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WarGalaxy (1977)MCA
It's a classic! This is the funky disco anthem "Galaxy" by War. Essential! Original USA Vinyl VG+/Sleeve VG100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl...
WarPlatinum Jazz (1977)United Artists
"War Is Coming! War Is Coming"! Seminal latin-funk-jazz-rock killer! Original = Original USA Vinyl VG+/Sleeve VG (staining) 100% Guarantee on this and...
WarThe World Is A Ghetto (1972)United Artists
Features the Loft classic "City Country City"! + "World Is A Ghetto" + more! Original USA Vinyl VG+/Sleeve VG+ (in shrink)100% Guarantee on this and all...
WarThe Music Band Live (1980)MCA Records
Original = USA Original Vinyl VG+ /Sleeve VG+ ( in orig shrink) +High-end Audio Desk Systeme Pro Machine Utrasonic cleaned+100% Guarantee on this and...
WarAll Day Music/Summer (1976)United Artists Records
CLASSIC laid-back War groovy anthem!Mint unplayed original independent  label USA 45.