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    PORTRETYVariousU Know Me Records
    U Know Me Records proudly presents a special album showcasing Polish drumming scene - each track was produced by a different drummer - these are their...
    • Michal Bryndal – Kovalevo Tone Bank
    • Hubert Zemler – The Life and Death of Ben Bekele
    • Marcin Rak – Alpaka
    • Qba Janicki – Kabina Projekcyjna
    • Krzysztof Dziedzic – Vagabonde
    • Lukasz Moskal – Father Sparrow
    • Jan Mlynarski – Roj
    • Rafal Dutkiewicz – Displaced
    Welcome To Zamrock! Vol. 2: How Zambia’s Liberation Led To A Rock Revolution 1972-1977Various ArtistsNow-Again Records
    Volume 2 in the series looking at how Zambia’s liberation led to a rock revolution - 1972-1977. An overview of the Zamrock scene, from its ascension...
    • Crossbones – Really
    • Amanaz – History Of Man
    • Witch – Strange Dream
    • Rikki Ililonga – Stop Dreaming Mr. D
    • Five Revolutions – Poor Man
    • Keith Mlevhu – Love And Freedom
    • The Born Free – Mad Man
    • Dr. Footswitch – Otenta
    • The Tinkles – Mpundu
    • Salty Dog – See The Strom
    • Fireballs – Umwana Wakusanga Mung'anda
    • The Peace – Umbwalwa Ne Chamba
    • The Oscillations – Request To God
    • Musi O Tunya – Katonga
    • Ngozi Family – Hold On
    • Chrissy Zebby Tembo – I'm Not Made Of Iron
    • Jesper Siliya – Hot Do
    • Mike Nyoni – SM
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    Mad Mats presents Digging Beyond the CratesVarious ArtistsBBE Records
    DJ, record label impresario and former Swedish champion b-boy, Mad Mats knows a thing or two about finding good music. As well as iconic underground imprints...
    • Johnny Moore – Big Big Boss
    • Gappy Ranks – Sherriff (Murlo Remix)
    • Ensemble Entendu – Jah I See You
    • Cuthead – Badly
    • Intimate Disco – Animations
    • Psalms – Take A Stand
    • Yvonne Gray – Keep The Music Alive
    • Bobby Hebb – Evil Woman
    • U-N-I (You and I) – Don't Hold Back The Feeling (Key Trip Dub)
    • BSTC – Jazz In Outer Space
    • Deft – The Traveller
    • Mode-M – Space Based
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    The Abatwa (Pygmy): Why Did We Stop Growing Tall?VariousGlitterbeat Records
    Rough-hewn, tribal sonics from the tribes of the Rwandan borderlands. One-stringviolins/ 11-string harps/ haunted solo & duo singing/ battery operatedloop...
    • Christoph Ntabanganyimana with Bihoyiki Dathive – Sida Ni Mbi (AIDS is Bad)
    • Emmanuel Hatungimana – Rwanda Nziza (Beautiful Rwanda)
    • Bihoyiki Dathive – Igira Hino (Come Closer)
    • Teonesse Majambere – Umuyange (Protect the Environment)
    • Beatrice Mukarungi – Urwanikamiheto (War Song)
    • 1. Christoph Ntabanganyimana with Bihoyiki Dathive – Sida Ni Mbi (AIDS is Bad)
    • 2. Emmanuel Hatungimana – Rwanda Nziza (Beautiful Rwanda)
    • 3. Bihoyiki Dathive – Igira Hino (Come Closer)
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    Pop Makossa: The Invasive Dance Beat Of Cameroon 1976-84Various ArtistsAnalog Africa
    Analog Africa release 'Pop Makossa: The Invasive Dance Beat Of Cameroon 1976-84' an explosive compilation highlighting the period when funk and disco...
    • Dream Stars – Pop-Makossa
    • Mystic Djim – Yaounde Girls
    • Bill Loko – Nen Lambo
    • Pasteur Lappe – Sanaga Calypso
    • Eko Roosevelt – Monguele Mam
    • Olinga Gaston – Ngon Engap
    • Emmanuel Kahe & Jeanette Kemogne – Ye Medjuie
    • Nkodo Si Tony – Mininga Meyong Mese
    • Pasteur Lappe – Sekele Movement
    • Bernard Ntone – Mussoliki
    • Pat´Ndoye – More Love
    • Clement Djimogne – Africa
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    Twisted Wheel IIVariousOutta Sight
    From its opening in 1963 until its final emotive all-nighter, starring US soul legend Edwin Starr in January 1971, the Twisted Wheel played host to almost...
