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    How Music Dies (or Lives)Field Recording and the Battle for Democracy in the ArtsAllWorth Press
    Import USA Paperback edition book NEARLY 60% OFF!!!! CHEAPER THAN AMAZON! Culled from a lifetime of learning through failure and designed to provoke thought...
    Mama Lola: A Voodoo Priestess in BrooklynBy Karen McCarthy BrownUniversity of California
    Karen McCarthy Brown's "Mama Lola" challenges stereotypes of Vodou by offering an intimate portrait of African-based religion in everyday life. She explores...
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    Gypsy Music in European CultureFrom The Late 18th to the Early 29th CenturiesNortheastern University Press
    USA IMPORT HARDBACK BOOK 65% OFF!!!! THAT's £17 OFF!!!! Translated from the Polish, Anna G. Piotrowska's 'Gypsy Music in European Culture' details the...
    Divine HorsemenThe Living Gods Of Haiti by Maya DerenDocumentext
    First published in 1953, Maya Deren's famous account of the Haitian deities, practitioners and rituals of Voudoun was written with the special insight...
    Maya AchiMarimba Music In GuatemalaTemple University Press
    NEARLY 70% OFF!!! USA PAPERBACK BOOK. THAT's £19 OFF!! LEARN ABOUT STUFF FOR CHEAP!! For the Achi, one of the several Mayan ethnic groups indigenous...
    Voodoo In New OrleansBy Robert TallantPelican
    The word 'voodoo' elicits reactions from fear to fascination; thoughts of pins stuck in dolls, hexes, and strange rites immediately come to mind. But few...
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    Secrets of VoodooBy Milo RigaudCity Lights
    Secrets of Voodoo traces the development in Haiti and the Americas of this complex religion from its sources in Africa. the book represents a straightforward...
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    Il Brasile di Pierre VergerPhotographs Of Brazil by Pierre VergerMinimum Fax
    A selection of amazing photographs from the early 40s to the early 70s taken by the legendary Pierre Verger, a Frenchman who lived in Bahia, Northern Brazil.
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    Living SanteriaRituals and Experiences in an Afro-Cuban ReligionMichael Atwood Mason
    In 1992 Smithsonian anthropologist Michael Atwood Mason traveled to Cuba for initiation as a priest into the Santería religion. Since then he has...
    Olodumare - God In Yoruba BeliefBy E. Bolaji IdowuWazobia
    New edition of classy 1962 text about God in Yoruba Belief
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    Crossing The WaterA Photographic Path To The Afro-Cuban Spirit WorldDuke University Press
    OVER 50% OFF! SUPERB DEEP LARGE FORMAT PAPERBACK In the summer of 2000, two award-winning photographers, Claire Garoutte and Anneke Wambaugh, were in...
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    Work SongsBy Ted GioiaDuke University Press
    All societies have relied on music to transform the experience of work. Song accompanied the farmer’s labours, calmed the herder’s flock,...
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    Governing SpiritsReligion, Miracles, and Spectacles in Cuba and Puerto Rico, 1898-1956University of North Carolina Press
    Freedom of religion did not come easily to Cuba or Puerto Rico. Only after the arrival of American troops during the Spanish-American War were non-Catholics...
    Making People's MusicMoe Asch and Folkways RecordsSmithsonian Books
    During his nearly 40-year tenure with Folkways Records, Moe Asch, the company's founder, amassed a catalogue of almost 2,200 recordings that had expanded...
    Recollecting From The PastMusical Practice and Spirit Possession on the East Coast of MadagascarWesleyan University Press
    The first serious ethnomusicological study of Malagasy music, ' Recollecting From The Past' evokes the complex sound and performative aesthetic in Madagascar...
    Cajun And Creole Music MakersMusiciens Cadiens et CreolesUniversity Press Of Mississippi
    The virtual renaissance of all things Cajun and Creole has captivated enthusiasts throughout America and invigorated the culture back home in Louisiana....
    Worlds Of SoundThe Story Of Smithsonian FolkwaysSmithsonian Books
    A man, a microphone, and a dream... When he opened his tiny recording studio in New York in 1940, Moses Asch had a larger-than-life dream: to document...
