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    Punk 45 BOX SET - Approaching The Minimal With Spray GunsPunk 45 - An Edition Of Five Independent Singles In Original Cover ArtSoul Jazz Records
    This unique Punk 45 box-set is only available as a limited-edition one-off pressing seven-inch box set comprising five fantastic bespoke rare and collectors’...
    • X-X – No Nonsense
    • X-X – Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns
    • Bizarros – White Screen Movies
    • Rubber City Rebels – Rubber City Rebels
    • Flesh Eaters – Disintegration Nation
    • Flesh Eaters – Agony Shorthand
    • Flesh Eaters – Radio Dies Screaming
    • Flesh Eaters – Twisted Road
    • The Scabs – Amory Building
    • The Scabs – Leave Me Alone
    • The Scabs – Don't Just Sit There
    • The Scabs – U.R.E
    • The Hollywood Squares – Hillside Strangler
    • The Hollywood Squares – Hollywood Square