    • The O'Jays – I Dig Your Act
    • Jackie Lee – The Duck
    • Roscoe Robinson – That's Enough
    • Betty Everett – I've Got A Claim For You
    • The Jaynettes – Sally, Go Round The Roses
    Nappy Music Man: Soul-Pop-Disco-Funk-Calypso-Crossover from Trinidad 1975-1981Various ArtistsCree Records
    Musical blend of Trinidadian Calypso and American R'n'B and Pop music recorded in Port of Spain/Trinidad between 1975-1981.  This compilation...
    • Embryo – Wajang Woman
    • Embryo – Soca (It’s Soul Calypso)
    • Embryo – Light The Light
    • Nadie La Fond – 3 Way Situation
    • Embryo – Nothing Is Impossible
    • Embryo – You're Too Easy
    • Nadie La Fond – Wanna Make Love To You
    • Richard Mayers – Ebony Girl
    • Sound Revolution – Poor Man's Son
    • Richard Mayers – Music Man
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    90’s House & Garage Vol. 2 Compiled By Joey Negro & Neil PierceVarious ArtistsZ Records
    A superb collection of 90s house and US garage productions from New Jersey, Chicago, New York and London! Featuring tunes from the likes of Mentalinstrum/Smack...
    • Satoshi Tomiie – Inspired
    • United Future Organization – Flying Saucer (Kings Of Tomorrow remix)
    • N-Joi – Anthem (Kerri Chandler Distant Run mix)
    • LNR – Reachin' (Vocal mix)
    • Sound Source – A Naked Theme (Source mix 1)
    • 1. Satoshi Tomiie – Inspired
    • 2. United Future Organization – Flying Saucer (Kings Of Tomorrow remix)
    • 3. N-Joi – Anthem (Kerri Chandler Distant Run mix)
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    • 2×LP£19.99
      N.B. Vinyl format tracklisting

      A1. Elé Ferrer - I'll Make U Happy Baby (X-Tended Club Mix)
      A2. N-Joi – Anthem (Kerri Chandler Distant Run Mix)
      A3. Slam Mode - 100% Power
      B1. United Future Organization - Flying Saucer (Kings of Tomorrow Remix)
      B2. Mama's Children feat. Lee Truesdale – Let Us All Be Friends (Colonel Abrams Original Mix)
      B3. Abacus - Moonbeamz
      C1. Alexis P Suter - All Night Long
      C2. Mental Instrum - Music On My Mind (Smack Productions Mix)
      C3. Fini Dolo – Blow (Restless
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    90's House & Garage Compiled by Joey NegroBBE
    BBE team up with the legendary Joey Negro to bring this fine collection of essential House and Garage tracks. This compilation was personally selected...
    • Fonda Rae – Living In Ectasy (Mood II Swing Groove mix edit)
    • A Bitch Named Johanna – Freak It (Instrumental)
    • Voices – Voices In My Mind (CJ Mackintosh remix)
    • Kerri Chandler – Ladbroke Grove
    • Ralphi Rosario – An Instrumental Need (Club Need)
    • Gisele Jackson – Love Commandents (Original vocal edit)
    • Mateo & Matos – New York Style
    • Thelma Huston – All Of That (Joey Negro club mix)
    • USG – Ncameu (Ron Trent main mix)
    • Bougie Soliterre – Got That Bug
    • Danube Dance – Unique (New York Underground mix)
    • Station Q – That Special Melody (Club mix)
    • Mike Delgado – The Murder Track
    • Robert Owens – Gotta Work (Final take)
    • Leee John – Mighty Power Of Love (Mood II Swing Vox mix)
    • Janet Rushmore – Joy (Kaoz Gone Insane)
    • 1. Fonda Rae – Living In Ectasy (Mood II Swing Groove mix edit)
    • 2. A Bitch Named Johanna – Freak It (Instrumental)
    • 3. Voices – Voices In My Mind (CJ Mackintosh remix)
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    • 2×LP Vol.1£18.99
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    Nat AdderleyWork SongRiverside Records
    With Wes Montgomery, Bobby Timmons, Percy Heath and Sam Jones
      Alefa Madagascar: Salegy, Soukous & Soul From The Red Island 1974-1984Various ArtistsStrut
      Strut continues its essential compilation series of Indian Ocean sounds with ‘Alefa Madagascar’, the first compilation to document the unique culture...
