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    90 Degrees Of ShadeHot Jump-Up Island Sounds From The CaribbeanSoul Jazz Records
    Soul Jazz Records’ new album 90 Degrees of Shade features the music of the Caribbean – Mambo, Calypso, Mento, Merengue, Latin Jazz and much more. The...
    • The Eloise Trio – Come To The Caribbean
    • Cachao – Trombon Criollo
    • Duke Of Iron – Bambouche
    • Lucho Azcarraga – Tamboritos Panamenos
    • Alfredito – Timbales
    • King Scratch – Christmas Time In Nassau
    • Guy De Rosier Orchestra – Panono M'Tombe
    • Noro Morales Orchestra – Mississippi Mambo
    • Peanuts Taylor – Nassau Blues
    • Katherine Dunham Ensemble – Nago
    • Hubert Porter – Rum and Coconut Water
    • The Bay Street Boys – Donkey Wants Water
    • Guy Du Rosier Orchestra – Anatole
    • Sonny Burke Orchestra – West Indies
    • Dioris Valladares – Los Dos Merengues
    • Julio Gutierrez – Theme For Conga
    • Hubert Porter – Mary's Lamb
    • Count Lasha – Perseverance
    • Tito Puente – Swingin' Mambo
    • The Duke Of Iron – Fifty Cents
    • Katherine Dunham Presents The Singing Gods – Maiz
    • Fajardo y sus Estrellas – El Aguardiente
    • The Eloise Trio – Anna Macao
    • Lord Fly – Whai, Whai, Whai
    • Gina Martin – Omo Belli
    • Billo's Caracas Boys – Bombele
    • King Scratch – Liza See Me Hear
    • Cortijo – Con La Punta Del Pie Teresa
    • The Calypso Steel-O-Rama Band – Java
    • Super Ensemble Nemours Jean-Baptiste – Rinmin Ce Folie
    • Lord Lebby – Dr. Kinsey Report
    • Celia Cruz – Yembe Laroco
    Africa's OgunOld World And NewIndiana University Press
    .. an ethnographically rich contribution to the historical understanding of West African culture, as well as an exploration of the continued vitality of...
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    Africa:The Sounds & Music Of The CongoSmithsonian Folkways
    Rhythms and songs from Africa.
    • Africa: – Song of the Ekonda (Baoto Folk Song)
    Animal Sacrifice & Religious FreedomChurch of the Lukumi Babalu Aye v. City of HialeahUniversity Press Of Kansas
    Description: The Santeria religion of Cuba - the Way of the Saints - mixes West African Yoruba culture with Catholicism. Similar to Haitian voodoo,...
    Bongo, Backra & CoolieJamaican Roots Vol. 1 (1975)Smithsonian Folkways
    Excellent songs, rhythms and chants of kumina, convince music and Jamaican East Indian music. Really, really heavyweight!
    • Bongo, Backra & Coolie – Asosowata
    Cajun And Creole Music MakersMusiciens Cadiens et CreolesUniversity Press Of Mississippi
    The virtual renaissance of all things Cajun and Creole has captivated enthusiasts throughout America and invigorated the culture back home in Louisiana....
    Grupo De CapoeiraCapoeira Angola 2: Brincado Na RodaSmithsonian Folkways
    Berimbau and voice rhythms intrinsic to Capoeira, performed by one of Salvador's top 'rodas'
      Carnival Music Of Eastern CubaConga De Los HoyosSoul Jazz Records
      CONGA DE LOS HOYOS, founded in 1902, is one of the oldest and best-known carnival groups in Santiago, Cuba today. Group members are exclusively from the...
      • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Un Solo Golpe
      • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Apertura
      • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Ahora Si !
      • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Vereda Tropical (Version 1)
      • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – La Invacion / Viene El Cocoye
      • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Hasta Santiago A Pie
      • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Vereda Tropical (Version 2)
      • Carnival Music Of Eastern Cuba – Recordando Viejos Tiempos
      Classic African-American Ballads / Various ArtistsClassic African-American Ballads from Smithsonian FolkwaysSmithsonian Folkways
      Classic African-American Ballads is a sampling of an important, historic, and engaging slice of America's Black music heritage. The heyday of the Black...
        Classic Appalachian Blues / Various ArtistsClassic Appalachian Blues from Smithsonian FolkwaysSmithsonian Folkways
        The "mountain cousin" of the Delta blues, Appalachian blues bears the stamp of a distinctive regional blend of European and African styles and sounds born...
