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    The EmperorDownfall Of An AutocratPenguin
    After the deposition of Haile Selassie in 1974, which ended the ancient rule of the Abyssinian monarchy, Ryszard Kapuscinski travelled to Ethiopia and...
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    Island PeopleThe Caribbean and the WorldCanongate
    USA IMPORT HARDBACK BOOK 400+ pages 60% OFF!!In this fascinating travelogue, the product of almost a decade of travel and intense study, Joshua Jelly-Schapiro...
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    Dub : Soundscapes and Shattered Songs in ReggaeBy Michael E. VealWesleyan University Press
    USA IMPORTGreat book on Dub. Michael Veal has also written an excellent book on Fela Kuti and wrote the sleevenotes for Studio One Dub 2 on Soul Jazz...
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    TambúCuraçao's African-Caribbean Ritual and the Politics of MemoryIndiana University Press
    USA IMPORT PAPERBACK 60% OFF!!!! DEEP STUFF! As contemporary Tambú music and dance evolved on the Caribbean island of Curaçao, it intertwined sacred...
    Divine HorsemenThe Living Gods Of Haiti by Maya DerenDocumentext
    First published in 1953, Maya Deren's famous account of the Haitian deities, practitioners and rituals of Voudoun was written with the special insight...
    Wake the Town and Tell the People:Dancehall Culture in Jamaica - By Norman StolzoffDuke University
    This is the one essential book on Dancehall (after Soul Jazz Records' "Dancehall", of course). A seriously in depth anthropological study of Jamaican Dancehall....
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    Language In Jamaicaby Pauline ChristieArawak Publications
    The author, as her life's work, has studied language in Jamaica. As a result of her extensive study and anaysis, she has determined that the best approach...
    Reggae : From Mento to DancehallBy Werner TroederLMH Publishing
    This compendium of reggae features, in alphabetical order, the history of Jamaican music from the derivation of Mento to Dancehall. It includes the discography...
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    Graham GreeneThe ComediansVintage
    Three men meet on a ship bound for Haiti, a world in the grip of the corrupt 'Papa Doc' and the Tontons Macoute, his sinister secret police. Brown the...
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    Voodoo IslandMichael DuckworthOxford
    This is written as a childrens short story about voodoo in Haiti. It's simple, not War and Peace but we like the simplicity and clear style of writing,...
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    John Crow's DevilBy Marlon JamesOneworld
    The debut novel of the winner of the Man Booker Prize 2015.With language as taut as classic works by Cormac McCarthy, and a richness reminiscent of early...
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    The Book of Night WomenBy Marlon JamesOneworld
    This is the powerful story of Lilith, born into slavery on a Jamaican sugar plantation at the end of the eighteenth century. Even at her birth, the Night...
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    This is JamaicaBy Philip SherlockHodder and Stoughton (1968)
    'An Informal Guide' 1968 First Edition s/hand paperback book.
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    The Small Axe Guide To Dancehall 1979-1985By Ray HurfordMuzik Tree
    A wicked 1979-1985 guide to Jamaican Dancehall featuring over 150 albums profiled including pre digital singers, deejays, bands, vocal groups and...
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    The Small Axe Guide To RocksteadyBy Chuck FosterMuzik Tree
    NEW UPDATED VERSION Rock Steady Fact: After some calculation in the amounts of 7" pressed at Wirl & Federal during the rocksteady time od 1966-68...
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    Bob MarleyConquering Lion Of ReggaePlexus Publishing
    Rebel, visionary and uncompromising champion of human rights, Robert Nesta Marley rose from the slums of Kingston, Jamaica to become a spiritual and political...
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    The Small Axe Guide To InstrumentalsBy Ray HurfordMuzik Tree
    A superb guide to reggae instrumental albums from reggae author Ray Hurford, Featuring articles on musicians such as Jackie Mittoo, Lloyd Parks, Glen Brown,...
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    More Axe 8By Ray HurfordMuzik Tree
    Roots book featuring articles on Lynn Taitt, U Roy, Max Romeo, Earl 16, Dwight Pinkney, Winston Grennan, Admiral Tibbet, Clevie Browne and Hedley Jones....
    The Dead YardA Story Of Modern JamaicaFaber and Faber
    Jamaica used to be the source of much of Britain's wealth, a tropical paradise for the planters, a Babylonian exile for the Africans shipped to the Caribbean....
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    CubaReligion, Social Capital, And DevelopmentDuke University Press
    When Cuba's centralized system for providing basic social services began to erode in the early 1990s, Christian and Afro-Cuban religious groups took on...
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    Waves Of DecolonizationDiscourses of Race and Hemispheric Citizenship in Cuba, Mexico, and the United States Duke University Press
    In "Waves of Decolonization", David Luis-Brown reveals how, between the 1880s and the 1930s, writer-activists in Cuba, Mexico, and the United States developed...
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    BananasHow The United Fruit Company Shaped The WorldCanongate
    n this compelling history of the United Fruit Company, Financial Times writer Peter Chapman weaves a dramatic tale of big business, deceit, and violence,...
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    Creole Music Of The West IndiesA Discography, 1900-1959Bear Family Publications
    Black Caribbean musical traditions are rich in variety and the biguine, originating in slavery, epitomises French Antillean Creole music. Highly popular...
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    Plantation Jamaica 1750 - 1850Capital and Control in a Colonial EconomyUniversity of the West Indies Press
    £20 OFF!!! UNIVERSITY OF WEST INDIES PRESS "Plantation Jamaica" analyses the important but neglected role of the attorneys who managed estates,...
