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    Breaking The Beats: Compiled By Dave Lee & Will FoxVarious ArtistsZ Records
    Wicked compilation of late 90s / early 00s 'broken beat' classics from the West London scene! Features stone cold gems from the likes of 4hero, IG Culture,...
      • 2×LP£20.00
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      • 2×CD£16.00
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      Bryony Jarman-PintoDego & 2000black Remixes / Fish Factory SessionsTru Thoughts
      Features two remixes from 4hero's broken beat innovator Dego and 2000Black of 'Sour Face'. One rooted in Brazilian funk and boogie and the other delving...
        Kamaal WilliamsWu HenBlack Focus
        Second, anticipated album release from Henry Wu aka Kamaal Williams!
        • Kamaal Williams – One More Time / 1989
        • LP + Download Code£22.00
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        • CD£11.00
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        IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion)EarthboundSuper-Sonic Jazz
        **Back in stock!** IG Culture returns with the epic, 'Earthbound' album, putting the wheels of his afrofuturist project, Likwid Continual Space Motion,...
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – More Brilliant Centre
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – The Box
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – World Order Is Chaos (Future Wave)
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – Weapon X (More Gems)
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – Earthbound
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – Ma'at Life
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – Frequency
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – Alien Spere
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – The Way
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – Piece Of Mind
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – For The People
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – Anuunaki
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – 12th Planet
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – Soul In Yo Mind
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – Unreal Rock
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – Bubbler
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – Time
        • IG Culture presents LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) – Let Me
        Steve SpacekHousesBlack Focus
        Third album outing for Steve Spacek via Henry Wu's Black Focus label! Another exemplary selection of futuristic, broken beat, house and electronic soul...
        • Steve Spacek – Rawl Aredo
        • LP + Download Code£16.99
          180g vinyl. Includes download card with 4 bonus tracks.
          Out of stock
        • CD£10.99
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        Sassy JPatchworkRush Hour
        Top selector and SOTU favourite Sassy J curates her faultless 'Patchwork' compilation for Rush Hour, featuring exclusives from the likes of Ron Trent under...
        • Farrah Boulé – Mother Of Mantras
        • Warm – Blue Sunrise
        • 2000Black – Plastic Jam
        • Hanna – Spaceland
        • Alex Attias & Sassy J present OJA – Jelly Bubble Rise
        • Nu-Era – Mirror Images
        • GB – The Projector
        • Aardvarck – Aap Noot
        • Mr. Fingers – Survivor
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Always
        • 2×LP£18.99
          Out of stock
        • CD£13.99
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        David WaltersMamaHeavenly Sweetness
        French producer David Walters teams up with studio wizard Patchworks (aka Mr President, Voilàà Sound System, Da Break) for the infectious groove, 'Mama',...
        • David Walters – Mama
        • David Walters – Mama (David Walters Remix)
        • David Walters – Mama (Patchworks Remix)
        JavonntteNo RushTen Lovers Music
        Detroit producer Javonette delivers an album of jazzy, beatdown tracks for cult label (recently revived), Ten Lovers Music. Jazz, house and hip hop heads...
        • Javonntte – Blue Lady
        • Javonntte – Jazzy Days And Nights
        • Javonntte – 1977
        • Javonntte – Thaloniustalk
        • Javonntte – Other People
        • Javonntte – No Rush
        • Javonntte – Just For Us
        • Javonntte – Big City Dreamers
        SimbadCollections Vol. 1: 2003-2017BBE
        Previously unreleased, archival productions from UK based house/broken beat hero, Simbad. 'Collections Vol. 1' features his productions for and alongside...
        • Simbad – Paradigm Message 0718
        • Simbad – Day By Day
        • Simbad – Elevate
        • Simbad – Oozing (Instrumental)
        • Simbad – 1010
        • Simbad – Royal
        • Simbad – Get Ur Sh Together
        • Simbad – Good To You
        • Simbad – If U
        • Simbad – Circles & Motions
        • Simbad – Innit Dub
        • Simbad – Thankful
        • Simbad – Rainin Luv
        EVM128Input Vol. 1Studio Rockers
        Collaborative release from some of London's finest, breakthrough broken beat producers and vocalists. EVM128 and James Rudie and are at the heart of the...
        • EVM128 – Changes (feat. Renato Paris)
        • EVM128 & Turbojazz – Read Him
        • EVM128 & iLL Smith – Gold (feat. Nesha Nycee)
        • EVM128 & Gonzi – Gut Leve
        • EVM128 & Shy One – One Design (feat. Steve Edwards)
        • EVM128 – The Edge (feat. Daiva)
        • EVM128 & Ishfaq – Complete Me (feat. Natalie May)
        • EVM128, Gonzi, James Rudie & Ishfaq – Naughty Groove
        VariousInput Volume 1Studio Rockers
        Producers at the heart of the broken beat revival, EVM128 and James Rudie met through the CDR project, and soon after started to mess about collaborating...
        • Various – Changes (feat. Renato Paris)
        • Various – Read Him
        • Various – Gold (feat. Nesha Nycee)
        • Various – Gut Leve
        • Various – One Design (feat. Steve Edwards)
        • Various – The Edge (feat. Daiva)
        • Various – Complete Me (feat. Natalie May)
        • Various – Naughty Groove
        XOAWay WestFive Easy Pieces
        Five Easy Pieces release the debut album from London based electronic producer, XOA. 'Way West' is a floor-friendly fusion of house tempos, polyrhythmic...