          Come And Trip It: Instrumental Dance Music, 1780s-1920s (1978)VariousNew World Records
          Nice anthropological original LP, thick card, gatefold, with stapled inners and text (w/library stamps)
            Creole Songs of Haiti / Various ArtistsCreole Songs of HaitiSmithsonian Folkways
            This recording combines vocal interpretations of Vodou (an Afro-Haitian religion) ceremonial songs and popular secular melodies by legendary Haitian singer,...
              Cult Music of CubaCult Music of Cuba (1951)Smithsonian Folkways
              Excellent early recordings of Yoruba, Lucumi and more religious afro-cuban cult music with songs for Shango, Legba etc. Recommended. These recordings...
              • Cult Music of Cuba – Song to Legba and Yemaya (Two Male Voices, Drum, Rattle)
              Dabuyabarugu: Inside the Temple Sacred Music of the Garifuna of Belize (1982)Smithsonian Folkways
              Deep Roots music from Belize.This album is a collection of music recorded during a dugu, a two week ceremonial feast that attempts to placate the...
                Disenchanting Les Bon TempsIdentity and Authenticity in Cajun Music and DanceDuke University Press
                The expression laissez les bons temps rouler - 'let the good times roll' - conveys the sense of exuberance and good times associated with southern Louisiana's...
                Divine HorsemenThe Living Gods Of Haiti by Maya DerenDocumentext
                First published in 1953, Maya Deren's famous account of the Haitian deities, practitioners and rituals of Voudoun was written with the special insight...
                Divine Utterances (Book & CD)The Performance Of Afro-Cuban SanteriaSmithsonian Institution
                In Divine Utterances, Katherine J. Hagedorn explores the enduring cultural and spiritual power of the music of Afro-Cuban Santería and the process by...
                Drums of Defiance (1992)Maroon Music from the Earliest Free Black Communities of JamaicaSmithsonian Folkways
                Maroon communities in Jamaica are directly descended from escaped slaves brought over to Jamaica by the slave trade. Fiercely independent, these communities...
                • Jawbone – Morning Star
                Drums Of TrinidadTribal Rhythms From CarriacouSmithsonian Folkways
                Six man drum orchestra. This recording of hand drumming from Port of Spain demonstrates African-derived rhythms performed in Trinidad and the broader Caribbean...
                • Drums Of Trinidad – Calypso in Drums
                Esso Steel Band of Bermuda Bermuda HoneymoonSmithsonian Folkways
                In the 1950s, steel pan and calypso, imported from Trinidad and Tobago, were hot in Bermuda. Lloyd Simmons and Hubert Smith, Jr. sing calypso with the...
                  Folk Music of EthiopiaFolk Music of EthiopiaSmithsonian Folkways
                  Deep stuff. Recorded in 1951 - you can hear traces of the Ethiopiques in these recordings.
                  • Folk Music of Ethiopia – Oh My Country (Ethiopia) - Male Voice with Begenna
                  Folk Music Of JamaicaFolk Music Of Jamaica (1956)Smithsonian Folkways
                  Heavyweight roots music from Jamaica, very-percussion heavy. Recorded by ex-prime minister of Jamaica, Edward Seaga, in his musical anthropological days!...
                  • Folk Music Of Jamaica – Kumina "Country" Songs - 3:15
                  Gambian Griot Kora DuetsGambian Griot Kora Duets (1979)Smithsonian Folkways
                  Deep stuff! Recorded in Gambia.
                  • Gambian Griot Kora Duets – Yeyengo - High Life Tune (Tomora Ba Tuning)
                  Traditional Drumming and Dances of GhanaTraditional Drumming and Dances of Ghana (1976)Smithsonian Folkways
                  Recordings from the Ashanti, Asafo, Lobi and Krobos regions, including 'talking drums'. Wicked rhythms!
                  • Traditional Drumming and Dances of Ghana – Kete Drumming
                  Governing SpiritsReligion, Miracles, and Spectacles in Cuba and Puerto Rico, 1898-1956University of North Carolina Press
                  Freedom of religion did not come easily to Cuba or Puerto Rico. Only after the arrival of American troops during the Spanish-American War were non-Catholics...
                  Griots:Ministers of the Spoken Word (1975)Smithsonian Folkways
                  Super-deep music from Mali, Gambia and Senegal. A double CD featuring Griot Music, Africa's story tellers, also known as the ministers of the spoken word!...
                  • Griots: – Nege Sirimang
                  Grupo Oba IluDrums Of Cuba : Afro-Cuban Music From The RootsSoul Jazz Records
                  New album of heavyweight Afro-Cuban rhythms recorded in Havana, Cuba by Soul Jazz Records. Comes with extensive sleeve-notes. This album features the...
