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The Lonely LondonersBy Sam SelvonLongman
From the brilliant, sharp, witty pen of Sam Selvon, this is a classic award-winning novel of immigrant life in London in the 1950s. It explores the lives...
Empire Windrush: Fifty Years Of Writing About Black BritainEdited by Onyekachi Wambu, Preface by E.R. BraithwaiteGollancz
Great book introduced by E.R.Braithwaite (who wrote the original To Sir With Love about a black teacher in Britain), this book includes work from Sam Selvon,...
  • Original Book (500g)£20.00
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Talking Blues: Black Community Speaks About Its Relationship with the Police (1978)by Derek Bishton and Brian HomerAffor
Secondhand rare out of print pamphlet about black community and the police in Britain in the 70s.
  • Original Book (200g)£18.00
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Jamaica FarewellJamaican Migrants in London By Nancy Foner
1st edition secondhand hardback with dustjacket
  • Original Book (500g)£20.00
    Out of stock
Communities in BritainAfrican Caribbeans In BritainWatts
Information book. s/hand hardback book
Honorary Whiteby E. R. BraithwaiteNew English Library
Out of print edition secondhand paperback bookAcclaimed author E. R. Braithwaite (To Sir, With Love) chronicles the brutality, oppression, and courage...
Absolute MacInnes: Best of Colin MacInnesby Colin MacInnesAllison & Busby
It's a cult classic innit - London, Soho, jazz, race riots, Notting Hill, jazz, groovy. secondhand paperback book
  • Original Book (350g)£8.00
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Tiger's Triumph: Celebrating Sam Selvonby Sushelia Nasta and Anna RutherfordDangaroo Press
Sam Selvon's Lonely Londoners is one of the best books ever about migrant life in London in the 1950s (well the best book actually). This book features...
  • Original Book (300g)£10.00
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Black Music in Britain: Essays on the Afro-Asian Contribution to Popular Music (Popular Music in Britain)by Paul Oliver (1990)
Secondhand paperback - "essays on the Afro-Asian contribution to popular music"
Paid Servantby E. R. BraithwaiteNew English Library
Braithwaite's follow up to the autobiographical To Sir With Love, the story of his work as a social worker after his teaching careersecondhand pocket hardback...
Reluctant Neighborsby E. R. BraithwaiteNew English Library
The acclaimed author of To Sir, With Love recalls his lifelong struggle against ignorance and racism while sharing a train ride with a bigoted...
  • Original Book (200g)£10.00
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The Ghosts Of SongsThe Film Art Of The Black Audio CollectiveLiverpool University Press
Import USA Hardback edition book.This enthralling book is the first to assess the oeuvre of Black Audio Film Collective, (BAFC) one of Britain s...
Kung Fu Tripby Benjamin ZephaniahBloomsbury
Cheap secondhand book
Moses Ascending (Penguin Modern Classics)by Sam SelvonPenguin Books
Follow up story to Selvon's seminal Lonely Londoners. Sam Selvon’s Moses Ascending depicts West Indian Immigration in England. Moses, a Trinidadian who...
  • Book (200g)£8.99
    Out of stock
City PsalmsBy Benjamin ZephaniahBloodaxe Books
  • Original Book (200g)£6.00
    Out of stock
The Black TriangleThe People Of The African Diaspora by Armet FrancisSeed Publications
Remarkable collection of photographs in this book tracing the diaspora of black people from 3 centuries of the slave trade. s'hand original book ex-library...
Oxford Reading TreeI came to Britain From JamaicaOxford University Press
Nice kids book.  s/hand paperback booklet
Rebel Radio The Full Story of British Pirate RadioPluto Press
Rare out of print Pluto Press first (and only) edition book about pirate radio in Britain written in 1985. (old sticker on front)
  • Original Book (200g)£25.00
    Out of stock
Questions Of Cultural Identity (1996)by Stuart Hall And Paul Du Gay
Man like Hall does the cultural identity groove. Out of print Secondhand original paperback book
Family Television: Cultural Power and Domestic Leisure (1986)by David Morley/Stuart Hall
w/ introduction by Stuart Hall. Secondhand book ex-library fair cond
Six Stories and an Essay (2014)by Andrea Levy
Secondhand hardback book
  • Original Book (300g)£6.00
    Out of stock
Never Far From Nowhere (1996)by Andrea Levy
Secondhand paperback book
  • Original Book (300g)£5.00
    Out of stock
Every Light in the House Burnin' (2004)by Andrea Levy
Secondhand paperback book
The Autograph Man (2003)by Zadie Smith
S/hand paperback book
  • Original Book (350g)£5.00
    Out of stock
Excess The Sequel To Yardieby Victor Headley
Original secondhand book. The sequel to Yardie - wicked!
  • Original Book (250g)£6.00
    Out of stock
With Hope in Their Eyes: Compelling Stories of the Windrush Generationby Vivienne FrancisNia
Secondhand paperback ex-library some wear
  • Original Book (200g)£6.00
    Out of stock
Ferdinand DennisBehind The Frontlines
Out-of-print secondhand paperback
Heart Of The Race: Black Women's Lives in Britainby Beverley BryanVirago
secondhand paperback
  • Original Book (600g)£8.00
    Out of stock
The Dragon Can't DanceBy Earl LovelaceFaber and Faber
This book is wicked! Described as 'a landmark, not in the West Indian, but in the contemporary novel' by C.L.R. James, Earl Lovelace's Caribbean classic...
  • Book (200g)£9.99
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  • Original Book (200g)£7.99
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Too Black, Too Strongby Benjamin ZephaniahBloodaxe Books
Secondhand paperback book
  • Original Book (200g)£6.99
    Out of stock
Lament For Rastafari and Other Playsby Edgar WhiteMarion Boyars
Lament for Rastafari is part-ritual, part-panoramic vision of black/white relations within the confines of Rastafarian consciousness. It begins in the...
  • Original Book (300g)£10.00
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  • Book (300g)£6.95
    Out of stock
Yush!By Victor HeadleyX Press
Last of the Yardie trilogy - 'London's number one Don D is set for the biggest fight of his drugs dealing career - BLOOD MUST RUN!'Second-hand...
  • Original Book (200g)£6.00
    Out of stock
Fruit of the Lemon: A Novelby Andrea LevyPicador
New USA paperback book
  • Book (450g)£8.99
    Out of stock
White Teeth: A Novelby Zadie SmithVintage International
Secondhand  paperback
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