      • Jean Kely et Basth – Andosy Mora
      • Soymanga – Moramora Zoky
      • Roger Georges – Mama
      • Ny Anjarasoa – Mahonena
      • Charles Maurin Poty – Amboliako Fary
      • Mahaleo – Izahay Mpamita
      • Papa James – Ngoma Hoe
      • Los Pepitos et Leur Ensemble – BB Gasy
      • Jeanot Rabeson et Son Orchestre – Jazz Sega
      • Feon'Ala – Farahy
      • Terak' Anosy Group – Soaliza
      • Saka Dit The King – Ody Ody (Tsy Mentsy Mandroso)
      • Michael – Razana Tsy Ho Meloko
      • Falafa – Rapela
      • Los Matadores – Andeha Hanarato
      • Nino Rafah – Oa Niny E
      • Kaiamba Orchestra – Tokatoka
      • Atrefy Andriana – Zaka Tiako Mamolaka Keriko
      Amplificador Novissima Musica Brasileira - The Brazilian 10's Generation Far Out
      Far Out present 'Amplificador' - a collection of 'Novíssima Música Brasileira' (brand new Brazilian music). Included are tracks from the...
      • Abayomy – Obatala
      • Zebrabeat Afro - Amazonia Orquestra – Zebrabeat
      • Burro Morto – Lucifer Colombia
      • Ive Seixas – Cervejas Populares
      • Iconili – O Rei de Tupanga
      • Zulumbi – Zulumbi
      • Passo Torto – Faria Lima Pra Ca
      • Andre Sampaio E Os Afromandinga – Ecos De Niafunke
      • Fabricio – Feito Tamborim, Para Ceu
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      An Anthology Of Greek Experimental Electronic Music 1966-2017Various ArtistsSub Rosa
      This anthology aspires to map the heterogenous landscape of Greek Experimental Electronic Music in all its contextual, sociopolitical, geographical and...
      • Anestis Logothetis – Wellenformen (1981)
      • Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga – Intermittent - To Detach Oneself - Unicorn (2011)
      • Panayiotis Kokoras – Sense (2013-14)
      • Christos Michalakos – Frrriction (2012)
      • Free Piece Of Tape – Burning School (2012)
      • Ilan Manouach – Eminent (2017)
      • Anastasis Grivas + Theodoros Zioutos + Nicolas Malevitsis – Nothing Here But The Documentation Of Our First Meeting As A Trio (Excerpt) (2002)
      • ILIOS – Teleregataj Hundoj (2010)
      • Michalis Adamis – Minyrismos (1966)
      • Fani Konstantinidou – Coda (2015)
      • Scizhic InzC – (Miniature Version) (2016)
      • Georgia Spyropoulos – Brut (2009)
      • Panayiotis Velianitis – Pithoigia (1989)
      • Iannis Xenakis – Voyage Absolu Des Unari Vers Andromède (1989)
      • Marinos Koutsomihalis – Sygxysis (2011)
      • 1. Anestis Logothetis – Wellenformen (1981)
      • 2. Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga – Intermittent - To Detach Oneself - Unicorn (2011)
      • 3. Panayiotis Kokoras – Sense (2013-14)
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      ArenaArena (RSD 16)The Roundtable
      Record Store Day 2016 Release. The Roundtable and Northside Records are pleased to offer this long awaited and special Record Store Day reissue of this...
        Art Ensemble Of ChicagoTutankhamunGrey Scale
        Tutankhamun is a 1969 album by the Art Ensemble of Chicago recorded for the Freedom label. It features performances by Lester Bowie, Joseph Jarman, Roscoe...
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          Chet Baker SextetChet Is Back! (1962)RCA
          Showcasing the "cool" trumpeter cutting loose on such bop-oriented workouts as "Pent-Up House" and "Well, You Needn't.", Chet Baker may...
