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    Ashford & SimpsonA Musical Affair (1980)Warner Bros
    Includes "Love Don't Make It Right" and "I Ain't Asking For Your Love"!Original USA Vinyl VG+/Sleeve VG+100% Guarantee on this and all Original...
      Ashford & SimpsonSolid (1984)Capitol Records
      w/ Massive Francois Kervorkian remix
      • Ashford & Simpson – Solid (Dub Version)
      Ashford & SimpsonStay Free (1979)Warner
      Includes the classic Paradise Garage anthem "Stay Free"USA ORIGINAL VINYL
      • Ashford & Simpson – Found A Cure
      • Ashford & Simpson – Stay Free
      • Ashford & Simpson – Dance Forever
      • Ashford & Simpson – Nobody Knows
      • Ashford & Simpson – Crazy
      • Ashford & Simpson – Finally Got To Me
      • Ashford & Simpson – Follow Your Heart
      • Ashford & Simpson – Found A Cure (Single Version) [CD only bonus track]
      • Ashford & Simpson – Nobody Knows (Single Version) [CD only bonus track]
      • Ashford & Simpson – Stay Free (Mike Maurro Groove Mix) [CD only bonus track]
      • Ashford & Simpson – Found A Cure (A Tom Moulton Mix) [CD only bonus track]
      Ashford & SimpsonSo So Satisfied Warner Bros. Records (1977)
      With the original version of "Over And Over", as covered by Sylvester
        Ashford & SimpsonSolidCapitol
        • Ashford & Simpson – Solid (Special Club Mix)