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    The Frederick Douglas Years 1817-1895Adventures In Negro History Vol. 2Highlight Radio Productions
    Amazingly a product of Pepsi-Cola, comes with insert
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        Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original USA vinyl
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      Richard PryorHoly Smoke (1976)Laff Records
      He's a funny guy
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          Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original USA LP Vinyl.
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        Rev. Jesse JacksonI Am Somebody (1971)Respect
        Damn right I am Somebody! I am a man! Classic spoken word album (as used by the JBs). Original USA gatefold 1971 LPOriginal USA Vinyl G+  /Sleeve...
          • Original LP£12.00
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          Somewhere In Advance Of NowhereBy Jayne CortezHigh Risk Books (1997)
          Singer and vocalist Cortez (who was married to Ornette Coleman) book of poetry.  "Jayne Cortez's Blues speak of a poet who knows where she...
          • Original Book (200g)£10.00
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          Nikki GiovanniLike A Ripple On A Pond (1973)NikTom Records
          Gospel, proto-rap stompers from poet Nikki Giovanni, 1973
          • My House – To My Father's House
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          Adventures In RhythmWith Ella Jenkins and her Rhythm WorkshopSmithsonian Folkways
          Originally released in 1959, this is an engaging progression of simple to complex rhythmic concepts with Rhythm Workshop participants that is particularly...
            • New LP £11.99
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            Street and Gangland RhythmsBeats And Improvisations By Six Boys In Trouble (1959)Smithsonian Folkways
            Street percussion, drumming, songs and chants recorded in New York in 1959 by a group of street kids. Kind of like a prototype Haryou Percussion Group...
            • Street and Gangland Rhythms – Ole
            Sarah Webster FabioJujus - Alchemy of the Blues (1976)Smithsonian Folkways
            Super-tough funky, funky, funky female proto-rap poetry from Sarah Webster Fabio. Killer! Armed with an incredible rhythm section this album is a classic...
            • Sarah Webster Fabio – Sweet songs
            • CD£12.99
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            Early Rappers Hipper Than Hop - The Ancestors Of Rap Trikont
            Jive, talking blues, spoken poetry, soul preaching and love raps: long before the advent of hip hop, afro-american rappers were forging their verse into...
            • dave bartholomew – the monkey
            • john kasandra – ain't no sin (to have fun)
            • CD£13.99
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            Black Arts MovementLiterary Nationalism In The 1960's And 1970'sUniversity Of North Carolina Press
            Emerging from a matrix of Old Left, black nationalist, and bohemian ideologies and institutions, African American artists and intellectuals in the 1960s...
            • Book (700g)£32.95
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            Sarah Webster FabioBoss Soul: 12 Poems by Sarah Webster Fabio (1972)Smithsonian Folkways
            Tough, tough, tough proto-female rap featuring raw percussion and super-funky accompaniment. This is like Gil Scott Heron's '125th and Lennox' album meets...
            • Sarah Webster Fabio – Work it out
            • Sarah Webster Fabio – Glimpses
            Movement SoulMovement Soul Vol. 2Smithsonian Folkways
            Excellent album featuring documentary commentary ( mainly from radio broadcasts) on lots of black political subjects ( such as Black Pilots in the US air...
            • William A. Campbell – Black Pilots Mission To Italy (Speaker)
            • CD£11.99
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            What If I Am A Woman? Vol. 1Black Women's Speeches Narrated by Ruby DeeSmithsonian Folkways
            • What If I Am A Woman? Vol. 1 – Maria W. Stewart: What If I am a Woman?
            • CD£9.99
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            We Shall Overcome:Documentary of the March on Washington (1963)Smithsonian Folkways
            Audio Documentary featuring  Joan Baez, Martin Luther King, President Kennedy, Odetta, Bob Dylan and more. Features Martin Luther King's famous...
            • We Shall Overcome: – We Shall Overcome!
            WNEW's Story of SelmaWNEW's Story of SelmaSmithsonian Folkways
            Conversations and songs with folk singer Pete Seeger, Len Chandler and the Freedom Voices
            • WNEW's Story of Selma – If You Want to Get Your Freedom
            • CD£11.99
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            Angela DavisAngela Davis Speaks (1971)Smithsonian Folkways
            Radical Black Panther and black communist speaks out! Fascinating stuff including inteviews about and around the radical poet.
            • Angela Davis – Introduction
            Nancy DupreeGhetto Reality (1969)Smithsonian Folkways
            Black poet Nancy Dupree accompanied by a group of young kids. Songs include tributes to, amongst others, James Brown.
            • Nancy Dupree – James Brown
            Huey NewtonHuey! Listen, Whitey (1972)Smithsonian Folkways
            Two recordings of Black Panther and activist Huey Newton, the first is from the soundtrack of 'Huey!', the second is from the film 'Listen...'
              • CD£12.99
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              Sarah Webster FabioSoul Ain't Soul Is: Poems by Sarah Webster Fabio (1973)Smithsonian Folkways
              Sarah Webster's black poetry. Some tracks feature conga accompaniment in a Gil Scott Heron/Last Poets stylee! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
              • Sarah Webster Fabio – Soul ain't: soul is
              Langston HughesThe Voice Of Langston HughesSmithsonian Folkways
              Includes the classic "I've Known Rivers", later recorded by Gary Bartz ("The Negro Speaks Of Rivers")
              • Langston Hughes – The negro speaks of rivers
              Sarah Webster FabioTogether To The Tune Of Coltrane's Equinox (1977)Smithsonian Folkways
              Sarah Webster Fabio raps her poetry over some funky tunes and deep jazz (such as Coltrane's "Equinox"). Recommended.
              • Sarah Webster Fabio – Eclipse
              Langston HughesLangston Hughes' Jericho - Jim Crow (1964)Smithsonian Folkways
              Performance by Langston Hughes.
              • Langston Hughes – Jericho-Jim Crow (Part I)
              Paul RobesonThe Collector's Paul RobesonSmithsonian Folkways
              Collection of the great operatic singers music.
              • Paul Robeson – Hammer Song (If I Had a Hammer)
              • CD£11.99
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              Langston HughesThe Dream Keeper And Other Poems (1955)Smithsonian Folkways
              Excellent collection of poems and narration from Langston Hughes! Recommended!
              • Langston Hughes – The Dream Keeper: Dreams; Water-Front Street; Long Trip
              Langston HughesThe Glory Of Negro History (1955)Smithsonian Folkways
              The history of Black life as told by the great poet and writer Langston Hughes.
              • Langston Hughes – The Struggle
              • CD£12.99
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              Langston HughesThe Story Of Jazz: The First Album Of Jazz For Children (1954)Smithsonian Folkways
              Langston Hughes narrates the history and evolution of Jazz in the USA. Classic recording.
              • Langston Hughes – The Beginnings/Blues
              Uncle Bouqui of HaitiBy Harold Courlander, read by Augusta Baker (1956)Smithsonian Folkways
              Haitian folk tales written by celebrated anthropologist and music documentarist Harold Courlander.
              • Uncle Bouqui of Haiti – Uncle Bouqui Gets Whee-al
              • CD£10.99
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              Voices of the Civil Rights MovementBlack American Freedom Songs 1960-1966smithsonian folkways
              This super double-CD reissue documents a central aspect of the cultural environment of the Civil Rights Movement, acknowledging songs as the language that...
              • Voices of the Civil Rights Movement – Freedom now chant