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Gladys Knight and The PipsClaudine (1974)Buddah
Rare soundtrack from the little known Black Action film, written and produced by Curtis Mayfield. 'On and On' is a heavy funk-style soundtrack monster! Mint...
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Cleopatra JonesCleopatra Jones (1973)Warner Bros
Tamara Dobson plays Cleopatra Jones, an undercover narcotics agent, charged with bringing down the infamous drugs trafficker "Mommy" (Shelly Winters) after...
To Smile In AutumnGordon Parks: A Memoir
Gordon Parks was born with, he says, a stubborn need to be somebody. Though Parks is remembered most notably as a photographer and filmmaker, on his enthralling...
Friday FosterStarring Pam Grier88 Films
American action drama starring Pam Grier. Model-turned-photographer Friday Foster (Grier) is at Los Angeles airport to record the arrival of millionaire...
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Malcolm XA Spike Lee FilmA Spike Lee JointWarner Home Video
Director, writer and producer Spike Lee's film about the life of the controversial black leader Malcolm X, who emerged from the streets to become a powerful...
Pam Grier isSheba, BabyArrow Video
Pam Grier stars as a private investigator in this action feature. The film follows tough detective Sheba Shayne (Grier) as she leaves Chicago to help her...
BlackA Film By Pierre LaffarguePlatform Entertainment Limited
Pierre Laffargue writes and directs this blaxploitation-infused French fantasy action film. After a heist in Paris goes horribly wrong, Senegal-born bank...
The Best of Soul Cinema Foxy Brown / Coffy / Black Mama White MamaMGM
Pam Grier was the baddest nubian goddess on the block and the undisputed queen of the Blaxpoitation genre. This box set brings together three of her finest...
  • 3×DVD£12.99
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Charley-One-EyeStarring Richard RoundtreeOdeon Entertainment
Don Chaffey directs this brutal 1970s western starring Richard Roundtree as a black soldier who kills an officer and deserts the army. On the run, he crosses...
  • DVD£11.99
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One Down Two To GoStarring Richard Roundtree and Jim BrownVideo International
Jim Brown, Fred Williamson, Jim Reilly and Richard Rowntree star in this classic black action film. Chuck, a karate promoter, is shot and wounded by hoodlums...
  • DVD£6.99
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Gordon ParksPhotographer, Writer, Composer, Film MakerMelrose Square
S/hand USA paperback.
  • Original Book (200g)£6.99
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Fields Of VisionThe Photographs Of Gordon ParksThe Library Of Congress
Born in 1912 in Fort Scott, Kansas, the youngest of fifteen children in a poor tenant-farming family, Gordon Parks was working odd jobs in Minnesota when...
  • Book (250g)£8.99
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Women Of BlaxploitationHow The Black Action Film Heroine Changed American Popular CultureMcFarland & Co
With the Civil Rights movement of the sixties fresh in their perspective, movie producers of the early 1970s began to make films aimed toward the underserved...
  • Book (350g)£25.00
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Jack HillThe Exploitation And Blaxploitation Master, Film By FilmMcFarland & Co
Jack Hill stands as one of the great B-movie directors and influenced an aspiring filmmaker named Quentin Tarantino. The director who gave the world Coffy,...
  • Book (300g)£34.99
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Blaxploitation FilmsA Compact Guide By Mikel J KovenKamera Books
In the early 1970s a type of film emerged that featured all-black casts; really cool soul, funk and disco soundtracks; characters sporting big guns, big...
  • Book (200g)£12.99
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The Mack (1973)Starring Max Julien and Richard PryorNew Line
The Mack is one of the most deranged - and entertaining - of all the black action films. This is the hip-hop communities fave - for the clothes, cars,...
  • NTSC DVD£11.99
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Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss SongSweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song (1971)BFI
Sweetback (Mario Van Peebles who also produces, edits and co-composes along with Earth, Wind & Fire) is an apolitical black sex performer who becomes...
  • DVD£9.99
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SusStop & Search4 Digital Media
Drama set on the night of the 1979 British election. The dead body of a pregnant woman is discovered and her husband, Delroy (Clint Dyer), finds himself...