            Beach BlvdVarious ArtistsRadiation
            Named after California State Route 39 (aka Beach Blvd.), which runs north-south through Orange County, this 1979 compilation originally released on Posh...
            • Simpletones – Kirsty Q
            • Simpletones – I Have A Date
            • Simpletones – Tiger Beat Twist
            • Rik L Rik – Black And Red
            • Rik L Rik – Meat House
            • The Crowd – Suzy Is A Surf Rocker
            • The Crowd – Living In Madrid
            • The Crowd – Trix Are For Kids
            Pura Vida Presents: Beach Diggin' Volume 4 Hand Picked By Mambo & GutsVariousHeavenly Sweetness
            14 more exquisite funky grooves of the rare variety to provide the ideal soundtrack for chilling on the beach.As usual with Beach Diggin' the selectors...
            • Boris Gardiner – Breezin
            • Glen Ricks – I've Been Waiting For You
            • Serginho Meriti – Bon Momentos
            • Sue Barker – Love To The People
            • Shoody – Tokyo Melody
            • Taxi – Crosslines
            • Alec Khaoli – Soul Brother
            • Bebeto – Neguinhio Poeta
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            • CD£13.99
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            Bedford-Stuyvesant Youth In Action Community CorporationTalent Hunt WinnersBig Crown Records
            Big Crown Records is proud to present the reissue of one of Brooklyns most sought after holy grails. Youth in Action, Inc. (YIA) was formed in 1963 when...
              Greg Belson's Divine Disco Volume Two: Obscure Gospel Disco (1979-1987)Various ArtistsCultures of Soul
              Although gospel and disco music seem like polar opposites, one is secular while the other has embraced a hedonistic culture, the marriage of the two genres...
              • Converters – I've Been Converted
              • Harrison Jones & The Voices of Harmony – On That Other Shore
              • Wisdom – Change
              • The Johnson Family Gospel Singers – Imitations
              • Calvin Bernard Rhone – I Believe
              • Psalms – Praise The Lord
              • Mr. Jesse R. McGuire – Jesus Is On The Mainline
              • Paradise – Keep The Fire
              • Wisdom – Let The Lord Come In Your Life
              • Prophecy – Take It To The Streets
              • New Creation – Ain't No Right Way To Do Wrong
              • Calvin Bernard Rhone – That's How Much He Loves You
              • Harrison Jones & The Voice of Harmony – On That Other Shore (Divine Situation edit)
              • Mr. Jesse R. McGuire – Jesus Is On The Mainline (Steve Cobby remix)
              Best of SkaVolume 10
              Featuring must have tracks by the likes of Culture, Gregory Isaacs, Sly & Robbie, Bruce Ruffin, Frankie Paul and many others.
              Binker and MosesJourney To The Mountain Of ForeverGearbox Records
              Figureheads of the exciting new jazz scene, Binker and Moses (alongside the likes of Ruby Rushton and Yussef Kamall) release their second, highly...
              • Binker and Moses – The Departure
              • Binker and Moses – Intoxication From The Jahvmonishi Leaves
              • Binker and Moses – Fete By The River
              • Binker and Moses – Trees On Fire
              • Binker and Moses – The Shaman's Chant
              • Binker and Moses – Leaving The Now Behind
              • Binker and Moses – The Valley Of The Ultra Blacks
              • Binker and Moses – Gifts From The Vibrations Of Light
              • Binker and Moses – Mysteries & Revelations
              • Binker and Moses – Ritual Of The Root
              • Binker and Moses – The Voice Of Besbunu
              • Binker and Moses – Echoes From The Other Side Of The Mountain
              • Binker and Moses – Reverse Genesis
              • Binker and Moses – Entering The Infinite
              • Binker and Moses – At The Feet Of The Mountain Of Forever
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              Bitteschön, Philophon!Various ArtistsPhilophon
              "Bitteschon, Philophon!" is a "best of" selection taken from the fifteen 7" releases by the Berlin-based label Philophon. Features Jimi Tenor, Alemayehu...