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    Jamaican Place NamesB. W. Higman and B. J. HudsonUniversity of the West Indies Press
    £15 OFF RRP. University of West Indies Publication Jamaican place names range from the commonplace to the bizarre. Densely distributed across...
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    Narratives Of ResistanceJamaica, Trinidad, the CaribbeanUniversity of the West Indies Press
    This is a hard-hitting analysis of contemporary social, political and intellectual resistance to hegemony in Caribbean societies. Beginning with the...
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    Mastering ChristianityMissionary Anglicanism and Slavery in the Atlantic WorldOxford University Press
    Beginning in 1701, missionary-minded Anglicans launched one of the earliest and most sustained efforts to Christianize the enslaved people of Britain's...
    They Do As They PleaseThe Jamaican Struggle for Cultural Freedom After Morant BayUniversity of the West Indies Press
    £25 OFF!!! This book examines the secular aspects of culture in Jamaica, namely, material culture (architecture and home furnishings, dress, and...
    • Book (900g)£42.50 £16.99
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    Before The LegendThe Rise of Bob MarleyHarper
    In honour of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his death, a new biography of the reggae master provides a revealing glimpse of the musician's private side,...
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    In Miserable SlaveryThomas Thistlewood in Jamaica, 1750-86University of the West Indies Press
    Amazon UK £18 Aug 2015 UNIVERSITY OF WEST INDIES PRESS Thomas Thistlewood came to Jamaica from England in 1750, and lived as an estate overseer...
    • Book (450g)£19.99 £14.99
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    PostcolonialismsCaribbean Rereading of Medieval English DiscourseUniversity of the West Indies Press
    OVER £15 OFF! Caribbean revisioning of British literature is well established in creative work where it expresses itself in rewriting and writing...
    An Hard Man Fe Dead - Who And What Is Mr Brown?!Ray HurfordMuzik Tree
    About 45 years ago the Wailers sang about 'Mr Brown' the song related the story of the Coffin that travelled around various parts of Jamaica accompanied...
    Modern BlacknessNationalism, Globalization, and the Politics of Culture in JamaicaUniversity of the West Indies Press
    Modern Blackness is a rich ethnographic exploration of Jamaican identity in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Analyzing nationalism,...
    The Natural MysticsMarley, Tosh & WailerNorton
    Over one dramatic decade, a trio of Trenchtown R&B crooners swapped their 1960s Brylcreem hairdos and two-tone suits for 1970s battle fatigues...
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    The Small Axe Guide To Bands And Vocal GroupsBy Ray HurfordMuzik Tree
    Featuring in the guide nearly 100 bands and vocal groups over 300 photos and graphics. An A to Z of mainly Jamaican bands from The Abyssinans to The Wailing...
    • Book (250g)£9.99
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    World Of ArtCaribbean ArtThames & Hudson
    A collection of examples of the work of over 100 Caribbean artists with text explaining the history of Caribbean art, the 20th century art schools which...
    Rhythm Wise (One & Two)By Ray Hurford & Jean ScrivenerMuzik Tree
    A killer new book of the originals to rhythms from Ska to Dancehall....Real Rock, Heavenless, Stalag, Satta and many many more!! Reggae music is a living...
    • Book (250g)£9.99
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    The Small Axe Guide To ProducersBy Ray HurfordMuzik Tree
    Wicked new book from the Small Axe people featuring over 100 producers, 400 albums, 100 photos, 200 graphics. Coxsone, Duke Reid, Prince Buster, Lee Perry,...
    • Book (250g)£9.99
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    A Spade Is Still A Spade Essays on Crime and the Politics of Jamaica LMH
    An exposition on the Jamaican crime scene. The author expresses the view that, despite the growing drug culture, this crime scene does not approximate...
    • Book (350g)£8.00
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    JunkanooFestival Of The BahamasMacMillan Caribbean
    Examines the history and development of the festival called Junkanoo, held each Christmas in the Bahamas. This survey aims to give the reader an insight...
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    The Black Jacobins Toussaint L'Ouverture and the San Domingo RevolutionPenguin
    In 1789 the West Indian colony of San Domingo supplied two-thirds of the overseas trade of France. The entire structure of what was arguably the most...
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    African CaribbeansA Reference GuideGreenwood Press
    The African Diaspora left an indelible imprint on Caribbean countries and islands. This reference, the only broad historical and cultural survey of the...
    Dread Talk : The Language of the RastafariBy Velma PollardPublisher:McGill-Queen's University Press
    In "Dread Talk", Velma Pollard describes the language of Rastafari, tracing its development as an expansion of Jamaican Creole while showing how it is...
    • Book (200g)£13.99
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    Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Kiss Me NeckThe Scratch Story In Words, Pictures And RecordsCherry Red Books
    With more than 1,000 releases to Lee "Scratch" Perry's name in some form or other, there is a wealth of material for fans and collectors to immerse themselves...
    • Book (700g)£14.99
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    Nanny's Asafo WarriorsThe Jamaican Maroon's African ExperienceIan Randle Publishers
    In 1975, Nanny was declared the first, and is so far the only female National Hero in Jamaica. This was seen as a breakthrough in acknowledging the historical...
    • Book (600g)£22.95
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    Sonic BodiesReggae Sound Systems, Performance Techniques, and Ways of Knowing Continuum
    The reggae sound system has exerted a major influence on music and popular culture. Out on the streets of inner city Kingston, Jamaica, every night,...
    • Book (600g)£19.99
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