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    ColaderaLa Dôtu LadoAgogo
    Coladera releases its second album, presenting the various styles of lusophone music. Led by Brazilian guitarist Vitor Santana and João Pires, who also...
    • Coladera – La Dôtu Lado
    • Coladera – A Luz de Yayá
    • Coladera – Primer Letra
    • Coladera – Mandinga
    • Coladera – Mantafro
    • Coladera – Algum Lugar em Nós
    • Coladera – Funaná do Moreré
    • Coladera – Céu Azulino
    • Coladera – Orixá
    • Coladera – Deserto do Sal
    • Coladera – Gira