              • Guy One – Estre (feat. Florence Adooni)
              • Alemayehu Eshete – Alteleyeshegnem
              • Jimi Tenor – My Mind Will Travel (Teen Party Edit)
              • Y-Bayani and Baby Naa & their Band of Enlightenment Reason and Love – Rehwe Mie Enyim
              • Bajka – Invisible Joy
              • Lee Dodou & The Polyversal Souls – Basa Basa
              • Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy – Mam Yinne Wa
              • Hailu Mergia – Yegle Nesh
              • Y-Bayani & His Band of Enlightenment Reason and Love – Asembi Ara Amba
              • The Polyversal Souls – Portrait of Alemayehu (daytime)
              • 1. Guy One – Estre (feat. Florence Adooni)
              • 2. Alemayehu Eshete – Alteleyeshegnem
              • 3. Jimi Tenor – My Mind Will Travel (Teen Party Edit)
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              The Northern Soul Story Vol. 3Blackpool MeccaMusic On Vinyl
              Music On Vinyl presents the third installment in this delightful series of Northern Soul compilations. This volume features music from Blackpool's...
                Blue Note Re:ImaginedShabaka Hutchings, Ezra Collective, Nubya Garcia & loads more!Decca / Blue Note
                A collection of classic Blue Note tracks, reworked and newly recorded by a selection of the UK scene’s most exciting young talents. Representing a...
                  Willie BoboLost And FoundConcord Records
                  2006 Latin jazz. Produced by Eddie Bobo and Mario Caldato Jr.
                    Mr Bongo Record Club: Vol. 2Various ArtistsMr Bongo
                    The second, anticipated instalment in Mr Bongo's 'Record Club' series selects the label's recent discoveries and sought-after obscurities that form the...
                    • Elbernita 'Twinkie' Clark – Awake O Zion
                    • Dee Edwards – Put Your Love On The Line
                    • Anubis – Ecology
                    • Guy Cuevas – Ebony Game
                    • Kiru Stars (Julius Kang'ethe) – Family Planning
                    • Teaspoon & The Waves – Oh Yeh Soweto
                    • Leny Andrade – Nao Adianta
                    • Rosa Maria – Samba Maneiro
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                    Boogie On The Mainline: A Collection Of Rare Disco, Funk And Boogie From Germany 1980-1987Various ArtistsBoogie On The Mainline
                    A selection of 10 rare disco tracks from Germany (plus one more tune from Austria)! All of them, originally released between 1980 and 1987. Check!
                    • Peter Patzer – You’re Not The One For Me
                    • Hans Peter Ströer – Don’t Stay For Breakfast
                    • Upstairs – You’re Just Yourself
                    • J.D. Lewis – Dancing Shoes
                    • Trust – It’s Not Over
                    • Imagination – Strawberry Wine
                    • Squish – Get Up
                    • Publicity – Funky Feeling
                    • Bernie Leier – Backstreetboy
                    • Ca$h – Raff Dich Auf
                    • The Poptown Syndicate – Keep On Lovin’ (Single Version)
                    • 1. Peter Patzer – You’re Not The One For Me
                    • 2. Hans Peter Ströer – Don’t Stay For Breakfast
                    • 3. Upstairs – You’re Just Yourself
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                    Breakaway BreakawayBBE
                    Two ultra-rare private press albums, recorded in the late 70's by little-known St Louis 4 piece, Breakaway. Their sound is rooted in jazz-rock, funk,...
                    • Breakaway – Understudy D.J **LP1
                    • Breakaway – Who Was It This Time **LP1
                    • Breakaway – There’s A New Group In Town **LP1
                    • Breakaway – Empty Love **LP2
                    • Breakaway – You Are Love **LP2
                    • Breakaway – Breakaway **LP2
                    Breakin BreaddirtybeatbreakinfunkandhiphopBreakin Bread
                    Great new compilation from the Breakin Bread crew showcasing some great new UK talent along with some well established beat headz! Featuring, Keno 1, Ghost,...
                      Breaking The Beats: Compiled By Dave Lee & Will FoxVarious ArtistsZ Records
                      Wicked compilation of late 90s / early 00s 'broken beat' classics from the West London scene! Features stone cold gems from the likes of 4hero, IG Culture,...
                        Bruton Brutoff: The Ambient, Electronic and Pastoral Side of the Bruton Library Catalogue (Clear Vinyl Repress)Various ArtistsTrunk Records
                        **Pre-order the clear vinyl repress now!** Rare musical magic from the Bruton library catalogue – ambient, spacey, pastoral and electronic. Music by...
