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    Omar SAnother ManFXHE
    Omar S is back with this killer, double-header! A-side is based around the classic sample "I cant quite understand, she left me for another man" from classic...
      • 12"£13.99
        Out of stock
      Omar SPull OvaaFXHE Records
      Raw Detroit house pearls from Omar-S, hustling gritty garage-house and boogie flavours on both sides Uptown he samples Tia Monae’s 1983 proto-house/garage...
      • Omar S – Better Believe It Baby
      • Omar S – Catch Ya
      • Omar S – Cheat
      • Omar S – Pull Ovaa
      • 12"£13.99
        Out of stock
      Omar S1992FXHE
      Omar S drops three gems on his '1992' release for his own FXHE label. Classy Detroit style piano anthem ('Light Year Flight') backed with the more idiosyncratic...
      • Omar S – Light Year Flight
      • Omar S – 1992
      • Omar S – Homey Trinitron
      • 12"£14.99
        Out of stock
      Omar SOne Of A KindFXHE
      Omar S is back with one of his strongest releases in a while! Killer NJ style grooves on 'Less Pain' backed with the deep, old school touches on the flipside!...
      • Omar S – Less Pain
      • Omar S – Untitled
      • Omar S – One Of A Kind
      • 12"£12.99
        Out of stock
      New heat from Detroit house don Omar S - essential party starter!
      • Omar S – That's Me
      • 12"£11.99
        Out of stock
      Omar SYour Socially Awkward CriminalFXHE Records
      Detroit's Omar-S drops the anthemic house gem, 'Games That We Play' featuring local, vocal talent Diviniti. Backed with a deeper, trackier groove, 'Potawatomi'....
      • Omar S – Games That We Play (feat. Diviniti)
      • Omar S – Potawatomi
      • 12"£12.99
        Out of stock
      Omar STap Dat AssFXHE
      More deep, tracky Detroit house music from the always surprising production maverick, Omar S! Title track mixes up a murky jazz fusion while the b-side...
      • Omar S – Tap Dat Ass
      • Omar S – Odawa
      • 12"£12.99
        Out of stock
      Omar Si696FXHE
      Prolific Detroit don Omar-S starts 2017 with a bang! Four essential house cuts on this 12" - Don't sleep, always limited on his own FXHE imprint! 
      • Omar S – Sink Holes
      • Omar S – Hell On Earth
      • Omar S – Hit It Bubba (I Want My Dadas Rekids)
      • Omar S – Party Marty (Synths by Rolands Boutique)
      • 12"£11.99
        Out of stock
      Omar SThe BestFXHE
      Omar S' fifth album arrives and sees the producer collaborate with fellow Detroit artists Norm Talley, O B Ignitt and Kyle Hall, as well as Bristol-based, Tom...
      • Omar S – Ah’Revolution
      • Omar S – Chama Piru’s
      • Omar S – Seen Was Set
      • Omar S – On Your Way feat. Divinity
      • CD£18.99
        Out of stock
      • 4×LP£49.99
        Out of stock
      Omar SSide-Trakx - Volume #3FXHE
      Some intergalactic boogie manoeuvres from Omar S on his excellent FHXE label - limited edition, dinked 7" - don't miss!
      • Omar S – 4 Uuuuu
      • Omar S – Another One 2 Luv
      • 7"£8.99
        Out of stock
      Omar SI Wanna Know feat. James GarciaFXHE
      Omar S returns with deep soul grooves aided by the talents of James Garcia!
      • Omar S – I Wanna Know
      • Omar S – I Wanna Know (Extramental Mix)
      • 12"£10.99
        Out of stock
      Omar SAnnoying Mumbling AlkaholikFXHE
      Unmistakably the sound of deep, Detroit house music from Omar S, who blends giddy, detuned, melodic synth loops with fuzzy drum machine grooves.
      • Omar S – Untitled
      • Omar S – Untitled
      • Omar S – Untitled
      • 12"£9.99
        Out of stock
      Omar S FXHE 10 Year Compilation Mix 2FXHE
      Label boss, Omar S mixes up some of the back catalogue of his excellent FXHE for this 10 year anniversary CD. 
      • Omar S – Unitarian
      • Omar S – Churchill
      • Omar S – Track#8
      • Omar S – Three Blinds Rats
      • CD£15.99
        Out of stock
      Omar SRomancing The StoneFXHE
      The man known as Alex Omar Smith drops another doozy via his always-solid FXHE label. True Detroit Techno, blazing House jams and prickly acid cuts, as...
      • Omar S – Side A
      • Omar S – Side B
      • Omar S – Side C
      • Omar S – Side D
      • 2×12"£16.99
        Out of stock
      Omar S Nelson CountyFXHE
      Essential new loose-limbed house music from from Omar S - leading with the essential title tracks, 'Nelson County'! 
      • Omar S – Nelson County
      • Omar S – Don't Let Dis Be HapNin
      • Omar S – U Heard what da man said Muthafukka!!
      • 12"£10.99
        Out of stock
      Omar S002 Limited Edition, Reissue, Repress, White Label, brown marbled with bonus trackFXHE
      Limited Edition, Reissue, Repress, White Label, brown marbled with bonus trackAn essential vintage Omar-S banger!100% Unadultered raw detroit house!
      • Omar S – I Hate
      • Omar S – Miss You
      • Omar S – Untitled
      • Omar S – U
      • Omar S – Set It Out
      • 12"£10.99
        Out of stock
      Omar S Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself FXHE
      *NOW ABOUT ON VINYL - BOTH PARTS WITH 3 EXTRA TRACKS* All new, unreleased material from Alexander O Smith to follow up his 2011 "It Can Be Done But...