        • XOA – VS20
        • XOA – Heartland
        • XOA – Way West
        • XOA – Damascene
        • XOA – Call On Me (feat Lulu James)
        • XOA – Les Musiciens
        • XOA – Only One Thing (feat Ruby Wood)
        • XOA – Osu
        • XOA – Dance Of The Mantas
        • XOA – Out & Out
        Da LataOba Lata (inc. NameBrandSound remix)Da Lata Music
        Oba Lata draws on traditional Yoruban chant blending it with a live afro-beat groove. Edgy, rhythmical analogue synths, vocals, guitars and percussion...
        • Da Lata – Oba Lata
        • Da Lata – Oba Lata (NameBrandSound Remix)
        • Da Lata – Dakar
        NejrupManda EP (inc. K15 remix)Creak Inc.
        Wicked jazz / house / broken beat vibe from talent, Nejrup. Features a more club-orientated fix from K15!
        • Nejrup – Manda
        • Nejrup – Calm Cacophony
        • Nejrup – Manda Version
        • Nejrup – Calm Cacophony (K15 Remix)
        Thomas XuDifferent WisdomsSteady Flight Circle
        Broken house vibes from Sound Signature affiliate, Thomas Xu. Killer production with the standout cut 'Create Hope' loaded with dope, zappy synth touches!...
        • Thomas Xu – Standing Rock
        • Thomas Xu – Grand Mother
        • Thomas Xu – Create Hope
        SampologyMt Glorious (feat. Georgia Ann Muldrow, Dudley Perkins & Jordan Rakei)Middle Name Records
        This 6 track 'Mt Glorious' EP evokes all the colors and textures reminiscent of sample heavy music but instead uses a complete pallet of original sounds...
        • Sampology – Teal Sunrise
        • Sampology – Mt Glorious
        • Sampology – Smile
        • Sampology – Rising Up (feat. Georgia Ann Muldrow & Dudley Perkins)
        • Sampology – My Place (feat. Jordan Rakei)
        • Sampology – After The Storm
        Hazards of ProphecyMinnie & MarcosTiff's Joints
        Born Cheating's excellent Tiff's Joints imprint make a welcome return with a new 12" from Hazard's Of Prophecy. Deep, dreamy, broken-beat vibes with some...
        • Hazards of Prophecy – Percussion Concussion
        • Hazards of Prophecy – Minnie & Marcos
        • Hazards of Prophecy – Love & Rum
        Modified ManModifications: Set 3Albert’s Favourites
        More smudgy house music vibes, cracked jazz and loose broken beats from Modified Man on the excellent Albert's Favourites label! Don't miss one, people!
        • Modified Man – Blame’s On You Bruv
        • Modified Man – Glass Army
        • Modified Man – Modification 25 (The Modified Man Rap)
        • Modified Man – Hear Me Calling
        • Modified Man – Sergio Arpeggio
        • Modified Man – Love Rising From The Dark Abyss Of Sorrow
        Modified ManModifications: Set 2Albert's Favourites
        Smudged, jazzy house music vibes and loose broken beats from Modified Man on the excellent Albert's Favourites label! Don't miss...
        • Modified Man – Vanilla Gorilla
        • Modified Man – Kingswood Drive
        • Modified Man – Prints On The Heath
        • Modified Man – Croydon Rooftop Café Culture
        • Modified Man – Accidental Return
        • Modified Man – Thorns
        MomentaYour LoveLazy Robot / Upcycle
        Momenta bringing the heavy soul vibes on this new release split between Lazy Robot and Upcycle records. Backed with a wicked broken beat fix from Fradinho!
        • Momenta – Your Love
        • Momenta – Your Love (Fradinho remix)
        SkymarkVirtual StarsModern Sun Records
        SOTU and cult favourite Skymark is back! 'Virtual Stars' mixes up the influence of jazz, Brazilian fusion, boogie and soul - brought up to date via Skymark's...
        • Skymark – Introduction
        • Skymark – More Than a Friend
        • Skymark – This First Special Feeling
        • Skymark – Yesterday's Flame
        • Skymark – A Better Place for The Next Generation
        • Skymark – Insomnia
        • Skymark – Our Shelter
        • Skymark – The Center of my Joy
        • Skymark – The Power of a Positive Smile
        Dego & KaidiA So We GwarnSound Signature
        UK broken beat pioneers Dego & Kaidi release their debut album on Theo Parrish's mighty Sound Signature. Invincible funk, broken beat and jazzy rare groove...
        • Dego & Kaidi – See & Blind, Hear & Deaf
        • Dego & Kaidi – Treasure Beach
        • Dego & Kaidi – Too Much Ginger
        • Dego & Kaidi – 18.1096 N 77.2975 W : 18.1096 N 77.2975 W
        • Dego & Kaidi – Maroon Strategies
        • Cassette Tape £10.99
          Out of stock
        Raskal The SupersoniccruiserTime TravellingFutureFantastic Records
        Genre-crossing third album from Raskal The Supersoniccruiser. This time the tracks have been arranged in a fusion between jazz, movie soundtracks and turntablism,...
        • Raskal The Supersoniccruiser –  Don Voyager. PT1
        • Raskal The Supersoniccruiser – Send Me To Earth
        • Raskal The Supersoniccruiser – The Machine
        • Raskal The Supersoniccruiser – Skit: Supersonicspacegame