                        • Frank Ricotti – Vibes
                        • Johnny Scott – Utopia Revisited
                        • John Cameron – Trek
                        • John Cameron – Tropic 2
                        • Frank Reidy & Eric Allen – Reflections
                        • Francis Monkman – Stargazing
                        • John Cameron – Drifting
                        • Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti – Dissolves
                        • John Cameron – Floatation
                        • Orlando Kimber & John Keliehor – One Language
                        • Alan Hawkshaw – Saturn Rings
                        • Steve Gray – Billowing Sails
                        • Brian Bennett – The Swan
                        Buntús Rince: Explorations in Irish Jazz, Fusion & Folk 1969-81Various ArtistsAllchival
                        A superb compilation featuring musical innovation in the field of Irish music, including rare Irish jazz, fusion and folk outliers from the 1970s and early...
                        • Noel Kelehan Quintet – Spon Song
                        • John Wadham – Floatin'
                        • Louis Stewart – Araby
                        • Joe O'Donnell – Caravan
                        • Taste – On The Boards
                        • Granny's Intentions – Nutmeg, Bitter-Sweet
                        • Mellow Candle – Lonely Man
                        • Sonny Condell – Red Sail
                        • Supply, Demand & Curve – When You're By Yourself
                        • Rosemarie Taylor – Mr Sleep
                        • Apartment – Weekend
                        • The Plattermen – African Wah Wah
                        • Jonathan Kelly's Outside – Misery
                        • Dr. Strangely Strange – Mary Malone of Moscow
                        • Stacc – Holy Smoke
                        • Zebra – Silent Partners
                        Donald ByrdAt The Half Note Cafe Volume 1Blue Note
                        D. Byrd + Pepper Adams, Duke PEarson, Laymon Jackson, Lex Humphries.  New USA vinyl
                          George CablesPhantom Of The City (1985)Contemporary Records
                          Fusion on Contemporary RecordsGreat Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                            Catch ActionThe Sophisticated Boogie Funk Of Sheridan House RecordsLuv N' Haight
                            Luv N'Haight along with Shane "DJ Sureshot" Hunt presents "Catch Action: The Sophisiticated Boogie Funk of Sheridan House Records." With a total of...
                            • Something Unique – Catch Action
                            • Deborah Foster – Whip It On
                            • Janette Renee – What's On Your Mind
                            • 6×LP£64.99
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                            • 2×CD£18.99
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                            Christians Catch Hell: Gospel Roots 1976-79Various ArtistsHonest Jon's
                            Honest Jon’s launch a series of gospel-themed compilations, starting with a retrospective digging into the Gospel Roots label, an offshoot of Miami’s...
                            • Pastor TL Barrett – After The Rain
                            • Camille Doughty – Elijah Rock
                            • The Howard Lemon Singers – For The Children
                            • The Fantastic Family Aires – Tell Me
                            • Jean Austin – Spirit Free
                            • 2×LP£18.99
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                            • CD£9.99
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                            ChronixxDread & TerribleChronixx Music
                            The killer debut roots album from Chronixx, limited run on vinyl. Contains the singles "Here comes trouble" "Capture Land" "Alpha & Omega" Highly Recommended!
                            • Chronixx – Alpha & Omega
                            • Chronixx – Here Comes Trouble
                            • Chronixx – Capture Land
                            • Chronixx – Wheel Out
                            • Chronixx – Eternal Fire
                            • Chronixx – Spirulina
                            • Chronixx – Like A Whistle
                            • LP£16.99
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                            • CD£11.49
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                            Classic Hip Hop Mastercuts Volume TwoVarious ArtistsBeechwood
                            01 T La Rock & Jazzy Jay It's Yours (Radio Mix) (4:30) 02 Ultramagnetic MC's Chorus Line Pt. 1 (Vocal Version) (5:46) 03 Beastie Boys It's A New Style...
                              Cloud OneSpaced Out: The Very Best of Cloud OneP&P
                              WICKED P&P PATRICK ADAMS DISCO GEMS!!!!! Produced by the legendary Patrick Adams, the studio-bound disco unit Cloud One made its debut in 1975 with the...
