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    HaronOptics (inc. GB remix)Tape Records Amsterdam
    A slight electro flex to these slow moving dubby digi electronic tracks from Haron.  An equally inspiring follow up his debut on Tape Records, this...
    • Haron – Hadouken
    • Haron – Raindance
    • Haron – Optics
    • Haron – Optics (ALT)
    • Haron – Optics (GB Remix)
    Haron Smoke & Mirrors EP Tape
    BACK IN STOCK Amsterdam-based Haron steps up for a wonderfully diverse debut on Tape! Strongly layered, boundless, diverse and melodic, house/electronic...
    • Haron – Smoke & Mirrors
    • Haron – Orion
    • Haron – Green