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Ochosi (Aguere)
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Makuta
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Abakua
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Arara (Variant 1 - Mase)
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Oggun
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Arara (Variant 2 - Soyi)
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Palo
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Arara (Variant 3 - Gervioso)
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Elegua (Latopa)
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Iyesa (Variant 1)
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Iyesa (Variant 2)
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Agayu:Toque (Chango-rumba)
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Guiro
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Oya:Abakua (Tuitui)
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Bembe
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Yuka
                  • Grupo Oba Ilu – Chango (Bayuba)
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                  Soul Jazz Records presents Gwo KaMusic of Guadeloupe, French West Indies by Tradisyon KaSoul Jazz Records
                  Soul Jazz Records continues its journey into the world of Afro-Caribbean roots music with this album of newly recorded music of Gwo Ka music recorded and...
                  • Tradisyon Ka feat Patrick Tulippe – Adam é Eve
                  • Tradisyon Ka feat Henri Louis – Ansanm pou dèmen
                  • Tradisyon Ka feat Patrick Tulippe – Konsyans
                  • Tradisyon Ka feat William Casse – Elwa
                  • Tradisyon Ka feat Leonard Zozio – Yenki Sa An Pa Enme
                  • Tradisyon Ka feat Francois Dinane – Kan La Line Lévé
                  • Tradisyon Ka feat Thierry Dernault – La Gwadloupéyen
                  • Tradisyon Ka feat William Casse – Latilyé Valo
                  • Tradisyon Ka feat Francois Dinane – Lékiri a Misié O
                  • Tradisyon Ka feat Francois Dinane – O La Ou Té Yé
                  • Tradisyon Ka feat Patrick Tulippe – O Moman Lesclavaj
                  • Tradisyon Ka feat Patrick Tulippe – Yo pé ké jen chanjé
                  • 1. Tradisyon Ka feat Patrick Tulippe – Adam é Eve
                  • 2. Tradisyon Ka feat Henri Louis – Ansanm pou dèmen
                  • 3. Tradisyon Ka feat Patrick Tulippe – Konsyans
                  • View full info and tracklisting
                  Gypsy Music in European CultureFrom The Late 18th to the Early 29th CenturiesNortheastern University Press
                  USA IMPORT HARDBACK BOOK 65% OFF!!!! THAT's £17 OFF!!!! Translated from the Polish, Anna G. Piotrowska's 'Gypsy Music in European Culture' details the...
                  Haiti Confidential (1958)The Inscrutable music of Haiti...definite, authentic, for the initiateSmithsonian Folkways
                  Covering a broad spectrum, this collection includes vodou ritual drumming (using tanbou, a type of drums used for this religious practice of African origin);...
                  • Haiti Confidential (1958) – Paulette
                  Drums Of Haiti (1950)Music of Haiti, Vol 2Smithsonian Folkways
                  Heavy, heavy, heavy drum rhythms recorded in Haiti. Voodoo plus some Rara. This is like Soul Jazz Records' own "Voodoo Drums", only recorded in 1950! Produced...
                  • Drums Of Haiti (1950) – Bumba Dance
                  How Music Dies (or Lives)Field Recording and the Battle for Democracy in the ArtsAllWorth Press
                  Import USA Paperback edition book NEARLY 60% OFF!!!! CHEAPER THAN AMAZON! Culled from a lifetime of learning through failure and designed to provoke thought...
                  Jamaican Cult MusicJamaican Cult Music (1954)Smithsonian Folkways
                  The original jump-up! Revivalist Zion, baptist, Kumina drums, Jonkanoo and Rastafari! Amazing early recordings.
                  • Jamaican Cult Music – Uplifting table (revival zion) 3:28
                  John Crow Say..Jamaican Music of Faith, Work and Play (1981)Smithsonian Folkways
                  Fascinating roots Jamaican recordings recorded by John Storm Roberts in 1981.
                  • John Crow Say.. – I Saw the Lighthouse
                  Ragnar JohnsonCrying Bamboos: Ceremonial Flute Music from New Guinea: MadangIdeologic Organ
                  Crying Bamboos is the translation of the pidgin description of the sound of sacred flutes: "Mambu i cry, i cry, i cry".Sacred flutes are blown to make...