      • Omar S – I Just Want (mixed by Luke Hess)
      • Omar S – Rewind
      • Omar S – Helter Shelter
      • Omar S – Amalthea
      • CD£16.99
        Out of stock
      • 2×12" Pack 1£18.99
        Out of stock
      • 2×12" Pack 2£18.99
        Out of stock
      Omar S Triangulum Australe (Say It Space)FXHE
      Deep space acid belter from the one and only Omar S! "Triangulum Australe (Say It Space)" mixed by Luke Hess, sees Omar S engaging his 303 against a...
      • Omar S – Triangulum Australe(Say It Space)
      • Omar S – Mayall II
      • 12"£10.99
        Out of stock
      Omar S S.E.X. The RemixesFXHE
      Omar S drops four mixes of S.E.X. featuring a forward vocal from L'Renee. Aaron 'Fit' Seigel joins O-S in the mix again for this 12", bringing a funk...
      • Omar S – C.G.P.
      • Omar S – Dick Tease Remix
      • Omar S – A.O.L.
      • Omar S – Mack and Bewick Remix
      • 12"£9.99
        Out of stock
      Omar S 998 FXHE
      Lowdown, filthy Detroit killers from Omar S! "Income Tax Refund Dance" - O.A.S rocks his signature motorik beats, but moving to an deeper, eerie rhythm...
      • Omar S – income tax refund dance
      • Omar S – the white castle song
      • Omar S – untitled (produced by Patrick Sjeren)
      • Omar S – B.3c 273
      • 12"£10.99
        Out of stock
      Omar S High School Graffiti Scion
      *Limited - Pressed on bright green and pink vinyl* Detroit's Alexander 'Omar' Smith drops ESSENTIAL five-track EP for Scion! A very unique release...
      • Omar S – got the dropm dem
      • Omar S – gunup runup
      • Omar S – my naffew randy
      • Omar S – unitarian
      • Omar S – who's in key (dsi flutes played by theo parrish)
      • 2×LP£19.99
        Out of stock
      Omar SHere's Your Trance, Now Dance!!FXHE
      And we will dance! Omar S starts 2011 in fine form with this absolutely incredible track. This is up there with the likes of Psychotic Photosynthesis...
      • Omar S – Here's You Trance, Now Dance!!
      • Omar S – Here's You Trance, Now Dance!!
      • 12"£9.99
        Out of stock
      Omar SIt Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It FXHE
      NOW ON VINYL! Tough, computerised, house futurism from one of Detroit's finest producers, Omar S delivers the long awaited follow up to his 2005 'Just...
      • Omar S – solely supported
      • Omar S – supported solely
      • Omar S – look hear watch
      • Omar S – i come over
      • Omar S – ganymede
      • Omar S – you wish
      • Omar S – over you too
      • Omar S – it can be done but only i can do i t
      • Omar S – nite's over compton
      • Omar S – here's your trance, now dance
      • Omar S – skymet 2b
      • Omar S – bobien larkin
      • 2×LP£18.99
        Out of stock
      • CD£16.99
        Out of stock
      Omar SThese Complimentary TracksFXHE
      BACK IN STOCK! One of the most eagerly anticipated twelves from Detroit legend Omar-S in a while! Raw jackin' analogue House and a soulful Disco/Funk...
      • Omar S – solely supported
      • Omar S – under jamaica
      • Omar S – columns
      • Omar S – boot hill
      • 12"£10.99
        Out of stock
      Omar SPsychotic PhotosynthesisFXHE
      Omar S delivers this epic, dramatic & beatless take on the original.
        • 12"£8.99
          Out of stock
        Omar SHere's Your Trance Now Dance - Shadow Ray Remix FXHE
        Shadow Ray is best known in house music circles as the co-producer of the Oasis 1, 13, 13 1/2 and 14 releases with Omar S. Staying true to original's shimmering...
        • Omar S – Here's Your Trance Now Dance - Shadow Ray Remix
        • 12"£10.99
          Out of stock
        Omar S007 - Simple Than SorryFXHE
        A minimal 4 track release with solid kicks, trippy sounds running through, and a hint of percussion. Features three mixes from the title track plus...
          • 12"£9.99
            Out of stock
          Omar SInside My HeadFXHE
          BACK IN STOCK! Solid offbeat house 12 from Omar-S, NSC cut, plays inside out. Check!
            • 12"£9.99
              Out of stock
            Omar S005FXHE
            BACK IN STOCK 6 exclusive tracks of moody Detroit house with hard edged drum sounds and soulful chords. Highly Recommended!  
            • Omar S – I LOVE YOU ALEX (JAZZTECHNO MIX)
            • Omar S – Strider's World
            • 2×12"£17.99
              Out of stock
            Omar SStill Serious NicFXHE
            Wicked new 12" from detroit hero Omar-S on his FXHE label! Omar-S never disappoints and delivers four tasty tracky deep underground house nuggets! Check...
            • Omar S – flying blind
            • Omar S – lift him up feat don-q
            • Omar S – flying gorgars
            • 12"£8.99
              Out of stock
            Omar SDetroit Fabric 45Fabric
            Great new mix CD from cult underground Detroit producer Omar S! This is a special mix in that it's composed - like the last Ricardo Villalobos Fabric...
            • Omar S – Flying Gorgars
            • Omar S – Crusin Conant
            • Omar S – Oasis 13 1/2
            • Omar S – Psychtoic Photosynthesis
            • Omar S – Oasis One
            • CD£7.99
              Out of stock