and heady album debut for On The Corner! Heavyweight!Features...
                            • Khalab – Father and Grandpa feat. Gabin Dabire
                            • Khalab – Black Noise feat. Tenesha The Wordsmith
                            • Khalab – Dense feat. Shabaka Hutchings and Tommaso Cappellato
                            • Khalab – Chitita
                            • Khalab – Yaka Muziek
                            • Khalab – Bafia feat. Tamar Osborn
                            • Khalab – Zaire
                            • Khalab – Shouts feat. Prince Buju
                            • Khalab – Cannavaro feat. Clap! Clap!
                            • Khalab – Dawn feat. Moses Boyd
                            • 1. Father and Grandpa feat. Gabin Dabire
                            • 2. Black Noise feat. Tenesha The Wordsmith
                            • 3. Dense feat. Shabaka Hutchings and Tommaso Cappellato
                            • View full info and tracklisting
                            Actress x London Contemporary OrchestraLAGEOSNinja Tune
                            For this anticipated collaboration LCO recorded material before being sent to Actress to work his magic on. 'LAGEOS' also features LCO interpretations...
                            • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – LAGEOS
                            • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Momentum
                            • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Galya Beat
                            • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Chasing Numbers
                            • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Chaos Rain
                            • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Surfer’s Hymn
                            • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – N.E.W.
                            • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Audio Track 5
                            • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Voodoo Posse, Chronic Illusion
                            • Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Hubble
                            Chris CarterChris Carter's Chemistry Lessons Volume 1Mute
                            CCCL Volume 1 reinforces Carter’s significant but often under-appreciated role in the development of electronic music - a journey that for Carter started...