                  • Ragnar Johnson – Pu-kil, Bosmun
                  • Ragnar Johnson – Rumbung Pulpak, Bosmun
                  • Ragnar Johnson – Rumung, Bak
                  • Ragnar Johnson – Boma, Kaean
                  • Ragnar Johnson – Ga-ra-ra, Bosmun
                  • Ragnar Johnson – Buaraning, Bak
                  • Ragnar Johnson – Tomung Gingong, Bosmun
                  • Ragnar Johnson – Wamba, Bosmun
                  • Ragnar Johnson – Gomkail, Bak
                  • Ragnar Johnson – Vilung Nyap, Bosmun
                  • Ragnar Johnson – Bomana Longo, Kaean
                  • Ragnar Johnson – Gateh, Bak
                  • Ragnar Johnson – Ga-neh, Bosmun
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                  Lead BellyLead Belly Sings Folk SongsSmithsonian Folkways
                  Vital 1940s recordings of 15 songs featuring Lead Belly performing solo and accompanied by Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston, and Sonny Terry. 
                    Living SanteriaRituals and Experiences in an Afro-Cuban ReligionMichael Atwood Mason
                    In 1992 Smithsonian anthropologist Michael Atwood Mason traveled to Cuba for initiation as a priest into the Santería religion. Since then he has...
                    Lord MelodyCaribbean Limbo MusicSmithsonian Folkways
                    How low can you go? Chances are, you’ll laugh (or at least giggle) before you reach your limit. These largely instrumental pieces with limbo-appropriate...
                      Louisiana Creole Music / Various ArtistsLouisiana Creole MusicSmithsonian Folkways
                      The French-speaking, black Creoles from the prairies of lower Louisiana produce a wide variety of music, from Cajun two-steps to the blues. This album...
                        Madame DreadA Tale Of Love, Vodou and Civil Strife in HaitiNation Books
                        Secondhand paperback original book. Description: Kathie Klarreich, arrived in Haiti as a nave twenty-something in the late 1980s. There she worked...
                        Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir AttarApocalypse Across The SkyZehra
                        Available on vinyl for the very first time: the 1992 album "Apocalypse Across The Sky" by the legendary Master Musicians Of Jajouka. Produced by Bill Laswell,...
                        • Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar – Gabahay
                        • Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar – A Habibi Ouajee T'Allel Allaiya
                        • Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar – El Medahey
                        • Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar – Bujloudia “Bujloudia Dancing With Aisha Qandisha”
                        • Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar – Alalilla “About The Night”
                        • Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar – The Middle Of The Night
                        • Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar – Bujloudia
                        • Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar – Jajouka Between The Mountains
                        • Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar – Memories Of My Father
                        • Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar – Mohamed Diha Utalla Fiha (Take Care Of Her Or Leave Her)
                        • Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar – Sbar Yagelbi Sbar
                        • Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar – On Horseback
                        • Master Musicians Of Jajouka feat. Bachir Attar – Talaha L'Badro Alaina
                        Maya AchiMarimba Music In GuatemalaTemple University Press
                        NEARLY 70% OFF!!! USA PAPERBACK BOOK. THAT's £19 OFF!! LEARN ABOUT STUFF FOR CHEAP!! For the Achi, one of the several Mayan ethnic groups indigenous...
                        Music From Behind The BridgeSteelband Spirit and Politics in Trinidad and TobagoOxford University Press
                        Music from behind the Bridge tells the story of the steelband from the point of view of musicians who overcame the disadvantages of poverty and prejudice...
                        • Book (500g)£6.99
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                        • Original Book (800g)£18.00
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                        Music from the South / Various ArtistsMusic from the South Vol. 1: Country Brass BandsSmithsonian Folkways
                        The fieldwork for this album sought to explore sources that would lead listeners back to the decades between the emancipation of the slaves in 1863 and...
                          Music From The Villages Of Northeastern NigeriaRecorded In The FieldSmithsonian Folkways
                          Excellent recordings from the North-Eastern villages of Nigeria - varying from drums and voice to marimba type instruments and loads more. Double CD.
                          • Music From The Villages Of Northeastern Nigeria – Music of the Ga'anda People: Ga'anda Xylophone Band
                          Music of CubaMusic of Cuba (1985)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Various songs and rhythms recorded in Cuba including Rumbas, Santeria, Son and Guarachas.
                          • Palo Forte Musicians – Two Palos
                          Music of Haiti / Various ArtistsMusic of Haiti: Vol. 3 - Songs and Dances of HaitiSmithsonian Folkways
                          The Ayida Group, a troupe folklorique of Port-au-Prince that sprung (with many similar troops) out of a 1930’s—’40s social movement revaluing...