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    14KTFor My SanityFirst Word Records
    LA-based beatmaker, 14KT comes correct with a second album of heavy soul / instrumental hip-hop vibes via First Word!
    • 14KT – Advent
    • 14KT – Mainstream
    • 14KT – Down The Street From Peace (feat. Masego)
    • 14KT – The Power Of Same ft. Muhsinah
    • 14KT – Sunday's Yellow
    • 14KT – An Empty Vessel
    • 14KT – Fourteen Missing ft. Jimetta Rose
    • 14KT – Moonwinder
    • 14KT – The Late Bird
    • 14KT – Nothing To Lose But Our Chains ft. Masego
    • 14KT – Purple Flame
    • 14KT – For My Sanity