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    SeenBlack Style UKBooth Clibborn Editiions
    This volume explores the immeasurable impact of Black subculture on British streets, dance floors, wardrobes and beauty parlours over the past three...
    Bass, Mids, TopsAn Oral History of Sound System CultureBy Joe Muggs & Brian David StevensStrange Attractor
    KILLER new book! An oral history of the UK’s soundsystem culture, featuring interviews with MALA, Dennis Bovell, SKREAM, Youth, Norman Jay, Krust, Dego...
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    Sound ReasoningPhotographs & Interview Extracts by Anna ArnoneArandora Press
    **Shipping early next week** 100% ESSENTIAL Very limited edition EXCLUSIVE SIGNED private press book! This is a one-off order with this mailout Absolutely...
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    Mother CountryReal Stories of the Windrush ChildrenHeadline
    For the pioneers of the Windrush generation, Britain was 'the Mother Country'. They made the long journey across the sea, expecting to find a place where...
    Moses Ascending (Penguin Modern Classics)by Sam SelvonPenguin Books
    Follow up story to Selvon's seminal Lonely Londoners. Sam Selvon’s Moses Ascending depicts West Indian Immigration in England. Moses, a Trinidadian who...
    Too Black, Too Strongby Benjamin ZephaniahBloodaxe Books
    Secondhand paperback book, bit of damage to back cover inside, library stamp
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    Black and BritishA Forgotten HistoryPan Books
    An acclaimed re-examination of a shared history, telling the rich and revealing story of the long relationship between the British Isles and the people...
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    Don't Stop the CarnivalBlack Music in Britian, Volume 1Peepal Tree
    This is a story of empire, colonialism and then the new energies released by the movements for freedom and independence of the post second-world-war years;...
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    Young, Gifted & BlackThe Story of Trojan RecordsOmnibus Press
    Recently resurrected and now enjoying chart success in the 21st century, when it was formed Trojan Records epitomised the punk DIY ethic over a decade...
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    The Lonely LondonersBy Sam SelvonLongman
    From the brilliant, sharp, witty pen of Sam Selvon, this is a classic award-winning novel of immigrant life in London in the 1950s. It explores the lives...
    Black Artists in British ArtA History from 1950 to the PresentI.B.Tauris
    In this book, Eddie Chambers tells the story of Britain's black artists, from the 1950s onwards, including the contemporary art of Steve McQueen, Chris...
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    Roots and CultureCultural Politics in the Making of Black BritainI.B.Tauris
    This new book chronicles the extraordinary blend of social, political and cultural influences from the mid-1950s to late 1970s that gave rise to new heights...
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    Black Popular MusicIn Britain Since 1945Routledge
    Black Popular Music in Britain Since 1945 provides the first broad scholarly discussion of this music since 1990. The book critically examines key moments...
    The Ghosts Of SongsThe Film Art Of The Black Audio CollectiveLiverpool University Press
    Import USA Hardback edition book.This enthralling book is the first to assess the oeuvre of Black Audio Film Collective, (BAFC) one of Britain s...
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    Excess The Sequel To Yardieby Victor Headley
    The sequel to Yardie - wicked!
    The Dragon Can't DanceBy Earl LovelaceFaber and Faber
    This book is wicked! Described as 'a landmark, not in the West Indian, but in the contemporary novel' by C.L.R. James, Earl Lovelace's Caribbean classic...
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    Lament For Rastafari and Other Playsby Edgar WhiteMarion Boyars
    Lament for Rastafari is part-ritual, part-panoramic vision of black/white relations within the confines of Rastafarian consciousness. It begins in the...
    Shades Of BlackAssembling Black Arts In 1980s BritainDuke University Press
    Import USA Paperback editionIn the 1980s - at the height of Thatcherism and in the wake of civil unrest and rioting in a number of British cities - the...
    Sounds Like London100 Years of Black Music in the Capital - By Lloyd BradleySerpent's Tail
    For as long as people have been migrating to London, so has their music. An essential link to home, music also has the power to shape communities in surprising...
    • Book (700g)£14.99
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    Lovers RockJohn GotoAutograph
    A new book of portraits published by Autograph ABP, with commissioned texts by Paul Gilroy, John Goto, Mark Sealy, and Baroness Lola Young. Lovers'...
    In The Castle Of My SkinBy George LammingLongman
    A classic first novel about growing up in colonial Barbados, 'In the Castle of my Skin' is a brilliant, sensitive record of the evolving consciousness...
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    The History Of The African & Caribbean Communities In BritainWayland Books
    Many people think that Britain's Black population has only developed in modern times, especially since the end of the Second World War in 1945. In fact...
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    Small IslandBy Andrea LevyTinder Press
    It is 1948, and England is recovering from a war, but at 21 Nevern Street, London, the conflict has only just begun. Queenie Bligh's neighbours do not...
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    Eldorado West OneBy Samuel SelvonPeepal Tree
    After long hard years in the Old Brit'n, will Moses Aloetta ever save enough money to realise his dreams of returning to his native Trinidad? Not if those...
    • Book (200g)£7.99
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    The Great Abolition ShamThe True Story of the End of the British Slave TradeSutton Publishing
    Britons may very well never be slaves, but British rule certainly meant slavery for others. Michael Jordan's book explores the personalities and...
    Zadie SmithChanging My MindPenguin
    USA Hardback book. Changing My Mind is a collection of essays by Zadie Smith on literature, cinema, art - and everything in between.
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    Igniting The Caribbean's PastFire In British West Indian HistoryUniversity Of North Carolina Press
    Unlike the earthquakes and hurricanes that have influenced Caribbean history, the region's fires have almost always been caused by humans. Geographer...
    The Political Languages Of Emancipation In The British Caribbean And The U.S. SouthUniversity Of North Carolina Press
    This comparative study examines the emancipation process in the British Caribbean, particularly Jamaica, during the 1830s and in the United States, particularly...
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    Wide Sargasso SeaJean RhysPenguin Modern Classics
    Jean Rhys' late, literary masterpiece "Wide Sargasso Sea" was inspired by Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre", and is set in the lush, beguiling landscape...
    • Book (150g)£8.99 £6.00
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    Swing From A Small IslandThe Story Of Leslie ThompsonNorthway Publications
    Jamaican bandleader and trumpeter Leslie Thompson worked with all the significant black British swing musicians of the 1930s, including the legendary...
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    The Mimic MenBy V. S. NaipulPicador
    Born of Indian heritage, raised in the British-dependent Caribbean island of Isabella, and educated in England, forty-year-old Ralph Singh has spent...
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    Afro Modern Journeys Through the Black AtlanticTate
    This important new book addresses a key area of post-colonial studies coined by the British academic Paul Gilroy in 1993 - the notion of 'The Black Atlantic'...
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    Black BritainA Photographic HistorySaqi Books
    People of African and Caribbean descent have inhabited Great Britain for centuries. Paul Gilroy, renowned for his work exploring the social and cultural...
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    WindrushBy Mike Phillips and Trevor PhillipsHarper Collins
    Broadcaster Trevor Phillips and his novelist brother Mike retell the very human story of Britain's first West Indian immigrants and their descendants from...
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    There Ain't No Black In The Union Jack (1987)By Paul GilroyTaylor & Francis
    This classic book is a powerful indictment of contemporary attitudes to race. By accusing British intellectuals and politicians on both sides of the political...