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    Disenchanting Les Bon TempsIdentity and Authenticity in Cajun Music and DanceDuke University Press
    The expression laissez les bons temps rouler - 'let the good times roll' - conveys the sense of exuberance and good times associated with southern Louisiana's...
    Music From Behind The BridgeSteelband Spirit and Politics in Trinidad and TobagoOxford University Press
    Music from behind the Bridge tells the story of the steelband from the point of view of musicians who overcame the disadvantages of poverty and prejudice...
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    Life & Afterlife In BeninPhotography In The Service Of Ethnographoi RealismPhaidon Press
    Photography plays a role in most of our lives - but rarely in our deaths. If you happened to live in the West African country of Benin during the 1960s...
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    The Man Who Recorded The WorldA Biography Of Alan Lomax by John SzwedWilliam Heinemann Ltd
    Writer, musicologist, archivist, singer, DJ, filmmaker, record, radio and TV producer, Alan Lomax was a man of many parts. Without him the history of popular...
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    Dancing WisdomEmbodied Knowledge In Haitian Vodou, Cuban Yoruba and Bahian CandombleUniversity Of Illinois Press
    Haiti, Cuba and Bahia in Brazil each mantain African-derived religious systems, albeit in the new world, that rely heavily on dance behaviour. Combining...
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    The Music Of SanteriaTraditional Rhythms Of The Bata DrumsWhite Cliffs Media
    Santeria is an Afro-Cuban religion that synthesises West African traditions and beliefs with Catholicism, in particular veneration of the saints, who in...
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    MaskeMasquerade Photographs By Phyllis GalemboChris Boot
    Maske is a Haitian kreyol word, meaning to wear a mask the wearing of masks being the subject of Galembos dark and thrilling photographs, showing...
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    Voodoo In HaitiBy Alfred MetrauxSchocken Books
    A classic study of Vodou/Voodoo in Haiti. By one of the most distinguished anthropologists of the twentieth century, Voodoo in Haiti is a...
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    What You Should Know About Haitian MusicAnd The Evolution Of Compas DirectAuthorHouse
    This informative book focuses on the three phases of evolution of Compas Direct, Haiti's most popular music. Compas, created by the legendary Nemours Jean-Baptiste,...
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    Migration And VodouIncludes CD!University Press Of Florida
    With an accompanying cd, this book provides a rare insight into the innovative ways a community of Haitian migrants in South Florida has maintained religious...
    Rara!Vodou, Power And Performance In Haiti And It's DiasporaUniversity of California Press
    Rara is a vibrant annual street festival in Haiti when followers of the Afro-Creole religion Vodou march loudly into public space to take an active role...
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    Urban VodouPolitics And Popular Street Art In HaitiSignal Books
    Great, interesting book of photographs of Haiti street murals - with explanations of what they are about and how they take from history, culture, world...
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    Divine Utterances (Book & CD)The Performance Of Afro-Cuban SanteriaSmithsonian Institution
    In Divine Utterances, Katherine J. Hagedorn explores the enduring cultural and spiritual power of the music of Afro-Cuban Santería and the process by...
    Drumming For The GodsThe Life Of A Master Religious DrummerTemple University Press
    'I am Felipe Garcia Villamil' begins "Drumming for the Gods", the life history of the Afro-Cuban artist whose music has survived both political and personal...
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    Secrets, Gossip And GodsThe Transformation Of Brazilian CandombleOxford University Press
    In this wide-ranging book, Paul C Johnson explores the changing, hidden face of the Afro-Brazilian indigenous religion of Candomble. Despite its importance...
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    Capoeira And CandombleFloyd MerrellMarkus Wiener
    Capoeira is a unique music-dance-sport-play activity created by African slaves, and Candomble is a hybrid religion combining Catholic and African beliefs...
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    Creole Religions of The CaribbeanBy Margarite Fernandez Olmos and Lizabeth Paravisini-GebertNew York University Press
    Creolization - the coming together of diverse beliefs and practices to form new beliefs and practices - is one of the most significant phenomena in Caribbean...
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    Obeah, Christ and RastamanJamaica and Its Religion by Ivor Moorish
    Very interesting and informative book on the different religions in jamaica. Ever wanted to know the difference between Pocomania and Kumina? Why there...
    • Book (250g)£19.95
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