                              • Cloud One – Jump, Jump, Jump
                              • Cloud One – Atmosphere Strut
                              • Cloud One – Stomp Your Feet & Dance
                              • Cloud One – Spaced Out
                              • Cloud One – Disco Juice
                              • Cloud One – Don't Let My Rainbow Pass Me By
                              • Cloud One – Patty Duke
                              • Cloud One – Happy Music
                              • Cloud One – Doin' It All Night
                              • Cloud One – Flying High
                              • 2×LP£32.99
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                              • 2×CD£13.99
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                              Club Soul: Go Mod! The Anthology: A Decade Of Mod Ska Soul 1957-1967Various ArtistsCharly
                              Celebrate the decade that defined the sound of mod with an exclusive all-star line-up feat. James Brown, Desmond Dekker, Little Eva, Mel Torme, Booker...
                              Cohelmec Ensemble5 Octobre 1974Souffle Continu
                              Out of the musical effervescence in post May 1968 France were born the labels BYG and Futura Records. The concept of collective creation appeared as essential,...
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – Cohelmec 20 H 45
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – Les Cloches De Montoinou
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – La Croix Fry 1
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – Teotihuacan 1
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – Teotihuacan 2
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – Saturations
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – The Alpaca Cassok
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – "Éparpiller Sa Mémoire Dans Une Fureur D'Aveux"
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – Cohelmec 21 H 50
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – La Croix Fry 2
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – Fouchtra
                              Cohelmec EnsembleNextSouffleContinu Records
                              The Cohelmec Ensemble celebrate above all the pleasure of collective music-making. A group without a designated leader, they base their approach on reciprocal...
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – Teotihuacan (Ou EncorRe Le Tambourinaire Des Limbes)
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – ,…!
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – Desert Angel
                              • Cohelmec Ensemble – Culculine D'Ancone
                              Cold Waves Of Color Vol. 6Various ArtistsColor Tapes
                              Anticipated fifth volume of music from the 1980's Color Tapes label. Some of the most obscure in crucial examples of cold / minimal wave and synth electronics...
                              • Berserk In A Hayfield – After Dusk
                              • The Lord – Controversial
                              • Silicon Valley – Electro Switch
                              • Neutron Scientists – Cabaret Futurama
                              • Lives of Angels – Artificial Ignorance
                              • Modern Art – Golden Corridor
                              • The Lord – Gonna Dream My Life Away
                              • Echophase – Controlled Experiment
                              • Disintegrators – Radioactive
                              • Mystery Plane – Burning Desire
                              • Modern Art – Dimension 2
                              Cold Waves Of Color Vol. 5Various ArtistsColor Tapes
                              Anticipated fifth volume of music from the 1980's Color Tapes label. Some of the most obscure in crucial examples of cold / minimal wave...
                              • Void – Isotope
                              • Echophase – Silent Sky
                              • Berserk In A Hayfield – Berserk
                              • Silicon Valley – Transit 6
                              • The Lord – Production Line
                              • The Good Missionaries – Bending A Border (Dub version)
                              • Berserk In A Hayfield – August Haze
                              • Echophase – Continental Drift
                              • Lives of Angels – Golden Age
                              • Modern Art – Colliding World
                              • Lives of Angels – Pavillion
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                              John Coltrane & Alice ColtraneCosmic MusicSuperior Viaduct
                              A much-needed reissue of 'Cosmic Music', originally self-released by Alice Coltrane in 1968 and later issued by Impulse!. The album features...
                              • John Coltrane & Alice Coltrane – Manifestation
                              • John Coltrane & Alice Coltrane – Lord Help Me To Be
                              • John Coltrane & Alice Coltrane – Rev. King
                              • John Coltrane & Alice Coltrane – The Sun
                              John ColtraneA Love Supreme - Note For Note Transcriptions for Tenor SaxophoneHal Leonard
                              Note for note transcriptions for the tenor saxophone as played by John Coltrane on the seminal 'A Love Supreme' - one of the greatest pieces of music...
                              John ColtraneThe Believer (1964)Prestige
                              Released 65 on Prestige, recorded 58 w/ Paul Chambers, Louis Hayes, Freddie Hubbard, Donald Byrd + more.