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    The HersTough CuntDeath Is Not The End
    Death Is Not The End offer up a limited reissue of Louis Johnstone's cult cassette release, 'Tough Cunt', as The Hers. Lush drone pieces channeling the...
    • The Hers – Baby Came out Like Good Gear in the Sun
    • The Hers – I Took on Petrol so the Church Got Rubbed Out
    • The Hers – Super 32
    • The Hers – Elsie Got Tar Sunglasses
    • The Hers – Earth Household
    • The Hers – Tony (Edit)
    • The Hers – 92 Inside an Escort
    • The Hers – We Are over the Kop
    • The Hers – Everyone Gets Everything He Wants
    • The Hers – You Will Not Remove Shit
    • The Hers – How Night Works on the World
    • The Hers – Here I Come Again