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    MJ LalloTake Me With YouSéance Centre
    A compilation of works by MJ Lallo, who invoked cosmic vibrations via harmonizing mantras layered with drum machine. Using her voice to create all kinds...
    • MJ Lallo – Suite For Jupiter
    • MJ Lallo – Singing In The Lightyears
    • MJ Lallo – Galaxy Latina
    • MJ Lallo – Buddhas 2nd Coming
    • MJ Lallo – Midnight In The Sky
    • MJ Lallo – Ancient Mars
    • MJ Lallo – Lunar Tribal Ritual
    • MJ Lallo – Alien Angels
    • MJ Lallo – Pleiades Chanting
    • MJ Lallo – Sighting Rainbows
    • MJ Lallo – Healing For The Heart
    • MJ Lallo – UFO
    • MJ Lallo – UR Dreaming In Slow Motion
    • MJ Lallo – Breathing A Prayer