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    HE3 ProjectChapter OneFamily Groove Records
    Family Groove Records present the HE3 Project - Chapter One. A previously unreleased album of killer, funky soul jazz movers from the irresistible San...
    • HE3 Project – Rapture Of The Deep
    • HE3 Project – Funk Punk
    • HE3 Project – Appreciation
    • HE3 Project – Life Is A Tortured Love Affair
    • HE3 Project – Make It Sweet
    • HE3 Project – We All Have Our Own Lives
    • HE3 Project – In A Soft & Subtle Way
    • HE3 Project – Easy Come Easy Go
    • LP£17.99
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    HE3 ProjectChapter ThreeFamily Groove Records
    Another killer unknown jazzy soul album from the San Francisco band. Family Groove Records have done another fine job of presenting this unknown gem! Big...
    • HE3 Project – Dark Angels
    • HE3 Project – The Message
    • HE3 Project – Civilization
    • HE3 Project – Smoothing Along WIth The Smoothies
    • HE3 Project – Feelin Good Cause It Feels Good
    • HE3 Project – Artesian Wells
    • HE3 Project – This Is The Struggle
    • HE3 Project – To Be True
    • HE3 Project – Strength
    • HE3 Project – Shake A Leg Woman
    • HE3 Project – Dark Angels (Alt Take)
    • HE3 Project – Civilization (Alt Take)
    • 2×LP£29.99
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    • CD£9.99
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    HE3 ProjectSoul SupportFamily Groove Records
    Super limited and previously unreleased material from San Fran's funked out, soul jazz kings - HE3 Project. Modern Soul and Crossover at it's...
    • HE3 Project – Soul Support
    • HE3 Project – Soul Support (Instrumental)
    • HE3 Project – She Got You By The Hook (Instrumental)
    • HE3 Project – Do You Like Music
    • 12"£11.99
      Out of stock
    HE3 ProjectMake It Sweet '75Family Groove Records
    Another unreleased soul gem from the HE3 Project! Time is running out to own one of these, limited to 300 copies worldwide and there can't be...
    • HE3 Project – Make It Sweet '75 (Vocal)
    • HE3 Project – Make It Sweet '75 (Instrumental)
    • 7"£10.99
      Out of stock
    HE3 ProjectMake It Sweet / We All Have Our Own LivesFamily Groove Records
    Highly recommended! Two sure fire winners from the HE3 Project featuring Coke Escovedo that have are previously unreleased. Essential!
    • HE3 Project – Make It Sweet
    • HE3 Project – We All Have Our Own Lives
    • 7"£12.99
      Out of stock
    HE3 Project Chapter Two Family Groove Records
    Chapter Two continues the music of Herman Eberitzsch's unreleased recordings during the 1974-1979 period.  The Bay Area vibe is pronounced here...
    • HE3 Project – Thesis On Love
    • HE3 Project – Soul Support
    • HE3 Project – From Africa To Oakland
    • HE3 Project – Sashay Sashay
    • CD£9.99 £5.00
      Out of stock