  • DVD£6.99
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Black Caesar (1973)Starring Fred Williamson, Music by James BrownMGM
Black US youth grows up to be a gangster, eventually wiping out the leaders of the mafia, making him absolute ruler of the underworld. But pretty soon...
  • DVD£6.99
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Black Action Filmsby James Robert Parish and George H. HillMcFarland
This book is the bomb! Hidden behind the minimal cover is the most complete collection of Black Action Films ever made. Synopsis and analysis of every...
Black DynamiteMusic Track From The Picture Black DynamiteWaxpoetics
BACK IN STOCK Ace funky soundtrack from the 1970's on Waxpoetics! Jam packed with funky drum breaks, frenzied hi-hats, wah wah guitar, killer groovy...
  • CD£14.99
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The Final Comedown(1972)Platinum Disc Corporation
Yes! This is the film from which the soundtrack was released by Grant Green on Blue Note. Denied a job because of his colour, Johnny Johnson joins a...
  • DVD£6.99
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Willie HutchThe Mack (1973)Motown
Fantastic blaxploitation film soundtrack featuring the amazing, uplifting Brothers Gonna Work it Out! Recommended! US CD IMPORT
  • Reissue LP£12.99
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Blaxploitation CinemaThe Essential Reference GuideFAB Press
We say: This is the best book on black action films available. They say: Dazzling, highly stylized, excessively violent and brimming with sex, Blaxploitation...
Black ShampooStarring John DanielsVCI Entertainment
He's Bad... He's Mean... He's A Lovin' Machine!! When He's Mad... He's Mean... He's a Killing Machine! John Daniels stars as Jonathan Knight, the...
  • NTSC DVD£12.99
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Short Eyes (1977)Dir. by Robert Young, Music by Curtis Mayfield.Metrodome
Curtis Mayfield scored and composed the music for this realist portrait of New York melting-pot style prison life in 1977 - with a music style featuring...
  • DVD£8.99
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Shaft In AfricaOST by Johnny Pate (1973)ABC Records/Probe
Classic funky blaxploitation soundtrack rarity that's even better than the well known Isaac Hayes soundtrack to the first Shaft film! A frenzy of horn...
The Education of Sonny CarsonDirected by Michael Campus & Starring Rony ClantonKit Parker Films
A serious black action film. The Education of Sonny Carson is a 1974 film based on the best-selling autobiography of Sonny Carson who joined a gang and...
  • NTSC DVD£12.99
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Foxy Brown (1974)Starring Pam Grier, music by Willie HutchMGM
Black action film featuring Pam Grier as a woman whose drug dealing brother ratted on her undercover cop boyfriend to the mob. Subsequently, the cop is...
  • DVD£6.99
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Black Sister's RevengeBlack Sister's Revenge (1976)Sony BMG
Sisters are doing it for themselves. Black action female trio of women sho nuff moves as they deal with drug dealers and the cops. It's camp, funky, it's...
  • NTSC DVD£11.99
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Cornbread, Earl And Me (1974) & Cooley High (1975)Double DVD Set20th Century Fox
Two essential movies that came under the 'Blaxploitation' genre in the mid-70s but are both movies that stepped way-out of the usual. Two killer films...
  • NTSC DVD£12.99
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Sheba, Baby (1975)/ The Monkey Hustle (1976)Starring Pam Grier & Yaphet KottoMGM
Pam Grier is Sheba Payne, no-nonsense (but always stylish) private detective searching out the mob. At the height of her career (after the success of Coffy...
  • NTSC DVD£13.99
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Trouble Man (1972)With Music By Marvin Gaye20th Century Fox
Robert Hooks is 'Troubleman', super cool private eye who makes some nice moves and delivers some deadpan lines whilst Marvin Gaye's killer soundtrack plays...
  • NTSC DVD£7.99
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Slaughter / Slaughter's Big Rip-Off (1972/73)Starring Jim BrownMGM
Two essential black action films, both starring the great Jim Brown as hired gunman Jim Slaughter. "Slaughter's Big Rip-Off" features James Brown's killer...
  • 2×NTSC DVD£18.99
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